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RELEASE BLITZ “Broken Hearts, Series: Broken Rebel Brotherhood: Next Generation #1, By Author Andi Rhodes, Genre: MC Romance, Release Date: November 12, 2020, #AvailableNow ~ #AndiRhodesAuthor @GiveMeBooksPR

Title: Broken Hearts
Series: Broken Rebel Brotherhood: 
Next Generation #1
Author: Andi Rhodes
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: November 12, 2020
I’ve loved Isaiah for as long as I can remember, but sometimes love isn’t enough. Not when the pull of serving our country is my competition. With no other choice, I rebuild myself and focus my attention on the clients of the Broken Rebel Brotherhood, the people who need the club’s help. I even date other guys in an effort to circumvent the heartache. It works for a while but eventually, the past comes back in the form of muscles, tats and so much baggage.
Isaiah is no longer the boy I loved. He’s a man that oozes sin and pain. His eyes tell a story that I’m not sure I’m up to hearing. Why then is it so hard to turn my back on him? And why in the hell is he the only person my soul calls out to when I’m in trouble?
Leaving my family and Tillie was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. But duty called and I had to answer. Especially if I want to be the president of the Broken Rebel Brotherhood and fill my dad’s very large shoes. When a bombing sends me back to the only place I’ve ever called home, I mistakenly think that everything will magically be the same.
Not only has everything changed, but Tillie has moved on. She’s become a woman I don’t recognize, a woman who spends her days proving she doesn’t need me. But I know her better than she knows herself. And danger lurks in the shadows, threatening her existence, whether she wants to admit it or not. I will stop at nothing to protect her, to show her that we still belong together.
Fighting for my country was my duty. Fighting for Tillie is everything.
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I trudge inside and am instantly greeted by the sounds, smells and feelings of my childhood. Grease, leather, loyalty, family, service, passion. The Broken Rebel Brotherhood was started by my father and his Navy Seal team when they were all discharged from the military. The motorcycle club was their way of finding meaning and purpose in their lives when nothing made sense. Isabelle and I were teethed on the club’s mantra: Protect those who can’t protect themselves. 
I make my way through the main living room and down the hall to the library, where church is held and where I know my parents will be. When I reach the doors, I take a deep breath and grab the handle. Before I can turn the knob, the door swings open and my jaw drops.
Wide blue eyes stare back at me in shock. My mouth goes dry and my brain seems to shut down. Words are impossible, as is any coherent thought. I don’t even register what’s happening until a tiny fist connects with my cheek and my head flies sideways.
I shake off the pain, both physical and emotional, and glare at the pissed off woman in front of me. Finally, the cobwebs clear and I manage to form a smile, even if it’s only to taunt her.
“Nice to see you too, Tillie.”
Andi is an author of contemporary romance who started her journey when her career in social work was no longer her passion. Her books are sassy and suspenseful with a heavy dose of sizzle and are guaranteed to deliver an HEA and all the feels. She loves writing about alpha males and the women who tame them. When she’s not writing, Andi is an avid reader of the romance genre and prefers books that teeter on the edge of decent. She also loves spending time with her husband and their pack of dogs. For access to release info, updates, and exclusive content, be sure to sign up for Andi’s newsletter at, where you will also find links for Facebook and Instagram.

RELEASE BLITZ “Piece by Piece” Series: Riggins Brothers #2, By Author Kaylee Ryan, Genre: Contemporary Romance, Release Date: November 12, 2020, #AvailableNow ~ @author_k_ryan @GiveMeBooksPR

Title: Piece by Piece
Series: Riggins Brothers #2
Author: Kaylee Ryan
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: November 12, 2020

Owen Riggins is too good to be true… the best things in life usually are. He’s good looking, generous, and interested in me. Too bad someone like him and someone like me aren’t meant to be together. 
He’s used to the best things in life, and I’ve grown up with the worst. Building a better life means working hard and staying on track, not falling for some sexy suit with a brooding stare who is just passing through. 
Life has taught me not to trust, and even though I want him more than anything, I don’t need his charity or his love… 
When a friend sends me to Florida to scout out a hotel, it’s the gorgeous waitress with the shy smile and the worn-out shoes I can’t take my eyes off of. 
Layla Massey is quiet, beautiful, and in need of a little help— even if she won’t admit it. A generous tip was meant to buy her some suitable shoes, not buy her love. I want to earn that all on my own. 
I’m used to women throwing themselves at me, the name, the money… but she wants neither. It makes me want her all the more. 

Little by little, she opens up and piece by piece, she’s taking my heart.
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A FREE prequel novella!
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Kaylee Ryan is a New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author. When she’s not spinning tales of happily ever after, she’s reading or spending time with family. Born and raised an Ohio girl, Kaylee resides in Cincinnati with her husband and their son.

RELEASE BLITZ “Forgot to Tell You Something” By Author M.L. Broome, Genre: Steamy Contemporary Romance, Release Date: November 10, 2020, #AvailableNow ~ @MLBroome2 @GiveMeBooksPR

Title: Forgot to Tell You Something
Author: M.L. Broome
Genre: Steamy Contemporary Romance
Release Date: November 10, 2020
Play by the Rules… 

What do you get when you mix a dive bar, a worn velvet couch, and a discussion about goats? 
The night I met Owen, obviously. 
Talk about the unexpected. I sought out my private nook in Wicked Chucks, looking for a good view of the band. Instead, I got a front-row seat to the most delicious man I’ve ever seen. 
He’s everything I never knew existed but being with him means breaking my own rules. 
I didn’t invent the rules, but I play by them. 
Rules maintain order. 
Rules keep me focused. 
Okay, rules suck, but they also keep me safe. 
Now, I have a man who wants to toss out my rule book and create a new one. Together. 

Some Rules are Meant to be Broken… 

What do you get when you combine a tiny woman with a mile-wide stubborn streak, unwavering dating rules, and a hard-hitting passion? 
My current situation. 
I went to Wicked Chucks for the music, but I met Tally instead, right after she crashed through the balcony door and into my arms. 
The first thing I realized? She’s a total klutz. The second? I was staring into the face of the woman I’d been eyeing all night, and she was even more beautiful up close. But when she started discussing blood oaths and goats, her coolness factor skyrocketed. 
No joke, this woman is made for me. She’s gorgeous, funny, and sexy without trying. 
Only one small problem—she has rules. Two of them are cake. The last one? That might be a problem.
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Free in Kindle Unlimited
“I don’t want to know how many women you kissed to have a mouth that talented,” I purr, running my thumb along his lower lip. 

“I had to be perfect for you.” Owen clears his throat, that low, gravelly chuckle rising up from his chest. He steps in between my legs, hiking my skirt up to very unladylike heights. Not that I’m complaining. “Enough about the type of men you won’t date. Tell me about the men you will.”
I tap my finger against my chin as I bite back a smile. “Let’s see. Well, he has to be smart.”
“Two plus two is four.”
I giggle, gliding my hands along the planes of his chest. “Genius level, sir. He also has to be kind.”
“I helped an old lady just last night.”
I guffaw, my eyes widening. “You’d better not be referring to when you picked my ass up off the ground, buddy.”
He’s got the most endearing smile. Some smiles are too perfect—the teeth sculpted and whitened to a neon glow—but his are straight and white without dipping into social media influencer territory. The dimples sure aren’t hurting his cause, either, or the way he catches his lower lip with his teeth. “Definitely not referring to you, although having you in my arms was the highlight of the evening.”
I’m tempted to look away from his intense stare, but opt to meet it head-on. My fingers slide down his torso, hooking in his jeans, and I feel his breath hitch. “Most importantly, he needs to know how to touch me.”
Oblivious to the crowd, Owen cups my ass, bringing me against him. His mouth drips kisses along my jaw as his fingers run the length of my spine. “I could spend years touching you and never get bored. Just say the word, and I’ll take you back to my hotel where I’ll spend the rest of the night exploring every inch of this delicious body.”
“Interesting proposition.”
“I told you earlier, Tally. It’s a promise I’m dying to keep.” His hands frame my face and everything—all preconceived notions, past events, and broken hearts—fly out the window. “Tell me what you want, Tally.”
I curl my fingers into his belt loops, pulling him flush against me. I feel his erection straining, and it takes everything in my power to not slide my hand along him. “Kiss me like you can’t hold back a second longer.”
“I can’t.” He winds one hand into my hair, forcing my head back, as he nuzzles my neck, dropping kisses along my collarbone. His free hand fingers the zipper of my dress, tantalizing me with promises of all the places he’ll kiss if I only say the word.
He tongues a path up my neck, nipping at my earlobe, his breath hot against my skin. All the while, I feel his fingers lowering my zipper, pushing my limits, seeing how far I’ll let him travel in such a public space. 
“Owen,” I murmur, my nails scratching along his arms as every nerve cell fires at once. He tightens his grip in my hair before capturing my lips. His tongue traces along the roof of my mouth at an achingly slow pace. Teasing me. Priming me. When I slide my tongue against his, eager to take part, he pulls my hair. 
He wants complete control, and I want to give it to him. He delivers his delicious brand of torture until I’m heady with lust. 
A drunken bar patron jostles us, jolting us from our moment. I run my tongue along my upper lip, holding Owen’s stormy gaze. “What am I going to do with you, Owen?” I manage to whisper.
He slides his hand under my dress, his thumb circling my clit, and I whimper in surprise. I’m never this forward, but with Owen, I don’t want him to stop. 
Screw public indecency. Owen is so worth the ticket. 
His mouth settles against my lips, while his fingers slide inside me, and I writhe against his hand, desperate for more. “Everything, Tally.”
M.L. Broome is a bohemian spirit with a New York edge. She writes high-octane contemporary romance with a touch of angst and plenty of steamy goodness. Her characters are bitingly real, earning their happily-ever-after only after some emotional ass-kicking and personal growth. 

When M.L. isn’t writing or holding one-sided arguments with her characters (spoiler alert—they always win), she loves losing herself in nature on her North Carolina farm, one of her rescue buddies by her side. She adores dressing up and kicking back, a glass of whiskey with an equally stunning view, and experiences that make the soul—and senses—tingle. 
For all the latest releases and exclusive goodies, subscribe to M.L. Broome’s newsletter today at

RELEASE BLITZ “In Her Corner” Series: Beautiful Boxers #2, By Author Willow James, Genre: Enemies-to-Lovers Sports Romance, Release Date: November 10, 2020 #AvailableNow ~ @willowjauthor @GiveMeBooksPR

Title: In Her Corner
Series: Beautiful Boxers #2
Author: Willow James
Genre: Enemies-to-Lovers Sports Romance
Release Date: November 10, 2020
Katie Clark can’t wait to get the heck out of Walton. Practically eaten alive at the end of high school, she was ecstatic to head off for college, but had no choice about coming back to make money for vet school. When her old crush, the one who put her at the center of the bullseye a few years back, starts coming around the diner where she works, it’s like he’s poking at an old wound. That is until her feelings for him begin to surface, threatening to tarnish her life-long dream. Even though she’s counting the seconds until she can leave, the idea is starting to feel as impossible as Katie thought staying would be. 

Mike Russo just sold his company for a nice chunk of change and has only 11 months of consulting before he can cash that whopping final check. With one of the best coaches in the nation, and the time to finally start focusing on his dream of becoming a professional boxer, Mike is on his way. Until he falls for the woman whose life he all but destroyed in high school. Before she heads halfway across the country in a few days, how will he find a way to make things right and convince her to give them a chance? 
In Her Corner a sweet, steamy romance and is a standalone short read, the second in Beautiful Boxers, a small-town New England romance series. If you love possessive, strong men, curvy women and racy love scenes all wrapped up in a sweet (and sometimes sizzling) story then pour yourself a cup of tea and curl up in your favorite spot, because this one is for you.
Only 99c!
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Katie tightened her arms over her chest and felt the goosebumps on her arms. She looked out over the hills to the distant ocean. Despite her feelings about Walton, she couldn’t deny that the views here were incredible. 

The sun was highlighting the deep green that shows the season starting to change. She inhaled, the evening air was filled with the scent of sun-warmed earth and greenery, threaded with a hit of salt water. Crickets mingled with the far-off hoot of an owl. 
She’d dodged annoying questions and put up with small talk for twenty more agonizing minutes until Mike stood and wiped his hands on a rag he’d pulled out of his truck. 
“All set.” He stood there looking all rumpled and – dammit all – ridiculously sexy. She could see exhaustion around his blue eyes and his dark, wavy hair was tousled, either from the wind or from his hand. 
She had the crush of all crushes on him in high school. 
Until that night. 
Katie didn’t want to think about it. Admittedly, it had been hard not to stare at him while he was working on the tire. His back, the muscles rippling under his t-shirt, and his perfect ass. 
Ass, yes. He’s an ass. Remember that. 
She’d flushed at the sight of him more than once even though the sun was going down and it was getting colder. She coughed subconsciously into her hand, remembering her manners. 
“Thank you, Mike. I appreciate it.” 
“You’ll be good on the spare for a little bit, but don’t go too fast on it. You should probably put on a new tire within two or three days, depending on how much driving you do, just to be safe.” 
“Yes, I know. Thank you,” God, he was exasperating, like she wouldn’t know how to deal with a spare tire. What did she expect from Mike Russo? 
“So, you’re leaving in eleven days?” he asked, moving closer to her and she looked up into his face and met his cornflower blue eyes. She felt the urge to back up but stood her ground. She could feel the heat radiating from his body in the cool evening air. His smile, all nice white teeth, and perfect lips, crinkled the corners of his eyes. 
Her traitorous knees went a little weak. Bad knees. 
She forced her brain to remember he hadn’t even known her name. A little spark of pleasure ran through her as she remembered that he knew she was valedictorian, but she squelched it. Hard. 
She stuck out her hand to shake his. “Thank you again. Good night.” 
His smile quirked and he chuckled. He took her hand and shook it but didn’t let go. A current of electricity passed through their palms, tingled across her nerve endings all the way to her toes. She tried to hide the fact that it startled her as she met his eyes. 
“Can I take you out before you leave? Two Walton High survivors having dinner? We’ll call it my good luck send off for you?” 
“No, thank you. I appreciate the offer, but no.” Katie pulled her hand away and headed toward her car. 
She reached for the door handle as guilt got the best of her. The man just spent most of 45 minutes changing her tire, even though it was clear he was utterly exhausted. He could have just called her a tow truck. She stopped as she opened the door and turned back to him. 
He stood there like a Greek god, all tanned in his snug white t-shirt. Instead of ruining the effect, a few smears of dirt on his chest and a matching one on his cheek were so perfect an artist might have drawn them there. His dark hair ruffled in the wind. His hips were hugged by the sexiest pair of low-slung jeans she’d ever seen. 
Who was she kidding? It was the man inside the jeans who had her attention. It was Mike Russo’s narrow waist and long legs she wanted. Had wanted since high school. 
Dear Lord. 
A stern voice collided with the one providing the running commentary on Mike’s appearance. Ok, he’s hot, but he’s also a jerk. 
“How about I buy you dinner at Moxie’s?” Katie offered. “I’m working pretty much every night for the next week. Bring a friend. It’ll be my thank you for your help tonight.” 
“It’s a date,” he smiled the crooked lazy smile that both made her feel like her panties might melt and like she wanted to smack the smug grin right off his face. Her face burned and she clenched a fist. Why is he still so infuriating? 
“Whatever.” She responded breezily, aiming for casual indifference. “Thank you again, good night.” 
Her stomach knotted in anxiety as she got into the car, turned on the ignition and drove off. So much for disinterest, she was still a complete wreck every time Mike Russo was around. 
She tried, but she couldn’t stop herself from watching him in her rear-view mirror as the distance between them grew. He just stood there next to his pristine 1950’s Chevy, looking like some kind of -retro superhero, with the setting sun glowing behind his big, muscular chest. 
She finally quit looking, but only because he disappeared when she rounded a bend in the road.
Only 99c!
For readers seeking sexy romance short stories, filled with possessive men, curvy women, and a guaranteed happily ever after, Willow James delivers. If you want to escape with sweet and steamy romance novels and novellas that deliver yummy vibes and oodles of delight, Willow’s work may be just what your psyche ordered. 

Willow James loves reading books that help balance the hard things in life, bringing laughter, smiles, joy and hope. And, of course, happy endings are not optional! 
She devours books by Shannon Stacey and Jill Shalvis, among many others, and is always on the lookout for young adult series like The Princess Diaries and Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging. Books to make her laugh and indulge her romantic and forever optimistic spirit. She aspires to provide some of the same joy and pleasure those authors and books deliver every day. 
Living in upstate New York, Willow loves spending time with her two wheaten terriers, being in nature, and finding the miraculous in the mundane. 
To stay up to date on new releases, giveaways and happy, uplifting posts, copy and paste this link to a new window and sign up for Willow’s newsletter:

RELEASE BLITZ “Cocky Kilt” A Cocky Hero Club Novel By Author Jolie Vines, Genre: Contemporary Romance, Release Date: November 8, 2020, #AvailableNow ~ @Jolievinesx @CockyClub @GiveMeBooksPR


Title: Cocky Kilt
A Cocky Hero Club Novel
Author: Jolie Vines
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: November 8, 2020


Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward are excited to bring you the Cocky Hero Club: original works from various authors inspired by Keeland and Ward’s New York Times bestselling Cocky Bastard series.


I thought the scenery would be the highlight of my working trip to Scotland, then a dark-haired, kilted Highlander walks into the bar. 


That swoony Scottish accent. 
Dark eyes and a sexy smirk. 
Would anyone blame me for a quick holiday romance? Except if I want to keep my job, Ewan is off limits. I need to lock down my lust. 
For a former poor kid who’s used to deprivation, this should be easier. 
But my cocky Scot doesn’t agree, and he’s hell bent on changing my mind. 
Cocky Kilt is a cute and steamy romp between a New York lass and a determined Scot. Expect sexting after dark and a love-conquers-all happy ending. 
Written in the Cocky Hero Club world, Hailey, our heroine, first features in Park Avenue Player by Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward.








Free in Kindle Unlimited

















JOLIE VINES is a romance novelist who lives in the South West of England with her husband and son.


From an early age, Jolie lived in a fantasy world and is never happier than when plot dreaming. Jolie loves her heroes to be one-woman guys. Whether they are a huge Highlander, a touch starved earl, or a brooding pilot, they will adore their loved one until the end of time.
Her favourite pastime is wrecking emotions then making up for it by giving her characters deep and meaningful happy ever afters.
Want to keep up with Jolie? Join her Facebook group
Sign up to her newsletter to be the first to know about new releases, giveaways, and promotions.
Marry the Scot series
– Storm the Castle
– Love Most, Say Least
– Hero
– Picture This
– Oh Baby
Marry the Scot novellas
– The Rival
– Come the Fall
Wild Scots series
– Hard Nox
– Perfect Storm
– Lion Heart 
– Fallen Snow 
– Stubborn Spark 
– Race You: an Office-Based Enemies-to-Lovers Romance
– Fight For Us: a Second-Chance Military Romantic Suspense





RELEASE BLITZ “Mister Stand-In” A Cocky Hero Club Novel, By Author C.M. Albert, Genre: Contemporary Romance, Release Date: November 8, 2020, #AvailableNow ~ @colleenmalbert @CockyClub @GiveMeBooksPR

Title: Mister Stand-In
A Cocky Hero Club Novel
Author: C.M. Albert
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: November 8, 2020
Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward are excited to bring you the Cocky Hero Club: original works from various authors inspired by Keeland and Ward’s New York Times bestselling Cocky Bastard series.
CARTER WRIGHT WAS used to being anything but Mr. Right. He wouldn’t exactly call himself a street rat, but his life had somehow become a rags-to-almost-riches story—one he’d rather keep to himself. The best part about being a stand-in to some of the wealthiest a-holes in New York? 

To anything, and anyone, he wanted. 
And that certainly wasn’t Little Miss Moneybags, Presley Kincaid. No, he had his sights set on someone even hotter—her mother. But when Lauren asks him to stand in for her richer-than-sin fiancé at their rehearsal dinner, and then he’s later paired up with her spoiled daughter Presley at the wedding, Carter can do the only thing he’s truly good at: Shut up. Smile. Be charming. 
Be the stand-in he was born to be. 
But when Presley turns out to be more than she pretends—and a one-night stand gives her more access to his past than he intended—Carter’s simple, easy-going lifestyle starts to unravel, exposing the biggest lie of all. One so big, Carter never even saw it coming. 
Will Presley accidentally expose The Stand-In for who he really is? Or will her discovery free Carter from the street hustle he’s perfected and finally help him claim a life, and love, that was always meant to be?

Free in Kindle Unlimited


USA Today bestselling author C.M. Albert writes heartwarming romances that are “sexy and flirty, sweet and dirty!” Her writing infuses a healthy blend of humor, high-heat romance, and most of all—hope. When not writing, or kid-wrangling with her handsome hubby, she’s either meditating, kayaking, reading, hugging a tree, or asleep. But first, coffee. #TonyStarkForever

RELEASE BLITZ. “Surrender to Love” Series: Royal Heirs #3, By Author Lizabeth Scott, Genre: Steamy Contemporary Romance, Release Date: November 6, 2020 #AvailableNow ~ @LScottBooks @GiveMeBooksPR

Title: Surrender to Love
Series: Royal Heirs #3
Author: Lizabeth Scott
Genre: Steamy Contemporary Romance
Release Date: November 6, 2020
An unconventional princess. 

A man sent to protect her at all costs. 
Navy SEAL and Special Ops Major Anthony Garrison has secretly had Princess Shayla’s six for the last four years. He’s been her comrade, confidant, and drinking buddy, all while fighting a growing attraction. Watching asshole guys hit on her as he’s forced to deny his own desires is slowly driving him crazy. 
When the princess is captured and held hostage, Anthony blames himself and goes against great odds to save her. 
Princess Shayla is held prisoner for months and begins to lose hope of ever being rescued. Her one regret is never having acted on her attraction to her co-pilot and friend. Now she doesn’t know if he’s a captive like her…or even alive. 
During a courageous rescue attempt, Anthony becomes both her savior and a stranger who’d lied to her for years. Still, the lure of her desire proves stronger than her distrust of the man who betrayed her. Anthony may be the only person to help her heal, but can she trust him to be more? 
Then one night… 
One kiss changes everything. 
All books in the SuMartra world can be read as standalones but for a richer reading experience the following order is recommended. 

Original First Generation Series available in Kindle Unlimited 

The Royal Vow Series 
Sweet Surrender 
Sweet Denial 
Sweet Seduction 
Sweet Temptation 
Sweet Destiny 
Second Generation 

The Royal Heirs Series available wide 
Silent Surrender 
Royal Surrender 
Surrender to Love

With great effort, Anthony reminded himself that to take their kiss further would be wrong. He dragged his lips from hers and they both sucked in deep gulps of air. He rested his forehead on hers as they fought for control. 

Taking her face in his hands, he tipped her head until their eyes met. “I don’t want you to think I’m rejecting you. That is not why I stopped that incredible kiss. Our first kiss. But for our first time together, I want it to be special. I want to give you romance and pretty words and memories we can take out and replay for the rest of our lives.” 
Shayla blinked, and he saw the questions in her eyes. “Anthony…” 
He quickly gave her lips a brief kiss. She wasn’t ready to hear more and he wouldn’t allow her to make light of what he’d just admitted to her. “When you’re ready, Shay, we’ll talk about all of that and more. But for now, how about that walk on the beach?” 
She nodded and smiled. Biting her lip, she turned her gaze toward the ocean. “I think I’d like that.”
USA Today Bestselling Author Lizabeth spent years doing extensive research in preparation for writing her own stories by reading every romance book she could get her hands on. At least that’s how she justifies her HUGE collection of romance books to Mr. Scott. 

Liz grew up on a dairy farm in western North Carolina, married her high school sweetheart, and they have 2 children and 2 simply adorable grands. With her children now settled, Liz pulled her dreams of writing back out and that little spark that sizzled for years caught fire and roared back to life. 

Liz loves to read and write stories about quirky, endearing heroines and the strong, handsome heroes who love them to distraction. She promises you a few laughs along the way with some steamy and charming moments thrown in but always a happy ever after.

RELEASE BLITZ “Doc” Series: Ruthless Kings MC #7, By Author K.L. Savage, Genre: Dark Romance/Romantic Suspense, Release Date: November 4, 2020 #AvailableNow ~ @klsavage_author @GiveMeBooksPR

Title: Doc
Series: Ruthless Kings MC #7
Author: K.L. Savage
Genre: Dark Romance/Romantic Suspense
Release Date: November 4, 2020
She holds a special place in my heart.

The darkest part of it.

A part I never show anyone.
From the moment we met, I wanted to show her all my scars, the need I hide inside.Joanna.
The woman who wears long sleeve shirts on a hundred-degree day.
She’s been away at college and when she comes home, I plan on making her mine. One phone call.

A broken voice.

Time stands still.
And everything changes.

My plans goes up in smoke when I find her.


Rivers run red. My heart stops.
My chance with her hangs in the hands of fate.
I’ve turned a blind eye to the help she needs.
What kind of doctor does that make me?
No more. I’ll be everything for her.

Doctor. Friend. Lover. Husband.

But I’ve learned, everything means nothing if she doesn’t start caring about herself.
Especially when there is more to her now than there ever was.
I’ll carve scars into her enemy and break my oath as a doctor to bring her JUSTICE.
Free in Kindle Unlimited
Free in Kindle Unlimited
Free in Kindle Unlimited
Free in Kindle Unlimited
Free in Kindle Unlimited
Free in Kindle Unlimited
Free in Kindle Unlimited
Free in Kindle Unlimited
Releasing December 4
K.L. Savage decided they were tired of looking for the kind
of books they wanted to read. They had an itch that needed to be scratched, and
as every girl knows, nothing scratches better than an alpha.

They write about gritty, alpha males, sometimes their dark sides, and the women
they love.
If you have the same itch, their alpha males should fix that.


RELEASE BLITZ “Family Bonds- Mac and Sidney” Series: Amore Island #3, By Author Natalie Ann, Genre: Contemporary Romance, Release Date: November 3, 2020, #AvailableNow ~ @NatalieAnn121 @GiveMeBooksPR


Title: Family Bonds- Mac and Sidney
Series: Amore Island #3
Author: Natalie Ann
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: November 3, 2020




Mac Bond, Chief of Police. He came from the black sheep side of the family and he carried it wrapped like a noose around his neck. He was tough, he was strong, and he was cocky. Women loved his hard side at first, then ditched him when they realized he couldn’t be anything but. He was sick of feeling like he’d never measure up and figured he’d be alone for a long time.


Sidney Hollister has a few secrets in her life. She liked being alone and minding her own business. Then good old Mac Bond, Chief of Police, starts to flirt with her one night, and her eyes were opened to what a great guy and wonderful personality he actually had. And when a past threat enters her life, she finds that the tough, strong, and cocky side that other women complained about was actually what she loved the most.






Free in Kindle Unlimited




“Morning,” she said, walking forward. Rather than grab her fitted shirt from the floor, she found his and pulled it over her head and crawled back in bed. She’d been hot against his body but chilly now that she moved around the house, her feet on cold floors. 


“That’s a nice look,” he said. 
“Goes well with the bedhead.” 
“Bedhead is a good look on you.” 
He moved his arm for her to tuck under it, her head on his shoulder. She’d never been much of a tender person either. No romance for her or sweet words. She’d never experienced it and wasn’t sure if she wanted it. She didn’t think she was the type of person to fall for it. Or maybe she was still sour she fell for Rod’s words years ago. 
Not sweet ones, but cocky ones. Yeah, she had a thing for cocky men. 
And though Mac was cocky, he wasn’t an ass about it. She’d never thought he was before she had a more vested interest in him but she knew he definitely was not now. 
“You surprised me last night,” she said. 
“You didn’t think I could go that long? I’m kind of hurt.” 
“No,” she said, poking her finger in his side. “You’ve got a little romantic sexy side to you. It came out of left field, but damn, does it work.” He started to laugh. “What? What did I say?” 
“You said I had a romantic sexy side. I’m not sure there is a person on the face of this earth who thinks that. Plenty have said just the opposite. Including my family.” 
“Well, I wouldn’t expect you’d be showing your family romance, but I liked it. Maybe most women wouldn’t think of it that way. I don’t know. I’m not the hearts and flowers type of girl. But get me naked and keep eye contact while you’re screwing my brains out and my heart just went all aflutter. That’s sexy and romantic to me.” 
“Really?” he asked. “Guess I learned something new too. I just went with my gut.” 
“Well, your gut made the right choice.” 
He was silent for a second and she wondered if maybe they were getting a little too deep. “You’re the first person I’ve done that with. And though I know I shouldn’t talk about other women when we are in bed together, I just felt the need to say that.” 
“I’m glad you did,” she said. “It’s nice to know I’m not the only one that might have felt something they never had before.” 
“No,” he said quietly. “You aren’t alone.”




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Free in Kindle Unlimited


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NATALIE ANN is a USA Today bestselling author that lives in Upstate NY with her husband, son, and French bulldog, Ella. She has always had a love for books, especially happily ever after. She writes contemporary romance with a dash of humor focusing on real life (but fictional) situations and storylines. She’s inspired by the crazy, ridiculous, touching and emotional family dynamics that most people go through. Her series are based right in her home state or cities she has visited.


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