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Book Blitz: “The Right One” by Author: Felice Stevens, Genre: MM Romance Release, Date: April 14, 2021 #AvailableNow ~ @felicestevens @GiveMeBooksPR

Title: The Right One
Author: Felice Stevens
Genre: MM Romance

Release Date: April 14, 2021
“Wrong never felt so right.”
Morgan Cantrell is a survivor. After running away from an abusive husband, he’s finally divorced and starting over, but it’s hard. Of course he doesn’t mean to set off the smoke detectors in the building or short out the electricity in his apartment. Mistakes happen. The last thing he wants is to draw the attention of his growly, moody-ass super. Every time they meet, it’s like oil and water—they just don’t mix.
Leo DeLuca learned at an early age that the people who are supposed to love you only hurt you. He’s happy to keep to himself, but the walking disaster of a new tenant in 5C won’t stop getting in his way and into his business. They can’t even speak to each other without arguing, but Leo has to admit—it’s kind of a turn on. That must be the reason why he can’t stop thinking about the guy in 5C. Or wanting to touch him. But hell, no. That would be a mistake.
One kiss leads to an explosive night both men fight to forget—after all, Leo has nothing in common with the sweet kindergarten teacher while Morgan is looking for a happily ever after he knows Leo can’t give. Yet it’s Morgan who Leo leans on to help deal with his painful past, and Leo is the key to unlocking Morgan’s inner strength.
Trusting someone with your heart is never easy, but it might be the only way they discover that everything they think is wrong about each other, could be everything that’s right.
Free in Kindle Unlimited
Leo had recognized the shadows in Cantrell’s eyes. He saw that pain and loss in the mirror every day, and every day he ignored it. If Leo were to hazard a guess, it must have something to do with his failed marriage. No one went from luxury to low-cost without a damn good reason.
“Well, Mr. Nosy Ass, you still have to eat.” He gathered up the items, put them in a bag, and left his apartment.
Trudging up to the fifth floor, he figured Cantrell would’ve had enough time to cool off and they could calmly discuss the reasons why he should leave the management of the building to the people who knew what they were doing.
He knocked on the door, and he waited impatiently as Cantrell unbolted the three separate locks he’d had installed. After all that, Cantrell still only opened the door as far as the security chain would allow, but even in those few inches, Leo could see the consternation filling Cantrell’s wide green eyes.
“What do you want? Did you come here to keep yelling at me? I already said I was sorry.”
“Actually, you didn’t.”
“I’m pretty sure I did. And even if I didn’t, you had no right to call me names.”
Cantrell’s stubbornness began to grate on Leo’s nerves. That was why he didn’t waste time with people. Inevitably, they pissed him off, like this guy.
“I call them as I see them. And are you going to stand there and say to my face you were right in fumbling around with the electrical system of this entire building that I’m responsible for?”
“If you came to berate me, I’m going to close the door. I have better things to do than listen to you.” True to his snooty words, he started to close the door, but Leo quickly stuck his foot in the narrow opening.
“I thought we could have an intelligent discussion, but obviously, that’s not happening. So here.” He held up the grocery bag. “I got the stuff you left behind when you ran away from me in the supermarket. I knocked on your door yesterday, but when no one answered, I didn’t want to leave it and have the meat spoil. You’re welcome.”
Without waiting for Cantrell’s reply, he set the grocery bag on the floor and turned on his heel. At the top of the stairs he heard a door slam shut, then open, and Cantrell call out.
“Wait. Please?”
Leo closed his eyes. He really should walk away and leave that mouthy little fucker alone. “What is it?”
“Th-that was nice of you. You didn’t have to do it.”
“I know.” Leo crossed his arms and waited.
“Thank you. And…” Cantrell bit his lip. “I’m sorry. I-I guess I shouldn’t have tried to fix the problem myself. You’re right.”
The guy was pretty damn cute.
Oh hell no. Don’t even go there.
Felice Stevens has always been a romantic at heart. She believes that while life is tough, there is always a happy ending around the corner, Her characters have to work for it, however. Like life in NYC, nothing comes easy and that includes love. 
She lives in New York City and has way too much black in her wardrobe yet can’t stop buying “just one more pair” of black pants. Felice is a happily addicted Bravo and Say Yes to the Dress addict and proud of it. And let’s not get started on House Hunters. Her dream day starts out with iced coffee and ends with Prosecco, because…why shouldn’t it? You can find her procrastinating on FB in her reader group, Felice’s Breakfast Club.

On Sale: “Fiesty” Series: Do-Over #3 by Julia Kent is on Sale for a limited time ~ Genre: Romantic Comedy ~ @jkentauthor @GiveMeBooksPR ~ Available Now

Title: Feisty
Series: Do-Over #3
Author: Julia Kent
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Audiobook Narrator: Erin Mallon
Release Date: January 28, 2020
I’m not too proud to admit that finding Mr. Right involves swiping right. Right? Welcome to dating in avocado toastland.
Here I am, on my first blind date, ever, courtesy of a smartphone app and my two annoying best friends.
So what is Chris “Fletch” Fletcher doing, walking across the room, looking at his phone like he’s pattern matching a picture to find a real person he’s never met before?
Oh, no.
The guy I drop-kicked in seventh grade cannot be my blind date. The guy who earned me this infernal nickname.
That’s right.
More from New York Times bestselling author Julia Kent as Fiona “Feisty” Gaskill gets her chance at love – drop-kick included.
99c for a limited time!
“Why are you suddenly meddling in my life like you know me? Because you don’t,” I inform him, moving closer, one hand rising up, my index finger pointing as I assume a power stance that seems otherworldly. Some self inside me is coming to the forefront. 
And she has something to say.
Two of the people at his table turn and look at us, then start whispering. Fletch’s eyes cut over.
“Can we talk in private?” he asks.
“Why? Afraid of being called out in public?”
“No, but you’re about to get a bunch of cellphones pulled out. You really want more recordings of you floating around on the internet?” 
I spin on my heel and move to the hallway in what I think is the direction of the bathrooms. Paleo2Clean is new to me, but before this incarnation, it was a soup restaurant, and before that, a froyo place.
Yep. Guessed right. High chairs and bathrooms.
“Look, Fletch,” I say, grabbing his arm hard. “Until our reunion last year, I hadn’t seen you in forever. And when Mal and Will chose us both to be in their wedding, I wasn’t happy, but I plastered on a fake smile because that’s what you do when your friends are getting married and you used to hate one of the groomsmen.”
“Hate?” A smile tickles his lips, his amusement infuriating me more than any other response he could possibly have. “You,” he says, looking at my hand on his skin, taking a step closer into my space, “hate me?”
“No. I said I used to hate you. Before I worked on evolving and being a better human being.”
“How, exactly, have you done that?”
“By increasing my vibration.”
“You are a better person because you use vibrators?”
“Who said anything about sex toys?”
“You did. Just now.”
“No, I didn’t! I said vibrations!”
“What’s the difference?”
“Pretty sure enlightenment comes from enough orgasms, too, Fiona.”
An espresso machine hisses in the distance, cutting through the sound of our matched breath. He’s inches from me, heat pulsing off his rock-hard body, the close-fitting black cloth of his shirt rippling only because of curved muscle. My hand on his arm feels like heat itself, our bodies some sort of element that conducts energy on a wavelength science hasn’t discovered yet.
And I’m wet, wanting, and so, so confused.
“Why are you turning this conversation into a sex talk?” I finally choke out, pulling back as he leans in.
“You started it,” he replies, the smile fading, replaced by something intensely seductive. He bites his lower lip for a moment, looking at me. Then, in a whisper that makes me lean in to hear, he adds, “Maybe you wouldn’t hate me so much if I helped you with those vibrations.”
A FREE prequel to Fluffy

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Julia Kent writes romantic comedy with an edge. From billionaires to BBWs to new adult rock stars, Julia finds a sensual, goofy joy in every contemporary romance she writes. Unlike Shannon from Shopping for a Billionaire, she did not meet her husband after dropping her phone in a men’s room toilet (and he isn’t a billionaire). She lives in New England with her husband and three children in a household where the toilet seat is never, ever, down.

Book Blitz: “Smoke” Series: The Carelli Family Saga #1, By Author: Eden Butler, Genre: Mafia Romance/Romantic Suspense, Release Date: December 15, 2020, #AvailableNow ~ @edenbutler_ @GiveMeBooksPR

Title: Smoke
Series: The Carelli Family Saga #1
Author: Eden Butler
Genre: Mafia Romance/Romantic Suspense
Release Date: December 15, 2020






Smoke Carelli lived by his own rules.


He wasn’t interested in normal.
He didn’t care about things like love and commitment, damn sure not marriage and forever.
But the second Maggie Ramirez parked outside his family’s restaurant, his life became a series of distractions he was learning to love. Maggie and her kid have shaken up his world and dislodged every hard and fast rule he’d ever made.
And when the demons from her past resurface, Smoke and Maggie may have to break more than their own rules to win their freedom.
But will it cost them everything and everyone they love?


The Carelli Family Saga


Book One – Smoke
Book Two – Dario
Book Three – Dante
Book Four – Toni 









The scent curling in my nose did something to my insides.
Something that made me stupid and reckless.
Something I knew that would lead nowhere good.
Smoke snaked a heavy arm around my waist, moving me closer to him. His sweet scent, his thick, muscular chest, and flat stomach pressed right against my naked body.
No, I told myself. I wasn’t here…not again.
“Smoke…” I ignored the way he moved his fingers down my back, cupping my ass like it was normal and something he did without thinking.
He was nearly asleep and languid; how he always got after he took me, especially when it was late. That hand lowered and he gave me a half pat, squeezing my ass like some sort of silent motion to quiet me.
Here, in this bed, with the smell of us perfuming the sheets, Smoke wasn’t the gangster this town knew him to be. He was soft, gentle, and he touched me like he wanted me. Like he couldn’t get enough. Like there was more between us than the stretch of our naked skin and the heat of our bodies moving together.
Eyes closed tight, I let myself have a second. I wanted to keep the moment, the stillness between us. I wanted to pretend that this was real. Me and Smoke, touching, him holding me, because it felt nice. Nicer to pretend like he wanted only me.
Then Smoke brushed his face against my shoulder, his lips wet, sigh lazy and kissed me there. Soft. Intimate.
He’d never done that before and I felt cherished almost…loved.
No. This couldn’t be happening.
My head always got a little fuzzy when I was around him. I couldn’t help it.
The light from the bathroom slipped out through the darkness and moved over his features, hitting the sharp, fine angle of his cheekbones and the full, thick curve of his mouth.
He was beautiful.
Strong, even laying against his pillow, turned toward me and his fierce, masculine features relaxed as he seemed to move between exhaustion and sleep.
There was something about him I could never keep away from. No matter how hard I tried.
And it wasn’t just him.
It was them.
Smoke, his parents, his brothers and sister. They’d all taken me and my boy in when they didn’t have to. Brought us in from the snowy Christmas night like it was their pleasure to know us. They’d given us a family. A home. They’d given me a job and a place to belong.
And Smoke? Even though when this all started six months ago, we agreed there could never be anything real between us, somehow I always ended up back here. In his bed, pressed against him, being owned and loving every second that I was.
But then I’d leave and go back to the apartment I shared with my son and my friend Vivian, the older woman Smoke had rescued from her abusive husband, and pretend like I hadn’t been in his bed again.
“There’s more there than either of you will admit,” Vi had told me the last time she’d caught me sneaking in from a night with Smoke. If she could see me now. God, she’d laugh at me.
I rubbed my face, thankful she was out of town for a few days, but even if she wasn’t, I wouldn’t confess a thing to her. Or myself.
Smoke Carelli was a dangerous man. That much I’d figured out for myself. I knew about his family and the family business they were in. It was his life and the danger in his line of work kept him from wanting more from me.
There were little pieces that were mine. Pieces of him that no one else got. And even if I did want all of them—which I didn’t, of course I didn’t, it was only the little pieces Smoke would ever give me.
That was the problem.
I wasn’t a little pieces kind of woman.
And I’d never let my son want less than he deserved either. His father never cared enough to want anything to do with Mateo. No matter how good Smoke was to us, I couldn’t let him do the same to my son. Problem was, he was an addiction. Every time I swore I’d stay away, he’d kiss me or touch me and I’d come right back.
Every single time.
He barely moved when I wiggled from his heavy arm and slipped away from the warmth of his large body. I wouldn’t stay all night like I normally did. Smoke probably wouldn’t notice anyway.
The floorboards creaked when I shimmied my jeans over my thighs and I jerked, half-turning and pulling away from Smoke’s grip on my arm as he reached for me.
“Where are you going?”
He was so long and tall he didn’t have to do more than stretch an arm toward me to keep me still. All that beautiful olive skin was on display—those corded muscles twisting as he brushed his fingers over my shoulders.
“I—” My mouth wouldn’t work. Not when Smoke stifled a yawn and played it off with his fingers scrubbing through his thick, black hair. There was a tempting scruff of stubble along his chin. Despite knowing I needed to tell him my plans to move to the city, there was an overwhelming sensation to rub that scruff over my bare breasts.
“Bella?” he said, moving his head as though he started to worry about why I was gawking at him while standing half-dressed in my jeans and unhooked bra. His attention went straight to my nipples when my black bra slipped off one shoulder, then Smoke leaned up, resting on an elbow as he pulled me toward him with a hand curled around my waist. “Get back in bed.” His voice was deep, raspy from sleep. That sound alone could make a teasing throb pulse between my thighs. Smoke knew it, seeming to use it to his advantage when I hesitated. “Maggie,” he whispered, saying my name like it was a filthy word only he got to use. This time his voice going deeper, his mouth right against my naked breast as he pushed my bra to the floor. “You don’t wanna leave me. Not yet.”
“I…hmm…I should go.” I curled against him, moving my fingers into his hair as he pulled my nipple between his lips. “Mierda…” There were warning shouts firing in my head. But Smoke Carelli was kissing me, again… touching me, again… and it felt good. It felt so damn good.
“You taste so sweet, bellissima…”
“We…shouldn’t do this…” I tried, but didn’t push him away, not when the suction on my breast tightened or when Smoke came to his knees to run his hands down the back of my thighs and to pull my jeans off completely.
“No,” he said, a laugh muddling the agreement. “You’re right.” He kissed me then, tugging my head up with his fingers moving at the back of my hair. “I shouldn’t be doing any of this, should I?” His kiss was deep, all teeth and tongue, leaving me breathless and punch drunk. “Or this?” Then Smoke moved me, tangling my legs around his hips, turning us. I went flat against the mattress and he settled my leg against his chest.
“What…are you…”
“Since you won’t let me sleep and you think you’re going to run out on me in the middle of the night,” he started, pushing on my free leg, stroking a finger along the inside of my thigh, “then I’m going to have to find something else to occupy my time.”
When he wanted something—anything—the man wasn’t above fighting dirty. Right then, Smoke was the dirtiest. He moved his hand up, that wide thumb brushing against my pussy, his smile freezing as he slipped his finger inside me.
“Still wet?” The rasp in his voice sounded a little desperate now.
I swallowed, still torn about telling him my plan. I could only nod, my attention frozen on his face.
His gaze slipped lower as he watched his fingers moving inside me. “This, this is a good way to occupy my time.”
“It…is…” My breath grew ragged, uneven and that weak fight inside my head tittered closer to the side that told me to forget any fight, any lingering notion that this thing between was leading nowhere, and to just enjoy myself.
But doing that, forgetting what would happen tomorrow, next week, or next year would do me no favors. It wouldn’t get me any further than where I’d been when I found myself stranded in this tiny town. “Smoke…we can’t…we have to stop this.”
He paused, his gaze moving to my face for half a second before he laughed. Smoke leaned over me, still touching me, watching my face closely even as he smiled.
“I’m serious…” I tried, but my words came out in a breathless, needy whimper when he pushed two fingers inside me.
“You don’t sound serious.”
“I…” Am, I told myself. That’s what I meant to say. I. Am. But Smoke slipped his fingers away from me, then slid his body over me and just like that, I forgot what I was supposed to be serious about.
Tomorrow, I told myself, holding onto those soft, lush sheets as Smoke moved his mouth on me, his tongue inside me, my legs over his shoulders.
Tomorrow I’ll be stronger. Tomorrow I’ll tell him we have to stop this.





Releasing July 20




Eden Butler is a writer of contemporary, fantasy and romantic suspense novels and the nine-times great-granddaughter of an honest-to-God English pirate. This could explain her affinity for rule breaking and rum.


When she’s not writing or wondering about her possibly Jack Sparrowesque ancestor, Eden patiently waits for her Hogwarts letter, reads, and spends too much time in her garden perfecting her green thumb while waiting for the next New Orleans Saints Superbowl win.
She is currently living under teenage rule alongside her husband in southeast Louisiana.
Please send help.



Book Blitz: “Forget Me Not” By Author: Felice Stevens, Genre: Gay Romance, Release Date: November 24, 2020, #AvailableNow~ @felicestevens1 @GiveMeBooksPR

Title: Forget Me Not
Author: Felice Stevens
Genre: Gay Romance

Release Date: November 24, 2020
Texas cowboy Shea Montgomery has plans. Big plans. Still mourning the loss of his beloved father, he’s finally ready to sell the Forget Me Not ranch. He’s dusting off his boots, packing up his cowboy hat, and moving to New York City to make his dreams come true. So what if he won’t have his horse to ride or a place to call home? He’ll make it work. Somehow. First, he has to deal with a bunch of corporate types who don’t know the front end of a horse from the back.
Especially this one guy who can’t seem to stay out of trouble.
Or out of Shea’s mind.
Jake Axelrod’s perfect family is shattered when his daughter stops speaking and his husband ends their marriage. Two years later, she remains locked in silence and Jake has closed himself off. His life is structured to the minute, and Jake is convinced he’ll be alone forever, until he’s forced to attend a company retreat at a dude ranch in Texas where he meets a cowboy who sends him spinning out of control.
Jake can’t help falling…off his horse, out of a rowboat, and into Shea’s arms.
And Shea is more than willing to catch him.
Neither man wants to let go, and the time they spend together only makes it harder to be apart. A decision needs to be made: work it out or say good-bye. Jake’s life is in New York, but he can’t walk away from Shea or the ranch, and Shea must decide if the dream of a lifetime will lead him right back to the place where he started, where his heart belongs.
Forget Me Not is a small town cowboy- meets-big city exec., feel good, low angst, gay romance with tons of swoon, sexy times and a couple of evil swans. 
Free in Kindle Unlimited
“You want some of my bagel, don’t you?” Recalling how the ducks used to paddle close when they’d take Stacey to the park, he took out the bagel, planning to tear off some pieces for them to take gently from his hand. His eyes widened as they began to pick up speed, flapped their wings again, and surged forward. 
“Holy shit.”
It was the attack of the killer swans. They dive-bombed toward him, their vicious, beady eyes glaring with hate, and Jake scrambled to the opposite end of the rowboat. It rocked wildly as the first swan bumped it, and Jake held on to the sides for dear life, but he couldn’t withstand the second direct hit. The boat capsized, and arms flailing wildly, Jake went overboard with a loud splash.
When he resurfaced, he shook his head free from the streaming water and reached for his floating backpack. The lake didn’t seem very deep, but he hadn’t fastened his life jacket. It ballooned out, providing some flotation aid, but not much. Jake could dog-paddle okay, but the shoreline looked a hell of a long distance away. He began to splash his way toward it. The jeans, T-shirt, and hoodie he’d worn in the cool, early morning air took on water and bogged him down, and still clutching his backpack, he began to struggle. Then, through waterlogged ears, he heard his name called.
“Jake. Jake, hold on. I’m coming.”
At the shore, Shea quickly stripped off his clothes and entered the water. With swift, strong strokes, he reached Jake, placed an arm under his armpits, and hauled him close.
“Shea,” he gasped, trying not to swallow lake water. “Those fucking swans.”
“Ross and Rachel? Yeah, they’re not the friendliest.”
“Ross and…you’ve got to be kidding me. I’ll never watch another fucking episode of Friends again,” he muttered. Shea’s laughter rumbled through him, and he held Jake tighter.
“Let’s get you to shore and dried off, and then I’m gonna give you a talkin’-to for not following the rules.”
With the benefit of Shea’s strength to lean on, Jake managed to push through, and Shea half dragged him up the embankment and set him none too gently on the ground.
“Now,” Shea said, hands on his hips, feet planted wide. “What the ever-living fuck were you doin’ out there in the middle of the lake with no life vest on?”
Jake knew he should be apologizing and thanking Shea for rescuing him, but goddamn, he was rendered speechless by the furious man in front of him. Shea dressed was a gorgeous sight. But in soaking-wet briefs that clung to him like a second skin? He might as well be naked. A libido he’d thought long burned to ashes rose hot and strong in Jake’s blood, and he hung his head, not from Shea’s scolding, but to keep from staring and possibly embarrassing himself. As beautiful and memorable as Shea Montgomery was in the pages of a magazine, in person he was perfection.
Felice Stevens has always been a romantic at heart. She believes that while life is tough, there is always a happy ending around the corner, Her characters have to work for it, however. Like life in NYC, nothing comes easy and that includes love. 
She lives in New York City and has way too much black in her wardrobe yet can’t stop buying “just one more pair” of black pants. Felice is a happily addicted Bravo and Say Yes to the Dress addict and proud of it. And let’s not get started on House Hunters. Her dream day starts out with iced coffee and ends with Prosecco, because…why shouldn’t it? You can find her procrastinating on FB in her reader group, Felice’s Breakfast Club.

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