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Available Now! Lake Redstone by J.D. Hollyfield, Genre: Stranger to Lovers Romantic Comedy

Title: Lake Redstone
Author: J.D. Hollyfield
Genre: Stranger to Lovers Romantic Comedy
Release Date: July 22, 2019
Casey doesn’t have much luck in the dating department, so when her girlfriends ditch their girls only weekend for a couple’s retreat, she’s forced to take desperate measures.


Refusing to be the only single one, she does what any quick-thinking girl would do:
She lies.
It was almost too easy hiring a stranger to pretend to be her hot, rich, successful boyfriend. What she didn’t plan on was him being hot, successful, and way too much trouble for her liking.
Jim was in a slump in his everyday life. He was bored and needed something to spice up his life. Accepting a gig to play the perfect boy toy was not what he had in mind, but it was too good to turn down.
What he didn’t plan for was the smokin’ little spitfire who hired him. It’s a con, a job, a fraud. But the more she’s in his presence, the more he realizes she may be more than just a ruse.
Three days at a lake house.
Two strangers who cause a lot of mayhem.
One little lie.



J.D. Hollyfield is a creative designer by day and superhero by night. When she’s not cooking, event planning, or spending time with her family, she’s relaxing with her nose stuck in a book. With her love for romance, and her head full of book boyfriends, she was inspired to test her creative abilities and bring her own stories to life. Living in the Midwest, she’s currently at work on blowing the minds of readers, with the additions of her new books and series, along with her charm, humor and HEA’s.
J.D. Hollyfield dabbles in all genres, from romantic comedy, contemporary romance, historical romance, paranormal romance, fantasy and erotica! Want to know more! Follow her on all platforms!


Available Now! ~ The Favored Wife by AmyPennza, #ContemporaryRomanceWomensfiction


Title: The Favored Wife
Author: Amy Pennza
Genre: Contemporary Romance/Women’s Fiction
Release Date: July 22, 2019
Cover Design: Arijana Karcic, Cover It! Designs
Is it possible to escape polygamy? Find true love? Well-behaved women don’t ask these questions. Not in my world.
My name is Elizabeth Hyde. Actually, no. It’s Grant. In the real world, I’m Elizabeth Grant.
My husband’s name is Hyde, and he has three other wives. No one can know that. Obviously.
In the strict religious community I was born into, women have clearly defined roles. They’re homemakers and caregivers. They rear children. But I don’t have any children, which means I have something of a ticket to the outside. Big families need money, and it’s time for me to get a job.
And I’m loving this job. Being a medical assistant might not sound impressive to most people, but it’s a lot more exciting than making dinner for a family of twenty.
I have to admit, the job isn’t the only thing that excites me.
Lately, I’ve been getting close to Evan Adgate, the doctor who runs the medical center. He’s my opposite in every way: funny, smart, wealthy, educated. It’s no wonder the man turns heads. Heaven help me, he turns mine.
But Evan and I can never be together. We can never be anything. No matter how many talks or dinners we have, my secrets will always be a barrier between us. It’s better if we keep things professional.
Now I just have to keep telling myself that.

“Holy smokes. I devoured this book in no time. I have never read a book anything like this before. I was captivated from the beginning.” – Amber, Goodreads reviewer


“This book will blow you away! It is an emotional rollercoaster that will have you wondering how conditions like that could take place without someone putting an end to it!” – Merry, Goodreads reviewer


“I was looking for something a bit different from my normal romance reads. What a surprising gift this was.” – Within Paper Sheets


“Wow oh wow. This book will blow you away, this book will keep you reading until the end, there will be no break..” – I Don’t Get Sundays, Amazon reviewer

Leah caught up to me as I pulled open the door of the truck.
“Elizabeth, wait!”
I threw my purse inside and turned. “What is it?”
Her caramel-colored eyes were pained when she said, “Don’t pay any attention to Dinah, okay?”
I looked back at the house, imagining Dinah glowering at me from her kitchen window. She was probably mad about the breakfast dishes. Normally, that was one of my jobs.
Leah was waiting for a response, so I forced a shrug. “I’m used to it.”
She grabbed my hand and squeezed. “Don’t let those two get to you.” She lowered her voice. “I think she’s going through the change. It’s probably why she keeps bringing the baby thing up.”
I almost laughed out loud. The way Leah said the change made it sound like Dinah had developed bubonic plague. On impulse, I hugged her. “It’s okay, Leah. I promise it doesn’t bother me. Maybe it used to, but not anymore.”
She pulled back, doubt in her face. “Are you sure?”
“Totally sure.” I released her, then climbed in the truck—something that was way easier in pants. Through the windshield, I saw Jackson walking over from Patty’s house. “That’s my ride,” I told Leah.
“Okay. Well, good luck today.” She closed the door, then put her chin against the bottom of the open window. “Just remember, anything is possible with Heavenly Father on your side. Sarah was ninety when she conceived Isaac.”
I gave her a solemn nod. It was a nice Bible story, but something told me Thomas wasn’t willing to wait that long.
But Leah’s expression was so sincere, I forced a smile and said, “I’ll keep that in mind.”
She returned the smile, then backed away from the truck and started for her house, waving to Jackson as she went.
He climbed in the cab and slammed the door. “You ready?”
“Yes. What have you been doing?” I leaned away from him. He had huge sweat stains under his armpits, and his face was streaked with dirt.
He swiped an arm across his forehead, then stared down at his plaid shirt sleeve. “Dad had me pouring concrete at four this morning.” He drew himself up and said in a low, measured voice, “Nothing builds character like manning a pump hose, son.”
“I hate to break it to you, but that’s just his way of getting cheap labor.”
Jackson slanted me a skeptical look as he started the truck. “You mean free labor.”
I just shook my head. That definitely sounded like Thomas. He owned one of the most successful construction companies in Jefferson City, and the secret to his success was that he employed mostly family members. Dinah ran the office from home and handled everything from payroll to zoning permits. Leah helped with accounts receivable and general bookkeeping tasks. At some point, all the boys in the family had worked various jobs—for little or no pay.
“So how’d you talk him into letting you take this job, anyway?” Jackson asked as we drove down the long gravel driveway away from the houses.
“It was Dinah’s idea. She said times are tight, so it made sense for me to work.” What she really said was that it made sense for me to work since I didn’t have any children to care for, and that I should at least cover my room and board so I wasn’t a burden on the family.
Jackson didn’t need to know that, though. It was too embarrassing.
He turned the truck onto the main road leading out of town. We passed a few groups of boys walking along the sidewalk, probably on their way to work detail.
Jackson drummed his fingers on the steering wheel. “It doesn’t add up,” he said suddenly.
I looked at him. “What doesn’t?”
“What Dinah said about times being tight. I’ve seen what Dad makes, and there is no way he’s hurting for money.”
“Well, he has to tithe. A lot of it goes to the faith.”
He shrugged. “I guess. Not that they’re doing anything productive with it,” he said, nodding to the old school building. At one time, the town had operated a small public school, but the state shut it down after some sort of audit claimed too many kids were being passed through grades despite missing months of school at a time. Families had gone back to homeschooling, and the building had fallen into disrepair.
We passed the town center with its small grocery store and town hall. Jackson slowed the truck to a crawl, glanced left and right, then rolled through a stop sign without stopping.
“Hey!” I exclaimed.
He glanced at me. “Do you want to be late on your first day? Besides, that’s Theron and Bragg.” He jutted his chin toward a white extended-cab truck idling near the intersection.
I squinted at the truck’s dark windows but could only make out two shadowy figures in the front seat. “Since when are they working security?”
He gave a humorless laugh. “Since they went crying to their mom about being given shitty jobs. Now they’re living the dream.”
I wanted to scold him for swearing, but I heard the pain and confusion under his bravado. It was an open secret in the family that Thomas favored Dinah’s children over all the others—a situation that had only grown worse since her oldest son, Thomas’s namesake, had been excommunicated and forced out of the community. The night he left was the only time I ever heard Dinah raise her voice to Thomas. She’d begged and pleaded with him to intercede on their son’s behalf, but he stalked from the house and slammed the door, leaving her sobbing on the kitchen floor.
Thinking to comfort her, I’d crept downstairs and placed my hand on her shoulder, only to jump back when she jerked away.
“I don’t need pity from you,” she spat.
“It’s not pity, Dinah. I just—”
“What? Come to gloat?” She glared at me with such malice, I stumbled back a step.
Then she stood and smoothed her skirt. She squared her shoulders, the broken, weeping woman of seconds before replaced by the cool, dominant head wife. “Go back upstairs,” she said. When I turned to go, she added, “And remember, he might want you in his bed, but I’ve borne his children.”
The white truck grew smaller in my side mirror as we drove out of town.
Jackson gripped the steering wheel with tight fingers. I didn’t blame him for being jealous. His half-brothers were driving around in air-conditioned comfort, enjoying power and prestige, while he toiled at construction sites and ferried his father’s wives around.
“Thanks, by the way,” I said.
He looked at me. “For what?”
“For driving me into the city.” I dug in my purse and pulled out my driver’s license. “Even though I’m official now.”
“No kidding?” He leaned over so he could see the picture. “You need that for work or something?” When I nodded, he said, “You gonna start driving yourself into the city now?”
I sighed and tossed the license back into my purse. “I doubt it. Thomas said it’s a waste of resources to leave a car in the city all day.”
“Yeah, I guess. So what will you be doing, taking care of cats or something?” He cast a pointed look at my scrub top.
“Very funny.” I reached over and gave him a playful punch on the arm. “It’s an urgent care center. Like a mini emergency room and doctor’s office all in one. They do drug screenings for employers, too, so I might help with administering those sorts of tests.”
“Sounds cool, Liz.”
I smiled. He was the only one who ever called me that. He’d been just ten when I married Thomas. Back then, my main job had been helping Patty, who homeschooled all the children. She’d been pregnant with her youngest at the time, so I took over her teaching role in that first year. Jackson had Patty’s dark eyes and hair, but he was nothing like her in temperament. He was a jokester and something of a troublemaker, but he was so kind and lovable it was hard to get mad at him.
We drove in companionable silence for a few minutes, then he asked, “Want some music?”
He turned the radio on, filling the cab with Taylor Swift’s “I Knew You Were Trouble.”
He nodded his head to the beat for a second, then glanced at me. “I can change it if you want.”
“It’s okay.”
He shrugged. “Well . . . if you like it.”
I hid a smile. “I don’t mind it.”
“Then I don’t, either.” He gave me a knowing look, a little grin tugging at his mouth.
I lost the battle with my smile and let out a laugh.


After a second, he joined in.
Amy Pennza has been a lawyer, a soldier, and a copywriter. She’s worn combat boots and high heels in the same 24-hour period–and she definitely prefers flip flops. Actually, she prefers going barefoot while writing steamy romances about strong women and alpha men with hearts of gold. After years in Tornado Alley, she now makes her home in the Great Lakes region with her husband, kids, and more baskets than any one person should own. (You can never have enough.)

Available Now! Misandry (Deliverance Series) by Jo-Anne Joseph, Genre: Dark Romance/Suspense (Standalone)


Title: Misandry
Series: Deliverance Series
Author: Jo-Anne Joseph
Genre: Dark Romance/Suspense (Standalone)
Release Date: July 22, 2019
dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against men
➡ vigilante justice
➡ dark romance
➡ revenge by torture 
Misandry: Book Two in the Deliverance Series
Not all killers are natural born.
Some are man-made,
purified through the fires of hell,
molded by circumstance,
created in darkness.
I am Raven, heartless, unfeeling.
My story is one of redemption, 
though I’m not blameless.
I’ve been ruthless in my pursuit of justice.
The devil himself created me,
and he was about to meet his greatest aberration.
This may be the story of my undoing,
But I won’t go down without a fight.
They call me Ace because I miss nothing.
There isn’t a case I haven’t solved,
until her, my nemesis, Raven.
She intrigues me, tests me, tempts me.
I want to unmask her,
Get into the mind of this mercenary,
Without losing myself in the process.

Jo-Anne Joseph is an indie contemporary romance author, dreamer, doer, artist with a flair for creating stories about the seemingly impossible and second chance romance. Along with a passion for writing, she is an avid reader and enjoys painting and coloring. She also has a deep love for poetry and prose. Her lifelong love affair with words started at a young age and resulted in her debut novel Infinity.
Jo-Anne is a business professional by day and also writes on a volunteer basis for on-line publication Still Standing Magazine and the website Glow in the Woods. Her articles have been republished in several newsletters.
Jo-Anne lives in Johannesburg South Africa which provides the inspiration for the settings in her novels, with her husband Brian and their beautiful son Braydon.

Release Blitz: Better With You, Always (Bragan University #3.5) by Gianna Gabriela ~ Genre: Sports Romance Novella


Title: Better With You, Always

Series: Bragan University #3.5

Author: Gianna Gabriela
Genre: Sports Romance Novella

Release Date: July 22, 2019

Mia Collins
& Colton Hunter. 
She’s smart
and sassy, and he’s a swoon-worthy alpha.
Better With
You took us on a journey where Mia & Colton’s love and mutual self-healing
was the final destination.  
But their
story isn’t over.
When it
comes to these two, they’re better together. Always.



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Author Bio
Gabriela is a small-town girl living in the Big Ol’ City of New York. She’s
been reading for years and calls it her addiction. Her favorite genre to read
is anything in the YA, NA, and Contemporary Romance realm. She’s a writer of
the sexy alphas you want and the strong heroines you need.


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Release Blitz: Assassin’s Prey (Assassins #3) by Ella Sheridan, #RomanticSuspense is Available Now!

Title: Assassin’s Prey

Series: Assassins #3

Author: Ella Sheridan
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: July 22, 2019
I killed my first man at the age of twelve. I’ve been
killing ever since. I thought it was all I lived for…until Abby. Until the
woman I’d kidnapped became the woman I couldn’t walk away from.
She owns a piece of me I wouldn’t take back, but the rest?
The only way to protect her is to hold back the parts inside me that are too
ugly to ever reveal. I’ll keep her safe, even from me.
And it works. We have the nights, and I hunt my way through
the days. Alone.
Until an attack reveals a threat we didn’t see coming. One
that could take away the dream I didn’t realize I had.
Everything. With her.
I’m on the hunt of my life. My prey might run, but in this
fight—for her, for us—they don’t stand a chance. 



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“We need to talk.”
I hated how everything that came out of my mouth sounded like I was
barking orders. Some pansy-ass prince charming could probably soothe her, croon
in her ear; I sounded like a drill sergeant whipping her into shape.
Abby ignored the demand and dug into her clothes. When she pulled out a
pair of panties, a growl ripped from my chest.
“Save it, Levi.”
I pushed to my feet. “Ignoring what happened won’t make it go away. We
have to deal—”
“What if I don’t want to?” she snapped. Pajama bottoms came out next.
“Maybe I just want to live in a fantasy world for one night. Reality is calling
insurance companies and finding a new place to live. Reality is knowing someone
hates me enough to bomb my house, and that you don’t love me. Why would I want
to face all that?”
She stood up, her pajamas gripped tight in one hand. Every line of her
body rejected me, but I couldn’t let it go. I couldn’t let her go on believing…
“I never said I don’t love you.”
Abby scoffed. “You never said you do, either. You never said you want to
build a life together. You never said you wanted a future.”
Because a man like me doesn’t have a future. “I’m an
assassin,” I pointed out. “I kill people for a living. What kind of future is
Abby refused to look at me. “Exactly. No future.”
Also Available
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Cover Reveal
Title: Assassin’s Heart
Series: Assassin’s #4
Author: Ella Sheridan
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Cover Design: Mayhem Cover Creations
Release Date: August 26, 2019
My brother
believes he made me a killer. The truth is, I’ve always been different. I can
smile while sliding a knife between your ribs—and not feel a moment of regret.
Until Leah.
A man like
me shouldn’t have a family. But the minute I opened my eyes from a coma and saw
her, I knew I’d forever be tied to her. A nurse who nurtures life. A mother.
stalked her for two years, unable to stop but refusing to give in to the need
to have her. To love her. Until the night her daughter is taken. I’ll light up
the world to get Leah’s child back to her.
And then
I’ll walk away for good. Not because it’s the right thing to do, but because I
know how she’ll look at me after seeing who I truly am.
She’ll see
the murderer inside me. And God help me, but she’ll be right.
Pre-order Links
Author Bio
Ella Sheridan never fails to take her readers to the dark
edges of love and back again. Strong heroines are her signature, and her heroes
span the gamut from hot rock stars to alpha bodyguards and everywhere in
between. Ella never pulls her punches, and her unique combination of raw
emotion, hot sex, and action leave her readers panting for the next release.
Born and raised in the Deep South, Ella writes romantic
suspense, erotic romance, and hot BDSM contemporaries. Start anywhere—every
book may be read as a standalone, or begin with book one in any series and
watch the ties between the characters grow.
★ Anything can happen in the
shadows of a sultry Southern night. Explore the heat with the SOUTHERN NIGHTS
romantic suspense series.
★ Secrets and sex abound in the
SECRETS TO HIDE contemporary romance series.
★ Dark desires come to the fore
in IF ONLY, a BDSM contemporary series.
“The perfect blend
of suspense and romance.” – Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews
“Ms. Sheridan writes suspense that grabs you and won’t let
go.” – Tea and Book
“The perfect kind of naughty…with [characters] that have
great chemistry.” – Alpha Book Club
“A great plot, likable characters, witty banter, and
seductively wicked love scenes—the perfect recipe!” – Blogging by Liza
Don’t miss a release! Sign up for Ella’s newsletter to find
out about new releases and sales:
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Release Blitz: Refrain (Rockstar #16) by Anne Mercier ~ Genre: MM Adult Contemporary Romance ~ Available Now


Title: Refrain
Series: Rockstar #16
Author: Anne Mercier
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance

Release Date: July 22, 2019


As a child, I
trusted no one.
Then I found my best
They gave me a
family and saved me from a life of abuse that still has me messed up.
Then one of those
best friends captured my heart.
Lincoln, tough yet
tender, a walking contradiction.
He loves me
too—flaws and all.
He’s the most
patient man on the earth and understands my PTSD.
What he doesn’t
understand is why our being intimate makes me feel “dirty”.
He’s not one of the
men who abused me and he’d never hurt me. I know this. I believe it.
Still, the “dirty”
creeps in even though I know what we do together is anything but.
He’s here now and
he’s going to stay.
It’s time for me to
talk to someone professionally.
I need to shed my
unhealthy past in order to have a healthy future with the man I love.
If I don’t, I just
might lose the best thing that’s ever happened to me—and there’s not enough
therapy in the world to get me through that.



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Unedited Refrain Excerpt
©2019 Anne Mercier
I’m hopeful for a
world with more
love, acceptance, and
compassion for others.
Lily Aldridge
Linc?” Kadi prompts.
remember the day I wanted to ask you a question, but you had to go training
with Jabber Jaws?”
I laugh out
loud. Best nickname ever. Jabs is gonna never live this one down.
“Can I ask them
“Sure. Do
you want to go in another room?”
Kadi tilts
her head, considering. “No. I think here is okay.”
She takes a
seat across from me at the breakfast table. The table is no more than a very
long picnic table with long moveable benches.
“Ask away,
Tiny Dancer.”
She smiles
at that. The kid’s barely seven and she dances like a pro.
“The other
day, I saw you and Uncle Ethan kissing.” She quickly turns to her dad, Jace,
and says, “I swear I wasn’t spying.”
Jace nods
an okay and, holy fuck, just what has that girl seen? More than a few of us
shift uncomfortably.
Summer says you’re only supposed kiss like that if you love someone a whole

Oh hell.

“Do you
love Uncle Ethan a whole lot?”
Well, fuck
me sideways. Except for Ethan choking on a bite of waffle, not a sound can be
heard. We haven’t even had much of a discussion. I pat him on the back, so he
doesn’t choke. We just got used to saying, “I love you”. It’s not awkward or
weird. Why would it be? We’ve been in love with each other for years, though we
didn’t say it much until I moved here. I don’t know why.
Maybe just
in case we’d never be together.
I run a
hand over my face and chuckle. “Nothing like putting your Uncle Linc on the
spot, huh?”
She just
stares at me. Waiting for an answer.
“Of course
I love Ethan a whole lot.”
“Like, love
like you love Jesse or love-love like Daddy loves Summer?”
I give Jace
a glance and he’s over there grinning like the tool he is. I point at him. He’s
just been put on notice.
love-love,” I tell her, looking at Ethan and giving him a wink. He’s next to me
nervous as fuck, not knowing whether to laugh or cry. I hope the wink set him
at ease. He hates being in the spotlight.
“So… how
does that work? Can two boys get married?” she asks.
“Lord have
mercy on my soul, this kid,” I mumble as I drop my forehead to the table and
roll it back and forth.
She pushes
my head up with her tiny hands, pulling my skin and hair back. Jace laughs out
loud and Summer coughs to cover hers. The rest of the family, well, they’re
trying not to be loud, but I can hear them laughing.
I sit up
and look down the table at them. “At least Summer had the decency to try to
hide her laugh. Fuckers.”
Kadi looks
at me with dollar signs in her eyes, and I point at her.
“No way,
kid. That’s a freebie. You’re asking me some pretty hard questions here. I get
some freebies,” I tell her.
She shrugs.
“But you didn’t answer.”
“Yes, two
men can get married. They just adjusted the law a few years ago,” I tell her.

She climbs up onto the table top and sits cross-legged in front of me. Just
staring. I don’t want to know what’s coming next. This kid kinda scares me.

“If you
love Ethan a whole lot and he loves you a whole lot, why aren’t you married?”
Kadi asks with a smile.
Ethan spits
his juice out and it hits Jace in the face. Serves the fucker right for letting
his girl keep on like she is.
“Aren’t you
just full of questions today,” Lucy asks with a snicker.
Kadi nods,
but it wasn’t even a question. She’s the one who has all the questions.

“Kadi, we just haven’t talked about getting married yet.”

“Well, why
not if you’re in love? Weddings are romantic. I could be your Best Girl—you
know, instead of a best man.”
I can’t
help but laugh. She’s relentless. “When the time comes, Tiny Dancer, you’ll be
my Best Girl. I promise.”
still choking on the juice he swallowed wrong at the word “married” so I pat
him on the back.
Who can
blame him? I’ve been keeping things to myself, keeping him at a distance, and
he really has no clue how I feel about things, about the future. For that
matter, neither do I. Looks like we’ll have to have a talk later.
Kadi looks
at me with a twinkle in her eye.
“What about
“Fuck this.
I’m outta here,” I mutter, getting up and leaving the kitchen. I hear everyone
laughing behind me. I turn and meet Ethan’s gaze. He’s smirking in that sexy
way he does, and I smile back.
“That’s a
freebie, Kadi,” he tells her, and I send him a wink before I head to the gym.
fucking hell. Everyone’s worried about Kiki aka the She-Devil. Not me. Hell no.
I’m more worried about Kadi the Inquisitor. That kid. She’s going to be the
death of me. I know it.
Also Available
All free in Kindle Unlimited
Author Bio


Mercier is the International Bestselling author of the Rockstar, Truths,
Forbidden Fantasies, The Way series, and the Kiss duet.
She writes adult
contemporary romance, new adult contemporary romance, and mature young adult
romance. She was born and raised in Wisconsin and still lives there
When Anne’s
not writing she enjoys reading amazing books, listening to music, keeping up on
all things Avenged Sevenfold and Milo Ventimiglia, chatting with readers and
friends, and binging Netflix series.
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Pre-Order Now! Tidy Up by AJ Alexander is coming July 25th 2019

Against all odds, do opposites attract…
And you can read an excerpt from Tidy Up by AJ Alexander … out on July 25!

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Against all odds, do opposites attract…

Theo has always pushed limits, but his new maid is pushing all his buttons – the right ones. Morgan has an innocence about her that draws him to her, but she’s off limits. She’s everything he’s not and despite not deserving her, knowing he would ruin her, he yearns to dominate all aspects of her life – be the only man she ever desires.

Morgan may not have much experience when it comes to men, but the thoughts she begins to have about her new boss, are far from innocent. Theo is wealthy, powerful and experienced. Everything she isn’t, but he’s everything she wants. Morgan has a suspicion he wants her too, but just won’t admit it… yet. Mixing business with pleasure might be a bad idea, but she is tired of behaving all the time. Maybe Theo can bring her inner “bad girl” to the surface.

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The silence envelopes both of us as we continue closer into the city, the starry sky disappearing before my eyes. The tension between the two of us continues to grow thicker the longer we spend in the car.
Even with the top down, Mr. Fitzwilliam’s masculine smell envelopes my senses. Sandalwood and lavender, both not in the typical male sense, fill my mind as many dirty thoughts flash behind by eyes. What it would be like for his lips to envelope mine or how his hands would feel as they caress my skin, the need for any affection from him grows stronger every day I spend in his presence.
The kiss, that he claims was accidental, a few months ago began this raging inferno of desire inside me I’m not sure will ever be quenched by anyone other than him.
“We’re here.” He pulls to a stop in front of the student housing building.
“How did you know where I live?” I ask, surprised that he would concern himself with such a trivial piece of information about me.
“I make it my business to be made aware of everything about my employees.”
We continue to sit in the car, staring out of the front windshield. Neither one of us moving a muscle or making any effort to end the time we have together.
I chance a look over at him, noticing how tightly he grips the steering wheel. My mind playing tricks on me hoping that he is having as hard of a time as I am fighting the connection we have with each other.
He quickly releases the steering wheel and reaches across the center console toward the passenger door. Brushing his hand across my tits, my nipples pebble before he’s opening the door for me. I gasp in surprise as pleasure shoots through my body hoping for just one more caress of his hand.
“Good night, Morgan,” he whispers as he places his hand back on the steering wheel with a telltale smirk plastered across his face.
“Good Night, Sir,” I respond before stepping out the car. Just as I’m about to shut the door, I hear a small groan escape his lips.
I smile as I shut the door and head inside. It appears I’m not the only one that feels this connection between the two of us. Now to figure out a way for the two of us to act on this connection and not lose my job, that’s the tricky part.

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About AJ Alexander

AJ Alexander is a wannabe psychologist, writer, and author of the recently completed, SEAL’ed Series. AJ’s passion is writing angst filled happily ever afters that have to be earned by her characters. Women with no backbone need not apply. AJ uses sarcasm and an unlimited supply of song lyrics to bring her romance novels to life.

AJ lives in the angst capital of the world, Seattle Washington with her own personal knight in shining armour and her two beautiful girls.

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Cover Reveal: Holding Mia (Rockers’ Legacy #1) by Terri Anne Browning, Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance ~ Release Date: August 27, 2019



Title: Holding Mia
Series: Rockers’ Legacy #1
Author: Terri Anne Browning
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance

Cover Design: Sara Eirew, Sara Eirew Photographer

Release Date: August 27, 2019


They call me the rocker’s princess, some even call me the dance prodigy,
but none of them knows the real Mia Armstrong.
Now that dancing is no longer my future, I don’t know either.
All I want is the opportunity to find out, to have some time to try
being just a little normal. To discover who this new girl is.
I fought for the chance to go to college on my own. Without the guards
overshadowing my shot at a real college experience, drawing unwanted attention
and making it impossible to learn new things about myself.
My goal was to get my degree and start my own dance school. Barrick
wasn’t part of that goal, but suddenly, he was everywhere—and I was so damn
tempted. His arms felt so good wrapped around me, making me feel safer than I’d
ever felt in my life.
But Barrick had more secrets than I could ever hope to uncover.
And one just might break me completely.


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Author Bio

Terri Anne
Browning is a USA TODAY bestselling author. Being dyslexic, she never thought a
career in writing would be possible, yet she has been on bestselling lists
multiple times since 2013. Reese: A Safe Haven Novella was her first Indie
published book. The Rocker Who Holds Me changed the tables and kicked off The
Rocker… series featuring the sinfully delicious members of Demon’s Wings. The
Rocker… Series is now complete with 12 books and the occasional novella.
Other books by Terri Anne include the Angel’s Halo MC Series, as well as The
Lucy & Harris Novella Series, The Vitucci Mafiosos Series, and The Tainted
Knights Rocker Series.

Terri Anne lives in Virginia with her husband, their three demons—err,
children–and a hyper Frenchie named Grunt.


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Release Blitz: Running After a Heartbreaker (Brides on the Run #4) by Jami Albright ~ Genre: Contemporary Romance/Romantic Comedy ~ Available Now!


Title: Running After a Heartbreaker
Series: Brides on the Run #4
Author: Jami Albright
Genre: Contemporary Romance/Romantic Comedy
Release Date: July 19, 2019
“This is
a bad idea.”
worst.” He placed his hands under her butt and lifted. “Should I stop?”
murder you if you do.”
Odom’s life is out of tune. The bar she owns with her father is a Texas-sized
money pit that she has four months to save. Her mean as a snake ex-husband is
breaking their daughter’s heart daily. And the town of Zachsville hates her
guts for something that was only fifty percent her fault.
And oh,
right, she just ran out on her own wedding.
Callen’s life is hitting all the right notes. Dubbed “The Heartbreaker” by his
adoring female fans, he’s living the country music stardom dream. At least until
an “altercation” lands half his band in jail and the other half in the
hospital, this rising star could use a temporary place to crash.
The last
thing Hailey or Beau needs is a scorching hot romance messing with their plans.
So when Hailey rents Beau her backyard guesthouse and passions blaze hotter
than the Texas sun, their dreams are in serious danger of going up in flames.
To make it
all work, they’ll have to keep their hands off each other and their eyes on the
prize. Too bad their hearts are singing a different tune.
miss Running After a Heartbreaker—A
hilarious friends-to-lovers, sexy musician with a heart of gold, determined
single mom, small-town swoony romance.
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Author Bio
Jami Albright is a born and raised Texas girl and is the
multiple award-winning author of The Brides on the Run series–a fun, sexy,
snarky, laugh-out-loud good time. If you don’t snort with laughter, then she
hasn’t done her job.

She is also a wife, mother, and an actress/comedian. She used to think she
could sing until someone paid her to stop. She took their money and kept on

Jami loves her family, all things Outlander, and puppies make her stupid happy.
She can be found on Sundays during football season watching her beloved Houston
Texans and trying not to let them break her heart.

Jami loves to hear from readers. You can reach her at

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