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Bear Seeking Bride: Luke (Bear Canyon Brides #4) by Ruby Shae


Genres:  Romane, Shifter-Bears, BBW, Novella

Book four of six

Dual POVs

The Blurb:

Caroline Madison is curvy, beautiful, and often the life of the party. Her confident, easy going personality has the ability to make everyone feel comfortable. Unfortunately, once the party is over, her voice sends men running far, far away. She’s never been asked on a second date, and as much as she wants a life filled with love and her own family, she knows she’s destined to be a one date wonder.

Lucas Wellington, a grizzly bear shifter, owns the best sandwich shop in Bear Canyon. Despite his past, he’s made a life for himself that anyone would be proud of. The only thing missing is a mate. Unfortunately, male shifters outnumber the women three to one, and the thought of placing an ad for a bride is out of the question. He’d hate to find the one, only to have her look at him with disgust when his past is revealed.

After yet another failed date, Caroline decides a vacation is in order. She visits Bear Canyon, not for the ratio of men to women, but to see her newly married best friends. When she meets Luke, their attraction is instant, but after one fantastic date Luke rejects her. Luke vows to keep his distance, but Caroline’s voice sooths him in a way he can’t explain and he can’t stay away forever. In a last ditch effort to save his future, Luke exposes his secrets. Will Caroline turn him away, or will she finally get the second date she’s always dreamed of?

My Review:

Bear Seeking Bride: Luke (Bear Canyon Brides, #4)Bear Seeking Bride: Luke by Ruby Shae

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

“Bear Seeking Bride: Luke” Bear Canyon Bears book #4 by author Ruby Shae.
My Rating: 3 Stars…

Book four in this series features the romance of grizzly bear shifter Luke Wellington and a BBW human woman, Caroline Madison.

Luke owns Bear Canyon’s popular sandwich shop. Luke has a past that haunts him, makes him believe that he is unworthy of love. Poor Luke is resigned to the fact that he will live a lonely life, unmated. Not only does he have his past against him but Bear Canyon has three times a many males than female shifters. And whatever humans are in town are already mated to bears.

Caroline has no trouble getting a date. Unfortunately the men she dates seem to run away after only one. She has what she describes as a loud annoying voice that turns many people off. But she can’t help that. She is who she is. But for this reason, she believes she will never find her HEA. While on vacation visiting her best friends in Bear Canyon, she meets Luke. They are instantly attracted to each other and Luke can’t get her off his mind. But after one amazing date, Luke backs off. But not for the reason Caroline thinks. Luke actually loves her voice. Still, Caroline is hurt even though she is used to rejection. She wanted to believe Luke was different. Her attraction to him was something she never felt before.

I enjoyed watching Luke find the courage to go after Caroline before it was too late and she left town. I believe he would have chased her if she did. With some prompting and advice from his sister Lily and their guardian he was determined to fix things with Caroline. He believed with all his heart that she was his mate. He would tell her about his past and pray she still wanted him.

This was another sweet, super short story in this series. I love Ruby Shae’s bear series’. When I want short, satisfying stories, I know hers will be perfect.

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Status October 10, 2016


In case those of you browsing this blog notice inactivity in the last couple of weeks I thought I should tell you why. I had surgery on my back and I am laid up for a while. I am still frequently reading however I am unable to sit at a desk and post my reviews. I have nearly 20 books waiting for me to write reviews. Luckily I’m a great note taker.  So over the next few weeks my reviews will be posting slowly but surely. Of course the ARC reviews will be first. Even if you are not followers I thank you for visiting the blog and I thank you for your patience. 😊


Idol: VIP Series #1

Idol (VIP, #1)Idol by Kristen Callihan

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Id0l by Kristen Callihan was a page turner. I’ve read several Rock Star romances and they were pretty typical. That is not a complaint, just how it was, and I didn’t dislike the books because of that. While reading Idol, I kept waiting for that angst “ball” to drop. But guess what? It never did! Killian James…sigh…was physically what you expected him to be, tall, dark, handsome and sexy as hell. I loved him, and not because of his looks. He was charming and funny and just so sweet towards our heroine. Our heroine, Libby, was not a weak, flighty, down-on-her-luck character. Was she sad and lonely? Yes. But she was not a pushover. I absolutely loved the back and forth witty banter between these two. From the blurb we know, they met under intoxicating (no pun intended) circumstances on Libby’s front lawn. From there their relationship grew to friendship and respect while at the same time their fondness for each other grew to love. I have to say the “I love you,” was not at first sight or rushed. Actually the build was beautifully done by the author and continued to grow throughout the book. Killian and Libby needed to find each other in order to see themselves better. They brought out the best in each other and came to realize that to enjoy the life they craved, they needed their lives entangled. So while this story does have “life” thrown into it, there was no overwritten drama to frustrate me. That being said, I wholly loved this book and can’t wait for the next in the series!
5 Rockin Stars!!

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On the Surface (In the Zone, #1)On the Surface by Kate Willoughby

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

My rating on this book went up and down as I read it. The first half of the book was a 2.5 to 3 stars than it got better after 50% staying steady at 3.5 stars. Unfortunately, the last chapters (there are 46 chapters in this 272 page book) frustrated and pissed me off resulting in my final rating of 3 stars. On the Surface tells how NHL player Tim Hollander found love with pediatric nurse Erin Collier. It was a slow, boring start to the beginning of their relationship. I didn’t like Erin very much. She was a prude and frustratingly flighty. I liked Tim. Tim had something very sad happen in his past which endeared him to me even more. He loved Erin almost from first site, however, Erin was holding out because she believed the stereotypical judgment that professional athletes are players. When she finally realized how great they could be together, Tim adamantly informed her of something that could change how she felt about spending the rest of her life with him. What pissed me off about that was the fact he basically told her “this is how it is going to be and I’m not changing my mind.” Of course he told her this after he got her to fall in love with him and after he proposed (in the most amazing way, i have to admit…sigh). After that, I was Team Erin. In the end, Tim changed his mind of course, so I was happy they got their HEA. However, I wasn’t happy with how easily he changed his mind after being so adamant that he wouldn’t. Let me say that I didn’t hate this book but the writing did not flow how I would have liked. To me it was a more “tell” than “show” style. I didn’t really connect and all the “feels” I look for in a novel were not there for me. This was book one in a series. Will I read another from this author? Yes, I probably will. There were several characters introduced that I liked and am curious about their futures. It is common for me to like an author more after reading a few of their books. With that being said, I am always open minded. I hate when I dislike a book. But because we all have our own tastes, I could be in the minority of readers that felt the same. If you think you might like this storyline after reading the blurb, than you should read it and decide for yourself.

June 8, 2016

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Welcome To My Blog

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June 9, 2016

So this is my new blog.  On here I will review all the books I read.  Right now, nearly all my reviews can be found on Goodreads. As I continue to work on this blog I will sort and add my older reviews into categories. I am looking forward to this project as this is something I have wanted to do for a long time. I love to read and I love to write.  So I hope you will visit this blog from time to time and watch it grow.


Firefighters of Montana Series

Smolder (Firefighters of Montana, #1)Smolder by Tracy Solheim

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4.5 Stars!!!
Smolder is the first in the Firefighter of Montana Series written by different authors. I love Montana and I love firemen. They are so brave and sexy. This first in series was written by Tracy Solheim. I loved it. It started off with some tension and my curiosity was piqued. Sam and Lauren both had their issues, both of which were realistic. I was rooting for them all the way. Both H/h were written with good personalities, the sexual tension was strong and yet the love scenes were written well. I wanted Sam :). After Sam and Lauren fought their respective demons, they were able to show their love for each other. All though there was interaction from the beginning between the two, and yes, even sex, it took the length of the book for the angst to be worked out. I will say that I did not feel this book was boring or dragged on. I read each page with eager anticipation. I have already pre-ordered the rest of this series which releases, one per week, and am looking forward to the next book which features related characters from Smolder. Highly recommend if you are a fan of anything released by Tule Publishing.

June 9,2016

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