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“Such Great Heights” by Author Sydney Logan, Genre: Sweet Romance is Available Now! #ReleaseBlitz #NewRelease @SydneyALogan @GiveMeBooksPR



Title: Such Great Heights
Author: Sydney Logan
Genre: Sweet Romance

Release Date: June 19, 2020


He’s her boss.
She’s the nanny.
Love’s not an option . . . right?
Fresh out of college and ready to take on the world, Olivia Stuart can’t wait
to step into her first classroom. But when her dreams of becoming a teacher
fall flat, she accepts a job as a nanny. It’s good practice, after all. If she
can’t handle one kid, how can she possibly deal with a classroom full of them?
Little does she know that this one kid—and his father—will turn her life upside
After years of misery, Jackson Healey was almost relieved when his wife
abandoned him six months ago. But now he’s a single dad to their heartbroken
five-year-old, and he’s having a hard time dealing with his son’s violent
tantrums. Olivia’s the latest in a long string of nannies, but Jackson’s
hopeful that her teaching degree and sweet patience will help his son overcome
his pain.
The last thing he expects is to fall in love.
Jackson knows he has to keep his distance for this arrangement to work.
Now if only he can convince his heart.


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$2.99 for a limited time!AMAZON US / UK / CA / AU



I crossed a line
tonight. An imaginary but potent line in the sand that I’d drawn in my own
head. From the moment she walked into my office on that very first day, I’d
realized immediately that I would have to keep my distance if this arrangement
was going to work.
And I’d kept my
distance . . . until tonight.
With a groan, I bury
my head in my hands. We almost kissed tonight. Maybe it would have led to more.
Maybe it wouldn’t have. The fact is . . . it can’t. For
one thing, I’m still married. But most importantly, Ryder has to come first.
Always. I can’t complicate the situation by falling for his nanny.
It can’t happen.
I won’t let it.
Someone gently
knocks on my door, and I know it’s her.
“Come in.”
Olivia opens the
door slightly. “I . . . umm . . . just wanted to
let you know he’s asleep.”
“He’s okay?”
“Just a bad dream.”
I breathe a sigh of
“Thank you for
checking on him. And for . . . well, for everything.”
With a nod, she
steps inside and closes the door behind her. I remain silent as she sits down
in a chair. Fear grips me as I brace myself, waiting for her to say she’s
reconsidered, and that her suitcase is packed. It would serve me right, but it
would also destroy my son.
“Jackson, I think we
need to talk.” Her voice shakes slightly—the only indication that she’s
nervous. “If this is going to work, I think we need to establish
some . . . limits.”
She’s so brave,
drawing her own lines in the sand.
“Olivia, I owe you
an apology.”
“You don’t. Nothing
“But it could’ve.
And it can’t.”
“You’re right, of
course. Do you think . . . maybe we were just caught up in the
moment? You’ve had such an emotionally draining day. We both have.”
It would be easy to
blame my lapse of judgment on this dreadful day. But does she really believe
that? Or is she trying to convince herself—and me—that we hadn’t felt a thing?
“Is that what you
think?” I ask.
Olivia’s face
flickers with emotion before she settles her gaze on her hands in her lap.
Maybe. The word hangs in the air, just waiting for
me to grab it and hold on for dear life. To agree that maybe it didn’t mean
anything. That maybe we were just overwhelmed and looking for any small amount
of comfort we could find.
Maybe is a gift. A life raft. A chance to
save my son from drowning.
I take it.
“Maybe so,” I
Does she believe me?
I have no idea. But it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that she stays.
“I want to stay,”
she says, reading my mind.
“Good. Because we
want you to stay.”
She nods and slowly
rises from her chair.
Author Bio
Sydney Logan writes heartfelt stories that feature strong
women and the men who love them. In addition to her novels, she has penned
several short stories and is a contributor to Chicken Soup for the Soul. She is
a Netflix junkie, music lover, and a Vol for Life. Sydney and her husband make
their home in beautiful East Tennessee.
Keep in touch with Sydney by signing up for her newsletter!


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Available NOW! ~ “His Small-Town Girl” Series: Sutter’s Hollow #1, by Author Lacy Williams, Genre: Sweet Romance. #NewRelease #ReleaseBlitz

Title: His Small-Town Girl
Series: Sutter’s Hollow #1
Author: Lacy Williams
Genre: Sweet Romance
Release Date: May 12, 2020
Cover Design: Covers & Cupcakes

“This book touched me so much, especially with what is happening in the world right now. We NEED a book like this to restore our faith in humanity!” -Valri via Goodreads


“And ooh boy, The Moment. That was epic. Every girl needs a Cord (and a Moment) in her life.” -Meagan via Goodreads

“I can’t wait to read more in this delightful HEA romantic series!” -Julie via Goodreads


“A sweet and wholesome romance that touched my heart. Molly and Cord were the best example of what true love is.” -romancejunkie via Goodreads

She’s sweet and wholesome. And hiding something.
He’s back home, resurrecting old ghosts.
One of them is going to get hurt. 
Molly arrives in Sutter’s Hollow out of gas and out of options. The rundown ranch seems like a perfect place to hide. Except the man who owns it seems just as dangerous as what’s chasing her.
Cord’s mantra growing up? Get out of Sutter’s Hollow. Now he’s back in town, but only long enough to get rid of his grandma’s ball and chain—the ranch. He doesn’t need a complication like Molly, who reminds him of an injured baby bird. He’s no protector. So why can’t he tell her to get lost?
What was she going to do?
Molly caught her knuckle as she twisted the wrench on a nut that just wouldn’t give. She gritted her teeth as the skin scraped away. She sucked on the skin, the iron tang of blood settling on her tongue.
Questions bounced through her mind as a cold wind blew straight down the collar of her jacket.
Once she got the nut loosened, the dead alternator would lift out. Another hour, and she’d have the new one installed in its place.
And then what?
She’d promised Cord she’d get off his property. He’d been kind, letting her stay the past two nights. She’d repaid him by cooking some of Mama’s favorite meals, though she’d left him to eat in peace, staying in her room and strumming her guitar.
She hadn’t slept other than in snatches. She needed to get the fear under control. She couldn’t keep going like this.
She’d seen a random stranger walking down the street and panicked. A full blown attack, with the shakes and trouble breathing. In front of Cord, who obviously pitied her.
Pitied her, but wasn’t going to invite her to stay.
I’ll never let you go.
I’ll kill anybody you get close to.
Toby’s cutting voice had been bouncing through her brain ever since.
You’re mine.
She wasn’t his. Never had been.
But no matter how many times she repeated it to herself, his voice followed her.
She’d found a measure of safety on Cord’s land. It was quiet, peaceful. Maybe she could find someplace like it.
She tried to tell herself she would be fine.
But she didn’t believe it.
Footsteps crunched in the dried grasses, and she startled so badly that she dropped her wrench into the engine with a clang.
She might’ve uttered a cuss word under her breath as she retrieved it.
She shot a glance at Cord, approaching from the house, but he pretended he hadn’t seen her jump like a lunatic.
“Need some help?” He shoved his hands into the pockets of his jeans. His flannel shirt was unbuttoned above a T-shirt that clung to his abs.
“No thanks.” She’d fight with this bolt a little more, and then she’d win. She’d do the next step and the next until the engine was rebuilt.
Too bad she didn’t have a manual for how to rebuild her life.
He shifted his feet. Opened his mouth. Shut it again. Then blurted, “Can you come inside for a minute? I wanna talk.”
“What’s there to talk about? I told you I’m getting ready to leave. You’ll have your solitude back.”
He mumbled something under his breath. When she shot him a look, he awarded her a tight smile. It was some improvement over his fierce frowns. What would it take to drag a real smile from him? “Please, will you come inside?”
The nut finally loosened, the tension giving away under the strain in her arm.  “Fine,” she said.
It was the work of a few seconds to remove the nut and bolt, and then she lifted out the alternator and set it on the ground beside the truck. An empty spot was left behind in the truck’s engine.
That’s how she felt right now. There was a huge piece missing inside of her. She didn’t know how to get it back.
She wiped her grease-stained hands on a rag as she followed Cord to the house. In the kitchen, he motioned her to sit in one of the kitchen chairs. She crossed her arms and leaned against the counter instead.
He leveled a look on her. “You okay?”
She dropped her gaze to the floor. “I’m fine.”
She wasn’t fine. But he’d already seen her at her worst, and she didn’t want to face his pity again.
She heard the skepticism in the single word. She turned away and started running water at the sink. She scrubbed her hands with the rough green bar of soap left there. And rinsed.
And then he was close behind her, reaching around her to turn off the water. Her body was betraying her again. It was awareness of him at her shoulder—not fear—that made her heart pound.
That and the sickening memory of Toby.
“I want to know what’s going on,” he said. The words emerged heavy, as if they’d cost him.
She squeezed her eyes closed.
He touched her, cupping one hand beneath her elbow.
And when she looked up at him again, something was burning behind his eyes. “I have to know. Did someone hurt you?”


She clutched the edge of the sink. “He tried.”
Lacy Williams wishes her writing career was more like what you see on Hallmark movies: dreamy brainstorming from a French chateau or a few minutes at the computer in a million-dollar New York City penthouse. In reality, she’s up before the sun, putting words on the page before her kids wake up for the day. Those early-morning and late-night writing sessions add up, and Lacy has published fifty books in almost a decade, first with a big five publisher and then as an indie author. When she needs to refill the well, you can find Lacy birdwatching, gardening, biking with the kiddos, or walking the dog. Find tons of bonus scenes and reader extras by becoming a VIP reader at .


📝Review📝 For: “Her Secret Cowboy” Blood Brothers #3 by Debra Holt ~ My Rating: 4 🌟🌟🌟🌟, Genre: Contemporary Romance, is Available NOW!


Her Secret Cowboy
Blood Brothers Book Three

Debra Holt
Debra Holt on Facebook

Genre:  #Romance #ContemporaryRomance #SmallTownRomance

POV:  Third-person alternating perspectives

Kindle:  175 pages

My Rating:  4

Cover:  4

Read:  March 22nd 2020

Publication:  April 9th 2020  *Review copy provided by Tule Publishing Group

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You can’t go home again.

Devlin Braxton never thought he’d test those words and return to Braxton, Texas – the town where generations of his family had ranched honorably. Not him. As an undercover agent who spent years infiltrating the underbelly of a drug cartel with a local pipeline, everyone thought he was the devil-may-care, good-for-nothing, playboy he pretended – even his family. After the massive bust and the shoot out that nearly killed him, Devlin is ready to discover who he is and where he belongs.

Marissa Flanagan has fought for her place in Braxton. First she had to live down the pity and gossip when she was jilted by her fiance, then prove her professional worth when the town’s beloved – and male – vet retired. She’s finally made her peace or so she thinks until Devlin Braxton shows up at her door with a proposition.

They have a past, will Devlin’s blue eyes and pulse-stopping kisses convince her he’s changed and that they might have a future?

img_7439-31 (1)

My 📝Review📝: 🌟🌟🌟🌟

Her Secret Cowboy (Blood Brothers, #3)Her Secret Cowboy by Debra Holt

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Her Secret Cowboy by Debra Holt is the third book in the Blood Brothers series. I have read book two but still have to read book one. And I am definitely going to read that. While all three books can be read as a standalone, you will have a fuller reading experience if you read them all in order. This is an author I have read in the past. I’ve always enjoyed her stories and this series is no exception.

From the first book, we are aware of Devlin. And in the second book, he is mentioned once again. Unfortunately, Devlin is the victim of “don’t believe everything you hear” or see for that matter. Truly, things were not what they seemed and Devlin was not who everyone believed him to be. I won’t go into specifics but you already know from the book’s blurb that he was an undercover agent. Devlin is finally home after a life-altering injury. Not only does he feel like he doesn’t belong, he is also defending his character. Devlin, first and foremost, just wants love and respect from his family. He wants to be forgiven for his desertion and finally call someplace home. But it isn’t until he meets Marissa that Devlin will discover he wants more out of life. He wants Marissa. Devlin wants a happy ending.

Marissa is a guarded character. I really liked her and completely understood her cautiousness where Devlin was concerned. This book is not a fast, instalove story. Devlin and Marissa will have to overcome many obstacles to find their happily-ever-after. And as I watched these two wonderful characters find their way in life and with each other, I couldn’t help but to root them on.

This book was sweet but angsty too. I recommend you add this book to your TBRs. As I mentioned earlier, you can definitely read this as a standalone, however, you’ll enjoy it more if you know a bit more of everyone’s back story.

This is my honest and unbiased review. Thank you for taking the time to read it. 🙂

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📝Review📝 For: “Sweet Texas Charm” (Sweet Texas Secrets #3) by Robyn Neeley, #ContemporaryRomance, Release Date: April 14th 2020 ~ My Rating: 4 🌟🌟🌟🌟


Sweet Texas Charm
(Sweet Texas Secrets Book Three)

Robyn Neeley on Facebook

Genre:  #Romance #ContemporaryRomance #LiteMysteryAnd Suspense

POV:  Third-person alternating perspectives

My Rating:  4

Cover:  4

KIndle:  217 pages

Publication:  April 14th 2020

Read:  March 30th 2020  *Review copy privided via Tule Publishing Group

Add to Goodreads:  Sweet Texas Charm   Sweet Texas Secrets Series

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Small town. Big secrets. Welcome to Sweet Ridge.

Grayson Cooper is livid when he learns his father left him a keychain with a strawberry charm rather than ownership of the successful Guac Ole company. He’s been groomed for this position since he escaped the factory floor as a teen and joined Jack in the corporate offices. But what good is the CEO title without the stock shares?

College dropout Becca Nash is dumbfounded to learn that she now owns controlling voting stock in the company where she’s just a line supervisor. The pay bump will help her take care of her mother’s nursing home care, but the corporate halls intimidate her–and who wants to hobnob with those snobs anyhow?

Stymied at every turn by her attitude, Grayson tries to steal back those shares, but surprisingly loses his heart to Becca instead. What he does discover is a secret that could blow apart not only Becca’s world but his whole family. With so much hanging in the balance, Grayson must decide whether it’s better to follow his head or his heart.

img_7439-31 (1)

My 📝Review📝: 🌟🌟🌟🌟

Sweet Texas Charm (Sweet Texas Secrets, #3)Sweet Texas Charm by Robyn Neeley

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Oh, how I am sorry to see this series end. This three book multi-author series has all the feels and more. Each book has its place it my heart for a different reason. In Sweet Texas Charm by Ruby Neeley, the last Cooper brother will finally receive the entirety of his promised inheritance. The Cooper patriarch was a sneaky one, but full of love, caring and hope that his sons would find their forever-after with their “ones”.

Middle brother Grayson was beyond hurt and angry when he discovered his father did not leave him the family company that Grayson was promised. In fact, Grayson felt betrayed not to mention a whole lot of confused. From the first book, there is an element of mystery that will find its resolution in this book. By the end of book two, I had my suspicions as to what the big reveal might be and I enjoyed watching my predictions come to light. This is where I can’t tell you anymore about that; you’ll just have to read to find out. Each book is a standalone however, I believe you won’t enjoy the complete reading experience if you haven’t read the two prior books. There is definitely a lot going on.

So, I had my opinions of each brother’s persona at the beginning of each book. And it’s not surprising that I wasn’t a fan of any of them. But as I got to know them, I understood them in a different light. However, with Grayson, he did some things that were not upstanding and I just knew karma was going to come for him.

The heroine, Becca, was one of my favorites of this year thus far. She was very relatable and I saw myself in her during several fundamental moments in the book. I could see myself in her shoes very easily as well as see things her way. Again, I’m not going to spoil anything by giving away spoilers. I enjoyed this book and was sad to see the series end. The author’s attention to detail and storytelling talents show through in this book. I love a book where I don’t have to try so hard to envision a scene. With this book, I was easily there.

So, glad I read this series. You should know that each story flows into the next without any disconnection despite this series being written by three different authors. I recommend the Sweet Texas Secret’s series to any reader who loves romance with some angst and mystery AND a huge helping of happily-ever-after!

This is my honest and unbiased review. Thank you for taking the time to read it. 🙂

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#CoverReveal ~ “His Small-Town Girl” Series: Sutter’s Hollow #1, by Author Lacy Williams, Genre: Sweet Romance, Release Date: May 12, 2020!

Title: His Small-Town Girl
Series: Sutter’s Hollow #1
Author: Lacy Williams
Genre: Sweet Romance
Release Date: May 12, 2020
Cover Design: Covers & Cupcakes


She’s sweet and wholesome. And hiding something.
He’s back home, resurrecting old ghosts.
One of them is going to get hurt. 
Molly arrives in Sutter’s Hollow out of gas and out of options. The rundown ranch seems like a perfect place to hide. Except the man who owns it seems just as dangerous as what’s chasing her.
Cord’s mantra growing up? Get out of Sutter’s Hollow. Now he’s back in town, but only long enough to get rid of his grandma’s ball and chain—the ranch. He doesn’t need a complication like Molly, who reminds him of an injured baby bird. He’s no protector. So why can’t he tell her to get lost?




Lacy Williams wishes her writing career was more like what you see on Hallmark movies: dreamy brainstorming from a French chateau or a few minutes at the computer in a million-dollar New York City penthouse. In reality, she’s up before the sun, putting words on the page before her kids wake up for the day. Those early-morning and late-night writing sessions add up, and Lacy has published fifty books in almost a decade, first with a big five publisher and then as an indie author. When she needs to refill the well, you can find Lacy birdwatching, gardening, biking with the kiddos, or walking the dog. Find tons of bonus scenes and reader extras by becoming a VIP reader at .


📝Review📝: 5 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 to “Without You” by Marley Valentine, A Standalone MM Emotional Novel. AVAILABLE NOW! ~ 🙌 I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS ONE!! 🙌


Without You

Marley Valentine

Genre:  #MMRomance #EmotionalRomance #StandaloneMMRomance 

My Rating:  5  *This was more than five stars for me!

Cover:  5  *One of the best covers I’ve seen lately!

Publication:  March 11th 2020

Read:  March 17th 2020

POV:  First-person dual perspectives

Kindle:  314 pages

Add to Goodreads:  Without You

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Tragedy brought us together, but something stronger made me want to stay.

Julian was the boy next door. My brother’s best friend, he fit with my family in ways I never could. While he and Rhett went on to play house, I left the only life I knew, desperate for a fresh start.

Until everything changed.

Heartache came along, and the aftermath of my brother’s death was here to stay. I was now face to face with Julian more than I ever wanted to be.

Being around him brought up all my insecurities, forced me to deal with hard truths, and conjured up feelings I had no business entertaining. He wasn’t the man I thought I knew. He was complex and layered, and inherently beautiful in all the ways I’d never noticed.

Not on another person.

Not on another man.

Not until him


img_7439-31 (1)

My 📝Review📝:   🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Without YouWithout You by Marley Valentine

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Absolutely amazing! This author blew me away and that doesn’t surprise me one single bit. Marley Valentine can write heartbreak like no body’s business. This, hands down, is my favorite book of hers. Brilliantly written with such obvious attention to detail. The author takes this story to a colossal level of poignancy and you have to wonder, because of that, how will she give us the happy ending we desire. Well, she accomplishes that and so much more. Without You is an unforgettable story of two amazingly beautiful people. Behind their broken and tormented hearts are two men who deserve the world. And while they will find love, loyalty, and undoubtedly happiness, Deacon and Julian’s journeys a very difficult one.

While you can infer much of the premise from the synopsis, there is so much more going on mentally and even morally. Guilt is heavy within Deacon and Julian’s hearts and the path they need to traverse is difficult as well as unfamiliar. While the relationship development is a slow burn, it needed to be that way for this book to be believable.

I am being purposely vague with my review as there is so much complexity and depth to this story. I will not ruin any of it for you. If you have read any books from Marley Valentine before, then you know she will give you an amazingly written story with all the feels. If you haven’t read her books before, I highly recommend that you do; whether you are a fan of MM Romance or not. This book was very far from smut. It was beautiful.

One more element I want to add is that once I started this book, I knew it was one I wanted to savor and not devour. I purposely took my time reading it over the course of a few days so it could be with me longer. I cried in relief and happiness after reading the last page. And I was so disappointed when the book was finished. That said, I know I will carry Deacon and Julian in my hearts for a long time coming. It won’t be easy to replace these characters.

Marley Valentine…..thank you for such an incredibly, touching and heartwarming novel!

This is my honest and unbiased review. Thank you for taking the time to read it. 🙂

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📝Review📝 For: “The Sheriff’s Baby Bargain” (Angel Point #1) by Susan Lute, Genre: Contemporary Romance, Release Date: April 20th 2020! ~ My Rating: 5🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟


The Sheriff’s Baby Bargain
Angel Point #1

Susan Lute

Genre:  #Romance #ContemporaryRomance #SmallTownSeries #SweerRomance

POV:  Third-person dual perspectives

My Rating:  5

Cover:  5

Publication:  April 20th 2020

Read:  March 13th 2020  *Review copy provided by Tule Publishing Group

Add to Goodreads:  The Sheriff’s Baby Bargain

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She’s just what the doctor ordered… but never knew he needed

U.S. Marshal-turned-Sheriff Taylor James can trace her family back to the original thirteen Marshals appointed by George Washington. She’s good at her job, but once they find out she’s the local law, she can’t get even one of her dates to stay past the appetizers. Her plan? Convince good friend and hot neighbor Dr. Gabriel Adams to give her dating lessons since his dance card is always full.

A survivor of childhood leukemia with no guarantee his remission will last, Gabe lives by two rules: Don’t get emotionally involved and don’t let his well organized life spiral out of control. When he’s given a baby, with his name on her birth certificate, he needs Taylor’s help. But dangling dating lessons in exchange? If that will get the dedicated sheriff to lend a helping hand, could it be a bargain worth making?

img_7439-31 (1)

My 📝Review📝: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

The Sheriff's Baby Bargain (Angel Point, #1)The Sheriff’s Baby Bargain by Susan Lute

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh, wow!
I just loved this book! While some of the story was a little predictable, there were original elements that were new to me. I honestly thought the ending might go a bit different from how it actually did. And while that was just a teeny bit disappointing, I found after reading the last page, that I couldn’t have been happier that Gabe and Taylor found their happily-ever-after. I finished this book several days ago and this couple, this book is still on my mind.

All the characters in this story added more complexity and enjoyment for me. Especially Daisy and Rose. And while there were plenty of secondary characters, that fact did not take the spotlight away from Gabe and Taylor. The synopsis of this book does a good job letting you know what to expect but the talent in which this author weaved this story made The Sheriff’s Baby Bargain so much more. There was some angst, suspense and even some guessing on my part. I don’t want to say there are dark elements to this story, but there is a bit of a cloud shadowing all the happy. As, I mentioned, I wasn’t 100% sure how this book was going to end. But I’m so pleased with how it did.

This is the first in the Angel Point series. I am so in love with this small, enchanting town and I can’t wait to see what comes next. I definitely recommend this sweet romance!

This is my honest and unbiased review. Thank you for taking the time to read it. 🙂

img_7216-2 (1)

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📝REVIEW📝 4 🌟🌟🌟🌟 to “Montana Blueprint for Love” (Property Sisters of Montana Book One) by Debra Salonen, #SecondChanceContemporaryRomance, Release Date: March 17th 2020!


Montana Blueprint For Love
Property Sisters Book One

Debra Solonen

Genre:  #Romance #ContemporaryRomance #SecondChanceRomance

My Rating:  4

Cover:  5

Publication:  March 17th 2020

Read:  February 27th 2020  *Review copy provided by Tule Publishing

POV:  Third-person alternating perspectives

Kindle:  233 pages

Purchase/PreOrder:  Montana Blueprint for Love

Add to Goodreads:  Montana Blueprint for Love


Is she restoring “this old house” or reimagining her future with the man she left behind?

Man down.
When “Diamond” Jim McCall gambles on a fixer-upper for sentimental reasons, his house of cards implodes – along with his health. Ruby’s ready for a job change but agreeing to become her first crush’s apprentice might be her biggest mistake. She doesn’t doubt they can “flip” the derelict ranch house and save Summit Construction, but at what cost to her heart? After all, Boone Fielding became the son her father never had when she left for college.

Man up.
Helping Ruby McCall and her sisters flip Diamond Jim’s “money pit” makes sense financially, but he can’t partner with someone he doesn’t trust – and Boone hasn’t forgotten his last close encounter with Ruby. But every day on the job reminds him of why he fell in love with her in the first place.

How is he ever going to let her go when the job is done?

img_7439-31 (1)

📝My Review📝:  4 🌟🌟🌟🌟

Montana Blueprint for Love (Property Sisters Book 1)Montana Blueprint for Love by Debra Salonen

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The first book in a new series and I think it’s off to a good start. Montana Blueprint for Love introduces a lot of characters. And of course, we get a cameo here and there with some of our favorite Marietta citizens from past stories.

An aspect I would have appreciated additionally in this book was to have more interaction and dialogue with Ruby and Boone and a bit less with everyone else. Of course, I understand that first books are the ones that give us glimpses into the next books but I felt this book could have had a bit less of that. I’m being selfish I guess, because I wanted more of the H/h.

I loved watching Ruby and Boone try to navigate a relationship that wasn’t romantic despite their buried feelings for each other. They were careful and hesitant around each other. And at the same time, looked forward to when they worked together every day. Ruby’s father made some very poor choices and now Ruby, along with her sisters and Boone are having to literally and figuratively “fix” the mess he made.

The premise of the book was interesting. The way the H/h and Jim evolved as characters was engaging and believable. My favorite character in this book was Boone. He was kind, considerate, selfless and a gentleman. Without giving anything away, I will tell you that Boone had every reason to be angry and if he decided to walk away from Ruby and her family, I couldn’t blame him nor would I have thought less of him.

The chemistry between Ruby and Boone was a slow burn and didn’t ‘set fire’ until much later in the book. I actually enjoyed the slow pace of their relationship growing into something more. The pace made this story believable.

I have read this author several times before and always enjoyed her books. Ruby has two sisters who will have their stories told in the next books in which we were given glimpses into. That said, I know we will be seeing a lot more of Ruby and Boone and I am going to be looking out for those books which I know we won’t have to wait too long for. One of my favorite aspects about Tule Publishing is their ability to publish the next books in a series in a timeframe that won’t have you having to reread previous books to catch up. Most of my favorite series are published by Tule.

This is my honest and unbiased review. Thank you for taking the time to read it. 🙂

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Blog Tour: Tweet Cute by Emma Lord, Genre: Young Adult Fiction with a bit of Romance is Available January 21st 2020. Author Q&A included. My Review is included below the post 👇

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Meet Pepper, swim team captain, chronic overachiever, and all-around perfectionist. Her family may be falling apart, but their massive fast-food chain is booming — mainly thanks to Pepper, who is barely managing to juggle real life while secretly running Big League Burger’s massive Twitter account.


Enter Jack, class clown and constant thorn in Pepper’s side. When he isn’t trying to duck out of his obscenely popular twin’s shadow, he’s busy working in his family’s deli. His relationship with the business that holds his future might be love/hate, but when Big League Burger steals his grandma’s iconic grilled cheese recipe, he’ll do whatever it takes to take them down, one tweet at a time.


All’s fair in love and cheese — that is, until Pepper and Jack’s spat turns into a viral Twitter war. Little do they know, while they’re publicly duking it out with snarky memes and retweet battles, they’re also falling for each other in real life — on an anonymous chat app Jack built.


As their relationship deepens and their online shenanigans escalate — people on the internet are shipping them?? — their battle gets more and more personal, until even these two rivals can’t ignore they were destined for the most unexpected, awkward, all-the-feels romance that neither of them expected.

Emma Lord

Author bio:

Emma Lord is a digital media editor and writer living in New York City, where she spends whatever time she isn’t writing either running or belting show tunes in community theater. She graduated from the University of Virginia with a major in psychology and a minor in how to tilt your computer screen so nobody will notice you updating your fan fiction from the back row. She was raised on glitter, grilled cheese, and a whole lot of love. Her sun sign is Hufflepuff, but she is a Gryffindor rising. TWEET CUTE is her debut novel. You can find her geeking out online at @dilemmalord on Twitter.


Early Praise:
Tweet Cute delivers in every possible way: a perfect enemies-to-lovers romance, a whip-smart plotline, and endearingly real characters. I devoured it.” – Francesca Zappia, author of Eliza and Her Monsters

“Sweet and fun! An adorable debut that updates a classic romantic trope with a buzzy twist.” – Jenn Bennett, author of Alex, Approximately and Serious Moonlight

“A witty rom-com reinvention for the Twitter age, Tweet Cute pairs delicious online rivalry with deeply relatable insights on family pressure and growing up. This fresh, funny read had us hitting ‘favorite’ from page one.” – Emily Wibberley and Austin Siegemund-Broka, authors of Always Never Yours and If I’m Being Honest


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“Look.” I glance into the classroom, where Ethan is thoroughly distracted by Stephen and no longer keeping an eye on us. “I may have . . . overreacted.”

Pepper shakes her head. “I told you. I get it. It’s your family.”

“Yeah. But it’s also—well, to be honest, this has been kind of good for business.”

Pepper’s brow furrows, that one little crease returning. “What, the tweets?”

“Yeah.” I scratch the back of my neck, sheepish. “Actually, we had a line out the door yesterday. It was kind of intense.”

“That’s . . . that’s good, right?”

The tone of my voice is clearly not matching up with the words I’m saying, but if I’m being honest, I’m still wary of this whole overnight business boom. And if I’m being honest, I’m even more wary of Pepper. If this really is as much of a family business as she claims it is—to the point where she’s helping run the Twitter handle, when even I know enough about corporate Twitter accounts to know entire teams of experienced people get paid to do that—then she might have had more of a hand in this whole recipe theft thing than she’s letting on.

The fact of the matter is, I can’t trust her. To the point of not knowing whether I can even trust her knowing how our business is doing, or just how badly we need it.

“Yeah, um, I guess.” I try to make it sound noncommittal. My acting skills, much like my breakfast-packing skills, leave much to be desired.

“So . . .”


Pepper presses her lips into a thin line, a question in her eyes.

“So, I guess—if your mom really wants you to keep tweeting . . .”

“Wait. Yesterday you were pissed. Two minutes ago you were pissed.”

“I am pissed. You stole from us,” I reiterate. “You stole from an eighty-five-year-old woman.”

“I didn’t—”

“Yeah, yeah, but still. You’re them, and I’m . . . her. It’s like a choose your fighter situation, and we just happen to be the ones up to bat.”

“So you’re saying—you don’t not want me to keep this up?”

“The way I see it, you don’t have to make your mom mad, and we get a few more customers in the door too.”

Pepper takes a breath like she’s going to say something, like she’s going to correct me, but after a moment, she lets it go. Her face can’t quite settle on an expression, toeing the line between dread and relief.

“You’re sure?”

I answer by opening the container she handed me. The smell that immediately wafts out of it should honestly be illegal; it stops kids I’ve never even spoken to in their tracks.

“Are you a witch?” I ask, reaching in and taking a bite of one. It’s like Monster Cake, the Sequel—freaking Christmas in my mouth. I already want more before I’ve even managed to chew. My eyes close as if I’m experiencing an actual drug high—and maybe I am, because I forget myself entirely and say, “This might even be better than our Kitchen Sink Macaroons.”

“Kitchen Sink Macaroons?”

Eyes open again. Yikes. Note to self: dessert is the greatest weapon in Pepper’s arsenal. I swallow my bite so I can answer her.

“It’s kind of well-known, at least in the East Village. It even got in some Hub Seed roundup once. I’d tell you to try some, but you might steal the recipe, so.”

Pepper smiles, then—actually smiles, instead of the little smirk she usually does. It’s not startling, but what it does to me in that moment kind of is.

Before I can examine the unfamiliar lurch in my stomach, the bell rings and knocks the smile right off her face. I follow just behind her, wondering why it suddenly seems too hot in here, like they cranked the air up for December instead of October. I dismiss it by the time I get to my desk—probably just all the Twitter drama and the glory of So Sorry Blondies getting to my head.

“One rule,” she says, as we sit in the last two desks in the back of the room.

I raise my eyebrows at her.

“We don’t take any of it personally.” She leans forward on her desk, leveling with me, her bangs falling into her face. “No more getting mad at each other. Cheese and state.”

“What happens on Twitter stays on Twitter,” I say with a nod of agreement. “Okay, then, second rule: no kid gloves.”

Mrs. Fairchild is giving that stern look over the room that never quite successfully quiets anyone down. Pepper frowns, waiting for me to elaborate.

“I mean—no going easy on each other. If we’re going to play at this, we’re both going to give it our A game, okay? No holding back because we’re . . .”

Friends, I almost say. No, I’m going to say. But then—

“I’d appreciate it if even one of you acknowledged the bell with your silence,” Mrs. Fairchild grumbles.

I turn to Pepper, expecting to find her snapping to attention the way she always does when an adult comes within a hundred feet of disciplining her. But her eyes are still intent on me, like she is sizing something up—like she’s looking forward to something I haven’t anticipated yet.

“All right. No taking it personally. And no holding back.”

She holds her hand out for me to shake again, under the desk so Mrs. Fairchild won’t see it. I smile and shake my head, wondering how someone can be so aggressively seventeen and seventy-five at the same time, and then I take it. Her hand is warm and small in mine, but her grip is surprisingly firm, with a pressure that almost feels like she’s still got her fingers wrapped around mine even after we let go.

I turn back to the whiteboard, a ghost of a smirk on my face. “Let the games begin.”




What was your inspiration to become a YA writer?

I don’t think I ever set out to be any genre in particular, but what draws me to YA again and again is probably that a lot of the fandoms I was in growing up featured strong teen leads — I spent most of my time writing about teens when I was a teen, and then I guess I never really stopped!

What is your favorite show tune?

Oooh, love this question! This is a tough decision for me but I think I have to say “Astonishing” from Little Women — I think anyone who’s ever had a dream that has felt bigger than them can relate.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

My parents, for sure. They’re both pretty prolific writers and storytellers, and they raised me and my siblings to let our imaginations run wild. No other parents were as delighted as mine to hear about all bajillion pages of fan fiction their kid was uploading every other day growing up.


Bookishly Nerdy

How did you come up with this idea?

I actually tweeted the whole idea for a plot as a joke in 2017, saying there should be a story about two social media managers from competing accounts falling in love. It wasn’t until the tweet got picked up by a few bookish friends and people started saying that someone should write it that I was like, “Oh! I guess that person could be me!”

What books influence your writing?

In terms of books, I’d say anything from Anne Brashares or Rainbow Rowell — but to be honest, a lot of influence came from my favorite fan fiction writers, who were the champions of banter-y dialogue and breaking conventional YA rules long before they were getting recognized for it.

Do you use twitter a lot?

Oh, boy howdy. I’m on Twitter WAY too much. But I think it’s okay for me, because even though I do get some of my news on it, I mostly use it for friendship and memes. At the moment my timeline is basically just Baby Yoda, Spider-Man, and Hufflepuff jokes.


Book Chelle

When the idea for Tweet Cute came into fruition, did you imagine the characters or the plot first?

This was a rare moment that the plot came first! I tweeted the idea as a joke a few years ago, and then was tasked with making characters that would fit the bill. It was a little harder for me because it’s not my usual process, but I was happy with how they turned out in the end.

Do you listen to music, soundtracks, or any ambient sounds when writing? If so, what do you listen to?

I do listen to music while I’m writing, but it’s surprisingly mopey! Lots of singer/songwriter acoustic songs, the kind I can appreciate the prettiness of when I do happen to pay attention. I’m pretty sure my Spotify Discover thinks I walk around dressed in all black with a rain cloud hovering over my head. (In real life I am much more cheerful than my writing playlists would suggest!)

What is your favorite romance trope?

Yikes on BIKES am I a sucker for enemies-to-lovers. It is my baguette and butter. I am also a big fan of the secret identity trope, courtesy of being obsessed with all things superheroes, so I’m very pleased I got to work that into Tweet Cute!


Kitty’s Book Spot!

Do you write to music?

I do! It tends to be slower, more acoustic music while I’m doing the actual writing, and more bops when I’m plotting. These days it’s a lot easier to find good music to write to, with other writers sharing playlists on Tumblr all the time.

Do you make music playlists for your works?

I’ve recently gotten into making character playlists for works, at the suggestion of other writer friends. I tend to listen to those when I’m walking around and daydreaming about the plots, though, since I find that the music I think my characters would listen to isn’t often the kind of music that helps me focus on actual writing. I’m have a WIP right now that has six different character playlists and is probably about to get more, my poor Spotify account is just a big mess of character names!

What would you tell us about yourself that no one knows?

I saw the Star Trek 2009 reboot in theaters seven times. (My friends thought it was six. I lied.)


The Book Marauder

What’s the most exciting part about being a writer?

Oh, for sure whenever someone mentions my characters’ names out loud to me. It’s wild to think that other people are living in the same little world you created, even if it’s just for a few hours. It’s like you opened up your brain and other people hopped in.

What is the first book that made you laugh?

Junie B. Jones!! I remember my kindergarten class howling with laughter when our teacher would read it out loud in class. I can’t remember a single one of the plots in adulthood, but I do remember everyone just losing their marbles at them.

Who is your favorite ”Tweet Cute” character and why?

Oooh. I don’t think I have a favorite, but I will say that the one I relate to most is probably Taffy, the overworked Hello Kitty-loving millennial trying to run Big League Burger’s social media. She gets mentioned very briefly, but it was a way of sneaking myself into the book for sure.


Swoony Boys Podcast

What was your favorite part of TWEET CUTE to write?

I think my favorite parts by far were whenever Pepper and Jack bantered with each other in person — there’s a scene early on when they do that in a cafe, and one mid-book where they’re bantering in the pool, and those were my favorite to write. The latter scene I especially loved because it was the first time I’d gotten to use all those years of high school swim team for any kind of purpose in the “real world” — teenage me may have hated it, but adult me is glad to have had some experience to draw from!

Tell us about Pepper and Jack.  We want to know all the things!

Oh BOY. Okay, Jack is a Cancer, and Pepper is a Capricorn. Both are Hufflepuffs (Pepper with a Slytherin bent, Jack with a Gryffindor one). Jack is a firm believer in never walking and texting. Pepper has way too many socks, but they always, always match. Jack does coffee, Pepper does tea (hallmark of a “bad New Yorker,” as I’ve been told by my coffee-guzzling friends). Pepper’s favorite color is rainbows (hence, the color coding of everything in her life, from her closet to Excel spreadsheets to planners). Jack is the only person in his family who hates cilantro and as deli owners and foodies it brings them all deep shame.

If you could introduce one of your characters to another character from any other book, who would it be and why?

I feel like Jack and a young James Potter would have plenty to talk about re: scheming.


Awkwordly Emma

With TWEET CUTE based around a Twitter battle, how do you think social media has changed modern teen romances?

I think it’s given teens an entirely new language to communicate — like, literally, teens are crafting their own slang, creating infinite new types of memes, crafting their own unique forms of syntax and grammatical rules. I think it only broadens the opportunities you have to get to know and relate to people, having this shared language that is tight knit and highly relatable, and takes a lot of the pressure off interactions that might otherwise cause anxiety. Social media has its pitfalls, sure, but at its best it gives teens a low stakes, high reward way to connect with each other, whether it’s for friendship or romance or just to share some laughs.

Did any rom-coms influence you while writing TWEET CUTE?

Oh, for sure You’ve Got Mail — or at least, what I knew of it. (As soon as people started likening the idea to the movie, I wouldn’t let myself watch it so I didn’t rely too much on its plot!)

Pie or cake, and what kind?

What an excellent question that I have a highly specific answer for!! Cake, and the best kind I’ve ever had was a yellow cake that was filled with three types of frosting between each of its three layers: a peanut butter cream cheese frosting, raspberry jam, and chocolate ganache. I never would have thought of it on my own, but I used to work in a cake bakery, and when they were chopping off the ends of this particular cake to shape it into a football they let me eat the leftovers. I still DREAM about it. But truly, I’m here for any cake except chocolate cake (I’m ashamed to say it — I’m more of a chocolate frosting lady, unless the chocolate cake is like, absurdly rich, in which case it has my attention).


The Nature of Pages

Did the plot or the characters come to you first when writing this novel?

This one was an odd one for me because the plot came LONG before the characters, in the form of a tweet I made in 2017 joking that there should be a rom-com about social media managers from warring fast food chains falling in love. Usually I’ll think of a character first and build plot around them, but I had to go through about five iterations of characters before landing on Pepper and Jack.

What was your favorite part about the process of writing Tweet Cute?

For sure writing with my friends! We try to meet up once a week and are constantly bopping around in the group chat. I wrote Tweet Cute in a month and a half while holding down a full-time job, so my brain was basically just leaking memes by the end of it, but those sessions we spent writing in coffee shops after work were my best memories of the process.

As a debut author, what was a surprise when it came to writing your book?

Uh, people READING it. That was profoundly surprising to me. Like, logistically you understand that people are going to read it if it’s getting published, but usually I’ll write something, stick it on a fan fiction platform anonymously, and that’ll be the end of it. I’m still not over the surprise any time someone reads the book and tags me in something about it!



What inspired you to write Tweet Cute? How did you come up with the idea?

The idea actually started out as a tweet — I’d been laughing at some of the Twitter wars between brands, and thought it would be a funny concept if two of the social media managers from competing accounts fell for each other without realizing it. Once people started saying they wished it was a book, it all kind of took off from there!

How would you describe your writing process? What part do you focus on the most or take you the longest to work through?

I would describe it as organized chaos. I try to sit down and plot, but more often than not the plot comes when I’m walking to work or in the shower or somewhere deeply inconvenient. Usually I’ll just start writing the first two chapters to see what comes out of me, then stop and figure out where it’s going until about the 40,000 word mark, then stop and adjust the plot outline and start again.

What Hogwarts Houses are some of the characters?

Oh, everyone’s a Hufflepuff. I’m busting into the YA world with an unrepentant Hufflepuff agenda. Pepper’s a Hufflepuff with a Slytherin moon; Jack is a Hufflepuff but a Gryffindor rising; Pooja is a Hufflepuff with aggressive Ravenclaw tendencies; Paul is about as Hufflepuff as it gets. But they are all unquestionably Hufflepuffs, and I think that’s going to be the case with most of my YA going forward.



What parts of online culture were important for you to showcase in Tweet Cute?

I really, really wanted to inject the fun of social media in Tweet Cute — the bantery, laugh-out-loud relatability of it, and how it can be full of surprises. I think we’re often so fixated on the bad qualities of social media that we forget the ways it brings us together.

Which came first – the ship name or Pepper & Jack’s name? How did their ship name fully form for you?

MWAHAHAHA. So this was a happy accident, really. I had the name Jack, and I could not for the life of me figure out a name for the girl lead. I tried four or five of them but when I was typing them they all seemed wrong. I think I’d fully finished two chapters and just hit a dead end with it when my brain cells finally crashed into each other and were like “PEPPER!! PEPPER AND JACK!!!!!!!” And that was that.

What do you hope readers take away from the story?

I want the book to feel like eating a really good, deeply satisfying, thick slice of cake. But also, I want readers to consider the kind of pressure they’re under to be a certain way, or pursue certain things, and separate that pressure from what they think is actually best for them — the characters deal with that a lot, as do most of us, and I think that’s something we can all check in with ourselves on every now and then.


The Elven Warrior

For both Jack and Pepper (I adore those names!) what would you consider their core character trait? The thing that makes them solely THEM?

Hmmm — for Pepper I’d say it’s her drive, and for Jack I’d say it’s his empathy. I think they both have a lot of both of those elements, but those seem to be the factors that spur their decision-making in the book and lead them into all their mutual shenanigans.

Sending your first book out into the world and being a debut in general can be nerve wracking. But it can be an amazing! What has been the best thing about this experience?

Is it cheating if I say the whole thing? Everything is new to me — getting to work with a team on edits and marketing and how things look, getting a cover, meeting other authors, having people legitimately read something that I wrote and know that I wrote it (unlike the bajillion years I’ve spent writing fan fic). It feels like every day something happens to me that’s never happened before.

If you had to choose between working in a bakery, a sandwich shop, or as an author, which would you choose and why?

Fun fact: I’ve done ALL THREE of these. I spent my post-grad years working in a sandwich shop, and then a bakery, and then a whole bunch of other things (lol, job market) before becoming a digital media editor and eventual author. I’d say I’d rank them as author (you get to play god to a bunch of characters you made up!), bakery (FREE STALE CUPCAKES EVERY DAY!), and sandwich shop (great coworkers, but not as delicious, and I always came home reeking of basil).


Reading, Writing, and Me

Social media is obviously a huge part of this story. Were you ever hesitant or concerned about trying to capture internet culture in a book? Did you do any kind of research to prepare?

Oh boy, I did almost zero research. I was working as an editor who wrote and assigned daily content based on things going viral both in the social media and food space, so I was already aggressively online. I think my primary concern was mostly trying to keep the book from feeling too hyper specific to the time I was writing it, but also keeping it fresh — I was careful to try and choose the more “lasting” memes than the memes of the week.

One of the major threads of the story has to do with Jack’s app Weazl. How did you get the idea for Weazl? Was it important to you to show the really positive side of social media with this app because I really enjoyed that focus.

I knew I wanted some element where they were getting to know each other without any pressure, so that’s kind of where Weazl came in. I also did want to emphasize that although there are always cases of social media being used for bad, there’s so, so much good that comes out of it too! I really loved the idea of these kids who were forced to be so hyper competitive all their lives coming together in a place where they could help each other out and band together, because ultimately that’s what a lot of these social media platforms and tools help teens do.

Jack and Pepper are both quite complex, well drawn characters that complement each other perfectly. Do you have any advice for writers looking to further develop their own characters, and do you have any advice for people writing multiple points of view?

I think what really helps for me is just figuring out who the characters are by mentally putting them in all kinds of situations that may or may not ever actually land in the book. I think of life experiences I’ve had, or my friends have had, and I ask myself, “How would this character have reacted to that? Would it have been similar or different to the way I did, and why?” That also helped with figuring out the fundamental differences between the two characters when I was switching POVs; I was definitely worried in the beginning about making them sound too alike, so figuring out what set them apart was definitely a priority when I was first shaping them up!


Books Real When Shared

In your opinion, which is one of the best Twitter wars in history?

Hands down, without a doubt when Moon Pie smashed Hostess during the eclipse. Hostess tweeted saying that Golden CupCakes were the official snack of the eclipse, and Moon Pie simply quote retweeted “Lol ok …” and I have been DYING ABOUT IT EVER SINCE. Sometimes I’ll just be walking down the street and think about it and start laughing to myself. We stan the Moon Pie Twitter social media manager from now until the end of time.

Are you a fan of baking like Pepper? And if so, which is your go-to dessert?

Yes!! I’ve been baking my whole life. I can’t say I’m all that good at it, but I sure do love it (one of my little sisters is the true genius who has the actual patience for complicated things). My go-to is anything involving cookie dough; I’d say my favorite dessert on the planet is the “Sex Positive Brownies” in the book, which are the already popular combo of brownies, Oreos, and cookie that are all slightly underbaked. (I also like to add a pinch of salt to mine!)



The twitter war in Tweet Cute is primarily between a fast-food chain and a deli regarding an iconic grilled cheese sandwich. While Pepper is working behind the scenes to defend Big League Burger, Jack is stern on stating the fact that this sandwich recipe belongs to his grandmother who worked hard behind the deli. How did this idea of back-and-forth debating in 280 characters emerge?

The idea actually started at as a tweet! Back in 2017, I made a joke about how there should be a rom-com where two social media managers from competing accounts fell for each other without realizing they were Twitter battling. I knew I wanted it to be over something I already was familiar with, and I was pretty much raised on a steady diet of grilled cheese and Eggo waffles, so grilled cheese became the central focus. It helps that everyone who loves grilled cheese has strong opinions about how it should be made (I have yet to find a single grilled cheese opinion that’s wrong, though — it truly is the most delicious canvas of all).

Tweet Cute also entails some emotionally important themes like the rat race to good grades or college admissions, living up to the academic expectations set up by parents, figuring out everything by the end of senior year in high school, and being unresponsive to the pressure of familial responsibilities. What would you like the targeted young readers to take away from such aspects of the story?

I think the main takeaway I want is for young readers to know that everything is never set in stone. The things you study in high school, the colleges that accept you right out of the gates — it can all just be a blip if you let it. It’s easy to transfer schools, to change your course of study, to start all over again if you want to (trust me, I did all three of those things, sometimes more than once). Pepper and Jack deal with a lot of the pressure of thinking their futures are decided for them because they’re already committed to a certain path, but the truth is that path only gets more forked with options the older you get and the better you understand yourself.

Lastly, which of the two main characters Pepper or Jack do you see more of yourself in? The over-achiever girl with social-media managing ability and baking talents, or the goofball boy with the coding aptitude and a sweet-tooth?

Oh, boy. I think I’m a Jack-esque goofball when I’m out with my friends, but I’m so, SO much like Pepper in the privacy of my own brain. I think that’s why I was especially worried about how people would react to her — that was very much me, both in high school and now, even if it’s not necessarily the personality I project when I’m not working. That said, I could not code my way out of a paper bag. (Jack inspired me to take some free coding lessons for fun, though, so we’ll see!)


Casual Fangirl

What is your favorite part of the writing process?

I love when you think you have the whole thing plotted out and then midway through the draft a character surprises you and is like, “Nah, I’m not gonna do that. Here’s what I’m gonna do instead.” Never a dull moment!

What is your go-to writing snack?

I’m actually terrible at snacking and writing, but I am definitely a tea gal. I’m part of the 5am writer’s club, and tea is the one way to bribe my lazy butt out of bed. That said, my entire life and times is basically sponsored by Taco Bell. When I hit word count for the day you can almost always find me in line for a spicy tostada and chips and guac.

What is your favorite Rom-com (book/tv/film)?

I love love love the movie About Time, and the book Something Borrowed. Those are my main comfort watch and comfort read for sure. I think there is something innately Hufflepuff about the main characters in both of those works, and being inside their brains is a cozy place to be because of it.




A Glass Of Wine

What gif do you feel best describes Tweet Cute?

I don’t know if this is a meme or a GIF, really, but the Elmo fire one comes to mind. I think it’s sort of come to represent a weird intersection of joy/pain/chaos/hilarity, and I think Tweet Cute’s got all of that in the mix.

If a signature ice cream were to be made for Tweet Cute what might be included?

OOOOH. I think the base would be a classic vanilla, but it would be stuffed to the gills with Rolos, Reese’s, Oreos, and rainbow sprinkles like Monster Cake from the book, and have ribbons of caramel and a healthy pinch of salt and oh my god I am so hungry now, BYE.

Tweet Cute is inspired by You’ve Got Mail. What are some of your other favourite rom-coms?

I love About Time above all, I think, but I’m also a fan of Crazy Rich Asians, The Proposal,  27 Dresses, Bride Wars, Love, Rosie, and the woefully underrated period rom-com, Mrs. Pettigrew Lives For A Day. I’m sure I am missing about a gazillion that I also love.

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My Review:  4 Stars…

Just as the title implies, this book is so adorable. I don’t often read about high school romance but the blurb for this book had me intrigued. I enjoyed Tweet Cutevery much. I want to say that while there is just a touch of romance, this book’s main focus is on teenaged drama and and family loyalty. The blurb does a very good job of helping you to infer what you’ll be reading about. So, I did have an idea about what was going to happen. That said, I was pleasantly surprised that this book was so much more complex than I assumed. There are definitely lighthearted and humorous moments. And definitely moments of second hand embarrassment for me. Personally, I did not enjoy most of my high school years so I was easily able to connect to Pepper and Jack. If you are thinking about staying away from this book because you dislike bullying, I suggest you don’t. There is some bullying but nothing heavy. In fact, I personally believe Jack’s father and Pepper’s mother were the strongest antagonists on the pages.

Ok, so now let’s talk about the end of the book. The ending is a happy-for-now for Jack and Pepper, obviously because we’re reading about 17 year olds and so much can change once they go off to college. But I felt had a strong connection so I believe they’ll make it. Although, I would have liked an epilogue that brought us several years ahead to confirm this. Also, I was a bit disappointed in the way Jack’s father got away with what he had done to Pepper’s mom. I would have liked to at least see an apology on the pages. Because there wasn’t, I have some bitter feelings toward him. But this is only my personal feelings and doesn’t reflect on the author’s story telling. This was my first book by this author and I know I would enjoy reading more from her in the future.

This is my honest and unbiased review. Thank you for taking the time red it. 🙂




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