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📝REVIEW📝: Christmas Angels by Nancy Naigle ~ 🎄Holiday/Christmas Romance ~ Release Date is October 15th, 2019


Christmas Angels

Nancy Naigle

Genre:  #Romance #HolidayRomance #ChristmasRomance #SmallTownRomance

Rating:  3.5

Cover:  3

POV:  Third-person alternating perspectives

Publication:  Expected October 15th 2019

Read:  August 23rd 2019 *Review copy provided via Net Galley

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The next heartwarming and inspirational Christmas story by USA Today Bestselling author, Nancy Naigle.

Growing up, Liz Westmoreland dreamed of taking over her grandparents inn located in the small mountain town of Angels Creek only for it to be sold before she ever got the chance. While browsing the internet, she stumbles upon a listing for what looks to be the picturesque inn and it’s set to go to auction. Liz places a bid, and by a miracle, wins the auction. But when she gets there she finds the property in significant disrepair.

When Matt Hardy narrowly lost the inn and property that butted his land, he just hoped it wasn’t another city slicker coming to make matters worse after the previous owners gutted the place for an art gallery. But the minute he recognized the sweet, freckle-faced girl from his childhood and heard her plans to reopen the inn, he jumps at the chance to help his childhood crush restore a place where he made so many fond memories.

While working on repairs, Liz and Matt discover her grandmother’s collection of angels in one of the cabins. When the angels start mysteriously showing up all over the inn, she begins to look at them as reassurance—that restoring the inn is what she’s meant to do. But when an accident leaves Liz feeling like she made a mistake, will Matt—and the residents of Angels Creek—be able to show Liz that she’s found a home? And possibly true love as well?

IMG_7439 (4)

📝My Review📝:

Christmas AngelsChristmas Angels by Nancy Naigle

3.5 Stars
The premise of this book had me eager to read it. Even if it isn’t Christmas yet, I enjoy the feeling that I usually come away with in these holiday romances. Unfortunately, this one felt a bit boring. For me, the book as well as the pace did not pick up until the last chapters. The author’s writing was easy to read but the pace of the story dragged. Thankfully those last chapters picked up and I lost my frustration.

Let me explain. The story itself had a lot of potential to be a five-star read for me. However, no matter how open-minded I was, I did not like Liz, the heroine. Matt on the other hand was the hero of my dreams. And I do mean that literally. I love strong, intelligent, handsome heroes who are also a selfless and caring gentleman; who will always put helping a neighbor before his own needs. That was Matt Hardy. He is a hero I won’t forget for a very long time, if ever.

Liz grew up visiting her grandparents at Angel’s Rest. A scenic inn in the mountains. All of her favorite childhood memories were made at Angel’s Rest. I won’t go into details but I’ll tell you her grandparents no longer owned the inn. So, when Liz comes across an online auction and sees that very same inn up for sale, she jumps at it. Blindly. Liz did not have enough time to see the property before bidding and buying but she didn’t care. She was compelled by her love for the place to own it and return it to what it once was. But when she sees the inn for the first time in well over a decade, Liz is heartbroken.

It’s a total disaster. But with the help of Matt and the town, Liz works to return the inn to its former glory. I don’t want to give a lot of details away about the townsfolk because in my opinion, they were the heart of the story, along with Matt, of course. Matt had a crush on Liz when they were kids. Not only did she not know that, she did not remember Matt which I though was unbelievable. She claimed to have spent so much time at the inn she should have remembered him; Matt lived there and the town was small; everyone knew each other. In addition to Liz not remembering Matt, throughout most of the book she showed no interest in Matt other than friendship. And that was what frustrated me the most. These are just my thoughts, but I felt no chemistry between Matt and Liz.

Now, after all that, after turning the last page, I was happier. Liz and Matt do have their happily-ever-after. So, while I was disappointed with certain aspects of this book (Liz), there were more aspects that saved it for me, especially the small-town feel. That and the townsfolk were perfect. That said, I do want to read more from this author because while I didn’t absolutely love this book, there was that potential if only the heroine was more likable. As I said earlier in my review, the author is talented with weaving her words into a heartwarming story. I’d like to give her another try.

This is my honest and unbiased review. Thank you for taking the time to read it. 🙂

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📝Review📝: 5 Stars to Handle With Care (Shacking Up #5) by Helena Hunting ~ Genre: Romantic Comedy with Suspense, Releasing August 27th 2019


Handle With Care

Helena Hunting

Genre:  #Romance #RomanticComedy #Suspense #BookBoyfriend

POV:  First-person dual perspectives

My Rating:  5 +++

Cover:  5

Publication:  August 27th 2019

Pre-Order here: Handle With

Read:  July 25th 2019  *ARC provided by publisher via NetGalley

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Between his parents’ messed up marriage and his narcissistic younger brother, Lincoln Moorehead has spent the majority of his life avoiding his family. After the death of his father, Lincoln finds himself in the middle of the drama. To top it all off, he’s been named CEO of Moorehead Media, much to his brother’s chagrin. But Lincoln’s bad attitude softens when he meets the no-nonsense, gorgeous woman who has been given the task of transforming him from the gruff, wilderness guy to a suave businessman

Wren Sterling has been working double time to keep the indiscretions at Moorehead Media at bay, so when she’s presented with a new contract, with new responsibilities and additional incentives, she agrees. Working with the reclusive oldest son of a ridiculously entitled family is worth the hassle if it means she’s that much closer to pursuing her own dreams. What Wren doesn’t expect is to find herself attracted to him, or for it to be mutual. And she certainly doesn’t expect to fall for Lincoln. But when a shocking new Moorehead scandal comes to light, she’s forced to choose between her own family and the broody, cynical CEO.


📝My Review📝:  5 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Handle With Care (Shacking Up, #5)Handle With Care by Helena Hunting

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

How do I love this book? Let me count the ways, lol. As is usual for me, I am never disappointed in a Helena Hunting title. Her style of writing has always been the main aspect that keeps me coming back for more. Her characters are flawed and complex and while their backstories can be intense and even sad, there is always humor to balance out the emotions. This particular book had me laughing in so many places. Smiling constantly and having to explain to my daughter why I constantly have a goofy expression on my face. Never mind the glowing smile I’m showboating by the last page. This author’s style of writing is fun and refreshing with a ton of sexy banter and characters you can’t help but to fall in love with.

Handle With Care is the fifth book in the Shacking Up series. I loved them all but there was just a little extra something in this book that made this a perfect, all the feels, all the boxes checked, read. If you are a Helena Hunting fan, than I don’t have to explain. If you are new to her, then I wish you happy reading. You’ll love her writing and I absolutely recommend her as a must read author.

Lincoln and Wren…..
Wren currently works for Moorehead Media (Lincoln’s family’s company) as a handler for Armstrong who is Lincoln’s younger brother. Armstrong is a complete misogynistic jerk who doesn’t know how to be discreet or respectful. He is always in trouble and Wren was hired to keep him in line. Lincoln has been out of the country, intentionally for years. He doesn’t hide how much he despises his family but when his father’s heart attack forces him back to New York to take over the family business, it is Lincoln that will need Wren’s attention. You’ll enjoy finding out why, lol.

While Lincoln isn’t a business attire, CEO of a prestigious media company type of guy, he is a gentleman. Lincoln is intelligent and selfless and he is one of, if not, my favorite hero of this series.

I don’t want to say too much about how the story goes. There is a significant suspense element that kept me completely engaged. And while I had some ideas of what was going on, I was just as surprised as Lincoln when the resolution came. That said, the confrontation with the antagonist was one of my favorite moments. I strongly believe in karma. And I love it even more when it has a little push. Trust me on this one my friends…….this is a must read! Add this book to your TBRs.

This is my honest and unbiased review. Thank you for taking the time to read it. 🙂


Cover Reveal: Through His Eys by Nikki Ash ~ Genre: Single Mom Contemporary Romance ~ Release Date: September 7, 2019 ~ *I can’t wait for this book!


Title: Through His Eyes
Author: Nikki Ash
Genre: Single Mom Contemporary Romance
Release Date: September 7, 2019
Cover Design: Jersey Girl Designs
Photographer: Taylor Alexander
Models: Chantel & Cody Mackie
The moment I saw her walk through the door of Forbidden Ink, I knew she was the one. With her wide hips, thick thighs, and perfect breasts, she’s every man’s wet dream. 
Add to that her dark, soulful eyes, pouty lips, and a body covered in gorgeous art, and I knew I needed to make her mine. 
She’s a walking contradiction of sass and strength and determination, hidden by insecurity and self-doubt. She’s everything I could ever want or need, but she doesn’t see what I see. 
I want to take away her pain. To be the one to make her laugh, to make all her dreams come true. I need to prove to her that I’m not him, that no matter what, I’ll be right there beside her. Loving her.
If only she could see herself through my eyes, she would understand we were made for each other.

Release Blitz and 📝Review📝 (5 star): It’s Not Over by Kaylee Ryan & Lacey Black ~ #ContemporaryRomance ~ Available Now!


Title: It’s Not Over
Authors: Kaylee Ryan & Lacey Black
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: July 23, 2019


GwenLately, life definitely isn’t how I envisioned it. I had it all. The house, the
job, the husband. Until one day, I didn’t. I don’t know when exactly things
started to change between us, only that it did, and in a big way. So much so, I
found myself standing before a judge and signing off on the end of my marriage.
To the only man, I’ve ever loved.

Now, he’s back, fighting, and ready to prove to me that we made a mistake, that
our love is worth giving this another chance. I’m not sure if he’s right, but I
know what my heart wants, and it wants him. My ex-husband.

Why is it that you don’t know the depths of your mistakes until you’ve already
made them? I knew signing those papers was a bad idea, but I thought that’s
what she wanted. The minute we stepped foot out of that courtroom, it hit me.
She’s no longer mine.

That’s when I also realized, that I would do anything to change the past. I
have so many regrets. Not her. I could never regret her, but how we ended. We
never should have ended. I’m in for the battle of my life to convince her to
give us another shot. I have a plan, one that will prove to her that, it’s not

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Kaylee Ryan
Kaylee Ryan is a
New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author.  When she’s not spinning
tales of happily ever after, she’s reading or spending time with family.
Born and raised an Ohio girl, Kaylee resides in Cincinnati with her husband and
their son.




Lacey Black

Lacey Black is a Midwestern girl with a passion for reading and writing.
She carries her e-reader with her everywhere she goes so she never misses an
opportunity to read a few pages. Always looking for a happily ever after, Lacey
is passionate about contemporary romance novels and enjoys it further when you
mix in a little suspense. She resides in a small town in Illinois with her
husband, two children, and a chocolate lab. Lacey loves shooting guns and
should only consume one mixed drink because she’s a lightweight.

📝My Review📝: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Amazing! Totally Swoon-worthy!
Incredible, fantastic read!

This book tugged at all my heartstrings. From the very first page I was invested. I needed to see this amazing couple get there happily-ever-after. They deserved it so much!

Harrison and Winnie were happily married at one time. But lately, Harrison let his job come first. He didn’t mean to, though. All Harrison wanted was to create a future for him and his precious Winnie. They had made so many dreams over the decade they were together. And when that all came crashing down, it not only broke both their hearts, but mine was hurting too. And that right there is one of the many reasons I loved this book. This author duo had me engaged and eagerly awaiting for Winnie and Harrison’s happy-ever-after. They made me feel everything!

It’s not often I come across books where the H/h are already married. And even though there were only glimpses into their past together, I believed their relationship was special. I felt their love on every page. There wasn’t a doubt in my mind that Winnie and Harrison belonged together.

I won’t go into details because I don’t want to ruin the experience of this amazing book for you. I will say that It’s Not Over is angsty and emotional with a good amount of suspense. In addition, there is a cast of secondary characters that bring even more depth and believability to the story. This was a book I immensely enjoyed. I believe there is going to be a book featuring Harrison’s best friend, Chase and Winnie’s sister Gabby. I am looking forward to that book!

This is my honest and unbiased review. Thank you for taking the time to read it. 🙂


Pre-Order Now! Tidy Up by AJ Alexander is coming July 25th 2019

Against all odds, do opposites attract…
And you can read an excerpt from Tidy Up by AJ Alexander … out on July 25!

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Against all odds, do opposites attract…

Theo has always pushed limits, but his new maid is pushing all his buttons – the right ones. Morgan has an innocence about her that draws him to her, but she’s off limits. She’s everything he’s not and despite not deserving her, knowing he would ruin her, he yearns to dominate all aspects of her life – be the only man she ever desires.

Morgan may not have much experience when it comes to men, but the thoughts she begins to have about her new boss, are far from innocent. Theo is wealthy, powerful and experienced. Everything she isn’t, but he’s everything she wants. Morgan has a suspicion he wants her too, but just won’t admit it… yet. Mixing business with pleasure might be a bad idea, but she is tired of behaving all the time. Maybe Theo can bring her inner “bad girl” to the surface.

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The silence envelopes both of us as we continue closer into the city, the starry sky disappearing before my eyes. The tension between the two of us continues to grow thicker the longer we spend in the car.
Even with the top down, Mr. Fitzwilliam’s masculine smell envelopes my senses. Sandalwood and lavender, both not in the typical male sense, fill my mind as many dirty thoughts flash behind by eyes. What it would be like for his lips to envelope mine or how his hands would feel as they caress my skin, the need for any affection from him grows stronger every day I spend in his presence.
The kiss, that he claims was accidental, a few months ago began this raging inferno of desire inside me I’m not sure will ever be quenched by anyone other than him.
“We’re here.” He pulls to a stop in front of the student housing building.
“How did you know where I live?” I ask, surprised that he would concern himself with such a trivial piece of information about me.
“I make it my business to be made aware of everything about my employees.”
We continue to sit in the car, staring out of the front windshield. Neither one of us moving a muscle or making any effort to end the time we have together.
I chance a look over at him, noticing how tightly he grips the steering wheel. My mind playing tricks on me hoping that he is having as hard of a time as I am fighting the connection we have with each other.
He quickly releases the steering wheel and reaches across the center console toward the passenger door. Brushing his hand across my tits, my nipples pebble before he’s opening the door for me. I gasp in surprise as pleasure shoots through my body hoping for just one more caress of his hand.
“Good night, Morgan,” he whispers as he places his hand back on the steering wheel with a telltale smirk plastered across his face.
“Good Night, Sir,” I respond before stepping out the car. Just as I’m about to shut the door, I hear a small groan escape his lips.
I smile as I shut the door and head inside. It appears I’m not the only one that feels this connection between the two of us. Now to figure out a way for the two of us to act on this connection and not lose my job, that’s the tricky part.

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About AJ Alexander

AJ Alexander is a wannabe psychologist, writer, and author of the recently completed, SEAL’ed Series. AJ’s passion is writing angst filled happily ever afters that have to be earned by her characters. Women with no backbone need not apply. AJ uses sarcasm and an unlimited supply of song lyrics to bring her romance novels to life.

AJ lives in the angst capital of the world, Seattle Washington with her own personal knight in shining armour and her two beautiful girls.

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📝Review📝: ~ 🌟🌟🌟🌟 ~ 4 Stars to The Matchmaker’s Match (Man’s Best Friend, #3) by Nicole Flockton is Available Now!


The Matchmaker’s Match

Nicole Flockton

Genre: #Romance #ContemporaryRomance

My Rating:  4

Cover:  5

Publication:  June 18th 2019

Read:  July 3rd 2019  *Review copy provided by Tule Publising via Bookfunnel


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Synopsis:  The Match Maker’s Match

Could the best man be her best option?

The last person Meredith Turner expects to see at her best friend’s wedding rehearsal dinner is the guy she had a one night stand with. What’s worse, Lincoln Forrest is the best man and as maid of honor, her partner. To add insult to injury, she has to leave the rehearsal dinner early, and Lincoln is the one to help her with a deeply personal problem. The aftermath of that night brings big changes for them both.

Lincoln Forrest has helped his best friend meet the woman of his dreams, but recently he’s made a series of bad decisions, the biggest being leaving his career with the Army. Now the former K-9 handler is looking for a new career and trying to get his life back on track. Helping Meredith in her time of need connects her to him more than he expected. On a mission to right the wrong he created, Linc will do whatever is needed. But when the attraction that first drew them together flares to life again, will the obstacles between them be too much to overcome? Or has the matchmaker met his match?


📝My Review📝: 🌟🌟🌟🌟

The Matchmaker's Match (Man's Best Friend, #3)The Matchmaker’s Match by Nicole Flockton

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I enjoyed this story very much.
What happens when a one night stand brings you face to face with the one you expected to never see again? Well the first thing is surprise, obviously. Then there is awkwardness, of course. See the thing is, while Meredith and Lincoln weren’t looking for anything beyond their one night, neither has forgotten the other. But then something awful happens to Meredith and Lincoln finds himself by her side. There wasn’t anywhere else he’d rather be.

Once Lincoln realizes that he could be happy with Meredith, it’s all hands on deck trying to convince her. Of course they both have obstacles to get through. But all was worth it in the end. I truly adored this book, the premise and talented writing went together nicely to entertain and endear me at the same time. This was actually book three in a series and I haven’t read the others. But I would definitely like to. The author brings characters from the previous books to pique our interest. That said, I definitely recommend this book.

This is my honest and unbiased review. Thank you for taking the time to read it. 🙂


📝Review📝: 4 Stars ~ 🌟🌟🌟🌟 ~ to Emma’s Rodeo Cowboy: Burlap and Barbed Wire Book Six by Shirley Penick, #SecondChanceRomance, Available Now!


Emma’s Rodeo Cowboy

Shirley Penick

Genre:  #Romance #SecondChanceRomance #CowboyRomance

My Rating:  4

Cover:  5

Publication:  June 30th 2019

Read:  July 12th 2019  *Review copy provided by Be My Book Boyfriend Book Promotions

POV:  Third-person alternating perspectives

Series:  Burlap and Barbed Wire Book Six

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He’s never even kissed the woman, but her son is clearly, without a doubt, his.

Zach McCoy has been on the rodeo circuit for six years and is making a damn fine living at it. When he comes home, for the first time, to be in his best friend’s wedding he’s got one helluva surprise waiting for him in the shape of a five-year old boy who is his spitting image.

Emma Kipling took matters into her own hands six years ago, before the man she was crazy about took off to join the rodeo. She didn’t care one bit that he was two years older and she was still in high school, she wanted one night with him before he left to compete in a dangerous sport. When he didn’t come back after she found herself pregnant she knew he had abandoned her and her son.

Now he’s back for her brother’s wedding, and by the look on his face, sparks are going to fly. She’s ready and willing to go toe to toe with him and give him a piece of her mind.


📝My Review📝: 🌟🌟🌟🌟

Emma's Rodeo Cowboy: Burlap and Barbed Wire (Burlap and Barbed Wire Series Book 6)Emma’s Rodeo Cowboy: Burlap and Barbed Wire by Shirley Penick

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Book six in the Burlap and Barbed Wire series is finally here! I feel like I’ve been waiting for this book specifically. I truly enjoyed all the prior books in the series but from the moment I met Emma, and the constant mentions of Zach, I knew there was a good story there. Well, this book was worth the wait. I absolutely adored both Emma and Zach. Especially Zach. While he is a sexy rodeo cowboy, he is also a gentleman. Zach was kind, sweet, loyal and loving. Without going into too many details, I’ll say I was sad for all he missed. You know, those awful misunderstandings and assumptions we love to hate in our romances? Well this book has that. I’m just so happy everything worked out.

Ok, I will also say that while their circumstances were nothing I’ve ever read before, I thought it to be a bit unbelievable when first mentioned. But as the book goes on, the author does a good job of helping me to believe something so unbelievable could truly happen. And that is all I will say about that, lol.

Emma and Zach are reunited after six years. As you know from the blurb, there is also a little person in the scenario now. I enjoyed the whole dynamic of Zach, Emma and Tony learning how to be a family, how they could make it work. There are a few obstacles in their road to Happily-ever-after. But their love is strong. It always was and that was all they needed. This book is low angst and enjoyable to read. I’m very happy I got to read this series. I definitely recommend the Burlap and Barbed Wire series from Shirley Penick.

This is my honest on unbiased opinion. Thank you for taking the time to read it. 🙂

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📝Review📝: Making Up (Shacking Up #4) by Helena Hunting ~ My Rating: 5 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 ~ Available Now!


Making Up
Shacking Up #4


Helena Hunting

Genre:  #Romance #ContemporaryRomance #RomanticComedy #BookBoyfriend #OlderManYoungerWoman

My Rating:  5

Cover:  5

Publication:  July 16th 2019

Read:  July 15th 2019  *ARC provided by publisher via NetGalley

POV:  First-person dual perspectives

Series:  Shacking up:

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A new standalone, laugh-out-loud romantic comedy by New York Times bestselling author Helena Hunting.

Cosy Felton is great at her job—she knows just how to handle the awkwardness that comes with working at an adult toy store. So when the hottest guy she’s ever seen walks into the shop looking completely overwhelmed, she’s more than happy to turn on the charm and help him purchase all of the items on his list.

Griffin Mills is using his business trip in Las Vegas as a chance to escape the broken pieces of his life in New York City. The last thing he wants is to be put in charge of buying gag gifts for his friend’s bachelor party. Despite being totally out of his element, and mortified by the whole experience, Griffin is pleasantly surprised when he finds himself attracted to the sales girl that helped him.

As skeptical as Cosy may be of Griffin’s motivations, there’s something about him that intrigues her. But sometimes what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas and when real life gets in the way, all bets are off. Filled with hilariously awkward situations and enough sexual chemistry to power Sin City, Making Up is the next standalone in the Shacking Up world.


📝My Review📝: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Making Up (Shacking Up, #4)Making Up by Helena Hunting

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Another incredible book from this author. Since I first started reading books by Helena Hunting, I have yet to be disappointed. All the emotions are there and all the boxes checked. Her heroines are smart and strong-willed as well as relatable and likable. Her heroes are always sexy and sinful, but gentlemen.

In this story, the oldest brother of the successful hotel mogul family finds his happily-ever-after. When he and Cosy meet for the first time, I was enamored. In just a few pages, I learned a great deal about Griffin. His shyness and vulnerability were endearing. I knew this man had a background I wanted a front row seat to. In addition, watching him with Cosy was like watching him truly experience life for the first time. Another aspect I loved about Griffin was the fact that while he is incredibly wealthy and not shy about spending his money on Cosy, he was not pretentious.

Cosy, is quite a bit younger than Griffin but that didn’t seem to be an issue once these two got to know each other. There are several bumps in their road to happy-ever-after and a good amount of angst in the book. But every bitten nail was worth getting to the end. I won’t get into any other details so you can enjoy this sweet story without spoilers.

This is definitely a must read. I just love how light hearted I always feel when a finish a Helena Hunting Book.

This is my honest and unbiased review. Thank you for taking the time to read it. 🙂

📝Review📝: Debauchery (King University #3) by Remy Blake, My rating is 5 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 ~ Genre: #StudentTeacherRomance, #OlderWomanYoungerManRomance, #TabooRomance, *Available Now!



Remy Blake

Genre:  #StudentTeaccherRomance #OlderWomanYoungerManRomance #AgeGapRomance ContemporaryRomance

My Rating:  5

Cover:  5

Publication:  July 5th 2019

Read:  July 8th 2019  *ARC provided by Enticing Journey Book Promotions

POV:  First-person dual perspectives

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Failing wasn’t an option, but apparently falling for my professor was.

Attending the prestigious King University is one of the many things I must do to keep my parents happy and my trust fund secure.

Having a stellar transcript is another. Unfortunately, my grades are slipping and the only available option is setting up extra help with my professor.

After the first study session I know I’m in trouble. Her tempting lips and the honey scent of her perfume tests my resolve until it crumbles. One shared kiss and I’m willing to risk it all.

Professor Martínez may be my downfall, but falling never felt so good.



📝My Review📝: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

DebaucheryDebauchery by Remy Blake

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Loved this one!
I admit I was wondering to myself how much I would enjoy this book. I have never been a big fan of the older woman/younger man trope. It’s just not something I connect with. However, I will also admit that this author has written two books in this trope which I enjoyed. Especially this one. First, I’ll say, I appreciated how the H/h didn’t just jump into anything. Both tried to fight it and the sexual chemistry and tension rose and burned at the perfect rate. Each of the main characters were dealing with life issues and just trying to get through each day, that would bring them closer to the resolutions they needed. Unfortunately, Harper and Connor could only keep away from each other for so long. The great aspect about that for me was that when this couple did connect for the first time, I believed it. And having both Harper and Connor’s perspectives helped a great deal with that. Both of their inner struggles made this book more complex, more honest and more enjoyable.

That said, while the relationship was simmering, the writing pace was perfect. Most of you know that Remy Blake is two authors. Another great aspect of this book is that you can’t tell there are two completely different author perspectives in this story. Every word flows perfectly into every sentence, then every page and chapter. Seriously, Debauchery is a great read that I highly recommend. This was book three and my favorite of the King University series. There are quite a few secondary characters in this book; especially Harper’s older brothers. I hope that some day, we might get books for them as well.

Another great five star read!
This is my honest and unbiased review. Thank you for taking the time to read it. 🙂


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