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#BookTour ~ “Into Their Woods” A Shifter Romance by Author Beckett Riley, Genre: Erotic Romance (Paranormal/Shifter Short Story) is Available Now! #AuthorBeckettRiley @EJBookPromos See below for my Review 👇

Title: Into Their Woods: A Shifter Romance
Author: Beckett Riley
Genre: Erotic Romance (Paranormal/Shifter Short Story)
Release Date: June 1, 2020


Living in a rickety old cabin in the woods she bought to renovate, beautiful ex-ballerina Kat knew this was the life she was meant for. If only she had a map when she got lost during a leisurely walk. The wolf stalking her isn’t helping matters either.
Brothers Brodie, Lucas, and Finn are scorching hot, territorial bear shifters living in seclusion with one thing on their minds; finding a mate.
When Kat lands on their doorstep after narrowly becoming wolf dinner, the term “being eaten alive” takes on a whole new meaning as she’s been mated to all three gorgeous men who want nothing but to fulfill her every need. Can these shifters contain the raging beasts within? More importantly, does Kat want them to?

“This short read is smoking hot, full of love and alpha males that take what they want.” -Spunky N Sassy book blog

“A lot of fun and packed a lot of heat.” -Booked Every Night Blog

“Quick and dirty! If you love Insta-love, fated mates, and super hot alpha males who growl, this is the book for you!” -Neshaisabookworm

BrodieMy brothers and I each grabbed a deer carcass from the bed of the pickup truck and walked over to the shack at the side of the cabin. We’d have enough meat to last the whole winter, so today should’ve been a good fucking day, but there was something else eating away at us. “Better get to it, fucker,” I said to Finn with a smirk, dropping a carcass onto the stack for him to dress.

“Fuck you,” spat my little brother.

By little, I mean youngest of the pack because he was built like a fucking boulder. We all were. I was the oldest and tallest, biggest cock, too, but my brothers would go to their graves before ever admitting it. We’ve lived in the woods our entire lives and for years searched for mates, but to no avail. After last season, our frustration reached fever pitch. Here we were, mate-less thirty-something-year-old bear shifters. The only thing that gets me through the shit show that’s winter is the thought that I’ll find her. The one. My one. She’s all I think about, and even though I’ve never even met her, I love her. I have dreamed of her, though. I’ve never told my brothers because the jokes would never end. But I have. She has dark auburn hair and milky white skin I can almost taste. And don’t get me started on her tits. Jesus fucking Christ. Just thinking about them bouncing while I fuck her makes me hard. I could practically feel my bear trying to claw itself out. When I find her, I’m gonna bury my cock deep inside her tight little pussy and fill her with my seed. There’s something else. In my last dream, she was kneeling over a cracked mirror. She looked so fucking sad as she tried to put the pieces back together—it broke my heart. I woke up the next morning and decided I’d make her the biggest and prettiest fucking mirror I could. I took all the panels I could buy in the nearest town and mounted them along the wall in my room. I’ve been carving the wooden border by hand for months.

Beckett loves writing short, erotic stories as much as she loves reading them. Happily ever afters and hot, possessive guys bring tears of joy to her eyes so expect to see alpha males roaming the pages of her raunchy page. Born somewhere in the United States, Beckett now resides somewhere in the United States where she writes erotic stories. Hey, a girl’s gotta have some secrets.




img_7439-31 (1)

My Review: 4 Stars

Oh what a super quick sexy read! If you looking for a really short one to get your blood heating, this book is greta for that. I haven’t read a Reverse Harem or a shifter book in awhile so when I came across this one, I knew I was going to read and enjoy it. This book is steamy and adorable at the same time. Loved the characters! Those brothers each had different personalities which I appreciated. However, they all have something in common. Brodie, Lucas, and Finn are sexy, intense. protective, and possessive, all traits of alpha heroes. Kat is one very lucky woman. My one complaint was that I wished this book was longer. This was my first Becket Riley book and I am looking forward to reading more from her.

This is my honest and unbiased review. Thank you for taking the time to read it. 🙂



“For the Love of a Bear” Series: For the Love of Shifter Series #2, by Author Sunny Mawson, Genre: Paranormal Romance; #PreOrder Now! Release Date: June 11th 2020! ~ @sunnymawsonauth @EJBooksPromos

Title: For the Love of a Bear
Series: For the Love of Shifter Series #2
Author: Sunny Mawson
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: June 11, 2020
Calla Stirling is living a humble life in the Breagha Oidhche Wolf Pack in Scotland when her teenage life is turned upside down by her would-be mate. She knew a mate would present himself in the future, but what she didn’t expect was the gruff Russian bear Sergey Patrushev, Vojak of Clan Chislennost. 
Off to a rocky start thanks to the ill-advised plan Sergey uses to introduce himself to his mate, they have bigger problems than the fact she’s still underage. Sergey needs to get back to his volatile bear clan in Russia, but he won’t be without his mate. Constant strife within his clan, Sergey knows he needs to present a united front with his wolf mate, Calla, regardless of the danger her presence presents to both of them. 
Faced with traitors, Sergey and Calla call upon their wolf allies to help them end the coming war. Only a bond forged in destiny can bring the pack and the clan together to defeat their enemies both old and new.
Sunny Mawson is a Washington based writer who was born and raised in Texas. She is married with three lovely children and one adorable granddaughter. They also have a dog named Panzer who is the best cuddler ever. Except when he has gas. Which is most of the time. Oh well. Married to a sailor, Sunny has lived all over the country, something that factors into her writing a great deal. Working as a Pastry Chef, food plays a heavy influence on her writing as well.



#NewRelease ~ “Into Their Woods” A Shifter Romance by Author Beckett Riley, Genre: Erotic Romance (Paranormal/Shifter Short Story) is Available Now! ~ #AuthorBeckettRiley @EJBookPromos

Title: Into Their Woods: A Shifter Romance
Author: Beckett Riley
Genre: Erotic Romance (Paranormal/Shifter Short Story)
Release Date: June 1, 2020
Living in a rickety old cabin in the woods she bought to renovate, beautiful ex-ballerina Kat knew this was the life she was meant for. If only she had a map when she got lost during a leisurely walk. The wolf stalking her isn’t helping matters either.
Brothers Brodie, Lucas, and Finn are scorching hot, territorial bear shifters living in seclusion with one thing on their minds; finding a mate.
When Kat lands on their doorstep after narrowly becoming wolf dinner, the term “being eaten alive” takes on a whole new meaning as she’s been mated to all three gorgeous men who want nothing but to fulfill her every need. Can these shifters contain the raging beasts within? More importantly, does Kat want them to?

I stared at the pointe shoes on my feet. Incredible how one tangible item can contribute to some of the best memories in your life and also be the root of your greatest failure. I wrapped the delicate ribbons around my ankles and felt some familiar cramps. Ugh, I was getting my period. Great timing. I looked up and saw my reflection in the cracked mirror. Fucking morons. The delivery guys manhandled the mirror when they mounted it to the wooden wall inside the cabin. It had taken forever to have it delivered here. I was so far up the mountain a return or exchange wasn’t really an option. I ended up gluing some pieces directly onto the wall. How sad. It was—is—a shit hole, but now it’s my shit hole. A work in progress as many new homeowners in over their heads would say. No matter, I was doing my very best to make it mine, but this turned out to be harder than I ever imagined. Fuck those home renovating whores on HGTV. But I didn’t have much of a choice. I sold everything and came here to live permanently, maybe teach dance at the nearest school. I don’t know; I haven’t thought that far ahead. I just want a fresh start. Look, I always knew I would never make principal dancer. I was never the right body type. By right body type I mean waif-thin and flat-chested. I have big tits, and I like food. That didn’t stop me from strapping down the girls and skipping a meal or two. I loved to dance until I didn’t. That time didn’t come until grandma died. She raised me and spent her life sacrificing everything for me, always reminding me to love life. It dawned on me after her passing that I wasn’t. I stood in front of the barre and started my carefree warm-up. I was in plié when I noticed my cold breath was visible; I knew I needed to stop and get wood from outside for the fireplace before the sun set. As I stepped onto the porch, I had an urge to explore. Why not? I put on my hiking boots and went off. About thirty minutes into my adventure, I came across a beautiful stream. The water flowing over the stones was a heavenly sound. I kept walking along the edge, mesmerized. It wasn’t until I heard a growl in the distance that I realized how far from my cabin I was. The sun was setting too. Shit. The growling got closer, and I frantically looked around for a branch or something I could use as a weapon when I noticed smoke rising not that far away. A chimney. Not wanting to run, I hustled toward the cabin.
Beckett loves writing short, erotic stories as much as she loves reading them. Happily ever afters and hot, possessive guys bring tears of joy to her eyes so expect to see alpha males roaming the pages of her raunchy page. Born somewhere in the United States, Beckett now resides somewhere in the United States where she writes erotic stories. Hey, a girl’s gotta have some secrets.





“Thunderstruck” Series: Storm Canyon #1, by Author Anna Hague, Genre: Paranormal Shifter Romance, is Available NOW! #ReleaseBlitz #NewRelease



Title: Thunderstruck

Series: Storm Canyon #1

Author: Anna Hague
Genre: Paranormal Shifter Romance
Release Date: May 12, 2020
Evangeline Webber was intoxicated when she saw the Ghost Horse at Silver Spear
Ranch, but the next time she saw the magnificent animal shimmering in the
moonlight, she was stone cold sober. The horse haunts her dreams, and so does
Rick Cambios-Plata. The aloof cowboy is a calming presence to the abused horses
he rescues, but Evangeline is anything but when he’s in the area. This trip was
supposed to be her sanctuary to help her get over the guilt of the death of her
soon-to-be ex-husband, however, both Rick and the ghost horse keep invading her
space. She has a feeling he’s hiding something, and her body wants to know
Cambios-Plata stays away from the ranch guests, but when Evangeline arrived,
his senses were on alert. He had to know why this woman was here invading his
every thought. His priorities and commitments were to preserve a legacy only a
few knew of, and Evangeline was a distraction and had nothing to do with the
lives he protected.
Or did she?
and Maverick each hold secrets, and one of them has no idea how much the truth
will change everything.


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Evangeline blinked
several times to clear the blurriness from her eyes. The full moon cast a
luminous radiance over the ranch even beyond the corrals—and the silver streak
resembling a horse that raced across the grassy plain, bucking every few paces
and whinnying at the obsidian night. She glanced at the half empty bottle of
bourbon she clutched and back to the thundering steed glowing in the night.
“Oh hell, no.” She’d
been at the ranch for over three weeks and knew every horse in residence but
had yet to see any running wild as spectacular as this one. The wild horses in
the area were located at a sanctuary over an hour away in Hot Springs not in
this part of the Black Hills.
“Damn, Jackson.” She
and the owner of the local gas station, deli, laundry, and liquor store had
been on a first-name basis since she perused the alcohol department as
regularly as she could get to town. “What the hell did you sell me?” The
bourbon didn’t look or smell any different than anything else she’d purchased,
but Jackson had suggested the Black Hills Recipe would be unlike any other
bourbon she’d tried. Was it filtered through peyote or something? No, peyote
wasn’t native to South Dakota, but who really knew what went into locally
distilled spirits?
Evangeline’s heart
stuttered at the masculine voice. “Keller, you startled me. What are doing out
here in the dark?”
The cowboy whisked
his hat from his head and raked his fingers through his dark blond hair. “I was
just checkin’ on the horses before I turned in. Up kind of late, aren’t you?”
She swung her legs
from the arm of the wooden rocker on the porch of her cabin. “I suppose. I
don’t have to get up early like you do, though.”
“Still trying to
find yourself out here?”
“Something like
Keller cocked his
head to the bottle tucked in her fingers. “Was that full when you started the
She swirled the
amber liquor. “Maybe.”
“You be careful with
any shit Jackson recommends.” He stuffed his hat on head and tipped the brim to
her. “Ma’am. Enjoy what’s left of the evening while you can still remember.”
He stepped away
toward the bunkhouse. “Keller?”
“Yes, Ma’am?”
“Well, for one,
would you stop calling me ma’am?”
He snickered.
“Sorry, habit.”
“Good manners.” She
set the bottle on the porch and rested her elbows on her knees. “Did you see a
silver horse running across the meadow?”
“Like a few minutes
“No, Ma…Miss Webber.
I didn’t.”
“Evangeline. How
about calling me Evangeline. I think I’ve been here long enough for that.
Anyway, are you sure? It was bucking and whinnying and flying across the
“I was in a barn
full of horses. I hear lots of whinnying. Didn’t see it, sorry.”
Slumping back in the
rocker, she sighed. Maybe she was hallucinating. The clearness she was seeking
hadn’t exactly presented itself since her arrival. The lure of the mountains
and fresh air had brought her here. She needed a change, at least for a little
while. The day to day survival wasn’t working. She needed to snap out of her
funk. It’d been two years. She needed to move on. That’s what her friends and
family said. She didn’t see any of them having to handle what she did. Live
with what she did.
“Well, must be the
bourbon. Goodnight, Keller. I think I should hit the sack, too.”
Author Bio
Anna Hague
spends part of her days in the writing cave creating her own spin on love
stories. The other part of her days, she is a free-lance sports reporter
crafting stories about a variety of athletic events including high school,
college, and professional level sports.
She’s had
the fiction bug her whole life, but in 2015 decided, “It’s now or never.” In
November of 2016, her contemporary novel Captured Hearts debuted.
Anna reads
all sorts of love stories, and she writes the same way. She recently published
an erotic romance series with Wild Rose Press and has published the Heart
Series and opened up the Storm Canyon Series with the first book Thunderstruck.
Her motto:
Creating different paths to love because different is the only way I know.
She is a
member of the RWA and the Indiana RWA. Anna lives in Central Indiana with her
husband, three parrots, and two dogs.


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#NewRelease ~ “Storm of Flames” by Author Kira Nyte, The Firestorm Dragon Chronicles Book 3, Genre: Paranormal Romance, is Available NOW!

Storm of Flames by Kira Nyte 
The Firestorm Dragon Chronicles Book 3
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Available on #KindleUnlimited
🔥 Blurb
Skylar Donovan was raised to trust no one but herself and her parents. Moreover, her father gave her all the tools she’d need to survive, both in practical terms and as a martial arts instructor in his respected studio. What he didn’t teach her was how to go on when his murder broke her mother’s mind, leaving Sky alone for the first time in her life.

Gabriel LaRouche, youngest of the Firestorm dragons, followed a tip to Alabama in hopes of finding refugees from his people’s hidden home living among the humans. Instead, he met his match in a pale-haired warrior woman with broken eyes and a stay-away stare he couldn’t resist. His lifemate had no idea who he was or that they were Fated to be together.

Despite her better judgment, Skylar is drawn to Gabe’s dark intensity and almost grating arrogance tempered with surprising sweetness. Something about him calls to her passionate nature, matching her flame for flame.

Gabe is bound to Skylar, body, soul and dragon. Now he needs to convince her to trust he’s strong enough to stand by her side as deadly enemies gather to tear them apart.

*Contains adult situations that may burn pages, along with wicked banter and some badass sparring.
🐉 Catch up on the other books in The Firestorm Dragon Chronicles!
Stroke of Fire (The Firestorm Dragon Chronicles Book 1:
Dance of the Dragon (The Firestorm Dragon Chronicles Book 2) :


Release Blitz For: “A Wolfe’s Ruby” by Pixie Chica, Genre: Romance/Paranormal Suspense is Available NOW!

💫 “𝙇𝙤𝙫𝙚 𝙉𝙚𝙫𝙚𝙧 𝙇𝙤𝙤𝙠𝙚𝙙 𝙎𝙤 𝘽𝙖𝙙”💫
-°•-°•-°•-𝑴𝒊𝒔𝒄𝒉𝒊𝒆𝒇 𝑴𝒂𝒕𝒄𝒉𝑴𝒂𝒌𝒆𝒓𝒔-•°-•°-•°
A Wolfe’s Ruby by Pixie Chica
Available on #KindleUnlimited
Ruby Bridegroom
Crime is in my blood, but I’ve still had to prove myself. I’m as evil as they come, murder second nature to me as I’m consumed by darkness. And now I’ve found my next target, a man that claims I’m his one. Bound by loyalty and love, which will I choose?

Kingston Wolfe
Shifter blood runs through my veins and I’m the last of my kind. I know I’m next, that it’s only a matter of time, so I came looking for retribution first. But the face of evil is disguised in beauty. Bound by revenge and love, which will I choose?
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New Release! “Casey” (Guarded Hearts Book 2) from Authors Claire Marta and Nia Farrell, Genre: Paranormal Shifter Romance (standalone) is Available NOW!

Title: Casey: Guarded Hearts Book 2
Authors: Claire Marta and Nia Farrell 
Genre: Paranormal Shifter Romance (standalone)
Release Date: March 13, 2020
Cover Design: Nia Farrell 

A dangerous path leads to a dark end. Can they save their fated mate?

Malik Nassir and Iosefa Malvia are members of the Order of the Phoenix, an international cadre of shifters headquartered in a former military academy known as the Citadel. Charged with protecting the first fated mate of their brothers, the two become smitten with her roommate and best friend.

Casey Andersson is an ATF Special Agent who leads a double life. When Malik and Iosefa discover her secret—Casey is a submissive and a member of an exclusive BDSM club —they’re determined to learn how to master her. 

Trouble is, she’s already being dominated by Master S (aka Ivan Michalov). They don’t know that the Russian Dominant has a secret agenda to claim Casey and keep her. Promising to help find her brother’s killer, Ivan leads her on a dangerous path into the heart of a deadly organization. Can Malik and Iosefa save her from the dark fate that’s already been written out for her or will they be too late?

This second book in the Guarded Hearts Series is a darker PNR shifter romance with potential triggers. MFM ménage written for Ages 18+.

“Clothes off,” he ordered, “then standing presentation pose.”

Nudity was something that Casey had had to get used to. She still wasn’t perfectly comfortable with it, but she did it anyway. It was required if she wanted to play with Master S, and she did with something akin to desperation. She craved the release that she knew he could give her.

He never failed to deliver.

Picking up a set of fur-lined leather cuffs from his collection, he turned to see her bared C-cup breasts and wet, swollen sex and nodded his approval. He fastened one cuff around each of her wrists and knelt to fasten them around her ankles. Done, he slid his fingers up the back of her legs as he rose, breathing in the scent of her arousal and stealing a taste of it as he passed.

That simple swipe of his tongue nearly undid her. It had been too long since she’d been fucked. Longer yet since a man had eaten her out and made her come. It wouldn’t take much to bathe his face with her juices.

Rising to his full commanding height, Master S fastened his gaze on the globes of her breasts and pinched her nipple. He tightened his fingers and used his grip to pull her into place facing the cross. Grasping her wrists, he raised her arms over her head and splayed them on the X-shaped cross, fastening one to the top of each side. He kicked her feet apart and fastened her ankles as well.

He left for a moment and returned with more things. Her brow creased when she felt him press a handkerchief into her hand. She shuddered to see a ball gag dangling from his other fingers.

Casey loathed gags with a passion that bordered on hatred. It was one of her near-limits, allowed only with prior negotiation and with someone she implicitly trusted. She’d played with Master S for three months now, public scenes only with orgasm control but no sex. He knew how she felt about ball gags. Was this a test, to see how much control she was willing to let him have? To judge how much power he’d gained over her? Just how far would she let him go?

Before tonight, each time he invited her to his private room, she’d said no.

Tonight, she could feel her resolve weakening. Flog her just right, and she might just crumble.

Master S arched a brow.

Casey nodded her acquiescence, not having permission to speak.

His expressive mouth canted upward. If a ball gag earned her half a smile, what would it take to make him happy?

Fisting her hair, he held her head immobile with one hand and pushed the ball between her lips with his other. He let go of her hair long enough to fasten the gag, then took hold of it again and wrapped his fingers around her throat, tightening them just enough to remind her who called the shots in this scene. As a sub, the ultimate control rested with her, but during the scene, he was in command.

She welcomed surrender. She needed to empty her mind and let go of everything that she’d been carrying these past few weeks. Worry about Morgan. Suspicions about the Citadel. Concern for the growing illegal arms trade. Knowing that Malik and Iosefa had been in her room and uncovered her secret.

She needed this. Needed the release that he could give her.

He took off his tailored coat and hung it on a wall hook. Unbuttoning the cuffs of his sleeves, he rolled them halfway to his elbow, exposing colorful tattoos on his forearms.

Casey eyed the muscle definition and thought of all the times that she’d seen him flogging and whipping other submissives in the club. There was an artistry to his scenes, poetry in motion when he got in the zone. Tonight, she had the chance to experience it with him. After months of playing coy, she was ready for more.

Master S did not disappoint.

He spanked her with his hand. Put clothespins on her body and ripped them away. Added nipple clamps and sent her nearly into subspace with a flogging. The single-tail whip did it. The pain of its bite transformed into pleasure. Casey found that delicious disconnect and started to float away. Only Master S’s presence kept her there. Stepping closer, he pressed his hips against her sore behind and pushed his erection into her crack, letting her feel his arousal. Caging her ear in his teeth, he grazed the tips of her nipples with his fingernails and made her whimper past the drool that escaped to drip from her chin onto the floor.

“Kiska,” he murmured, sending a riot of gooseflesh cascading up her arm. “Would you like to come? Shall I give you the release you crave? Come to my room, and I will do more than that. Da?”

God, she was tempted. They were both vetted. There was nothing to stop her except her need for control that she had never quite fully surrendered.

He thrust a finger into her pussy and started fucking her with it. “I’d love to plug you,” he growled, pumping his hand. “Adorn you with a jewel and sink my prick into your cunt and spend myself inside you. I’ll use a condom this time, but I’d love to see your thighs dripping with my seed.”

Casey whimpered, so empty, she hurt.
Nia Farrell is the award-winning author of one of The 50 Best Indie Books of 2016, a four-times Golden Flogger Finalist, and a founding member of the Wicked Pens. She writes hot sex and happy endings in multiple genres and subgenres, including BDSM, ménage (MFM and MMF), paranormal, MC (motorcycle club), and Mafia. Regardless of genre, ultimately, her books are about the healing power of love.
Nia writes erotic romance as Nia Farrell, historical romance as Erinn Ellender Quinn (the Ellender is a family name), and erotica/romantic comedy as Ree L. Diehl. Her three pen names share a webpage at, where you can view slideshows of tantalizing teasers and read steamy excerpts. As one reviewer put it, “If you love sensual, emotional and powerful romance with a definite D/s dynamic, you should be reading Author Nia Farrell.”

Claire Marta – A native Brit, I live in Italy with my husband and daughter. When I am not writing and drinking copious amounts of tea, I enjoys taking photos of my adoptive country, trying to stay fit with running, reading amazing books and being a stay at home mother.




RELEASE REBOOST: Hunted and Claimed by Delta James … OUT NOW! ~ Only on Amazon!

She thought she could run from her mate. Then he lassoed her.
Hunted and Claimed by Delta James … OUT NOW!

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She thought she could run from her mate. Then he lassoed her.

Riley decided years ago that she would be better off on her own, but when the alpha of the local pack finds out there’s a lone wolf causing trouble on his turf he takes matters into his own hands.

As far as Cameron Nichols is concerned, Riley will be joining his pack whether she likes it or not. Her only choice will be whether to submit to his authority with or without needing to be stripped bare and spanked over his knee until she is kicking and crying and promising obedience. When she chooses the latter, the Navy SEAL turned cowboy is more than happy to oblige.

But Cameron knows instantly that Riley isn’t just a feisty female in need of an alpha’s firm hand. She is his mate, and she knows it too, despite her best efforts to deny it. No matter how many times she tries to run, he will always chase her down, punish her thoroughly, and then mount and claim her so roughly that all she can do is scream her helpless, shamefully intense pleasure into the pillow as her body betrays her and surrenders ever more completely to his demands.


“Some of them may not make it even if you don’t,” Catherine said softly. “My sister among them. I know how you feel. One of those women is my baby sister. I hang on to the fact that there is a small, but growing, network of packs who are moving not just to free those who have been enslaved, but to shut down their ability to enslave them in the first place. I believe with my whole heart that we will put an end to this and that those who have been responsible will die.”

Riley looked at her with curiosity.

“Not be brought to justice?” she asked.

Catherine shook her head. “Justice is a fine and noble thing and I applaud those who seek it. I want revenge. I want them dead. My goal is a lot easier to achieve.”

About Delta James

Sinfully sultry romance – that’s the world that International and US best selling author Delta James inhabits and shares with her readers. A world where alpha heroes find true love with feisty heroines. Delta’s stories are filled with erotic encounters of romance and discipline. One fan suggested it was best to have a “fan and a glass of water” when reading Delta’s stories.

Delta has been a highly successful competitor both in horse shows (Arabians, Appaloosas and Paints) and in the AKC and International Kennel Club with her beloved basset hounds.

Delta is always happy to hear from those who enjoy her work – and even those who don’t. She can be reached at

Want to be in the know about everything Delta James?

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Amazon page:

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Instagram – @deltajamesauthor

📝REVIEW 📝~ 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 ~ Bear Essentials (Shifter Town #4) by Novalee Swan ~ Genre: Paranomal Romance/Shifters, Romanctic Suspense ~ Released: December 30th 2018





Genre:  #Romance #ParanormalRomance #ShifterRomance #RomanticSuspense

Series:  The Shifter Town Series Book 4

My Rating:  5

Cover:  4

Publication:  December 30th 2018

Read:  January 4th 2019

POV:  Third-person dual perspectives

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She wasn’t aware of her wet, clinging clothes. Her long hair, sticking to her skin. The melting hail or the dark night. She was only aware of one thing, and he was consuming her.

CONNOR REID is complex. An alpha, taller and stronger than anyone else, who has never lost a fight. But the truth is, this grizzly bear shifter is as sweet as a summer breeze and shy as a prairie dog. He never planned to stay in Shifter Town. Then something happened that rocked his world. Her name is LILY AMARETTO.

Lily hasn’t known much kindness in her life, and never from a man. When she accepts a job working for the scariest male she’s ever seen, it’s about survival and redemption. She doesn’t want to spend her life afraid of shadows, but did she really have to start with the most lethal man in existence? That’s exactly what Connor Reid seems like to her. But there are other new and indefinable feelings that he stirs. And the things he does to her in her dreams.

What do two shy souls do when they want each other badly, but aren’t quite sure how to make it happen? 

Shifter Town is about to find out… 

Bear Essentials is the fourth book in bestselling author Novalee Swan’s Shifter Town series. It features her trademark heat and emotional intensity and is perfect for fans of Nalini Singh, Lora Leigh and Shelley Laurenston.

img_7439 (4)

📝My Review📝:

Bear Essentials (Shifter Town #4)Bear Essentials by Novalee Swan

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 Stars
Holy moly… this book! It was the best of the series thus far and one of my favorite shifter books to date.

I literally waited a long time for this book. After reading the other books in the series, I was excited for this one the most. Unfortunately, it took a while to cross my path and even then, it was by coincidence. Doesn’t matter though because I thought it was worth the wait. I love all the characters in this series but Conner and Lily are my favorites so far. I can’t give one specific reason as to why that is, only that I loved them so much.

The writing is done well. The pace is good and the sexy scenes are hot! Yep, I wanted to be Lily in those moments. Lily was very shy. Truth is, I would say more wary than shy. And she had good reasons. There are definitely some dark elements in this book and some might feel triggered by them.

Connor was so good for Lily, a great match of “opposites attract.” Although I will say that while Connor was quiet and maybe shy when it came to Lily, when it was necessary, his beast came forward to love and protect her.

If you haven’t read the previous books in this series, I do recommend that. Yes, this book can be read as a standalone, however, I think you will enjoy the story more, especially having already met the several characters from past books that are present in this one.

We were given a bit of a teaser as to what’s to come in the next book. I really hope that will come out sooner rather than later.

This is my honest and unbiased review. Thank you for taking the time to read it. 🙂

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