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“A Wise Prince” Series: A Poisoned Pawn World by Author S.E. Rose, Genre: Romantic Suspense is Available Now! @seroseauthor @EJBookPromos #NewRelease

Title: A Wise Prince

Series: A Poisoned Pawn World
Author: S.E. Rose
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: July 2, 2020
Cover Design: Cover It! Designs
He was born a prince, but bravery will make him a hero.
When playboy Prince August meets Kate Bradford, he falls hard.
But love isn’t in the cards…yet.
A mystery from his past threatens to tear them apart.
He’s about to discover a secret so earth-shattering, it could change the course of history, and so dark it could endanger not only his life but Kate’s as well.
Can they survive a deadly game of cat and mouse? Or will an unknown enemy get to them before they uncover the truth?

USA Today & International Bestselling romance author, S.E. Rose lives near Washington D.C. with her family. When she’s not wrangling her cats or keeping up with her kids, she’s plotting her next story.
She loves all things wine, coffee, and cats. In her non-existent free time, she enjoys traveling, going to concerts, binging on her favorite shows, and reading, especially if it’s a good mystery or comedy.



“Stolen Wife” by Author Carina Blake, Genre: Romance Suspense w/ Dark Elements is Available Now! ~ #AuthorCarinaBlake @EJBookPromos

Title: Stolen Wife
Author: Carina Blake
Genre: Romance Suspense w/ Dark Elements
Release Date: June 30, 2020


I’ll do whatever it takes to get her in my arms, even kill my brother.
I’ll do everything in my power to destroy all who came between us.
The second I held the wedding photo of Giada with my brother, my revenge became tainted with possessiveness so profound that I grew colder. Calculating. Obsessed.
I’d do anything to get my desire. To taste her.
Giada is mine, and it didn’t matter the how or why, because she just is. I’ll play her name in my head—my sirens song—as I remove her from my brother’s grasp and take her for my own.
One by one, I’d get my vendetta on those who sent me away while claiming what was never theirs.




I wake up groggily with my head fuzzy, but from the looks of it unharmed. Maybe last night had all been a dream. Did I really dream about Santino kissing me? I’m glad Rafael didn’t come in and hear me if I did. I roll over onto my back when I hit a large frame. A frame much larger than Rafael’s. I reach out and feel a muscular chest. I open my eyes and see Santino with his elbow propping him up as he looks at me.

“Good morning.” The smile on his face almost makes me forget the danger we’re in.

“Good morning? Are you nuts? What are you doing in my bed? Rafael will kill you. Oh my goodness. I wasn’t dreaming.” My heart’s racing as fast as my mind is. I can already picture Rafael and his goons busting down the doors and shooting up the place on principle alone. Or maybe they’ll just torture us to death. I look into his eyes and all I see is mirth, which pisses me off as much as it turns me on.

“You thought you dreamed of me, baby?” He slides his hand over my hip and under my nightgown. My skin tingles from the gentle grip he exerts. God, how am I getting turned on?

It makes me mad how hot he is, and I become flustered with his touch. I shove his hand away and glare at him. “That’s not what I meant.”

“It doesn’t matter. You’re not in your bed at the compound. You’re in our bed in my home.”

“What?” I flip around and look. This isn’t my room. The room is made of clean lines, greyish-blue walls with a large television mounted to the wall. I’m confused and taken aback by this. Slamming my eyes shut, I take several deep breaths and then pinch myself.

“You’re not dreaming. I took you, and you’re here. End of story.” He sits up in the bed, and it’s the first time I notice that he’s ripped from his shoulders down to his…oh my goodness. He’s extremely hard right now. I turn to look away. “Are you hungry?”

“I’m not sure,” I respond with a barely audible whisper. My confusion has only grown. I stand to get some space between us and then it dawns on me that I’m not in my nightgown anymore. Instead, I’m in a big tee shirt with my hard nipples pressing against the letters.

“You took off my clothes? Are you trying to get us killed?” I cover my chest, like it does me any good. The man took off my clothes last night. Did he do anything else to me?

“I’m not afraid of any of them. And yes. Do you think I’d let you wear something my brother probably has fucked you in? I don’t want anything of his tainting my home.” I’m seeing a change in his mood. His temper’s slipping past that cool, calm, sexy façade. It’s as if my heart’s breaking, which makes absolutely no sense since I’ve never had a chance for love to come and tear it apart.

I glare at him and test his actions. I have to know who I’m dealing with. “Well, then, I should go, since I’m his.” He jumps off the bed and crosses the distance between us. Unable to stop myself, I flinch, waiting to feel the sting. He’s much larger than his brother and father, and I know this will hurt more, and not only physically.

“I’m not him and you’re not his,” he growls, dragging me with one arm around my waist and the other in my hair. His mouth slams down on mine. God, that kiss had been real. Before I can melt into him, he pushes off of me.

“That was wrong,” I say as I watch him get dressed. Santino slips on a white undershirt and a pair of grey dress slacks before sliding on a crisp white dress shirt.

He turns around to face me with the shirt still wide open. I’m amazed by the feral look in his eyes. From head to toe this man is perfection, but his mouth on mine was the most insanely sexy thing in the world I’ve ever experienced.

He stalks toward me, but this time I don’t flinch because I’m ridiculously hoping for another kiss. He tips my chin with his thick thumb, pulling my bottom lip from under the grip of my upper teeth. “Felt fucking right to me.” My body heats up and I breathily look up into his eyes that are trained to my lips, waiting for more. Instead, he steps back and says, “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a call to make. Please eat.” He points to the trays on the table that’s in the middle of the room.

“So you’re going to leave me up here locked away?” I ask, changing one cell for another.

“Damn right,” he growls, nodding his head as he grabs his phone and gun.


#NewRelease ~ “Hostile Territory” by Marie James, Series: Blackbridge Security; Book 1, Genre: Romantic Suspense is Available Now! ~ @authrmariejame @rrrpromotion @readreviewrpt

Hostile Territory by Marie James
Series: Blackbridge Security; Book 1
Genre: Romantic Suspense
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Can you call someone an enemy if you haven’t seen them for the better part of a decade? 
Deacon Black is perfectly content with the status quo — work, sleep, repeat.
Who cares if he’s rigid, structured, and set in his ways? 
It’s a job requirement that keeps his men safe and his company’s doors open.
One phone call is all it takes to upend his life and land him right back into a past he has tried to forget.
Revisiting old ghosts is the last thing he needs.
Especially when the forced trip down memory lane includes the only woman he never wanted to see again.
Annalise Grimaldi hit the jackpot with her life — from her trust fund to her best friend, she has it all.
But her world comes crashing to a halt when her best friend vanishes — leaving behind an apartment in tatters and more questions than answers.
There’s only one person she can think of that can help in a situation like this.
She hates to makes the call, but there isn’t a thing she wouldn’t do to make sure her friend is found.
Even setting aside her hatred for Deacon Black.


#ReleaseBlitz ~ “Saving Tayla” Series: Beautifully Broken #5 by Author Amanda Kaitlyn, Genre: Contemporary Romance/Romantic Suspense is Available Now! ~ @amandakaitlyn02 @GiveMeBooksPR



Title: Saving Tayla

Series: Beautifully Broken #5

Author: Amanda Kaitlyn
Genre: Contemporary Romance/Romantic Suspense

Release Date: June 24, 2020

From NY Times bestselling author, Amanda Kaitlyn comes a
gripping, sexy romantic suspense in Saving Tayla
I never thought I would use that word to describe myself.
I was broken: damaged goods.
My ex had ruined me, wholly and completely. Because of him,
I became addicted to the taste of a high I quickly felt I couldn’t live
My world that had once shone brightly was now so dark, I
couldn’t see my way out of it. I was lost. A year later, I was
free of that damaged man and ready to start living again. Fighting every day to
be sober and become the woman I used to be was now my top priority. Asher tore
into my life like a hurricane, wrecking all my perfectly-laid
plans. I didn’t have time to fall for a man like him.
He had a dirty mouth that melted me, but he was dangerous –
I knew that. My heart wanted to give into him, but my mind knew
better. Loving him was my downfall
Saving Tayla is an installment of The Beautifully Broken
series and should be read in order for the best reader experience. Each book
features new characters and a heart-wrenching love story.
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When you know, you

My father’s words came back to me, shadowing through my mind like a truth I
didn’t want to face. I didn’t even know this girl’s name, and I wanted her.

It was something my dad would often tell my brothers and me when we asked him
for advice with women. He said that the first time he saw our mom, he knew he
would marry her. At the time, I thought he was completely nuts, but now, as I
took in the blonde bombshell in front of me, I wasn’t so sure.

I stopped directly in front of them, only a breath and a step away from her and
I was finding it hard to breathe. The scent of cherries hit my nose, the sweet
smell emanating off of her in waves and I was losing myself.

Big, hazel eyes trapped me, holding me captive and I couldn’t look away, even
if I’d wanted to. Fuck, no I don’t want to.

She had a mouth painted ruby red, plump and full and perfect to fit just right
around the head of my cock that had become steel in her presence. Never really
liked blondes, but this one, this gorgeous little thing, was lethal to my

I knew next to nothing about her but I was damn sure of one thing; she was a game-changer.

“Hi.” Her voice, honey and silk, hit my ears and all I could think was, I want
you. I wasn’t so sure that would go over very well so I came up with something
else to say.

“Hi, back.”

I watched in rapturous fascination as a scarlet blush covered her cheeks. Her
eyes dropped from mine as she fiddled with the rings on her fingers and, for a
split second, I was worried she may be married. But, as I looked at her hands –
pale, thin fingers painted to match her toes – I was relieved to see no wedding
or engagement rings.

Not even a ring would keep me from wanting her, though.

Also Available
Author Bio
NY Times Bestselling author,
Amanda Kaitlyn lives in New England with her girlfriend and her shih Tzu,
Mocha. As a girl, she always loved fairy tales but learned the ones she loves
are a bit dirtier, now. In her books you’ll find raw, real, emotional romance
and alpha males that stop at nothing to protect the head-strong women they
love. When she isn’t writing on her laptop, you can find her playing with her
pup or reading on her kindle. Want to keep up with the latest news & books
by Amanda Kaitlyn? Follow her on Social Media and join her readers group for



#NewRelease ~ “Fraud” Series: Antihero Inferno #2 by Author Lily White, Genre: Romantic Suspense Standalone is Available Now! @lilywhitebooks @EJBookPromos

Title: Fraud
Series: Antihero Inferno #2
Author: Lily White
Genre: Romantic Suspense Standalone
Release Date: June 24, 2020

Eighth Circle.
Also known as Gabriel Dane.
He is a ray of sunshine that warms your heart with kind eyes and a dazzling smile.
Don’t let him fool you with that silver tongue or lure you in with a body that draws every woman’s eye. This man is fluent in deception and a devil who only offers pretty lies.
Gabriel is my old nemesis.
I’m the girl that always fought back.
He has every reason to hate me as much as I hate him.
Now that he found me, he’s determined to make me pay for our past.
Except, there are two small details Gabriel doesn’t know that will be his ultimate downfall:
There are no rules when it comes to our war.
And I’ve learned to lie just as good as him.
***Each novel in the series depicts a unique romance, but the plots through each book connect in one world. For the best experience, read the series in order.
Nine Standalone novels. Nine dangerous men. Nine unrepentant sinners you’ll hate to love.




Lily White is a romance writer who likes to dabble on the taboo side of eroticism. She is most known for her Masters Series, Target This, Wishing Well, and Asylum. In addition to dark romance Lily writes contemporary romance, taboo romance, and psychological thrillers. Lily enjoys stretching her writing muscles by continuing to challenge herself with each book she publishes.


#NewRelease “The Boss” Series: The Hitman Series by Author Ellie Isaacson, Genre: Dark Romantic Suspense is Available Now! @EllieIsaacson2 @EJBookPromos

Title: The Boss

Series: The Hitman Series
Author: Ellie Isaacson
Genre: Dark Romantic Suspense
Release Date: June 23, 2020
Cover Design: Francessca Wingfield at Francessca’s PR & Design

I hated him from the moment I first saw him.
Those bright blue eyes brought reminders of my biggest regret, my greatest loss, the thing that tortured me and had me struggling for control.
Each time I pushed him, he pushed back. Each time he touched me, something in me broke.
He would be the death of me, but I couldn’t stop.
Her brothers brought me into their family. Gave me the one thing I needed more than anything else. Then they asked me to do something I wasn’t sure I could.
Take care of her.
She was trouble wrapped up in a gorgeous package, but I wanted to wrap her in my arms. Soothe her worries, calm her fears, show her what it felt like to let go.
The fire between us ignited. But as the walls burned down around me, I’d be forced to choose between the life I’d always known, and the love of my life.
Natalia stood in my way at the door, arms crossed at her chest. She was all power and authority, head held high like a princess. ’Cept the way she looked, her breasts pressed high, the dip between them on display like a gold medal prize? Took all I had not to drink her in. Not to rake my gaze over every last inch of her skin. The swell of her breasts. The smooth curve of her hips. That little pucker of her button bared at her midriff, just begging to be kissed. 
My mouth dried up and my tongue grew thick. My body reacted with a twitch. Blood rushed south and my fingers itched to touch the fire that blazed deep in her eyes. 
But I didn’t. 
It was a hazard I couldn’t touch. 
From day one, she was trouble.
My hair stood on end as I inched past her. Caught her gaze as she dragged her eyes up from my chest, but I pushed on, rushing past. 
“You think I’m scared of you?” she questioned, voice like a bulldog as she chased me down the hall.
I stopped. 
Took a step backward into the wall as she pushed into my space. 
“Nah, baby girl. You ain’t scared of no one but yourself.” 
She took a step closer, hand pressed against my chest, shoving me into the cold cement. “What’s that supposed to mean?” she said on a scowl. 
“Means whatever you need it to.” 
She narrowed her eyes and I leaned toward her face. “You stand there looking down at me, judging from your tower? Pretending you ain’t got desire in your heart? I see you, little bird. You running scared from anything you can’t control.” My thumb dragged across her full bottom lip as a war raged behind those dark blue eyes. 
Her lips parted. Her eyes closed. She sucked in a sharp breath. 
Quick as a flash, her whole being awoke. She pulled back, swinging her fist at my face. I knocked it away, but she swung again. The back of her hand collided with my cheek, stunning me but not hurting too much. She swung again, harder this time. My hand caught hers, twisted her in her place. I swept my foot out, catching the leg that held her grounded to the floor. 
Her tower toppled. 
She began to fall. 
I’d never let her break. 
I pulled her back against my chest, one arm locked tight around her waist, my other arm pinning her arms across her chest. She squirmed. Raged. Energy crackled and snapped like electricity across a line. Her breath heaved, then held. 
Her body melted against my own.   
Felt every curve and swell as her heated body melded to mine. Felt that tension fade, the electricity sparking and holding strong. Felt the throb and twitch in my jeans against the tight curve of her ass. Felt her heartbeat pound out a steady beat against my chest. 
I raised a shaky hand to her chin, tilting her face toward mine as I skimmed the tip of my nose along her cheek. Her quiet breaths came quick, her body leaning on me like she’d lost her strength. My lips brushed her skin, the taste of her so close. 
“Don’t you worry, baby girl,” I whispered against her cheek, the tip of my tongue licking her sweat from my lips. “I’ll be here to catch you when you fall.” 
She shuddered in my arms. Quick as it left her, that tension made a rebound. Shaking through her, rising up, an inferno devouring everything soft. It exploded out of her, her hands tearing at my skin as she made her escape. 
Cold, cold eyes locked on mine. Her chest heaved, her face giving an angry twitch. Hands shoved hard at my chest and her gorgeous voice gave a quake as it tore through her throat. “Get away from me!” 
She spun. 
Ran, head down as she fled. 
Like she couldn’t get away fast enough. 


I shook my head, watching her go. Called after and her body jumped. “You keep pushing ever’body away, little bird, eventually there ain’t gonna be nobody left.”
Ellie Isaacson has been an avid reader her whole life, but a couple years ago she had a dream that she just couldn’t forget. She cultivated that dream and began writing, which became a dream of a different sort. Ellie is thrilled to be able to share her passion with her readers. As an accountant and an author, she slings numbers by day and words by night. She’s also a wife and a mother of two amazing boys.



#CoverReveal ~ The Bratva Blood Series: “The King” “The War” #ComingSoon & “The Soldier” is FREE! From Author SR Jones, Genre: Dark Mafia Romantic Suspense, #PreOrder Available, @skyejromance @GiveMeBooksPR


Title: The King

Series: Bratva Blood Duet #1

Author: SR Jones
Genre: Dark Mafia Romantic Suspense

Cover Design: Obeithion Covers

Photo: Wander Aguiar

Model: Quin

Release Date: June 25, 2020


They say all is fair in love and war, but he never played
The call him the king.
He’s not my king.
He’s my tormentor, my captor—my secret dark desire.
In the brutal Bratva world, to be a king means to wage
endless war.
I’m about to be collateral damage.
I must hope my captor wins as the alternatives are horrific.
After all, to the victor goes the spoils.
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99c for a limited time!
Title: The War
Series: Bratva Blood Duet #2
Author: SR Jones
Genre: Dark Mafia Romantic Suspense
Cover Design: Obeithion Covers
Photo: Wander Aguiar
Model: Quin
Release Date: July 23, 2020
I took her to protect her. To keep her safe.
Now, she wants more.
She wants to claim my heart.
She says she will fight for me…for us.
Trouble is, I don’t know if I have anything left to give.
He took me to keep me safe.
My captor, my protector, my lover.
I want more, he’s a Bratva king, and every king needs his
My heart is on the line, but I won’t give up the fight.
Love is war when it comes to the two of us, and this is one
war I will win.
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Also Available
FREE on all platforms!
Author Bio
Hi guys.
I’m Skye, a paranormal and contemporary romance author from rainy Northern
England. I write Paranormal romance as Skye Jones, and steamy dark romance as
S.R. Jones.

The one thing my books in both genres have in common are gritty themes, and
alpha heroes who are damaged but oh-so-redeemable!

When I’m
not writing, I’m either walking my dogs, drinking coffee, or watching my fave
TV shows such as The Sopranos, McMafia, and Little House on the Prairie, yep I
have eclectic taste!
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#CoverReveal “Bull” Series: Kings of Mayhem MC #6 by Author Penny Dee, Genre: MC Romance/Romantic Suspense, Release Date: August 14, 2020! #AuthorPennyDee @GiveMeBooksPR



Title: Bull

Series: Kings of Mayhem MC #6

Author: Penny Dee
Genre: MC Romance/Romantic Suspense

Cover Design: Marisa, Cover Me Darling

Photo: Wander Aguiar

Model: Barrett Stowers

Release Date: August 14, 2020


I lost my
wife on a rainy night almost two decades ago.
Since then,
my heart has been a barren wasteland.
It only
knows love for family and the club.
And for
Then I meet
Taylor and I know I’m doomed.
she’s everything I didn’t know I wanted.
I’ve denied myself for years.
But my club
is about to storm headfirst into a war and I can’t afford the distraction.
Yet I can’t
get her out of my head.
We both say
we’re not interested.
But we are
both liars.
For years
we’ve been running from my past.
My kid
brother and me.
Hiding in
the shadows.
Now we have
a chance for a new life in a new town … far, far away from trouble.
I crave
freedom and a quiet, simple life for us both.
The last
thing I expect is to fall for the enigmatic biker king, Michael “Bull” Western.
He is
and scorching. 
With the
touch of an angel and eyes of the devil.
He could be
the love of my life.
But I have
a secret.
A very big
secret indeed …
Bull is book six in the Kings of Mayhem MC series. For readers 18+

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Also Available


Free in Kindle Unlimited



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Free in Kindle Unlimited

Author Bio

Penny Dee
writes contemporary romance about rock stars, bikers, hockey players and
everyone in-between. Her stories bring the suspense, the feels and a whole lot
of heat.
She found
her happily ever after with an Australian hottie who she met on a blind date. 
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#ReleaseBlitz “Escape to Sunset” Series: Sunset SEALs #4 by Author Sharon Hamilton, Genre: Military Romantic Suspense is Available Now! #NewRelease @sharonlhamilton @GiveMeBooksPR



Title: Escape to Sunset
Series: Sunset SEALs #4
Author: Sharon Hamilton
Genre: Military Romantic Suspense
Release Date: June 16, 2020


Navy SEAL Jason Kealoha comes to Sunset Beach to release the
ashes of his SEAL brother, who was killed in an attack in Nigeria. A Pacific
Islander by lineage, Jason is unfamiliar with the Gulf Coast shores his buddy
grew up playing in as a child. He befriends a beauty one night at sunset, as
she roams the surf, skipping shells, lost in her own world.
Kiley Worthington is on the run from a sex trafficking
cartel she stumbled upon as an investigative reporter in Portland. She decides
hiding out in her sleepy beach hometown in Florida makes sense until she can
figure out where she can spend the rest of her life in safety. The one-night
stand was nice, but the last thing she needs is a huge tatted overly-protective
guy who won’t leave her alone. His attitude is all hardboiled, but his lips are
warm and seductive. If she’s not careful, she may never escape.
But Jason turns out to be the right kind of wrong for Kiley,
as her enemies find her. In Jason’s arms she finds a true sanctuary, as well as
a safe place to hide forever amongst the white sand beaches and golden sunsets
of the Florida coastline.


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He shielded
her from the wind coming from the South, brushed her hair from her face and
placed a soft kiss to her forehead. “Don’t be afraid. I’m not going to hurt
you. I only want to help. Please, don’t be afraid. I’m here now. Nothing is
going to harm you.”
Her arm
wrapped around his waist, not reaching very far, as she snuggled in the safe
space he’d created for her. Jason felt a twinge of regret that he’d been so
harsh with her. Her head rested on his chest just below his chin. He ran his
fingers through her hair, sifting, whispering things he’d heard as a child when
he’d jump into bed at night with his mother when he had nightmares.
horror movie that had been playing in her head must have been something
frightening. He knew what fear smelled like. He’d seen women panic and faint in
the path of danger, unable to defend themselves or their loved ones. He’d seen
it all too often, and all too often he’d not been able to save them either.
She leaned
back, trying to see his face. “What language is that?”
He must
have been chanting, or speaking the circular rhymes they’d sing as kids. It had
come second nature and he couldn’t even remember what he’d said.
Something my grandmother taught me.”
His right
palm brushed tentatively against the side of her face, and then he released her
all at once, and stepped back. His arms fell to his sides.
“I’m sorry.
It was a panic attack,” she mumbled.
“No, not
exactly. The attack was when you passed out. You are scared of something 
little one.
That was pure, cold fear.” He sighed again, wanting to hold her once more, but
She wrapped
the blanket around her.
“Are you in
danger?” he asked, suddenly wishing he’d not been so forward.
“A little.
But I’m far enough away from all that. Thank you, and I apologize how
ridiculous I was.”
“No apology
necessary. Fear does strange things to people sometimes. But you were brave.
You fought well.”
“No I
didn’t. I was pathetic.”
“You were
difficult to stop. That speaks to your courage, not your skill.”
“Did I hurt
Jason let
her fingers reach for his cheek which had now turned warm and was probably
swollen. She’d packed a good swing and the sting surprised him. He did not back
away, allowing the touch. His heart was pounding, beating like the drums of his
ancestors as she gracefully twisted her wrist and laced the backsides of her
fingers across the side of his face all the way to his ear.
He could
have easily taken her in his arms and he knew perhaps she’d let him kiss her,
but he stood like a statue, feet planted in the sand, like the surfboards
standing guard at Hanalei Bay. The wash of waves lapping on the shore stilled
his restless and troubled soul, while the distance between their bodies
remained. She had the touch of his grandmother and some of the older women of
his community–the way she used to bless his cuts and bruises, especially the
ones left by the two Samoan sisters. 
stranger was a healer, and yet Jason knew she didn’t understand yet what her
true capacity was.
As he drove
to his motel room, he knew that, if the Gods of his ancestors wanted him to
meet her again, they’d create the opportunity. The empty tin sat next to him on
the front seat of his rental Jeep, as if Thomas was witness to this magical
connection he felt to her. Maybe Thomas was laughing at him.
He glanced
down at the urn.
“We won’t
speak of it.”
The urn
But all the
way back he couldn’t get the feel of her shaking body against him, the scent of
her hair, the tiny beads of sweat at the sides of her cool forehead, and her
probing but gentle fingers.
He thought
about her while he showered, and then watched moonlight glisten on the water of
the Gulf. He thought about her as he lay naked in his bed, his head propped
against his forearm.
Jason had
left the sliding glass door open a few inches so he could inhale the ocean air
all night long, which was always his custom wherever in the world he traveled,
if it was safe. He dreamt of the beaches back home, lush and full with the
scent of flowers floating all around him. He thought about the tanned
Polynesian girls he’d dated and made love to on the beach, their modest
nakedness a thing of beauty and grace. He felt their full lips, and the smooth
flat of their noses as they cuddled, giggled and whispered things to him. In
those days, drunk on the discovery of sex, he didn’t realize how the ocean, the
beach and a woman’s body could heal all those broken parts he could not.
He thought
about the girls he met in Coronado who were a bit too fast for his tastes, and
wanted everything now, hard and deep, leaving him aching for a simple touch of
kindness or a word of wonder.
Like a
metronome, the constant rhythm of the ocean sang him to sleep in stanzas
stitched together by the calling of sea birds.
The last
thought he had before he drifted off was that Thomas had brought him here to
Sunset Beach. It was a bigger purpose than the final good-byes to his friend.
Thomas wanted him to see the place where he’d grown up, to see the beauty and
treasure buried here. In time, he’d find out just what that treasure was.
As One door
closed, another one was waiting to be discovered. Whatever was on the other
side of that door, was his destiny. 
would be a new adventure.
Also Available
99c for a limited time!
Author Bio
NYT and
USA/Today Bestselling Author Sharon Hamilton’s SEAL Brotherhood series have
earned her author rankings of #1 in Romantic Suspense, Military Romance and
Contemporary Romance. Her other Brotherhood
stand-alone series are: Bad Boys of SEAL Team 3, Band of Bachelors, True Blue
SEALs, Nashville SEALs, and the Bone Frog Brotherhood.
and former SEALs have invested in two wineries and a brewery in Sonoma County,
which have become part of the new stories. But old characters keep returning to
all the newer books.
Sharon also
writes sexy paranormals in two series: Golden Vampires of Tuscany and The
A lifelong
organic vegetable and flower gardener, Sharon and her husband live in the Wine
Country of Northern California, where most of her stories take place.
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