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Release Boost: Recipe For Disaster from author Allie York, #YoungAdultRomance is Available Now!


Title: Recipe For Disaster 
Author: Allie York 
Genre: Young Adult Romance 
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World’s best muffins:

Step 1: Preheat oven to 375
Step 2: cream the butter and sugar until light
Step 3: Add eggs one at a time
Step 4: Forget you have a new phone in a new area code and call a random guy
Step 5: Continue to text random guy until you develop not-so-random feelings

Aimee’s life was stable, normal, and loving; until it wasn’t anymore. In the blink of an eye, she lost her childhood home, her best friend, and her sanity in one swoop.
But a misdialed number brings her an unexpected friend and a lot of new feelings.
Life is finally looking up and Aimee sets out to live life to the fullest with her newfound friend. That is until…Aimee’s text life and real life collide to ruin everything








Allie is a wife, mom, and dog groomer by day. At night she is posted at her laptop writing or reading in a cozy corner. She has a soft spot for gooey romance, over-creamed coffee, and anything cute and furry  



Release Boost: Title: Maria (Made Men Series) by Sarah Brianne is Available Now!

Title: Maria
Series: Made Men Series
Author: Sarah Brianne
Genre: New Adult Romance
Release Date: November 29, 2019




Maria is the mafia princess of Kansas City, destined to be the prize to the most loyal Caruso soldier.
Her killer looks hide the fact that she’s as ruthless as any male in the family.
But this princess is no trophy wife.
Fuck destiny.
Two men face death without fear, wanting to achieve the unattainable.
Kayne Evans, the man who carries a secret that makes him more than just an English teacher.
And Dominic Luciano, the rival mob boss who carries a Glock and a grudge.
As the sun rises, one victor will remain standing while the other will see his last dawn.
Who will live and who … will … die?



Hey! My name is Sarah Brianne and after living for twenty-two years the characters in my head told me enough was enough and I have finally put pen to paper (or is it finger to keyboard?) to tell their stories. Since I was a little girl I have watched every chick flick I could get my hands on, then when I became older I discovered a whole new world of romance novels. To me there is nothing better then a tale of true love and those are the stories that have inspired me to write. Like everything else in my life 
I have put my own spin on two lovers destined to be together. 
Sarah Brianne




Release Boost: Every Kiss You Steal: Redeeming Love Series by J.E. Parker is Available Now!

Title: Every Kiss You Steal
Series: Redeeming Love Series
Author: J.E. Parker
Genre: New Adult Romance
Release Date: October 22, 2019
Her past is plagued with darkness…
He’s determined to make her future brighter.
My life was once a nightmare.
Because of my past, the walls I’ve constructed are mighty.
But those walls begin to waver the day I meet him…
Chase Jacobs, star quarterback, and the cutest boy I’ve ever seen.
With his easy smile and sweet words, he’s perfect.
Problem is, I’m not.
My scarred soul is corrupted, my battered heart tainted.
And my secrets? They have the power to destroy me.
Plagued with demons, I fight to keep Chase at a distance.
But he’s not having it.
Determined to steal my heart, he fights to make me fall.
It’s a mistake.
You see, the thing about secrets is that they don’t stay hidden forever,
and whether I’m ready or not, mine are about to be revealed.
Once they are, will Chase then walk away for good?
Or will the love we share truly conquer all?

J.E. Parker is an American romance author who was born and raised in the great state of North Carolina. A southern belle at heart, she’s addicted to sweet tea, Cheerwine, and peach cobbler.Not only is J.E. married to the man of her dreams (albeit a total pain in the rear), she’s also the mother of a herd of sweet (sometimes), and angelic (only when they’re sleeping) children. Despite their occasional demonic behavior and bottomless stomachs, J.E. loves her little tribe more than words could ever express.

On the weekends, you can find her sitting on the couch, cheering on (or cursing) her favorite football team, stuffing her face with junk food, and guzzling a bottle of cheap red wine.

When she’s not busy making sure her husband doesn’t burn the house down or acting as a referee for her fighting children, J.E. enjoys reading, writing (obviously), and listening to a wide variety of music.



Release Boost: Break You (Boys of Trinity Hall #1) by MV Ellis is Available Now!

Title: Break You
Series: Boys of Trinity Hall #1
Author: MV Ellis
Genre: Contemporary/New Adult with Bully Elements

Release Date: October 22, 2019


This is not a love story.

I hate you not for who you are, but what you represent.

I’m the whispers in the darkness you can’t quite hear.

I’m the unease that can’t be explained, but won’t go away.

I’m your worst nightmare come to life.

I’m the filthy rich guy who’s coming for revenge.

Everything you’ve ever had.

Everything you hold dear.

I won’t stop until I break you.


You were once my savior.

Now you’re my bully.

I’m the girl from the wrong side of the wrong side of the tracks.

No match for your money, your might, or your wrath.

But I’m not going down without a fight.

When I go, I’ll take you with me.

Because we’re more alike than you want to admit.

And more connected than you know.

This is not a love story.


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Author Bio
MV ELLIS knows what it’s like to fall head over
heels in love with a badass musician. She followed her heart halfway around the
world to be with one. She moved from London to Sydney after a steamy holiday
romance with a sexy bass player in sultry Brazil.
Twelve years, two children and a dog later, and she’s still
smitten. All this with a guy she sat next to on a bus for 36 hours! She has
toured internationally as a “WAG,” and her experiences inspire her writing.
Ellis’s love of romance began when she was 11 years old,
after a summer spent secretly reading her auntie’s books. She’s been a sucker
for an alpha hero and strong heroine ever since.
An avid reader, Ellis always knew she’d write a book of her
own one day. She was right about that. Following a career spanning advertising,
marketing, and social media, she finally wrote her debut novel, Catching
in 2017.

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Release Boost: Finally Yours (Love & Wine #1) by Claire Raye, Genre: Contemporary Romance/Romantic Comedy is Available Now!


Title: Finally Yours

Series: Love & Wine #1

Author: Claire Raye
Genre: Contemporary Romance/Romantic Comedy

Release Date: October 10, 2019


What do Tim Tams and Jack Wilson have in common? Other than
both being Australian…nothing! One is an amazingly delicious chocolate-covered
cookie, and the other is a total nightmare.
At least that’s how Lauren Somerville feels when Jack and
the cookies walk back into her life fourteen years later.
As much as Lauren isn’t thrilled to see him, Jack is ready
to prove that Tim Tams aren’t the only good thing to come from the Land Down
He may have been an arrogant kid when they met, but time has
been good to him, because now he has the looks to back it up.
But Lauren has the upper hand. As the owner of the world
famous Somerville Winery & Vineyard, he works for her now.
And you know what they say about sour grapes…
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Also Available
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Author Bio
Not only is Claire Raye a really sweet pen name, it’s actually
a pen name for two sarcastic best friends who met through their mutual love of
reading. After bonding over books (and wine and cheese), they decided to take
the plunge and see if they could write a book together and ta dah… The
Rockport Beach Novels
 were born! In addition to their shared love of
food and dropping an occasional (read: a lot) of f bombs, the writing duo that
is Claire Raye like to write about strong sassy females who aren’t afraid to
say what’s on their mind and the overprotective men who fall in love with them.
While Claire Raye’s resting bitch face might be strong, she always makes sure
her alpha males are stranger!
Writing The Rockport Beach Novels has been so much fun, even
if Book 2 needed a shared vacation, a stolen bottle of champagne and far too
much vodka and POG to get it back on track! Both halves of Claire Raye are
married and both of her husbands have a cheeky side that gets plenty of airtime
in her books. From their smart mouths to their witty one-liners, there’s plenty
of material to use for all those alpha males she loves to write about.
While Claire Raye isn’t sure she’ll ever reveal who she
really is – there’s just something about your co-workers knowing you write
erotic love scenes that makes having a pen name that much easier – she’s
definitely going to keep on writing. Plans are already underway for the next
series, which is sure to feature plenty of sass, steam and humor. And of
course, a happily-ever-after!
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Release Boost: Just Roommates by Charity Ferrell is Available Now!


Title: Just Roommates

Series: Blue Beech #5

Author: Charity Ferrell
Genre: New Adult/Roommates Romance

 Release Date: September 19, 2019



The first time we meet, I’m eighteen, and he
kicks me out of his bar.
Two years later, he does it again.
Maliki Bridges is the town’s hottest
He thinks I’m a spoiled rich girl.
I think he has a stick up his ass.
Once I’m old enough to drink, we become
Nothing more …
Until we become roommates.
It’s a bad idea, moving in with him, but any
opportunity I get to be around him I’ll take.
Consequences be damned.


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Free in Kindle Unlimited
Free in Kindle Unlimited
Free in Kindle Unlimited
Free in Kindle Unlimited
Author Bio
Charity Ferrell resides in Indianapolis, Indiana. She grew
up riding her bicycle to her library and reading anything she could get her
hands on. Angst is her happy place, and she loves writing about flawed people
finding love. She loves the basics—books, shoes, and online shopping.
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Release Boost: All For You (Beautiful You #1) by Belle Brooks, Women’s Fiction is Available Now!


Title: All for You

Series: Beautiful You #1

Author: Belle Brooks
Genre: Women’s Fiction

Release Date: July 28, 2019

“I will breathe for you.”
people’s bodies are built to run marathons. Others to lift and labour. And some
are made so graceful their footsteps are barely heard.

My body was built to be a vessel. It was always built for you. 

Maybelline Connors knows stars are not always as faultless as they appear.
She knows life is not permanently concreted into its foundations, and love can
last a lifetime … even when a lifetime is shorter than one hoped.

May has
only one thing left to fight for: her baby. And when the man you love’s heart
is breaking, it can be hard to find the beauty in those stars you once adored.
With life
there is love … and with love there will always be life.


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There is no breeze when my stiletto hits the footpath. The air is stale and lifeless. Like me. I slip each foot out of my shoes and hang them from my fingertips. The path is scorching against the flesh of my soles. I’m not sure why I do it—it could be because the path is far too hot for my skin to bear, or it could be because this is a natural act for me, but I run. I run flat out. Running has always alleviated my tension—it’s probably why I started training for this stupid half-marathon in the first place. My handbag slaps at my sides as my feet pound against the tar. Running usually supplies contentment in my life, but right now I feel numb. There is no contentment—no nothing. Maybe if I run far enough away then I won’t have cancer anymore.



Darting in front of a car, I inhale harshly as I wave my apologies before entering a children’s playground on the opposite corner to the medical centre. Children swing freely. The sound of innocent laughter fills the air. The green grass instantly cushions my boiling feet. I stare at its brilliant colouration when my head drops and my hands grasp my knees.


“It’s okay. Breathe,” I tell myself, trying to slow each breath.
Without warning the grass slowly fades to a haunting grey. I flick my head upwards and my body follows suit. The swings bearing the weight of small children suddenly morph into aged tombstones. This once beautiful playground becomes ugly, as I see only an eerie cemetery. I try to escape the sudden changes, and step forward. My lungs seize, causing me to cough hard, and I gasp. I attempt to inhale air, but it’s not entering my body like it should. A stampeding herd pummels my chest, buckling my torso over, folding me in half once more.
“Breathe, May,” I whisper, right before my legs give way. I fall heavily upon my knees as salty tears flow steadily from my disbelieving eyes. Finally, I draw a needy mouthful of air only to release it again in an injured howl.
Please don’t take my life.


Author Bio
Belle Brooks is the International bestselling author of eight
novels and multiple novellas. She lives out in the country of Queensland with
her incredibly tolerant and crazy family. She writes contemporary romance,
romantic comedy and contemporary women’s fiction ranging from young adult to
adult audiences. She also writes crime and psychological thrillers.
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Release Boost: Dating Roulette by D. Kelly #NewAdultRomance, Release Date: July 9, 2019


Title: Dating Roulette
Author: D. Kelly
Genre: New Adult Romance
Release Date: July 9, 2019
Seven Dates.
Seven chances to win my heart.
It’s not hard –
Don’t put ketchup on your eggs.
Don’t wear tasseled loafers.
For the love of all that’s Holy, don’t ogle the waitress.
See? Simple…
Yet no one can get it right.
Dating Roulette.
It’s Bexley’s game.
Correction – it’s
her life.
A constant rotation of dates.
You might get one; you might get seven.
No one has ever gotten to eight.
There’s only one rule –
Don’t commit a dating sin.
I’ve watched for years and bided my time.
Now, it’s my turn to play.
And I play to win.


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Only $2.99!
She pulls
her feet away, tucking them beneath her, and props an arm on the back of the
couch. After brushing a wayward curl from my forehead, she meets my eyes again.
“What is going on in your head tonight? Talk to me, Tris.”
“Start with
telling me why you made me promise not to date without talking to you first.”
forward, I caress her cheek, and she leans into my touch. “Date me next.”
I use the
tone she calls the commanding one, and her eyes dilate. Fuck . . . it really
does turn her on. How did I never notice that?
that’s a really bad idea.”
“Why? For
starters, you’re my best friend.”
I weave my fingers into her hair, and she moves closer to me. “If it doesn’t
work, we’ll be fine, I promise. I won’t let this get in the way of our
“You say
that now but—”
I bring my
finger to her lips to silence her. “No buts; we’ve been through so much
already. We can handle seven dates.”
assuming you’ll make it to the seventh date.” As I smile, she gasps. “That’s
why you made me promise.”
I’m about
to lay all my cards on the table. “Yes. Bexley, I want my chance to win your
Her eyes
close for a long moment, but my hand is still at the base of her neck, my
fingers entwined in her curls. “I’m scared, Tris. What if you do something
that’s a deal breaker?”
always a possibility, but if I do it in the first six dates, you have to let it
go. If I do it on the seventh, well, that’s a risk I’m willing to take, I
suppose. Either way, nothing is going to come between us. Nothing.”
The air
snaps between us. This has become a defining moment in our relationship, but
it’s one I think, deep down, we both knew was inevitable.
tonight count as our first date?” She still hasn’t opened her eyes.
depends. Do you kiss on your first dates?”
Her eyes
finally snap open, and I’m met with a lust-filled gaze. Damn, I’ve never seen
this look on her, but now I don’t ever want to see her without it. “Sometimes,
I do.”
“Well, if
you want a kiss good night, then we can count this as our first date.
Otherwise, tomorrow can be our first date.”
The rise
and fall of her chest becomes noticeable as her breathing intensifies. She
squirms, and I realize she’s turned on. Part of me wants her to say no, this
isn’t our first date, because I’d love for it to be special to her. But another
part of me wants to take her mouth with mine and kiss her until morning.
“Are you a
good kisser?” she whispers, inching even closer to me. Bexley watches intently
as I lick my lips ever so slightly, moistening what I want to give her.
“I’ve never
had any complaints, but there’s always a first time for everything.” I cup the
back of her neck and pull her closer to me—so close, she’s only a whisper from
my lips. “It’s your call. What do you want to do?”
She moves
forward and presses her lips tentatively against mine. In the course of every
relationship, there is a make-or-break moment, and this one is ours—I feel it
to my core as her apricot scent envelops me. I’m a lost cause.
“First date
it is,” I whisper against them before wrapping my free arm around her waist and
pulling her even closer.
Author Bio
D. Kelly, author of The Acceptance Series, The Illusion Series, and standalone companion novels Chasing Cassidy and Sharing Rylee, was born and raised in Southern California. She’s a wife, mom, dog lover, taxi, problem fixer, and extreme multi-tasker. She married her high school sweetheart and is her kids’ biggest fan.Kelly has been writing since she was young and took joy in spinning stories to her childhood friends. Margaritas and sarcasm make her smile, she loves the beach but hates the sand, and she believes Starbucks makes any day better.

A contemporary romance writer, D. Kelly’s stories revolve around friendship and the bond it creates, strengthening the love of the people who share it. For all things D. Kelly, you can visit her website:

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Release Boost: Midnight’s End: The Fae Games #5 by Jill Ramsower, #ParanormalRomance, Available Now!


Title: Midnight’s End

Series: The Fae Games #5

Author: Jill Ramsower
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: July 2, 2019


Sorceress, enchantress, deceiver, murderer—I’ve been called all those
and more, some that might make you blush. Lucky for me, I couldn’t care less
what people think about me. I’ve had my sights set on one thing for the last
thousand years, and that’s all that matters. I’ll do whatever it takes to find
the cauldron, even if it means taking on a partner. They call him a knight in
shining armor. For me, he’s my golden ticket. He fell into my lap, quite
literally, and now he’s going to help me get what I want.
I don’t play particularly well with others, but he’s the best shot I’ve
got, so I’ll hop on that train and hope it gets me where I need to go. He
thinks he’s going to crack my shell and see what’s on the inside, like maybe
there’s a warm gooey center to make up for the hard exterior. He’s in for a
world of disappointment. Everything soft and delicate about me became rough and
hardened a long time ago. I’m Morgan Le Fay, and I’m the villain in this story.


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“Don’t be absurd.
I’m not having sex in Magda’s house, and I told you it wasn’t happening again,
anyway. I only agreed to fuel your magic that one time, nothing more.” My smile
died as the words came out, and Knight’s playful manner charged to something
The air in the room
thickened, and my heartbeat hammered in my throat. Knight’s lips lifted
seductively as he placed the pad of his thumb against the pulse point on my
“That’s not what
this says. The thrumming of your heart tells me just the suggestion of having
me inside you excites you. You want me as much as I want you. Lucky for you, I
had no plans of ravaging you tonight. The noises you’ll make when I’m inside
you would terrify poor Magda.”
I took in a
steadying breath through my nose, trying not to broadcast how profoundly
Knight’s words had affected me.
“I don’t think we
need to fear her, but I also don’t think she’s so meek as she would have us
believe. She knew about you, that you had suffered. I have no doubt she knew
plenty about me as well.”
His features
hardened, jaw muscles contracting. “Even more reason to be on our guard. Now,
get ready for bed—the sooner this is over, the sooner I can fuck you properly.”
He spun me around and placed a sharp swat on my rear.
I yipped in surprise
and glowered at him, which only spurred him on. We washed up, and while I
stayed in my clothes, Knight stripped to his underwear. Had he been any other
man, I would have openly gawked without any problem. Considering our unique
situation, I didn’t want to give him any ammunition to use against me. He
already knew he affected me, the last thing I needed was for him to catch me
openly ogling him.
Same as the night
before, as soon as I crawled into bed, Knight yanked me against him. I glared
back at him with as much annoyance as I could muster.
“You know, not
everyone likes to sleep all smashed together.”
“Whatever,” he
murmured into my hair. “You slept so soundly in my arms last night, your
snoring could have woken the dead. It was a miracle we survived at all.”
I elbowed him in the
gut with indignation. “I do not snore, you giant flea bag.”
Knight burst out
laughing and pulled me in even tighter. His soft chuckle close to my ear made
my skin prickle with awareness. I attempted to remain stiff and surly, but
Knight had a way of withering away my resolve. With his thumb lazily stroking
back and forth across my belly, he whispered to me softly.
“Not only do you not
snore, you’re even more beautiful when you sleep. I hadn’t thought it was
possible, but when you are drifting at peace, you look like an angel.”
For so long, I had
accepted my reputation and played my part well. I fed into the rumors, and
people saw me as a heartless bitch, treating me as such.
To some extent, I’d
begun to believe it was true.
Until I’d met
He made me remember
the person I used to be. Even more confusing, he made me wonder if I wanted to
be her again. He made me think and feel a lot of things—all of them complex and
terrifying. I wasn’t sure what to do with any of it. I certainly wasn’t ready
to share those feelings—nor the tear that slipped from my eye at his words.
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All free in Kindle Unlimited
Author Bio


Within a year of self-publishing her first book, Jill Ramsower quit her
job as an attorney and dedicated her days to churning out romantic adventures.
She likes to think of her books as contemporary romance with a touch of
fantasy—at its core, her writing is about the connection between two people.
Sometimes that connection involves a little magic…
With Jill’s books, you can count on confident heroines, plenty of
steamy tension, and deliciously assertive leading men. There are no guarantees
in life, but with her books, you know everything will work out in the end.
However, a perfect ending would not be nearly as satisfying without a seemingly
insurmountable challenge. Jill loves to add plenty of adversity in her stories,
creating unforgettably dynamic characters and sneaky plot twists you will never
see coming.
Jill is a Texan, born and raised. She manages the hectic social
calendars for her three active children and occasionally spends an evening with
her dashing husband. Aside from being an author and a mom, she’s a travel
junkie and loves to read when she is not lost in her own stories.
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