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#CoverReveal ~ “Shot in the Dark” by Marie James, Series: A Blackbridge Security Novel; Book 2, Genre: Romantic Suspense, Available for Pre-Order! ~ @authrmariejame @rrrpromotion @readreviewrpt

Shot in the Dark by Marie James


Available for Pre-Order!

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Series: A Blackbridge Security Novel; Book 2

Genre: Romantic Suspense




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As an IT expert and hacker extraordinaire, Wren Nelson is no stranger to discovering all sorts of secrets online.


He’s a warrior… when he’s behind his computer, that is.


And awkward at best in social situations.


His long hours with Blackbridge Security don’t really provide many opportunities to go out and meet people.


So what is he supposed to do when a wrong delivery — a questionable large box of bedroom toys — ends up in his hands instead of its intended target?


Online stalking has always been his go-to to accumulate information on people, but only seeing Whitney through digital displays isn’t enough. Approaching her doesn’t seem like the best plan either.


What he doesn’t know is that this woman is possibly the only one in existence able to give him a run for his money.



#PreOrder Now! ~ “A Duke Never Forgets” Series: The Duke Hunters Club, by Author: Bianca Blythe, Genre: Historical Romance, Release Date: July 30, 2020 ~ #BiancaBlytheAuthor @EJBookPromos

Title: A Duke Never Forgets

Series: The Duke Hunters Club
Author: Bianca Blythe
Genre: Historical Romance
Release Date: July 30, 2020
Cover Design: Angela Waters


When the duke trying to evict Genevieve and her family from their cottage gets amnesia, Genevieve’s mother declares that the duke and Genevieve are… married.
Sebastian, the Duke of Sandridge, has been looking forward to holidaying at his cottage in Cornwall. He is disgruntled when he discovers the cottage has been rented, and he is furious when he discovers the cottage has been rented to a woman he despises.
After Genevieve’s father encountered financial difficulties, her mother took Genevieve and her younger brother to Cornwall, far from their home in the Lake District. Genevieve is determined to keep her family’s new home, even after a grumpy duke demands to take the cottage away from Genevieve and her mother.
Still, when Genevieve witnesses the duke have a swimming mishap, she rescues him. When the duke wakes up, he has lost his memory. Her mother quickly announces that Genevieve is married to this man. Will the duke ever know that the woman he considers his wife is not only not his wife, but a woman he has always abhorred?






“He’s moving, Mama!” A high-pitched voice sounded beside Sebastian’s ear, and he shifted irritably. 
Whoever said children sounded like angels had been mistaken. 
Footsteps plodded through the room, as if a miniature elephant were roaming about it. Perhaps one of his friends had brought a foal or other animal into his house. It wouldn’t be the first time one of his friends from the now-defunct Hades’ Lair had decided to play a prank on him. 
No doubt, there was no small child here either. Just one of his friends, testing his falsetto abilities. 
Sebastian grudgingly opened his eyes. He blinked. Normally, when Sebastian opened his eyes, he gazed upon a particularly naughty French painting:
Venus in Repose. The white plaster before him was an imperfect replacement. Sebastian rather missed Venus’s soft, rounded curves and the manner in which her skin glowed on the silky strands of verdant grass the painter had depicted her on. 
Where on earth was he?
His head ached. Pain ripped through it, accompanied by an odd pounding, as if some tin miner had crawled into his head and had decided to dig his way out, armed solely with his hammer and chisel. 
Well, the horrible pain rather explained things. Obviously, he’d managed to get absolutely drunk last night. 
He scrunched his forehead together. Clearly, the public house needed to improve the quality of their spirits. They must have sold him firewater, at a potency that even he couldn’t be expected to drink unscathed. 
He would have to speak with the manager immediately. 
He nodded. If his head pounded in such a ferocious manner, then others’ heads must also pound in a ferocious manner. It was only polite to inform them of where they were going wrong. 
This bed, certainly, was imperfect. It was lumpy. He wriggled in it. Yes, it was decidedly lumpy. Clearly, they hadn’t changed the feathers in years. What sort of establishment used old feathers? He shook his head. Obviously, this place lacked standards. 
“Mama! Mama!” the boy called. “Genevieve!”
Sebastian frowned. Was this public house run entirely by females?
No doubt, this person’s mother was simply a servant here. 
Footsteps approached him. 
Sebastian didn’t bother to turn his head. Turning his head would be painful, given his outrageous hangover. 
“Can you please bring me some coffee?” Sebastian asked. 
“See? He’s talking,” said the high-pitched boy again. 
“How marvelous,” said a female voice. 
Sebastian shifted uncomfortably in the bed. Most of his friends said Sebastian was always quick to take an opportunity to brag, but he wondered whether he might have met someone even quicker to give him compliments than himself. 
Talking was an activity he’d mastered by the time he was two, and he’d just been increasing the frequency of his use of multi-syllabled words since then. Perhaps Sebastian hadn’t given himself enough credit for that achievement, and he flashed a beatific smile at the maids who approached. 


Born in Texas, Wellesley graduate Bianca Blythe spent four years in England. She worked in a fifteenth-century castle, though sadly that didn’t actually involve spotting dukes and earls strutting about in Hessians.
She credits British weather for forcing her into a library, where she discovered her first Julia Quinn novel. She remains deeply grateful for blustery downpours.
Bianca lives in California with her husband.



Series Re-Reveal ~ Arcadia High Anarchists Series by Author Max Henry, Genre: High School Bully Romance, Pre-Order for “Done Deal” is available, all other books in the series are Available Now! ~ @MaxHenryAuthor @GiveMeBooksPR



Title: High Horse

Series: Arcadia High Anarchists #0

Author: Max Henry
Genre: High School Bully Romance

Cover Design: Max Henry



When my father was
led away in handcuffs, I thought nothing could be worse.
But with the sins of the father comes penance. It didn’t matter that he wasn’t
guilty. It didn’t matter that he did everything he could to right the wrongs.

Without our wealth and the status that it brought, our life as we knew it is

Little did I know, the worst is yet to come.

HIGH HORSE is a 19,000 word prequel novella to the Arcadia High Anarchists



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Title: Good Girls

Series: Arcadia High Anarchists #1

Author: Max Henry
Genre: High School Bully Romance

Cover Design: Max Henry

Boys versus
girls. Those who have it all versus those who’d do anything to get it.
I was one
of the Chosen. Four girls, and four boys, destined to have it all: wealth,
status, and a future. Now, I find myself on the other side looking for a way
back in.
My father’s
criminal case meant we lost it all. Forced out of our home, our city, our life,
we started anew in a sweet country town called Arcadia.
after one day as “the new girl” I know there isn’t a single sweet thing about
Arcadia High. Trouble brews amongst the student body. Love, lies, and betrayal.
And when the consequences spill out the decorative gates? 
spoilt country kids won’t know what hit them after the city come to collect.
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Title: Bad Boys

Series: Arcadia High Anarchists #2

Author: Max Henry
Genre: High School Bully Romance

Cover Design: Max Henry

Williams: Good Girl.
At Riverbourne
Preparatory, that title made me desirable. All a rich boy wants is a pretty and
obedient woman on his arm. And I was most definitely both of those things.
But at
Arcadia High? Being a good girl made me a target. I became a trophy for the
spoilt, an end-of-year reward for those willing to play the game: bad boys.
Each side
wants me so the other can’t have me. Schoolyard bullies who fight over the same
damn toy.
The city
kids have arrived to reclaim what’s theirs, and the country? Well.
Those boys
sure don’t give in without a fight.
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Title: Rich Riot

Series: Arcadia High Anarchists #3

Author: Max Henry
Genre: High School Bully Romance

Cover Design: Max Henry

The truth
is out, the battle lines drawn. What started as a fight between city and
country, escalated into a battle of good versus evil—those with a conscience
against those whose greed grows stronger.
Turn a
blind eye to the sins or leave.
I’ve made
my choice, and now I intend to ruin the tyrants who stayed.
But first,
I need to get my brother back.


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Title: Loyal Love
Series: Arcadia High Anarchists #4
Author: Max Henry
Genre: High School Bully Romance
Cover Design: Max Henry
and reborn, a fire burns within me. 
Yet the
closer I get to making Riverbourne pay for what they did, the less satisfied I
feel. Revenge is a lonely, complicated, and ultimately impossible road if, like
me, you’re tired of hurting those you care about.
Can I
reclaim what love remains? Or I have I gone too far?
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Releasing July 31
Author Bio
Born and
bred in Canterbury, New Zealand, Max now resides with her family in beautiful
and sunny Queensland, Australia.
Life with
two young children can be hectic at times and, although she may not write as
often as she would like, Max wouldn’t change a thing.
An avid
lover of stories from a young age, she enjoys nothing more than to get lost in
the pages while the characters dictate what direction she takes. Her favourite
genre to write is young/new adult and the events in her stories may or may not
be related to real life experiences (only she will ever know for sure).
In her down
time, Max can be found at her local gym brainstorming through a session with
the weights. If not, she’s probably out drooling over one of many classic cars
on show that she wishes she owned.


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#CoverReveal ~ “Encircled in Darkness” by H.J. Marshall, Genre: Romantic Suspense, #PreOrder Available, Release Date: July 21st 2020 ~ #HJMarshallAuthor @rrrpromotion @readreviewrpt

Encircled in Darkness by H.J. Marshall
Available for Pre-Order!
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Follow the Author
Have you ever loved someone so much that you willingly walked into the darkness to save them?
What if someone crawled into the dark with you and offered you a way out?
I made a deal to save my sister and became ensnared in a world filled with depravity, finding comfort in the dark recesses of my mind. The wicked feelings deep within can overtake you if you’re left without light for too long, and I reveled in the merciless world that equally thrilled and frightened me.
He accepted the darker parts of me, the shame and regret, and made a deal to save me. He brought me back into the light, learning to twist my delights to his will, destroying the shameful fragments that remained. Redeeming me with his touch, he destroyed the pain that tore through my heart.
He was a dangerous man who became my monster and my hero, recognizing the wicked parts of me and welcoming them. Knowing what lived in the dark recesses, he understood me in way nobody ever had, guiding me, and helping me find myself. When old enemies return, I’m faced with the choice to hide in the shadows or stand and fight. They expose painful secrets that shake the foundation of my existence, threatening to destroy me from the inside out.
This is the story of how I walked into hell, only to be drawn out of the darkness by the most dangerous protector of them all.



#PreOrder #NewRelease ~ “Den of Vipers”  by Author K.A Knight, Genre: Contemporary Reverse Harem/Dark Romance/Mafia Romance, Release Date: July 10, 2020! @K_AKnight @EJBookPromos

Title: Den of Vipers 
Author: K.A Knight
Genre: Contemporary Reverse Harem/Dark Romance/Mafia Romance
Release Date: July 10, 2020

Ryder, Garrett, Kenzo, and Diesel—The Vipers.

They run this town and everyone in it. Their deals are as sordid as their business, and their reputation is enough to bring a grown man to his knees, forcing him to beg for mercy. They are not people you mess with, yet my dad did. The old man ran up a debt with them and then sold me to cover his losses.

Yes, sold me.

They own me now.

I’m theirs in every sense of the word. But I’ve never been meek and compliant. These men, they look at me with longing. Their scarred, blood-stained hands holding me tight. They want everything I am, everything I have to give, and won’t stop until they get just that. They can own my body, but they will never have my heart.

The Vipers? I’m going to make them regret the day they took me.

This girl? She bites too.

K.A Knight is an indie author trying to get all of the stories and characters out of her head. She loves reading and devours every book she can get her hands on, she also has a worrying caffeine addiction.She leads her double life in a sleepy English town, where she spends her days writing like a crazy person.




#PreOrder “Dare to Hope” Double Dare Romance Series (Book 1) By Madison Michael. Release Date: July 9th 2020. @MadisonMichael_ @ReviewbyCrystal

Dare to Hope
Double Dare Romance Series (Book 1)
By Madison Michael
Maddy is offering a few lucky readers the chance to win an ebook of Dare to Hope from ibooks or another ebook format. Please use the Rafflecopter below to enter! You may enter each day for a chance to win so be sure to follow along with us on the Pre-Order Tour.
♥♥Pre-Order Details ♥♥
Dare to Hope is now available for Pre-Order on B&N, Apple Books or Kobo. After it’s release it will only be available on Amazon, so Hurry! Go Pre-Order your copy if you prefer these formats for reading.

About Dare to Hope: 

She’s Betting on Love and the Stakes are High

The “Crazy Eights,” eight women who have been friends for 30 years, have a powerful connection yet rarely see each other. At a pivotal time in their lives, they create a way to remedy this predicament, an audacious dare contrived to bring them together for weddings – each participant must get married within twelve months. The stakes are high. Win the bet and lose your heart; or lose the bet and perform a personally mortifying task.

In the first of their stories, we meet Eliana, beautiful and brilliant, but starting over, focused on her career, not on some foolhardy dare. Longing for a family but recently divorced and on her own, Eliana sets her sights on a new job, a new home and accepting her single, childless status. Independent and determined, she has no idea that in less than six months she will both win and lose her heart’s desire.

Jeremy Klein, genius engineer and inventor, is also making life changes. He’s sold his startup to a major medical device company, becoming President and CEO, and a billionaire before he is forty. Although he’s gun-shy about the dating game, Jeremy knows it’s time to apply his smarts, sex appeal and new-found success to finding true love.

When Eliana meets Jeremy, they bond quickly. The couple has so much in common and a chemistry that sizzles. Winning Eliana feels like a fantasy come true to Jeremy. Their attraction is immediate and electrifying, and a one-night stand morphs into planning a future. But plans change. On track to wedded bliss, baby and all, Jeremy and Eliana are derailed by accusations that threaten their relationship, Eliana’s career and Jeremy’s future as CEO.

Spies, lies, allegations and misunderstandings abound, threatening to destroy their happiness. That is, until those “Crazy Eights” get involved, scheming and manipulating to win Eliana her happily ever after. Can a group of determined friends help Eliana and Jeremy hold onto love?

In the tradition of The Beguiling Bachelor Series, Madison Michael creates a romance series about independent and sassy women, sexy and successful men, true love, and lasting friendships.

Genre: Steamy Contemporary Romance

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An Excerpt from Dare to Hope:

His grin was devastating up close – wide and welcoming, with a hint of naughtiness and the promise of shared pleasures. But it was his eyes, deep coffee brown and fringed with long dark lashes that were his best feature; piercing, intelligent and inquisitive eyes, trained on her.
Please, God, Eliana prayed quickly, do not let this man be the new sales manager. It would be lamentable if she had to keep him at arm’s length. He was the first man Eliana had felt drawn to since Nico. If she was honest with herself, he was the first man she had ever felt this attracted to so immediately. It was enough to make her believe in love at first sight or fate.
“Hi,” he stepped closer, ignoring the empty stool beside her to halt just inside her personal space. Usually, Eliana would have reflexively backed up, but she savored his closeness, the power emanating from his presence. Even in this stuffy bar, he smelled good – fresh, like soap and good whiskey. And up close, his eyes were more magical – a hint of gold dancing in their depths.
“Hi,” she responded on a breath, letting the single word hang there for a moment before adding “You aren’t in sales, are you?”
“Nope.” If he thought it was a strange conversation starter, he kept it to himself. “Engineering and design, although I have dabbled in sales. I could be in sales for you,” he offered in a voice smooth as brandy, redolent with sexual promise and a hint of curiosity. She laughed at his offer. “Are you in sales?”
“Yes, I am. I was thinking of what a crime it would be if you turned out to be my new boss. I’m meeting him tomorrow.”
“Jeremy,” he responded, extending his hand to shake hers. “Not in sales. Is your boss named Jeremy?”
“Thankfully, not.” Eliana extended her hand, savoring the moment as Jeremy wrapped his long fingers around hers. She noticed there was no wedding band as she admired the strength and length of his fingers, the fine hairs on the back of his hand, and his grip – warm and dry. His skin was soft over fine bone and healthy muscle. Everything about him captivated her. “Eliana.”
Jeremy seemed in no hurry to release her hand, but after several beats too long for politeness, Eliana pulled hers from his. “Is this seat taken?” he asked, already sitting down, not thinking twice about it. “Or perhaps that table against the wall? I am anxious to learn why you don’t know who you work with, Eliana.”
Eliana laughed and watched as Jeremy’s breath stopped. His every emotion was transparent, especially the desire flaming in his eyes right now. A passion she reciprocated. Wholeheartedly. She couldn’t remember such an instantaneous attraction. But with Jeremy, she felt electricity and lust move through her entire body, just from the touch of his hand and the sound of her name spoken in his rich baritone.
“Eliana,” he rolled the word around his mouth as if tasting a fine wine. “What a lovely name.” Eliana panties dampened. He was just saying words, but their underlying promise was undeniable. She wanted to be alone with him. She wanted to be naked with him. And all she knew was his first name.
Eliana nodded toward the table, questioning her sanity. She was sure about what this man wanted, but after only minutes, her body governed her head. Jeremy spoke briefly with the bartender, passed him a fifty like it was a single, and motioned for her to lead the way to the empty table. Before they had settled in their chairs, both had fresh drinks. Earlier, the bartender had responded to her beauty with decent service and half-hearted flirting, but he reacted with alacrity to the big tip.
“So, spill,” Jeremy directed, leaning forward on his elbows and putting his mouth dangerously close to hers. Just a few inches, Eliana imagined, and they could be kissing. “I am dying to hear your story. I want to know absolutely everything about you.” The way he lingered on the word ‘everything’ made Eliana wetter still. Oh man, she was in way over her head.

Meet Madison Michael:

Madison Michael loves to binge news, movies, books, Oreos and romance – reading romance novels, writing romantic stories, watching Rom-Coms over and over. Maddy has spent her self-isolation fretting about the health of her friends and neighbors and catching up on TV programs from ten years ago. Hunkered down with her cat, Gracie, and a Zoom life-line to the world, she is wondering how people date and social distance, how much junk food she can consume in a day and why Gracie only wants to play when Maddy needs to work.

Oh, and Madison is also hard at work on the rest of the Double Dare Romance series. Watch for more of the series in Autumn and Winter, 2020.

Madison’s Social Links:

All Caught up on Madison’s Books?

The Beguiling Bachelor Series – 
Four Successful, Sexy Men meet their matches – and how!
The B&B Billionaire Books – Second Chance at Love stories set in small town America
Standalone Stories – from Sweet Time Travel to Sexy May-September Romance
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#PreOrder #ReleaseBlitz “Devious Savior” Series: Vicious Vipers MC Book #6, by Author Lynn Burke, Genre: MC Romance, Release Date: June 25, 2020 @AuthorLynnBurke @EJBookPromos

Title: Devious Savior
Series: Vicious Vipers MC Book #6
Author: Lynn Burke
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: June 25, 2020
Cover Design: Designs by L
Cover Model: Matt Zumwalt
Photographer: FuriousFotog


I was responsible for my soulmate’s death, and twenty years later, the demons of guilt still try to suffocate me. Drowning them with liquor doesn’t work, so I run, leaving everything—my colors, my brothers, and my addictions behind.




Fate brings me to a place that matches my dried out soul—Vegas.
A ray of pole-dancing sunshine breaks through my darkness, giving me hope for a future. An independent, stubborn woman, Casey doesn’t need me to be her knight in shining armor, but I can’t give up my addiction to her.
She’s an inescapable temptation. A curvy glass of thirst-quenching water. And she’s off limits, under the protection of the Vegas Chapter.
When Casey’s life is placed in my hands, will my lies and her manipulation be our undoing or will facing our insecurities save us both?
*This is the sixth book in the Vicious Vipers MC series and may be unsuitable for someone under 18 years of age. HEA guaranteed, however, secondary characters make appearances in other’s stories. Reading in order is recommended.


Lynn Burke is a full time mother, voracious gardener, and scribbler of spicy romance stories. A country bumpkin turned Bay Stater, she enjoys her chowdah and Dunkin Donuts when not trying to escape the reality of city life.



#CoverReveal ~ The Bratva Blood Series: “The King” “The War” #ComingSoon & “The Soldier” is FREE! From Author SR Jones, Genre: Dark Mafia Romantic Suspense, #PreOrder Available, @skyejromance @GiveMeBooksPR


Title: The King

Series: Bratva Blood Duet #1

Author: SR Jones
Genre: Dark Mafia Romantic Suspense

Cover Design: Obeithion Covers

Photo: Wander Aguiar

Model: Quin

Release Date: June 25, 2020


They say all is fair in love and war, but he never played
The call him the king.
He’s not my king.
He’s my tormentor, my captor—my secret dark desire.
In the brutal Bratva world, to be a king means to wage
endless war.
I’m about to be collateral damage.
I must hope my captor wins as the alternatives are horrific.
After all, to the victor goes the spoils.
Pre-order Links
99c for a limited time!
Title: The War
Series: Bratva Blood Duet #2
Author: SR Jones
Genre: Dark Mafia Romantic Suspense
Cover Design: Obeithion Covers
Photo: Wander Aguiar
Model: Quin
Release Date: July 23, 2020
I took her to protect her. To keep her safe.
Now, she wants more.
She wants to claim my heart.
She says she will fight for me…for us.
Trouble is, I don’t know if I have anything left to give.
He took me to keep me safe.
My captor, my protector, my lover.
I want more, he’s a Bratva king, and every king needs his
My heart is on the line, but I won’t give up the fight.
Love is war when it comes to the two of us, and this is one
war I will win.
Pre-order Links
Also Available
FREE on all platforms!
Author Bio
Hi guys.
I’m Skye, a paranormal and contemporary romance author from rainy Northern
England. I write Paranormal romance as Skye Jones, and steamy dark romance as
S.R. Jones.

The one thing my books in both genres have in common are gritty themes, and
alpha heroes who are damaged but oh-so-redeemable!

When I’m
not writing, I’m either walking my dogs, drinking coffee, or watching my fave
TV shows such as The Sopranos, McMafia, and Little House on the Prairie, yep I
have eclectic taste!
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#PreOrderBlitz “It’s a Work Thing” Series: Executive Suite #1, by Author Michelle Karise, Genre: Contemporary Romance, Release Date: June 23, 2020. @MichelleKarise @EJBookPromos

Title: It’s a Work Thing
Series: Executive Suite #1
Author: Michelle Karise
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: June 23, 2020



They call me the King of Dynex, architect of the company’s crown jewel: the world’s largest scientific website. Half the company loves me, the other can’t stand me—when you’ve got your sights set on bigger things, it comes with the territory. Bonus: My ice-cold reputation hides my broken heart.
If Dynex pulls off its upcoming public offering, my best friend and I will be swimming in corporate stock, free to launch our own company. Now more than ever, I need to be focused. I don’t need a distraction like Jasmine Carmichael, a gorgeous consultant with honey-almond skin and a killer smile.
Ever had any luck with dating apps? No? Girl, same. I don’t play games. One, my travel schedule as a consultant doesn’t allow it. And two, at the first hint I’m an old-fashioned girl in search of romance, I’m ghosted.
I shouldn’t be attracted to six-three of citrine-eyed, muscular, urban sophistication like Garrett Hamilton. He’s a client, and clients are definitely out of my dating pool. But something about him makes me want to ignore the rules and roll the dice.
I should have remembered corporate games never end well—especially when you gamble with your heart.





Michelle Karise is a St. Louis-native who lives with her temperamental Shih Tzu, Rooney. The sassy, Type-A personality is a member of several professional organizations, notably the Romance Writers of America. 


Travel, martinis, and wit are her jam and nuance is her butter. She constructs stories featuring intelligent female leads and the confident and strong men that love them. Sometimes the hero and heroine don’t do what she wants, but she is always confident that love will prevail.



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