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“When We Are Old” Series: If We Were… #2, by Author Anna Bloom, Genre: Contemporary Romance. *The complete duet is Available Now! #ReleaseBlitz @annabloombooks @GiveMeBooksPR



Title: When We Are Old

Series: If We Were… #2

Author: Anna Bloom
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: June 20, 2020
Ronnie Childs has questions.
What happens now she and Matthew Carling have crossed the
line into love?
Can they survive the enormous pressure that turning a
lifelong dream into reality entails?
And what happens when fate sends them a curveball neither of
them expects?
Matthew Carling has questions of his own.
How can he protect his boys from the bitter battle with his
What happens now he’s given everything up for memories and
Can he and Ronnie survive when life keeps throwing all it has
at them?
When things get real and playing grown-ups loses its charm,
will reality make them both ache for the past? Will their promise to love one
another even when they are old become one of the most difficult promises
they’ve ever tried to keep? The prize of forever has never seemed
further away.
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I sighed. Three days of perfection.
Reading my sigh, he pulled me around and caught my face softly in his hands,
cradling me like I was a rare gem he was scared to lose. The sun slanted across
his face, his dark hair lifting in the breeze, the strands of black lit with unexpected
fiery hues of red. His lips lowered to mine, dark lashes fluttering against his
cheekbones, and I held my breath, filled with an expectation that could make me
explode. A deep and never-ending wanting that ate at my bones until I was weary
with the needy ache.
“Marry me.” His question slipped into
the air, rushing out to sea and mixing with the salt and brine in the air.
My chest heaved, caving with delight. I
gasped a lungful of air, wide eyes meeting his.
With all my heart a yes pounded within
me, it rushed in my veins, desperate to hit the surface and make itself known.
Another kiss, firmer, pushing for entry.
I opened my mouth, his hot tongue slipping against mine, one of my favourite
things. He cradled my head, tilting me with a mastery that made me a puppet in
his hands.
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Author Bio


A book hoarder and coffee addict by heart Anna Bloom loves
to write extraordinary stories about real love. Based south of London with her
husband, three children and a dog with a beard, Anna likes to connect with
readers, fan girl over her favourite authors and binge watch Supernatural and
Superhero movies while drinking lots of wine.
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“For the Love of a Bear” Series: For the Love of Shifter Series #2, by Author Sunny Mawson, Genre: Paranormal Romance; #PreOrder Now! Release Date: June 11th 2020! ~ @sunnymawsonauth @EJBooksPromos

Title: For the Love of a Bear
Series: For the Love of Shifter Series #2
Author: Sunny Mawson
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: June 11, 2020
Calla Stirling is living a humble life in the Breagha Oidhche Wolf Pack in Scotland when her teenage life is turned upside down by her would-be mate. She knew a mate would present himself in the future, but what she didn’t expect was the gruff Russian bear Sergey Patrushev, Vojak of Clan Chislennost. 
Off to a rocky start thanks to the ill-advised plan Sergey uses to introduce himself to his mate, they have bigger problems than the fact she’s still underage. Sergey needs to get back to his volatile bear clan in Russia, but he won’t be without his mate. Constant strife within his clan, Sergey knows he needs to present a united front with his wolf mate, Calla, regardless of the danger her presence presents to both of them. 
Faced with traitors, Sergey and Calla call upon their wolf allies to help them end the coming war. Only a bond forged in destiny can bring the pack and the clan together to defeat their enemies both old and new.
Sunny Mawson is a Washington based writer who was born and raised in Texas. She is married with three lovely children and one adorable granddaughter. They also have a dog named Panzer who is the best cuddler ever. Except when he has gas. Which is most of the time. Oh well. Married to a sailor, Sunny has lived all over the country, something that factors into her writing a great deal. Working as a Pastry Chef, food plays a heavy influence on her writing as well.



EXCERPT REVEAL! ~ “Prince of Hearts” Series: Verona Legacy #1, by Author L.A. Cotton, Genre: New Adult Romance, Release Date: June 2, 2020!


Title: Prince of Hearts
Series: Verona Legacy #1
Author: L.A. Cotton
Genre: New Adult Romance
Release Date: June 2, 2020
Arianna Capizola is her father’s daughter.
Humble. Hardworking. Honest.
She’d rather spend her days helping at the local shelter
than brushing shoulders with her vain and entitled classmates.
Niccolò Marchetti is his father’s son.
Dark. Dangerous. Deceitful.
He’d rather spend his days getting bloody in the ring than
attending class and keeping up pretences.
When their paths cross at Montague University neither of
them are willing to drop the walls they’ve spent so long building. But he can’t
resist the girl with stars in her eyes, and she can’t forget the guy who saved
her that night.
There’s only one catch.
Nicco isn’t Arianne’s knight-in-shining armor, he’s the son
of her father’s greatest enemy.
He is the enemy.
And their families are at war.
**Prince of Hearts is the first book in Nicco and Ari’s
duet. Due to mature content that some readers may find distressing, this book
is recommended for readers 18+
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“You look
good on my bike,” I said.
And that I
fucking meant.
“Thanks for
the ride.” 
I tucked
the helmet into my chest and gave her a small nod. “You should go inside.” My
eyes flicked beyond her to the door.
“I think
I’ll have to go around front.”
“Your key
operates both doors.”
“Oh, okay.”
Lina rocked on her kitten heeled boots. I couldn’t resist letting my eyes sweep
down her body again. She was everything I could never have. 
I’d never wanted.
swallowed, lifting my gaze to hers. “Go on.” 
Nicco.” Lina smiled.
She didn’t
move. Her eyes didn’t leave me even for a second. Slowly, she walked over to me
and slid her hand against my face. “Thank you, for coming to my rescue again.”
There was a playful lilt in her voice. 
Bambolina.” I smirked but it was wiped away when Lina leaned in, her lips
brushing my cheek. She hesitated just for a second, but it was enough for me to
turn my head and let my lips slide against hers.
Fucking. Mistake.
The moment
I tasted her, everything shifted. All I could think about now was pulling her
down on my bike and devouring her. She tasted too good. Too tempting.
She tasted
like my fucking downfall.
“Nicco.” My
name was a whisper against my lips as I ran my tongue against the seam of her
mouth. My hand slid into Lina’s hair, anchoring her to me as I kissed her
deeper, harder. Her body shuddered, a soft sigh getting lost between us. I
wanted to paint her skin with my lips, brand every inch of her. This wasn’t
even a real kiss. It was fleeting and cautious. But I already knew I wanted
I wanted
everything this girl—this stranger—had to give.
“What are
you doing?” she whispered when I paused, my lips hovering over the corner of
her mouth. “Nicco, what are—”
I jerked
back as if I’d been struck by lightning. “You should go, Lina. I’ll wait until
you’re inside.”
“I see.”
Her lips thinned as she stepped back, putting a thousand miles between us, the
invisible tether between us almost snapping. “Well, I guess I’ll be going
then.” She didn’t hesitate this time. Lina walked away from me with her head
held high, without so much as a backward glance.
It was no
less than I deserved, but it hurt all the same.
I wanted
I wanted
Lina the way I’d never wanted another girl before. But I couldn’t be that guy.
I couldn’t give her hearts and flowers and romance. 
I couldn’t
be the prince she deserved, because my life wasn’t a fairytale.
It was the
stuff nightmares were made of.
Also Coming Soon
Releasing September 2020
Author Bio
Author of over thirty mature young adult and new adult
novels, L A is happiest writing the kind of books she loves to read: addictive
stories full of teenage angst, tension, twists and turns.
Home is a small town in the middle of England where she currently juggles being
a full-time writer with being a mother/referee to two little people. In her
spare time (and when she’s not camped out in front of the laptop) you’ll most
likely find L A immersed in a book, escaping the chaos that is life.

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IT’S LIVE & AVAILABLE NOW!!! ~ “Edge of Forever” Series: On the Edge Duet #2, by Author Jacob Chance, Genre: Romance, #NewRelease

Title: Edge of Forever
Series: On the Edge Duet #2
Author: Jacob Chance
Genre: Romance
Release Date: April 30, 2020

After suffering an unexpected and devastating loss, I return to my job with the FBI and focus on finding the answers I need.
Now, forced to live without the person I’ve come to love the most, I feel more alone than ever.
And if missing Belfast and trying to navigate my life without him isn’t difficult enough, every direction I turn danger lurks–waiting for me.
No longer able to tell friend from foe, everyone is a suspect.
But I won’t stop until the person responsible pays.
Don’t miss the much anticipated conclusion to this explosive duet by bestselling author, Jacob Chance.

Jacob Chance grew up in New England and still lives there today. He’s a martial artist, a football fan, a practical joker and junk food lover.
A writer of sports romcoms and romantic suspense, he plans on providing you with many more stories.



“Edge of Forever” Series: On the Edge Duet #2, Author: Jacob Chance Genre: Romance is Available NOW! #ReleaseBlitz #NewRelease

Title: Edge of Forever
Series: On the Edge Duet #2
Author: Jacob Chance
Genre: Romance
Release Date: April 30, 2020


After suffering an unexpected and devastating loss, I return to my job with the FBI and focus on finding the answers I need.
Now, forced to live without the person I’ve come to love the most, I feel more alone than ever.
And if missing Belfast and trying to navigate my life without him isn’t difficult enough, every direction I turn danger lurks–waiting for me.
No longer able to tell friend from foe, everyone is a suspect.
But I won’t stop until I find the person responsible pays.
Don’t miss the much anticipated conclusion to this explosive duet by bestselling author, Jacob Chance.



Jacob Chance grew up in New England and still lives there today. He’s a martial artist, a football fan, a practical joker and junk food lover.
A writer of sports romcoms and romantic suspense, he plans on providing you with many more stories.



Available Now! Savage Hunter by Lisa Renee Jones, Book One in the Savage Trilogy!





#NEWRELEASE SAVAGE HUNGER by @LisaReneeJones is LIVE!! Start the Savage Trilogy today!

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The first book in a new savagely intense trilogy from New York Times bestselling author Lisa Renee Jones.

Rick Savage, but they call him Savage and for a reason. He can make you laugh and then rip your heart out. No one knows that more than me, Jasmine Marks, the woman he left bleeding from the heart. I loved him. Lord help me, I’ve never stopped loving him.

Now, I’m engaged to another man, a brutal man I’m trapped into marrying, when to my shock, Savage returns home. Savage who I haven’t heard from in years. I want to hate him. I have every reason to hate him, but I can’t. I still love him and I fear he will save me just to leave me bleeding one last time. He stirs my desires, a dark, delicious, and dangerous man destined to hurt me and leave me. This time I’m not sure I’ll survive.



Release Blitz: Damage (Collateral Damage Duet #2) by Natasha Knight is Available Now!



Title: Damage

An Arranged Marriage Mafia Romance

Series: Collateral Damage Duet #2

Author: Natasha Knight
Genre: Dark Mafia Romance

Release Date: October 15, 2019

We’re a
match made in hell, Stefan and I.
He took me
to exact his revenge. I went from being a pawn to my father to being a pawn to
Stefan. The only difference is I have a ring the size of a boulder on my finger
and a husband I don’t want.
And the
hardest part is I thought he was different. I thought I was falling in love.
I guess my
father was right. I’m not a very smart girl.
Stefan is
powerful man. He doesn’t play nice, not if you’re his enemy. But I have learned
one thing about my husband.  
He takes
care of what’s his.
And I am
His enemies
have become my enemies, but he’ll never let anyone hurt me. He’s fiercely
protective. It’s the predator inside that scares me.



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Author Bio
USA Today
bestselling author of contemporary romance, Natasha Knight specializes in dark,
tortured heroes. Happily-Ever-Afters are almost always guaranteed, but she
likes to put her characters through hell to get them there. She’s evil like
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Duet Complete! Truly Yours, Book Two of the Mason and Sophie duet by Kennedy Fox is Available Now! ~ #ContemporaryRomance ~ See below post for my 📝Review📝 👇👇

Truly Yours, the anticipated conclusion of Mason & Sophie’s story is HERE from Kennedy Fox! 
This is a friends-to-lovers roommate romance filled with drama, suspense, and, of course, plenty of angsty slow burn goodness you’ve come to expect in a Kennedy Fox book!



 I knew within moments of meeting Mason Holt that he would change my life forever. I just didn’t realize how much.
As my world spirals out of control, he continues to stay by my side, protecting and taking care of me. Being just friends is all he’s been able to offer, that is until both of our lives are threatened. Now that our relationship is blossoming into something more, I can’t be what he needs even if I wished I could. 
Bad timing strikes again. 
When I think we can finally be together, someone threatens to tear us apart. I’m not the same girl Mason met three years ago, but I’m determined to fight for what I’ve always wanted–him.



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Read Truly Mine Here to Catch Up!

The night we met in the dimly lit bar, she looked like a
brunette bombshell, and I wanted to learn her deepest secrets. With sun-kissed
skin and soulful bedroom eyes, she was pure temptation, and I was mesmerized.
As one drink led to two, I craved more of her playful banter and
taunting lips. Resisting her wasn’t an option, and we quickly became a
desperate mess of tangled limbs and hot kisses. She tasted like the sweetest
sin, but I was no saint.
Once we caught our breaths, and it became obvious that meeting
her wasn’t a coincidence, everything changed. Now I must deny her at all costs.
It’s all we can ever be.
After years of lying to myself and keeping her at a distance, I
want to pull her close. Sophie’s on my mind more than ever as my instincts to
protect her take over. Regardless of my attempts to help, she pushes me away
and makes it clear she doesn’t need me.
I’ll do whatever it takes to keep her safe, to show her I’m the
good guy, but one night takes a tragic turn for the worse when her boyfriend
and I start throwing punches.
And ends when I’m arrested for his murder
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About Kennedy Fox:
Brooke Cumberland & Lyra Parish are a duo of romance authors who teamed up to write under the USA Today Bestselling pseudonym, Kennedy Fox. They share a love of You’ve Got Mail and The Holiday. When they aren’t bonding over romantic comedies, they like to brainstorm new book ideas. One day, they decided to collaborate and have some fun creating new characters that’ll make you blush and your heart melt. If you enjoy romance stories with sexy, tattooed alpha males and smart, independent women, then a Kennedy Fox book is for you! 
Keep up with all their social media platforms for
updates & info!
IMG_7439 (4)
My 📝Review📝: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Fanstastic conclusion as usual by this amazing author duo. I absolutely love Kennedy Fox duets, even if their cliffhangers give me anxiety, lol. Let me say, here, if you haven’t read book one in the duet, you need to stop reading as this review may spoil that first book for you! This duet is not standalone reading and the first book ends in a major cliffhanger.

So, as you know, Mason got himself together to be what Sophie needs. After three long years of fighting his attraction to Sophie, Mason is finally able to move forward with a relationship. Then the cliffhanger! It was very scary to say the least when book one ended. This book opens right where book one ended. And let me tell you that my heart was racing in those first chapters. Yes, it was very bad. Kennedy Fox stopped at nothing to give us an angsty, intense and emotional read. There were some very graphic and frightening moments, so be warned.

When Sophie is finally rescued, the continuation of Mason and Sophie’s relationship was a bit halted because of what she suffered through. And do you know what? I appreciated that because it made the circumstances moving forward more believable. The situation was realistic. Mason and Sophie’s journey to happily-ever-after was easy to believe thanks to the author’s caring and talented writing. Truth be told, I don’t know how I would have gone through what Sophie did and come away with a positive ending. Mason was patient AND he was incredible with how he treated her. He never faltered or wavered in his devotion to Sophie or the future he was determined for them to share.

I don’t want to say anything more because you should experience all the feels on your own. I absolutely recommend this duet as well as the others in the Roommates series. You will not be disappointed.

This is my honest and unbiased review. Thank you for taking the time to read it. 🙂

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Release Blitz: The Boyfriend Collector, Two (The Boyfriend Collector Duet #2) ~ Genre: Contemporary Romance by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff is Available Now!



Title: The Boyfriend Collector, Two
Series: The Boyfriend Collector Duet #2
Author: Mimi Jean Pamfiloff
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: August 23, 2019


From New
York Times
 Bestseller Mimi Jean Pamfiloff comes the STEAMY Part Two
and conclusion of The Boyfriend Collector.
My name is
Dr. Bex Hughes, and I’m in love with a woman who cannot truly love me back.
Unless I help her as my patient, and that is forbidden—a taboo in the eyes of
the world and the worst professional sin for a therapist.
But what
else can I do? Rose was once a real-life Cinderella. Now she’s wealthy, single,
and free. Except she’s convinced that love is used to hurt people, family tries
to murder you for money, and no one can be trusted. It’s all she’s ever known.
So I’m
bending every rule I’ve ever lived by and helping her find her way to real
happiness. Only, my self-control wears thin as I hear the details of Rose’s
dating adventures. Can I prove I will love her unconditionally before my
jealousy shatters her trust in me forever?
(Part Two
of Two)


Purchase Links
Also Available
FREE for a limited time!!
Author Bio
PAMFILOFF is a New York Times bestselling author who’s sold over one million
books around the world. Although she obtained her MBA and worked for more than
fifteen years in the corporate world, she believes that it’s never too late to
come out of the romance closet and follow your dreams.
Mimi lives
with her Latin lover hubby, two pirates-in-training (their boys), and their
three spunky dragons (really, just very tiny dogs with big attitudes) Snowy,
Mini, and Mack, in the vampire-unfriendly state of Arizona.
She hopes
to make you laugh when you need it most and continues to pray daily that
leather pants will make a big comeback for men.


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