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#CoverReveal ~”The Curve Ball” Series: Indianapolis Lightning #2, by Author Samantha Lind, Genre: Contemporary Sports Romance, Release Date: June 18, 2020 ~ @samanthalind1 @GiveMeBooksPR



Title: The Curve Ball
Series: Indianapolis Lightning #2
Author: Samantha Lind
Genre: Contemporary Sports Romance

Cover Design: Juliana Cabrera, Jersey Girl Design

Photo: Eric Wainwright

Model: Eric Janicki

Release Date: June 18, 2020

I had the
perfect bachelor’s life.
greatest job in the world, all while being paid millions to do it.
Until I
became a dad overnight.
My world
turned upside down, 
I went from
ballfields and bars to dirty diapers and bottles. 
I turned to
my best friend for help but ended up with his little sister.
Now, all I
want is the one woman I can’t have.
She’s the
curveball I never saw coming.
The one
woman I’m willing to commit to and change my old ways for.
I just have
to show her that we can be a family.
was my fresh start.
A new place
near my family. 
When my
brother’s best friend ended up with a surprise baby dropped on his doorstep,
I was the
perfect nanny for the job.
was falling into place,
If only I
could keep my mind and hands off the playboy baller dad.
Working for
someone you are attracted to is hard.
But when
he’s your brother’s best friend and you live with him?
Talk about
changed him, but is it enough to give us a chance at a happily ever


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Author Bio
Samantha Lind is a contemporary romance author. Having spent
the first 27 years of her life in Alaska, she now calls Iowa home where she
lives with her husband and two sons. She enjoys spending time with her family,
traveling, reading, watching hockey (Go Knights Go!), and listening to country
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#CoverReveal ~ “Corrupt” Series: Beautiful Sinners Series Spin-Off, by Author Elena M. Reyes, Genre: Romantic Suspense/New Adult, Release Date: June 24, 2020 ~ @ElenaMReyes @EJBookPromos

Title: Corrupt
Series: Beautiful Sinners Series Spin-Off
Author: Elena M. Reyes
Genre: Romantic Suspense/New Adult
Release Date: June 24, 2020
Cover Design: T.E. Black Designs


Corruption is the key to success and I’m the collector of all debts.
The first time I laid eyes on my little flower, she was dressed up—a beautiful temptation wrapped in perfection that I wanted to own. Possess. To take away from the pseudo perfect life that reeks with the narcissistic chains—the demands—holding her down.
She’s a pawn.
The daughter of my enemy.
Solimar Quintero is the future Mrs. Alejandro Lucas and doesn’t even know it. She isn’t aware that the man she smiles at—taunts to come closer—is a criminal. A wanted man. A nightmare for his enemies and her future.
I always get what I want.

Elena M. Reyes is the epitome of a Floridian and if she could live in her beloved flip-flops, she would.

As a small child, she was always intrigued by all forms of art: whether it was dancing to island rhythms, or painting with any medium she could get her hands on. Her passion for reading over the years has amassed her with hours of pleasure, but it wasn’t until she stumbled upon fanfiction that her thirst to write overtook her world.

She’s a short and sassy Latina with an adorable pup, a kiddo that keeps her on her toes, and a husband who claims she’ll cause him to go bald prematurely. Lol



#CoverReveal ~ “Summer With You Anthology” Genre: Contemporary Romance Release Date: July 1, 2020 ~ Featuring 25 Authors! @EJBookPromos

Title: Summer With You Anthology
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: July 1, 2020
Cover Design: Wildheart Graphics

Each season is special. Autumn comes with crisp weather, warm hues, and pumpkin-spice-everything. Winter has snow, and cozy family gatherings. Spring comes with fresh promise as all the colorful plants come roaring back to life. Summer, though? Summer comes with its own kind of magic. Sunshine, heat, road trips, vacation, and the promise of summer love.
Summer with You is dedicated to all the magic of summer. An amazing group of authors have come together to share deleted scenes from novels you love, prequels, and even peeks of upcoming stories. The common thread weaving these stories together is the fun, heat, and magic of summer.
We hope you enjoy this collection, and in these pages, you find your next favorite author, along with great stories from those you already know and love.


Jennifer Woodhull
Chiquita Dennie
Anna Brooks
A.K. MacBride
Casey Hagen
Bella Emy
Heather Slade
Jessa York
Rene Webb
K.L. Humphreys
Claire Raye
Eva Charles
Alexia Chase
April Canavan
Stacey Lewis
Kelsey Cheyenne
Rachel Leigh
Harlow Layne
Terra Kelly
CG Burnette
Jasmin Miller
Krissy V
Denise Wells
Rachel Radner
Ellie Masters
Hope Irving


#CoverReveal ~ “Winning My Best Friend’s Girl” by Piper Rayne, #ContemporaryRomance with humor, Release Date: July 21st 2020! #AuthorPiperRayne #PiperRayneRocks @WildfireMarketing1

Release Date: July 21

Imagine lying in a hospital bed and the doctor who pulls the curtain back to treat you is the one who got away. Even if you never really had her in the first place. She’s not only your high school crush, she’s the ex-girlfriend of your ex-best friend. The one girl you’ve always wanted.
Here’s a step-by-step list to finally win her over…
Key to win #1:  Try not to take offense that she snuck back into town without telling you—six months ago.
Key to win #2: Rekindle the friendship to ease the awkwardness. But… DO NOT enter the friend zone.
Key to win #3: Ignore the fact that she went speed dating the night before. Take it as good a sign—maybe she’s looking for a relationship.
Key to win #4: Attempt to keep the two of you out of the town gossip blog and away from your large family.
Make sure you don’t let this last one throw you off your mission. 
Key to win #5: Don’t get deterred when you find out the past is about to repeat itself. Because the man she met at the speed dating night is your best buddy from work.
Just remember, you sat back and let her slip away once, you won’t do it a second time. 
Failure is not an option.

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Meet Piper Rayne: 

Piper Rayne, or Piper and Rayne, whichever you prefer because we’re not one author, we’re two. Yep, you get two USA Today Bestselling authors for the price of one. Our goal is to bring you romance stories that have “Heartwarming Humor With a Side of Sizzle” (okay…you caught us, that’s our tagline). 

A little about us…. We both have kindle’s full of one-clickable books. We’re both married to husbands who drive us to drink. We’re both chauffeurs to our kids. Most of all, we love hot heroes and quirky heroines that make us laugh, and we hope you do, too. 

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#CoverReveal ~ “Shameless Vows” Series: A Shameless Love Novel #2, by Author Katherine L. Evans, Genre: Contemporary/Dark Royal/Suspense, Romance Release Date: July 7, 2020 ~ @romancebykle @EJBookPromos

Title: Shameless Vows
Series: A Shameless Love Novel #2
Author: Katherine L. Evans
Genre: Contemporary/Dark Royal/Suspense Romance
Release Date: July 7, 2020
Cover Design: Flirtation Designs

When we fell in love, he was royalty. When our wedding day arrived, he had become a nightmare. And I became his prisoner.
As children, he promised to protect me for as long as he lived. As teens, we fell in love and promised each other forever. He was the love of my life. Then he disappeared without a trace.
Ten years later, he shows up at my family’s estate, wielding his royal title and influence over my father like a weapon.
Malachi Sterling, the Duke of Corwick, transformed from a tender, sweet boy who held my heart in his loving hands, into a steely-eyed, sinister man who purchased my life and freedom with the sweep of a pen.
Ten years after promising to marry each other, Malachi and I stand before God and our power-hungry families as we exchange vows.
“I, Isla Sofía Reyes, take thee, Malachi Sterling, to be my wedded husband.
To have and to hold…”
To be ensnared and possessed.
“In sickness and health…”
In selfishness and torment.
“To love and to cherish…”
To defy, and despise, and make him rue the day we met.
“‘Til death do us part.”
‘Til the day I can finally uncover the secret that changed him forever.



#CoverReveal ~ “Like You” Series: Redwood High #2, by Author Rachel Leigh, Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance, Release Date: June 25, 2020 #Author RachelLeigh @GiveMeBooksPR



Title: Like You
Series: Redwood High #2
Author: Rachel Leigh
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance

Cover Design: RL Kenderson, RL Covers

Release Date: June 25, 2020


I’ve got
everything going for me—the grades, the scholarship, the goals. I’ve had it all
planned out for years. Then she came along. On the outside she has it all
together—on the inside she’s damaged goods. She needs me. I just have to decide
if she’s worth everything I’m about to lose.
I came to
this town to escape the claws of my past. A simple life in a small town—I just
want to live under the radar and blend in. I was doing just that until Knox
caught my eye. They say when you know, you know—that we can’t help who we fall
in love with. The rules are pretty simple, so why am I breaking them all? I’m a
teacher, and he’s my student—this can’t end well. More than just rules are
going to be broken. I just hope his heart can be mended when it’s all said and


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I shift the old beater in drive and peel out as quick as I
can, leaving a trail of smoke in my path. The smell of burning rubber fills the
car and it isn’t until I round the corner that the smoke diminishes. Behind me,
just like my life—my past. With only the duffel bag riding co-pilot, and the
stash of money I was able to get from the safe. 
It won’t be long until he’s on the phone with all of his
goons to start the search for his missing property—me. At least that’s the way
I have lived my life for the past few years, as a prisoner. His prized
possession that he kept up on the shelf, out of reach and displayed with the
utmost prestige. 
If I so much as wore the wrong color, he’d lose his fucking
mind. I never went down without a fight, and when I did, I fought hard. I’m
pretty sure that’s what he liked the most, feeling the wrath of my bitterness.
He felt it alright, with the head of a golf club, straight to the balls. I hit
him so hard that he’s probably choking on them right now. 
None of it matters anymore. 
I drive for what feels like hours, though it was only two.
Those two hours have put enough space between myself and the life I lived that
I feel confident enough that it’s safe to pull into the next rest stop. My
stomach growls as I take a sip of my cold coffee. 
I pull into the first space available and my eyes search the
parking lot, just to be sure he didn’t follow me. 
The coast is clear.
I reach over and unzip the black bag and pull out my wallet,
pulling out my new i.d. Claire Hyland—my new identity. Just the last name,
anyways.  I’ve been working on the name change for a while, with the plan
to take off as soon as everything finalized. It’s the only way I can leave and
not be found. I still can’t believe Jorge pulled this off in time. The car, the
room to rent, and the interview. Apparently he has some connections with a
well-known family from Redwood. It just so happens that they were in need of an
art teacher. 
I’m forever in his debt. He’s my best friend and the only
person who knows that I left, let alone, where I’m going. 
I pull out the papers he printed for me on the job. 
Redwood High School
Long-term Art Substitute 
I’ve never taught before. I don’t even like kids, let alone
hormonal know-it-alls—but, there isn’t much out there with an arts degree.
A temporary teaching position is the perfect way to live low-key, for now,
Also Available
99c for a limited time!
Free in Kindle Unlimited
Author Bio
Rachel Leigh resides in West Michigan and has three
beautiful children with her husband of eleven years.

Rachel overuses emojis and lol. Coffee is her guilty pleasure, paired with a
nice alpha hero romance novel. Writing is her passion. Her goal is to brighten
at least one person’s day with the worlds she creates between the pages of her



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📝Review📝: “Lone Star Homecoming” (Texas Justice, #5) by Justine Davis, Genre: Contemporary Romance, My Rating is 5 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Stars! ~ Release Date: June 11th 2020


Lone Star Homecoming
Texas Justice Book Five

Justine Davis

Genre:  #ContemporaryRomance

My Rating:  5

Cover:  5

POV:  Third-person alternating perspectives

Publication:  June 11th 2020

Read:  May 24th 2020  *Review copy provided by Tule Publishing Group

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He’s haunted by one mistake…

Kane Highwater has been on the run for over a dozen years, since he was sixteen. And every step of the way he’s carried the weight of what happened the day he left Last Stand. He’d reacted in fear and anger, and it had cost him everything.

He stirs her heart in a way she never imagined…

Lark Leclair admires the Highwater clan for many things, including how they’ve never stopped searching for their missing brother. As a former Child Protective Services worker, she understands better than most why he’d run. But when she spots Kane in a crowd at a national reining competition where her friend — his sister — is competing, it will take all of her experience, compassion and instincts to convince him to stay.

Their attraction is immediate, but Kane is certain he can never regain his place in his legendary family. Can Lark convince him that with her by his side, it’s not too late for a fresh start?




img_7439-31 (1)

📝My Review📝: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Fantastic! Amazing storytelling! I loved everything about this all-the-feels novel!

Most readers have that one special book they are anticipating. I actually have several, however none has had me as impatient with the release of Lone Star Homecoming.. This is the last Highwater sibling to have his story told, to finally have his happy ending. And in my opinion, there is no hero, for me, that I  have read of this year that deserves it more. If you read any of the previous books in the Texas Justice series then you already know why I feel that way.

Kane Highwater has been missing, on the run for thirteen years due to a family tragedy that he blamed himself for. I won’t go into details here but I will remind you that in these amazing books we read, situations are often not how they appear. But for Kane, he saw the situation only one way. He lived and struggled for a long thirteen years believing he was guilty. Maybe he was a bit. Maybe he wasn’t. This author will have you loving and even protecting Kane no matter the outcome because he was so deserved of good things. Thirteen years of believing a certain way will play havoc on your mind when all the truths are revealed. Sometimes the truth is hard to deal with mentally and as a result, Kane was an emotional wreck, an intensely complex character. He couldn’t trust the love he was given by his family; Kane was in fear of what would come to end to the years of torment he was gone.

This book, or I should say this series has amazing characters. I love all the Highwaters and their significant others. Additionally, in this last book of the series, I appreciated the presence of everyone, the love and loyalty they all had for Kane. I especially loved Lark Leclair.

Lark was in social services by profession. She was caring, loving and protective of those she helped, especially children. When Lark finds herself face to face with the missing Highwater, one look at him opens all kinds of feelings. First and foremost, she was protective of Kane and became his liaison with the family. Lark knew that if they weren’t careful, Kane would run. And this time, if he ran, they had no doubt it would be for good. As I mentioned earlier, I won’t give away any spoilers. Every second of this angsty conclusion is worth the wait. If you’re like me, then you’ve been waiting for Kane for what feels like forever. Also, if you’re like me, you will be thrilled with the resolution.

One more aspect I’d like you to know is that while this book wasn’t lengthy, all the feels were there. Nothing felt rushed to me. I loved the anticipation of what was to come and nothing I’ve read in recent months left me feeling so relieved and whole-hearted than Lone Star Homecoming.

I definitely recommend this book. While it can be read on its own, I truly believe you will have an even better reading experience if you read the previous books in the series. Even if you just read the two books prior you will love everything about Kane Highwater’s happily-ever-after.

This is my honest and unbiased review.  Thank you for taking the time to read it!

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#CoverReveal ~ “The Rivals” by Author Vi Keeland, Genre: Standalone Contemporary Romance, Release Date: July 13, 2020 @AuthorViKeeland @ViKeeland @GiveMeBooksPR



Title: The Rivals
Author: Vi Keeland
Genre: Standalone Contemporary Romance

Cover Design: Sommer Stein, Perfect Pear Creative

Photo: Walter Chin

Model: Tobias Cameroon

Release Date: July 13, 2020




The feud
between Weston Lockwood and me started at the altar.
neither of us attended the wedding, and the nuptials happened decades before
either of us was born.
grandfathers had been best friends and business partners, at least up until my
grandfather’s wedding day—when his bride-to-be blurted out she couldn’t marry
him because she was also in love with Weston‘s grandfather.
The two men
spent years fighting over Grace Copeland, who also happened to be their third
business partner.  But in the end, neither man could steal half of her
heart away from the other.
they all went their separate ways.  Our
grandfathers married other women, and the two men became one of the biggest
business rivals in history.
Our fathers
continued the family tradition of feuding.
And then Weston and I did, too.
For the
most part, we kept as much distance as possible.
Until the
day the woman who started the feud died—and unexpectedly left one of the most
valuable hotels in the world to our grandfathers to share.
Now I’m
stuck in a hotel with the man I was born to hate, trying to unravel the mess
our families inherited.
As usual,
it didn’t take long for us to be at each other’s throats.
Lockwood was everything I hated: tall, smart, cocky, and too gorgeous for his
own good.  We were fire and ice. 
But that
shouldn’t be an issue. Our families were used to being at war. There was just
one minor problem, though.   Every time
Weston and I fought, we somehow wound up in bed.


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Author Bio

Vi Keeland
is a #1 New York Times, #1 Wall Street Journal, and USA Today Bestselling author.
With millions of books sold, her titles have appeared in over a hundred
Bestseller lists and are currently translated in twenty-five languages. She
resides in New York with her husband and their three children where she is
living out her own happily ever after with the boy she met at age six.
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Other Books by Vi Keeland

















#CoverReveal ~ “Kiss and Tell” A Dirty Heroes Collection Novel, by Author Jo-Anne Joseph, Genre: Dark Romance, Release Date: June 1, 2020, @jjosephauthor @GiveMeBooksPR



Title: Kiss and Tell
A Dirty Heroes Collection Novel
Author: Jo-Anne Joseph
Genre: Dark Romance
Release Date: June 1, 2020




Heir to a crumbling empire.
And engaged to a woman he loathes.
Then he meets the girl with the violet eyes,
best friend of his wife to be.
The more she resists him,
the more his dark desires consume him to claim her.
Green with envy,
driven by lust,
one kiss is all it will take to ruin everything.



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I leave the dining
room and walk down the passage I know leads to the guest condos. Before the
entrance to the wing she’s staying in, I notice a curtain flapping in the
breeze and I spot her standing out on the balcony, her dark hair blowing around
her. Like a sea siren, I think, everything about her calling out to me. I walk
up behind her, caging her with both my hands on either side of her waist. She
stiffens against my chest, and immediately turns in my arms, her eyes wide,
beautiful, everything.
“What the hell are
you doing here?”
“I’m supposed to
apologize.” I tell her. The smell of lavender from her hair surrounding us.
“Whatever for?
Entitled assholes like you can say and do whatever they want right? I have had
my fair share of that growing up.” She places her hands on my chest and pushes
against me, but realizing she’s up against a brick wall, makes her drop her
hands to her sides.
I lift my hands to
her face, cupping one cheek, I trace my fingers over her lips and she sucks in
a breath. “You make me want to anger you, so I can extinguish those flames in
your eyes. I want you to look at me, the way you look at him. Like you don’t
hate me.” We both know who I mean.
“He’s not an asshole
like you are.” She bites back.
“How would you know?
I’ve known him my entire life.”
“No-one is as cruel
as you are, Sai.” When she says my name, my mouth quirks upon its own accord.
There’s anger in her gaze, but there’s want too, need, desire, and all the
things I want to claim as my own. My hand slips down the side of her dress,
resting on her hips, my fingers digging into them.
“I’m cruel, guzel. I
hurt you, but I can also make you feel things like no-one else can.” My hand
traces up her dress, and I cup a breast. “I can make you scream my name, I can
make you fall to your knees.” I whisper and she shivers. My hands continue down
the length of her body.
“Tell me to stop.
Tell me to leave you alone, but mean it. If you don’t mean it, don’t say a
“Stop.” She says
breathlessly. My hands lower, until it reaches the hem of her dress. I grip her
silk thighs and I’m suddenly heady with the bourbon and the scent of her.
“You’re lying. I
know when you’re lying. You can’t look at me.”
“This is not real.
This is not real.” She whispers and I smile at her.
“What isn’t real Prensesim?”
“You, me, this?”
“But I’m here, and
you are, and I’m making you feel things you’ve never felt before.
“I dreamed about
it.” Her eyes are closed, her lips parted.
“So you do dream
about me?” I run my nose along her lobe. “What do you dream, guzel?” I whisper
in her ear, placing a kiss on her earlobe. My fingers continue to caress her
thighs, moving much higher than it should. I don’t fucking care. She sucks in a
breath and I lean in and lick along her neck. She tilts her head, granting me
“That you were-” she
whispers. “Touching me.”
“Do you want that?
Me, touching you, right here, now, for the world to see?”
“I-” She’s fucking
lost in euphoria and I know I’m the only one who can make this woman feel like
this. “It’s wrong.” She whispers.
I bunch up her dress
right there on the balcony, anyone can walk out here and see, but I’m
entranced. The fact that she’s dreaming about me makes my dick strain against
the material of my pants. I cup her sex, and her panties are already soaked.
Her eyes fly open, violet orbs that plead for me to stop and proceed all at
once, I rip them off with one hand. “Be very quiet.”
Slipping my hands
between her slit, I rub my finger over her clit, then circle it. She moans
against my chest, and it’s the sexiest sound. “Do you like this?” She feels
soft velvety to the touch and I want to taste her on my tongue. I want to hurt
her, but my desire to taste her is stronger.
She nods, and I drop
to my knees, I put one slender thigh over my shoulder and dive right in,
lapping her sweet cum, as I push a finger into her, crooking it until she cries
“Oh, God.” She
“Shh, or I’ll stop.”
She grips my hair, tugging me between her thighs. I start to suck on her clit,
knowing it’ll drive her crazy. She tastes like my favorite dessert. I curl a
finger inside her while sucking her clit into my mouth and her legs shake as
she orgasms in my mouth. I ravage her juices until she comes down from her
high. She looks down at me, her eyes wide. I stand, and pull her dress down.
“I’m keeping this,” I tuck her panties in my pocket, and disappear inside,
winking at her astonished face over my shoulder.
I return to the
dining room, and Ravi and Amelia stare at me. Amelia is taking her seat. “Is
she okay?” Amelia’s voice is laced in malice.
“I wouldn’t know. Didn’t
find her.” Amelia’s eyes meet mine and I know she’s seen me devour her friend.
The thing is she doesn’t give a fuck. She hates me as much as I hate her. Ravi
stares at me knowingly. “You just couldn’t help yourself, could you?”
I smirk, my mind
made up. I’m going to have my little guzel, one way or another. I just have to
play this game with caution. The fact that I know she wants me too is going to
make it a whole lot harder to stay away. I dig into the crème Brule set in
front of me, but nothing compares to the one I just had. 



Author Bio
Jo-Anne Joseph is a USA Today Bestselling Author of
contemporary romance, romantic suspense, and psychological fiction. Along with
a passion for writing, she is an avid reader, wine lover and foodie. Her lifelong
love affair with words started at a young age. She’s a business professional,
and lives in Johannesburg, South Africa with her husband, their son and fur
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