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#BookTour ~ “Past Hurts” Series: Sizzling Miami Book 1, by Author Jessie G., Genre: M/M Romantic Suspense, Release Date: June 24, 2020 (2nd edition) ~ @JessieGBooks @EJBookPromos

Title: Past Hurts
Series: Sizzling Miami Book 1
Author: Jessie G.
Genre: M/M Romantic Suspense
Release Date: June 24, 2020 (2nd edition)
Cover Design: Andrew Reyna
Before they can get back together, Alaric and Davin will have to unravel the secrets that tore them apart.
Abandoned by his mother and raised by a judgmental, homophobic father on the unforgiving streets of Overtown, Davin Monroe knows a lot about survival and little about love.
As heir to the family business, Alaric Bennett’s innate strength makes him the pillar upon which the family problems fall, but leaves him emotionally abandoned by those that need him.
One chance meeting and five beautiful years together do not prepare them for the dark, depraved jealousy threatening their hard-earned happiness.
Now a killer has forced Detective Monroe to face the past and the only man his heart has ever wanted. With only one shot at redemption, Alaric is determined to uncover the truth and bring his lover home for good.
Before they can get back together, Alaric and Davin will have to unravel the secrets that tore them apart. But will the truth be enough to heal their past hurts?
Past Hurts is the first suspenseful novel in the Sizzling Miami Series. Originally published in 2014, Past Hurts has been rewritten and expanded, adding more than twenty thousand words to the overall story. If you love mystery and second chance romance, then you’ll love this newly expanded version by Jessie G.
“Are you going to say something or just stare at my ass until dinner’s done?”
Holy shit, he had been staring at that ass and who the hell could blame him? Didn’t he know firsthand how fine that ass looked and felt? “What the fuck, Ric? What are you doing here? How did you get in?”
“Cooking dinner so we can eat before we run, and I have a key,” Alaric answered without turning and continued to move food around a frying pan as if he had the first fucking clue how to cook. He never cooked or rarely ever cooked in the years they spent together.
Dumbfounded, Davin wasn’t sure he heard correctly. “You have a key?”
“Yep.” The spatula-free hand gestured toward the small breakfast bar. “It’s over there with my wallet if you want to take it.”
Obviously, there was no point in bothering. “You have copies.”
“Of course, I do.”
Of course, you do. You are Alaric Bennett and locked doors just magically open for you.
Then the rest of his words registered. “We aren’t running anywhere.”
“You didn’t come home to run?” Alaric finally looked over his shoulder, one perfectly sculpted eyebrow lifting as if to say, ‘who are you trying to kid?’ That subtle arrogance directly affected Davin’s libido and Alaric knew it. “Right. That’s what I thought.”
“If you came here to talk…”
“Do I look like I want to fucking talk?” Slamming the spatula on the stove, Alaric turned, reached out and curled a hand around the back of his neck, shrinking the already small space between them to nothing. “Or that either of us is ready for that conversation? You need to eat, you need to run, and you need to sleep. In that order. Go get changed.”
“Ric.” Davin was appalled to hear the helplessness in his tone, the one that begged Alaric to complete the embrace and finally give him a safe place to rest.
“Go get changed, Davin, now.”
With their foreheads touching, Davin could see that he wasn’t the only one all tied up in their emotions. That Alaric, who had always been so strong, was barely holding it together. In that moment, Davin realized he expected Alaric to take the news of his brother’s death, delivered by an ex-lover, the way he did everything else. With strength and stoicism, do what needs to be done and never show any emotion. Except with Davin, Alaric never hid them, and it was ridiculous to think he would start now.
No, they weren’t ready for that conversation and Alaric was right about what he needed, so retreat seemed the obvious choice. This—the dinner, the pretense of caring about what he needed—was nothing more than a way to ease some guilt. Maybe if he let Alaric get it out of his system, they could both move on.
“Yes, Ric.”
Like many readers, the dream of being a writer has been with me a long time. After three decades of trying, I’d begun to doubt. Thanks to social media, I followed my favorite authors hoping to glean some words of wisdom as I pounded out half-formed ideas with alarming regularity. Two repetitive themes emerged: to be a great writer you must read a lot and your butt must be in the chair every day like it’s a job. The more you write, the easier it will be to write and the better you will be at writing. I took that advice to heart and write every day. With three series in the works and a full schedule of releases planned for the next two years, it’s been amazing to have made this dream my reality.
I am a firm believer in marriage equality, love at first sight, power dynamics, and happily ever after. I’m a lover of strong secondary characters, and series filled with families—biological or chosen. All are themes you’ll find throughout my books.



#SpotlightTour ~ “Blackheart” The Wild Ones, Series: Jokers MC #1 by Author Jessie Cooke, Genre: MC Romance. Released: May 12, 2020! #AuthorJessieCooke @EJbookPromos

Title: Blackheart: The Wild Ones
Series: Jokers MC #1
Author: Jessie Cooke
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: May 12, 2020


Evan “Blackheart” Babineaux is a hard-working, hard-partying, playboy who has spent most of his life as the President of the infamous Jokers, a 1% MC, set deep in the swamps of New Orleans. 


Blackheart was raised in the swamps, as wild as the cattails that grow there and the alligators he’d learned to wrestle even before he was old enough to drive.
The swamps were also where he first lay his light blue eyes on Sally, the love of his life…and a dead body that neither of them would ever be able to forget.
New Orleans is known across the nation as a melting pot of cultures, its rich Cajun culture, its music, and its non-stop party atmosphere. It’s also known for its tales of voodoo, spirits, witches and vampires.
Evan and Sally will learn at a tender age that monsters are more often human than not, and there would be two human monsters lurking in the shadows that would have a heavy hand in shaping both of their lives.
The first installment of The Jokers is the story of Evan and Sally. From two kids who knew they were soulmates, to two tangled paths that have finally come to an intersection in life.
It’s the story of two hearts that have beat as one for decades…and the one man who is hellbent on destroying it all.


Eleven-year-old Sally’s face was contorted with terror and her throat visibly vibrated with the scream she was holding back, as she reached out her hand. Twelve-year-old Evan, probably fighting harder than Sally was to control his emotions, took it. It was the first time Evan ever held hands with a girl that wasn’t his mother, or one of his sisters…but as much as he loved Sally, and he knew he was going to marry her someday…Evan also knew that this wasn’t going to be a moment either of them ever looked back on as “romantic.” What they were looking at on the ground was horrific, even for the kids who had been born and raised in the wilds of one of the least known about and most misunderstood places on earth.Evan Babineaux and Sally Guidry were born and bred along the banks of the largest swamp in the world, the Atchafalaya. Stretching out over 1.4 million acres, and located deep in the heart of Louisiana, the Atchafalaya holds more mystery, and guards more secrets than the jungles of the Amazon. The Atchafalaya was not only home to the two children and their families, but it also housed over sixty-five species of reptiles and amphibians and over two hundred and fifty species of birds. It’s a place where panthers, black bear, bobcats, nutria, mink, fox, muskrat, beaver, otter and raccoon live in states of both harmony and war. It can be a spooky place even in the daylight when the cypress trees with knurled roots protrude just far enough above the water to throw off the sun and give the illusion of lurking predators. Or it can be mysterious at night when the symphony of sound coming off the water plays background for the feathery wisps of Spanish moss, dangling and fluttering against the black sky or under the light of a full moon, looking like a ghostly apparition, as it searches for a suitable cypress bough to call home.

Evan and Sally were children who didn’t startle easily. They knew which animals to avoid, what areas to stay out of, and even which plants they could pick to eat, and which ones might kill them if they were only to reach out and brush their fingers against the leaves. They’d been sent out at times with baskets to pick the medicinal plants that their mothers and grandmothers used to make medicine that kept them and their siblings alive, and they’d been sent out with shotguns to secure something for dinner on the eves when their daddies got too drunk after a day on the river and forgot to come home. They grew up as part of remnants of a civilization as yet untouched by the hands of the modern outside world, without things like electricity or telephones. They were the offspring of Acadians who had settled upon the rapidly sinking earth, eventually cohabitating and mating with the blacks and the whites like the French, who had come to the swamps for the same reasons the Acadians had…to live, love, and create life in a place that even the hands of time seemed unable to touch. They created families, and their own language, and their own culture, twisting and binding what they’d each brought with them until they’d created their own vibrant and colorful culture unlike any other.

The people who reared Sally and Evan, and those that came before them, weren’t rich in dollars and material things, but their souls were rich and their bodies hearty and it took a lot to rattle or even startle them…but nothing either child had seen or heard in their short time on earth had prepared them for what they’d stumbled upon that day. The silence between them was almost deafening before Sally finally said:

“Should I go get Paw Paw?”

“No.” Evan didn’t hesitate. Sally’s grandpa was the last person they needed there. Evan wouldn’t tell Sally, but like the rest of the community, he thought the old man wasn’t really right in the head. He would want to chant some black magic, voodoo bullshit that wouldn’t do any of them a lick of good. Evan knew what they needed at that moment was a grown-up with a cool head, and the only man the boy knew who fit that description to a perfect “T” was his own Paw, Jean Luc Babineaux.

“I’ll get my Paw,” he told her. Evan started to release Sally’s hand, but he felt her grip onto him tighter almost simultaneously. In a voice he usually reserved for one of his little sisters when they woke out of a nightmare he said, “It’s okay, Sal. I’m not gonna leave you. The mud’s deep here. though, so hang onto my belt loops—I’ll need my arms to get us out of here.” Evan had learned young that while walking in the bayou, upper body strength can be just as important as lower. He used his arms to reach out and grab onto the trunks or boughs of the trees that surrounded them, and use them as leverage to pull his feet out of the deep, sucking mud so he could move forward with another step. Sally clung onto him and although she was tiny, made his journey back out of the little cove they’d been exploring that much more difficult.

Evan was covered in sweat by the time they broke through the thick trees and long, tall lines of cattails, onto the dirt road that led to the river’s edge. Evan’s family home was there, situated among a dozen others. It was the place where he and all three of his sisters had been born, and his father before him, and his grandfather before that. It was small and cramped and occasionally his father had to use cement blocks to keep the front porch from dipping so far down on one side that it looked like a ramp. But it was home, and as soon as Evan saw it, some of the terror that had been digging its claws into the boy’s soul began to ebb slowly, like a tide as it left behind the soft, wet clumps of sand on the beach.

“Paw!” Evan yelled, taking Sally’s hand again and beginning to run toward the house. His father’s voice caused him to stop halfway and look toward the old boat docks.

“Evan! Come on and help me here, boy! Grab that duct tape over there.”

Evan would have told his Paw that his news was the type that couldn’t wait, if Jean Luc wasn’t at that very second straddling the broad back of what looked like a seven-foot alligator. Evan looked at Sally and mouthed, “Sorry,” before releasing her hand, grabbing the roll of silver tape off the porch railing, and running toward his dad and the ginormous reptile. Normally watching his Paw take down a gator fascinated Evan. He was in awe of the 6’6″ three-hundred-pound man who could rock a baby to sleep at 2 a.m., pull in a two-hundred-pound cage of crawfish, and wrestle an alligator before the sun came up every morning. Most days Evan wanted to grow up to be just like him…Jean Luc Babineaux was King of the Bayou, and that notion made young Evan proud.

“Get ’em, boy! You gonna stand there and watch him eat me, or what?” his Paw snapped, and brought the boy out of his thoughts and back to the task at hand. Pulling about two feet of the silver tape loose from the roll, he crept closer and while his Paw continued to wrestle the behemoth, Evan wrapped the tape around its jaws, not stopping until he’d used half the roll.

“Good job!” Jean Luc said, hardly out of breath. He patted the still angry and twisting gator on its side and said, “I ought to just ride him into town now!” Evan was sure no one would be surprised if he did. His Paw had a reputation in town, so much so that the townsfolk were almost disappointed if Jean Luc walked in like a “normal” man and didn’t leave them something to talk about for days, weeks, months, or even years afterwards. Such a day was a rarity though, and even at forty years old, Jean Luc hadn’t run out of ways to shock them. “Help me get him into the cage now.” Jean Luc sometimes killed the gators he caught, and the meat was used to feed their family and many others. But other times, when he was able to get a hold of a specimen as big and pretty as the one he was riding, he took them to a “Gator Ranch,” a sanctuary that was a popular tourist destination. The gator would live out the rest of its life there on the ranch, amusing the visitors by simply lying lazily on the banks of the man-made ponds and waiting for its daily feeding. Evan felt sorrier for those than he did the ones they killed and ate. He had never been caged or fenced in, but just the thought of it made the boy feel like it was hard to breathe.

“Evan…” Sally still looked shaken, maybe even more so after watching Evan and his dad subdue the gator.

“Give me one more minute,” Evan told her. He did what Jean Luc asked, and helped him push the angry, uncooperative reptile into the large cage that Jean Luc would then load onto his boat. When that was done and the cage door locked up tightly Evan finally said, “Paw, me and Sally saw something out in the cove…”

Jean Luc looked like he was waiting for the boy to go on, and when he didn’t, Jean Luc said, “Well, I gotta get that gator delivered before dark, son, so as long as it ain’t nothing that’s gonna eat us in our sleep, I best get to it.” Evan was shaking all over, and he knew he had to tell his father…but the words were sticking in his throat and Jean Luc was already sliding the cage onto the boat when Sally finally said:

“Mr. Babineaux! There’s a lady in the cove…a dead lady, without a head.”

That froze the old man in his tracks. At last he straightened up and looked from his son to Sally and back again, taking in their faces and obviously unsure if this was a silly, albeit sick, little pre-adolescent game, or if they were in fact telling the truth. When his dark blue eyes landed on his son’s face for a second time, Evan nodded. “It’s true, Paw…it’s a naked lady, and she’s dead.”

Jean Luc frowned. “You said her head was gone?” The children nodded and still looking thoughtful he said, “Look like animals did it?”

“No, Paw, it looks like it was sliced off, and she ain’t been there too long because the animals ain’t really got to her yet.”

“Fuck me,” Jean Luc said, his expression remaining neutral. “I reckon I should go out and have a look. Can you kids show me exactly where you found her?” The children nodded, and with the gigantic alligator in tow in his cage, Jean Luc took them out toward the cove in the boat, stopping and tying it along the muddy banks when the kids told him to. The three of them climbed out and while Evan quickly led his Paw toward the spot, Sally held back, looking unwilling to see it again. Evan didn’t blame her. His rush was more about passing the responsibility of the horrible discovery onto his father and taking it off his skinny young shoulders. When they reached the spot where the part of a lady still lay, half submerged in the mud and muck, Jean Luc and Evan stood side by side, staring down at her. Seconds passed, or maybe even minutes, before once again Jean Luc said, “Fuck me. I reckon we’ll have the government up our butts now for a while.”

The government wasn’t something the Cajun people who lived in the Atchafalaya Swamp welcomed, especially into their homes. But insofar as Jean Luc and his family strove to live off the grid, the man had a strong sense of right and wrong, and Evan had known before they even made it out there that Jean Luc would know what the right thing was to do. Evan watched his old man’s face as he stared down at the woman. Anyone else looking at him would see nothing…a blank canvas that could be interpreted in any number of ways. Jean Luc’s expression was the same whether he was singing a French lullaby to one of his babies, or skinning a gator, or shooting a wild hog. Evan always wondered if emotions were afraid to cross the path of the big man’s face, but what he’d learned in the years as he grew from a babe in his father’s giant arms to his sometimes-reluctant sidekick was that the answer to everything was in Jean Luc’s blue eyes. Every emotion the man felt was there, and now as Evan stared up at his Paw, he saw the horror there, the compassion, and the worry. Evan knew the worry would be for his own wife and daughters, and the wives and daughters of his neighbors. Evan’s Paw taught him an infinite number of things. He’d grow up learning how to work hard. He’d know how to fish, hunt, fight, love, provide for and protect his family. But the ability to do any of that without letting the rest of the world know what you were thinking as you did it, that was the one thing Jean Luc taught his son that Evan used most to shape his future.

* * *

It was over thirty years since that day in the swamps when Evan looked down into the eyes of the man responsible for leaving that poor woman to rot in the mud or be eaten by predators. But as he looked down into the man’s terrified brown eyes, not a soul in the room could have even guessed what he was thinking.

“Bonjou, Christoff.”

The man on the floor may not have known what the big, dark-haired, blue-eyed, heavily-tattooed man looking down at him was thinking either…but he obviously knew enough about the man to be very afraid. In an almost inaudible, shaky voice the brown-eyed man managed to squeak out, “Bonjou, Blackheart.”


Jessie Cooke writes hot romance novels about tough guys, bad boys, bikers, fighters and lovers and the women of strong character who tame them.




1-2020-Jokers-001 (1).jpeg


#BookTour ~ “Into Their Woods” A Shifter Romance by Author Beckett Riley, Genre: Erotic Romance (Paranormal/Shifter Short Story) is Available Now! #AuthorBeckettRiley @EJBookPromos See below for my Review 👇

Title: Into Their Woods: A Shifter Romance
Author: Beckett Riley
Genre: Erotic Romance (Paranormal/Shifter Short Story)
Release Date: June 1, 2020


Living in a rickety old cabin in the woods she bought to renovate, beautiful ex-ballerina Kat knew this was the life she was meant for. If only she had a map when she got lost during a leisurely walk. The wolf stalking her isn’t helping matters either.
Brothers Brodie, Lucas, and Finn are scorching hot, territorial bear shifters living in seclusion with one thing on their minds; finding a mate.
When Kat lands on their doorstep after narrowly becoming wolf dinner, the term “being eaten alive” takes on a whole new meaning as she’s been mated to all three gorgeous men who want nothing but to fulfill her every need. Can these shifters contain the raging beasts within? More importantly, does Kat want them to?

“This short read is smoking hot, full of love and alpha males that take what they want.” -Spunky N Sassy book blog

“A lot of fun and packed a lot of heat.” -Booked Every Night Blog

“Quick and dirty! If you love Insta-love, fated mates, and super hot alpha males who growl, this is the book for you!” -Neshaisabookworm

BrodieMy brothers and I each grabbed a deer carcass from the bed of the pickup truck and walked over to the shack at the side of the cabin. We’d have enough meat to last the whole winter, so today should’ve been a good fucking day, but there was something else eating away at us. “Better get to it, fucker,” I said to Finn with a smirk, dropping a carcass onto the stack for him to dress.

“Fuck you,” spat my little brother.

By little, I mean youngest of the pack because he was built like a fucking boulder. We all were. I was the oldest and tallest, biggest cock, too, but my brothers would go to their graves before ever admitting it. We’ve lived in the woods our entire lives and for years searched for mates, but to no avail. After last season, our frustration reached fever pitch. Here we were, mate-less thirty-something-year-old bear shifters. The only thing that gets me through the shit show that’s winter is the thought that I’ll find her. The one. My one. She’s all I think about, and even though I’ve never even met her, I love her. I have dreamed of her, though. I’ve never told my brothers because the jokes would never end. But I have. She has dark auburn hair and milky white skin I can almost taste. And don’t get me started on her tits. Jesus fucking Christ. Just thinking about them bouncing while I fuck her makes me hard. I could practically feel my bear trying to claw itself out. When I find her, I’m gonna bury my cock deep inside her tight little pussy and fill her with my seed. There’s something else. In my last dream, she was kneeling over a cracked mirror. She looked so fucking sad as she tried to put the pieces back together—it broke my heart. I woke up the next morning and decided I’d make her the biggest and prettiest fucking mirror I could. I took all the panels I could buy in the nearest town and mounted them along the wall in my room. I’ve been carving the wooden border by hand for months.

Beckett loves writing short, erotic stories as much as she loves reading them. Happily ever afters and hot, possessive guys bring tears of joy to her eyes so expect to see alpha males roaming the pages of her raunchy page. Born somewhere in the United States, Beckett now resides somewhere in the United States where she writes erotic stories. Hey, a girl’s gotta have some secrets.




img_7439-31 (1)

My Review: 4 Stars

Oh what a super quick sexy read! If you looking for a really short one to get your blood heating, this book is greta for that. I haven’t read a Reverse Harem or a shifter book in awhile so when I came across this one, I knew I was going to read and enjoy it. This book is steamy and adorable at the same time. Loved the characters! Those brothers each had different personalities which I appreciated. However, they all have something in common. Brodie, Lucas, and Finn are sexy, intense. protective, and possessive, all traits of alpha heroes. Kat is one very lucky woman. My one complaint was that I wished this book was longer. This was my first Becket Riley book and I am looking forward to reading more from her.

This is my honest and unbiased review. Thank you for taking the time to read it. 🙂



“Don’t Dare Live” Series: The Knight Series #4, by Author Sonya Jesus, Genre: Psychological/Romance Thriller is Available NOW! #SpotlightTour

Title: Don’t Dare Live
Series: The Knight Series #4
Author: Sonya Jesus
Genre: Psychological/Romance Thriller
Release Date: February 28, 2019
She gave away the only thing he wanted. Now, he’s going to take everything she has left.
Lia misses her boring life—the one devoid of guys and crazy people who try to kill her. Back then, there was no death, no stalkers, no love. Now her heart is permanently broken, and she’s craving invisibility, yet desperately needing proximity. With so many missing people in her life, Aiden steps up. At first, she gives him the pieces of her shattered soul, hoping he can put it back together. Then, she realizes it’s impossible because half the pieces are missing. 
Eliminating threats with the police breathing down his neck gets a bit complex for Hawk, but brilliant minds adapt and make resources out of obstacles. To break Lia, he uses the secrets she’s been keeping to isolate her from the people she holds close, leaving only the Soccer Gods. For them, he has an even better mode of removal—framing Aiden Keys as the Knight Killer. With no one left to shield her, Hawk plans to kidnap Lia and get his happily ever after.
Needing distance from the place that broke her, Lia says goodbye to Westbrook University and walks right into Hawk’s trap. She has no idea the guy she thinks is her last friend standing, is really the guy who’s been stalking her since the day she set foot on campus. 
A thriller full of kidnappings, missing people, and serial killers—all wrapped into a page-turner full of raw emotion.

Sonya’s a nerd—a cool nerd—who loves science, books, make-up and unicorns. She even has unicorn slippers and unicorn plushes adorn her office. It’s not an obsession (or so she says), it’s simply an ode to her imaginative side. Storytelling has been her passion since her youth, but her family believes it’s more than that.
Though she’s fun-loving, complex-minded, and heart-driven, her philosophy on life is quite simple: Shit happens. Keep going. 
When asked to elaborate, she said, “Believing in yourself is probably one of the hardest things to do, but look in the mirror. You’re still standing. That’s strength. Don’t underestimate yourself.”
Sonya also believes in fairytales and in the beautiful things a mind can conjure. She’s a firm believer in empowering the crazy fictional ideas, putting them down on paper, and letting them flourish into a story. 
“There’s so much potential in a dream… a thought… not exploring it seems like such a waste of something absolutely beautiful.”



Book Tour: Love Ignited (Slow Burn Book 2) from author Jacie Lennon is Available Now!

Title: Love Ignited
Series: Slow Burn Book 2
Author: Jacie Lennon
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: November 14, 2019
Cover Design: Alora Kate at Cover Kraze


Will the flying sparks set them on fire? Or will they incinerate everything in their path? 


Firefighter Mason Porter is a playboy. That’s what everyone thinks, and he doesn’t bother to correct them. When his friend asks for a wingman on a night out, Mason is quick to agree. Little does he know, he will meet a gorgeous, intriguing woman who, in the blink of an eye or maybe a slip of the tongue, will become enemy number one. But for Mason, who’s to say all the fighting isn’t just foreplay?
Fresh on the heels of a broken engagement, Jules Fairchild isn’t looking for love. When her best friend drags her out on the town, hoping to raise her spirits, Jules doesn’t count on meeting a tall, dark, and handsome man. Too bad he’s an egotistical, full-of-himself douche bag.
Mason and Jules have a hard time fighting the laws of attraction, and their steamy decision leads to an unintended consequence. Now, Mason has less than nine months to come to grips with being a father, and Jules has less than nine months to come to grips with the fact that her one-night stand might lead to her one knight forever.



Red Hatter Book Blog ⭑⭑⭑⭑⭑ – “Enemies to lovers with some sweet surprises! Can I get a heck yeeeeah!? This book is a check list for all sorts of goodness.


Katherine Elizabeth ⭑⭑⭑⭑⭑ – “Whoo-boy, I can’t wait for more people to read this book and join me in the Jacie Lennon Fan Club.”


Nikkita ⭑⭑⭑⭑⭑ – “This was my first time reading anything by this author, I’m positive it won’t be the last.”



BestSellers & BestStellars PARTY ROOM
Jacie Lennon is a dental hygienist whose guilty pleasure is writing romance. She lives in Tennessee with her husband and kids. Her home is fiercely protected by a basset hound, a Cavalier King Charles spaniel, and a tabby cat. When she’s not writing, she’s reading, playing with her kids, or devouring an entire container of Oreo Thins in one day.




Spotlight Tour: The Line Series: Titles: Crossing the Line, Blurring the Line, Drawing the Line by Nikki Rose. Available Now!

Series: The Line Series 
Titles: Crossing the Line, Blurring the Line, Drawing the Line
Author: Nikki Rose
Genre: Romance Suspense





He’d gone on countless assignments all around the world but nothing could prepare him for her. Tension is high after a cyber-attack exposes the agency’s personnel files to enemy hackers. Among those exposed includes the Director of the secret military security group. Chris’s boss assigns him to security detail for his spoiled and stubborn twenty-three-year-old daughter. It could be an assignment from hell until Chris gets a look at the gorgeous woman with her perfect curves. What he doesn’t realize is that this stubborn woman may be the most challenging mission yet.

Caroline’s overprotective father reaches a new extreme when he hires a bodyguard to watch over her. She’d happily spend her time with the muscled hunk oozing masculinity unlike the boys she’s met before but she resists — convinced he’s not there to keep her safe but to keep her from living her life. Caroline refuses to be controlled by her father or the strong, tough soldier her dad sent to protect her.


He’s a killer able to reach even the most untouchable marks and she’s his new obsession. Watching from his balcony, Hunter can’t fight the force pulling him toward the girl who just moved in across the street. The sexy little brunette bouncing around her apartment unpacking boxes has him searching for a way to get closer. He never expected to be watching from the shadows as the police take her away. If he wants a chance with her, he has no choice but to follow.

All Addy wanted was a new beginning and a chance at a normal life after leaving her cheating ex. She never expected her new start to include witnessing a brutal crime and being forced to relocate while the police searched for the killer. Finding herself waiting tables alone in a new town isn’t exactly the start she was hoping for until the handsome stranger at table four turns her world upside down.

Crossing the Line is a standalone Romantic Suspense / Mystery novel with a guaranteed HEA and no cliffhangers.
Contains violent scenes and sexual situations. Mature readers only. Adults 18+



Mason Carlile loves his career as an explosives expert for a secret government agency. The danger, intrigue, and complexities of his job make him a valuable asset. When the Agency is under attack by a group determined to take them down, they need him more than ever. Delivering on his commitment to the Agency may be impossible, though, since he’s wanted by the local police for murder. He’ll do anything to clear his name and fight for his colleagues–even if it means forcing himself into the home of an innocent, unsuspecting artist.
Hana Moore lives a quiet, creative existence as a struggling painter. When her home is invaded by a mysterious man supposedly running from the police, her world is turned upside down. Completely freaked out, she struggles to reconcile her fear of her captor with some sense of normalcy, as he hides out in her home and disrupts her everyday life. Even though she knows he’s not what he seems, Hana can’t help feeling safe with him, and finds herself wanting to help.
Both captor and hostage are careful to draw the line between what they want and what they must do. But sometimes, the heart has other plans.
For as long as she can remember, Nikki Rose has enjoyed writing stories. For years, writing was just a hobby for this South Carolina native. It was a way to let out all the stories floating around in her head. After one of those stories took on a mind of its own, outgrowing even the parameters of a single book, Rose knew she had to pursue her dream.
Married to her high school sweetheart and best friend, Rose feels she is truly living out a romance story of her very own. As a stay at home mom of two, she is blessed with the time needed to work on her writing career full-time while her kids are at school or in the wee hours while normal people sleep. She considers herself a music-obsessed chocoholic and hopeless romantic who enjoys weaving romance stories with a healthy dose of mystery and suspense.






Book Tour: Mom-Com (Reality of Love Book 2) by Marika Ray is Available Now! My Review at the bottom 👇

Title: Mom-Com
Series: Reality of Love Book Two
Author: Marika Ray
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Release Date: May 23, 2019

This dating experiment is about to go viral…
When my eight-year-old son starts asking question about love, I decide to use a magazine article on how to woo a woman to prove, once and for all, that romantic love doesn’t exist. Companionship, habit, mild fondness, sure, but not that thing called love. I have my hypothesis ready and I’m dead set on experimenting on my new neighbor, the single mom who does the weirdest things.
But my experiment goes awry in unexplainable ways…
When dating apps fail me spectacularly, I decide to go old school and use a 1950s magazine I dug up at a yard sale to help find Mr. Right.
Fifty Ways to Find a Husband.
Sounds legit.
Problem is, my new neighbor, Mr. Science Professor, keeps blocking my attempts. And keeps losing his shirt. How does a book nerd have so many muscles anyway? Thing is, my kids like his son and we start spending a lot of time together, which is distracting me from my ultimate goal: to find a husband to sweep me off my feet and be a good father to my kids.
Things get comical quick when my best friend records everything in her daily newspaper column. I can’t help but wonder if single moms like me can actually catch a husband. Or will this Mom-Com go viral as an epic train wreck?

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“Trust me when I say, you must read this book! It is 110% worth the read.” – KG Book Blog

“Oh, I love this book! Finally, a premise I haven’t ever read!” – Blog

“This book is so freaking funny. I snort-laughed a few too many times!!!” – Kelly, Goodreads Reviewer

“…you have one of the funniest laugh out loud books I’ve read this year. Seriously, don’t try to read this while eating or drinking as it may result in choking due to laughing!” – Leisa Ann, Goodreads Reviewer

Marika Ray spends her time behind a computer crafting stories, walking the beaches of southern California, and making healthy food for her kids and husband whether they like it or not. Prior to writing novels, Marika held various jobs in the finance industry, with private start-up companies, and then in health & fitness. Cats may have nine lives, but Marika believes everyone should have nine careers to keep things spicy.
Marika enjoys writing all types of fiction novels, based on what inspires her. Right now she’s working on a new steamy RomCom series along with sweet romances to make your heart explode. All her books come with a money-back guarantee that you’ll smile at least once with every book.
More information can be found at


IMG_7439 (4)
5 Stars: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Oh, I love this book! I can say I have never had the pleasure of coming across a book like this. Finally, a premise I haven’t ever read! Also, Marika Ray is a new author for me. I will have to check out more from her because this book thoroughly entertained me. So much so that I could not put this book down and read it in one sitting. Even better is there will be another book featuring the heroine’s best friend.

So, I love everything about this book. Every aspect. While yes, it became a little predictable, I did not mind. Especially while I knew something funny was about to happen, I wasn’t sure exactly what is was. There are some totally cringe-worthy moments that forced second hand embarrassment on me and I loved every minute. Unfortunately, because this book was pretty fast-paced, I felt like it was over too soon. I needed more! Both H/h were the epitome of awkward and endearing characters. Even the secondary characters made this book more likable.

Jameson and Lily-Marie were so adorable. I couldn’t stop laughing at their behavior. I can promise you this book is lighthearted and enjoyable. I can also promise you laughter and the most amazing grand gesture. Our hero may be awkward and clueless when it comes to romance but he was truly one of the most endearing characters I have ever had the pleasure of reading about.

I definitely recommend this romantic comedy. It’s a well-written, fast-paced entertaining read!

This is my honest on unbiased review. Thank you for taking the time to read it. 🙂


BLOG TOUR for The Soul That Redeems Me by H.J. Marshall


hj marshall soul that redeems me

Blog Tour takes place:

21 January 2019 – 1 February 2019


Love, not time, heals all wounds, but the scars remain forever.

Josh Kennedy experienced a difficult childhood no one should have to endure. Losing his family at the age of twelve, Josh learns that family isn’t about blood but who loves you in life. Adopted into a loving home, he begins to realize that a life full of love and friendship, is a life worth living.

Emily Sheppard came from a loving home surrounded by friends and family who adored her. At the age of fifteen, she experienced something so horrific, the rest of her life was forever altered. Withdrawing into herself, Emily walks through each day with a fake smile and a broken soul.

Until Josh Kennedy.

When fate reunites Emily’s brother with his forever love, it also delivers Josh right to Emily’s doorstep. Josh knew from the first touch that Emily was destined to be his One but her painful past kept him at an arm’s length. Josh keeps chipping away at the wall Emily erected around her heart until he had proven to her that no matter the past, the future is always a new chance at happiness.

When ghosts of the past begin to swirl around Emily, Josh must fight her demons while confronting his own. When presented with their chance at forever, will the two broken souls find a way to heal as one or will they allow the past to ruin their forever?

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Author Bio

head shotH.J. Marshall began her love of reading and writing at an early age and has always dreamed of being a writer full time. Moving frequently while growing up has given H.J. many different perspectives of life, community, and culture, resulting in a lifelong love of food, music, and history. After years of Retail and Non-Profit Management, H.J. decided to take a leap of faith and began to write the stories bouncing around her head.
When she is not writing, she enjoys the music of all generations and genres, living in her cabin in the woods, and cooking new and exciting meals for her husband. H.J., who loves to travel, has been a certified diver since she was 18 years old and has significant spent time in the Caribbean and Bahamas, meeting amazing people and seeing wondrous sites. Currently landlocked, H.J. dreams of her beach house, salty air, a life filled with laughter.

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BOOK TOUR ~ Title: Lola, Series: Reed Security Series #8, Author: Giulia Lagomarsino,Genre: Contemporary/Security, Romance Release Date: November 18, 2018 ~ $0.99 FOR 3 DAYS ONLY

Title: Lola
Series: Reed Security Series #8
Author: Giulia Lagomarsino
Genre: Contemporary/Security Romance
Release Date: November 18, 2018
~ $0.99 FOR 3 DAYS ONLY ~
Lola “Brave” Pruitt has dealt with more nightmares in her time at Reed Security than she can handle. It’s time for her to move on and really start living her life without her demons tormenting her. When she finds another lost soul, Ryan Jackson, in a bar one night, she may just find her salvation. But Ryan is just as damaged as Lola and her lifestyle is one thing that he may not be able to live with.


We all stood around my kitchen as I nervously wiped my hands on my pants, glancing into the other room to make sure James was still watching TV.
“What are we doing here?” Logan asked. “You said it was urgent.” “James wants to know about sex,” I said bluntly.
“So, tell him,” Jack shrugged. “It can’t have been that long since you’ve gotten some. You still know how it works.”
“He started talking about using his hand and knowing that I was screwing other women because I needed a
release. Then he said he didn’t want to have sex for the first time and not know what he was doing.”
“And what did you tell him?” Cole asked. “I fled the room.” I shook my head and started pacing. “I’m not prepared for this shit. My dad didn’t have the
talk with me. I fumbled through it and found my way. I don’t know the first thing about sex talks.”
“What would Cassie say?” Sean asked. “Are you fucking kidding me? She’d yell at me and tell me not to tell him more than he needs to know.” “Well, you can’t just send the kid out into the wild, sticking his dick wherever he wants. The boy has to know how to use it,” Sean huffed. “Come on. His uncles will set him straight.”
They all walked into the living room like this was the easiest thing in the world. I brought the beer. I knew better. “James,” Sebastian jerked his chin at him. James shut off the TV and leaned forward, resting his elbows on his
knees. “Listen, your old man is being awkward about this whole thing. Sex is natural. Ask anything you want and we’ll tell you.”
“Cool,” James nodded. “Okay, so when I want to have sex with a girl, what’s the best way to tell her?”
Sean snorted. “Well, you don’t just go up to her and tell her you want to stick your dick in her. You date her for a while and if you feel a connection, then you start moving on the bases.”
“Which bases?” James asked. “Christ, Ryan. Didn’t you tell this kid anything?” Jack crossed his arms and leaned against the wall. “Bases, like in baseball. First is kissing. Second, is touching her boobs, and third is touching her pussy. I think you can guess what a home run is.”
“No, that’s not the way it works,” Logan said. “First is french kissing. Second is groping. Third is oral sex. A home run is the full monty.”
“Really?” Sean quirked an eyebrow. “That’s not what I went by.” “Of course you didn’t, jackass,” Drew shoved him.
“Listen, it’s really easy. First is kissing and light petting. Second is oral. Third is intercourse. A home run is when you stick it in her ass,” Sean said.
“Whoa!” I held up my hands and shook my head. What the fuck was wrong with these guys? “You can’t say shit like that to my kid.”


“Girls really let you do that?” James asked in wonder. “Kid, if you get that, it’s like going on a fucking world tour,” Jack said. I dropped my head in my hands and sighed. This was not what I had in mind when I called them over. Advice? Sure. This? This was my worst fucking nightmare.
I’m a stay at home mom that loves to read. Some of my favorite titles are Pride and Prejudice, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Horatio Hornblower. I started writing when I was trying to come up with suggestions on ways I could help bring in some extra money. I came up with the idea that I could donate plasma because you could earn an extra $500/month. My husband responded with, “No. Find something else. Write a blog. Write a book.” I didn’t think I had anything to share on blog that a thousand other mothers hadn’t already thought of. I decided to take his challenge seriously and sat down to write my first book, Jack. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed writing. From there, the stories continued to flow and I haven’t been able to stop. I hope my readers enjoy my books as much as I enjoy writing them. Between reading, writing, and taking care of three small kids, my days are quite full.


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