Release Date: March 12


It all started with an anonymous letter. 


He wasn’t supposed to find it—no one was. And he definitely wasn’t supposed to answer it.


We end up talking through letters and sticky notes in a book. One sticky note. Two sticky notes. Ten sticky notes. All baring our darkest, deepest secrets.


It’s all fun and games until I find out who my pen pal is…


Xavier Emery. King of my basketball-obsessed town, my childhood bully, and the guy I am in grave danger of falling in love with.


But the rules were clear: we can never know who we’re talking to, and the confessions can never, ever get out. Seriously. It would destroy lives. 


Fine by me. Even if Mr. Popular does find out his confidant is little old me, it’s not like he’d ever love me back…


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Meet Jane Washington



Jane is a Wall-Street Journal bestselling author who spends all her time writing books and then telling people not to read them.


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