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Priceless Ink is book 5 in The Cortell Brothers series. It is recommended they are read in order.





I couldn’t do it. All I saw when I looked at Graham was my life going down the drain.


He didn’t love me, which he made perfectly clear last night.


The corset was too tight and I was on the verge of a panic attack.


So, I ran…right into a sexy biker. He tore my dress and drove off into the sunset with me.


But that’s where this romance ends.






Imagine my surprise when a sexy bride came running out of a church, right to my bike.


She was hot as hell, and when she asked me to take her away, I was more than willing to oblige.


But then she opened her mouth and I found out who she really was.


She was irritating as hell, so I screwed with her just to have some fun.


The funny thing was, as much as I wanted to send her home, something inside me just wouldn’t allow that.




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Meet Giulia Lagomarsino



How does one become a romance author? 
It all started on a whim after I suggested supporting my family by donating plasma. My husband responded in his thick Slovakian accent, “No. Find something else. Write a blog. Write a book.”
And my journey began! 
I thought about what I like to read, and tapped into my goofy personality. I try to add humor to all of my books, even those of a more serious nature. I seek to create unique characters and hope that each book is different from the last. 
Mostly, I just enjoy writing and hope that my readers get a thrill out of the books.
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