2020 has been a horrific year for so many of us. While I’m beyond relieved it’s over, I still worry about what the next several months will be like. I won’t recap 2020 because that won’t be necessary. We probably all agree is was an unprecidented nightmare for many reasons. I’m just happy and relieved my family are well.

As the holiday season quickly approached, I was determined to read as many holiday romances as possible. For me, and many of you I’m sure, the Christmas Romance genre can be very heartwarming and lacks the heavy angst we usually find. Sometimes, I just want simple, low angst, sweet, emotioal, heartwarming and romantic, predictable happily-ever-afters. I always find that in Christmas romances. Did I find the opportunity to read as many as I wanted to? Not hardly. But I did get in a good amount around all the other things I had to do to prepare for the holidays. Am I the only one who doesn’t like reading that genre after January 1st? I do make exceptions but unfortunately, the feelings and emotions I look for are absent. So, whatever I don’t get to read goes on the top of my list for the next holiday season.

January was a good reading month for me. I managed, without pressure, 20 books. Some were long, some shorter and there were even a couple under one-hundred pages. I binged a couple of series and read two ARCs. Being a blogger, reader, reviewer can be very time-consuming. In fact, I had to make a few changes to that part of my lifestyle. I lowered the amount of books on my Goodreads Challenge to less than half of my ususal. I know I will read way more but I didn’t want to feel any pressure with reading this year. I want to read more from my TBR and regulate the amount of ARCs I sign up for each month. I found when I sign up for too many in one month, I feel stressed and pressured to get the reviews done on time. This also leaves very little time to read from my TBR. Hey, I added books to my TBR for a reason, not to have a list of hundreds of books I can’t find time for. So, far, January has been a productive, enjoyable and stress-free reading month.

Now let me introduce you to my January reads. While I was happy with the majority of the books I read, there were only a few that I loved; found memorable or would re-read. Only three books made the 5 Star rating for me. The remaining books I read and rated ranged from 3 to 4 stars.

My 5 Star Rated in no particular order:

Once Upon a New Year By Author Jess Bryant
Justlovemybooks Review
Purchase: Once Upon a New Year
Genre: MM Romance
Roman Frost is barely surviving. Every day of his life since the accident that left him scarred and disfigured has been one disaster after the next. Every year is another reminder that he should be dead. All he wants is to be left alone in his secluded manor home but of course his beloved nephews think differently. Theyโ€™re convinced what he needs is a restart and what better time for a new beginning than at the start of a new year? Ash Beaumont isnโ€™t what Roman expected when his nephews sent him an assistant. Heโ€™s young and bold and he isnโ€™t intimidated by Romanโ€™s scars or his scowls. He doesnโ€™t pander and he doesnโ€™t back down. Heโ€™s a breath of fresh air and the more time Roman spends with him, the more he remembers what its like to really live. The season of change is full of possibilities. Ash brings light into Romanโ€™s dark life. But is Roman brave enough to step from his shadow and back into the world or is his relationship with Ash just another disaster waiting to happen?

Hot Vegas Nights (Trifecta #1) By Author Logan Chance
Justlovemybooks Review
Purchase: Hot Vegas Nights
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Thereโ€™s only two rules to being a male stripper in Vegas.
#1. Always be attainable.
#2. Never fall in love.
And Iโ€™ve been living by these rules for a very long time. I love my life. Iโ€™m one-third of the Trifecta, only the naughtiest male revue show Sin City has ever seen.
My days consist of working out, saving money, and entertaining women both on and off the stage.
Until the moment, Clara walks into Big Willieโ€™s and wants nothing to do with me.
She avoids me at every turn.
And it drives me crazy.
But, when she needs a date for her step-sisterโ€™s wedding, thereโ€™s only one person she can turn to.
And Iโ€™m more than happy to be the piece of meat on her arm.
Date for the wedding, and nothing else.
Only one problem, I find myself wanting more.
This is all new to me, and I find myself breaking both my rules.
But this is Vegas, baby, and sometimes rules are meant to be broken.

Dirty Vegas Nights (Trifecta #2) By Author Logan Chance
Justlovemybooks Review
Purchase: Dirty Vegas Nights
Genre: Contemporary Romance
My bodyโ€™s made of iron.
My muscles are sculpted by God himself.
And my green eyes have been described as โ€˜lady magnetsโ€™ by the Vegas Tribune.
The Trifecta sensation is only the dirtiest male revue show Vegas has ever seen. Weโ€™ve been blazing the stage for a while and have gained quite the fan base. Women travel from across the country just to catch a glimpse of us.
Iโ€™ll let you in on a little secret…I hate every second of it.
Itโ€™s just not me.
I despise being viewed as a piece of meat.
When my new neighbor, Emma moves in next door, I hate that she sees me the same way.
But, when her and her daughter are in danger, a possessive need to protect her takes over.
The more I get to know Emma, the more I realize sheโ€™s more like me than I realize. And I wonโ€™t let her past stand in the way of our future.


Order based from highest to lowest rating by read date:

4 Stars:

“Bride For Easton” (Mail Order Mounties #11) By Author Cassie Hayes

“Special Delivery” (Boyfriend Material #1) By Author Lauren Blakely

“The Innkeeper’s House” (Hickory Grove #4) By Author Elizabeth Bromke

“Filthy Vegas Nights” (Trifecta #3) By Author Logan Chance

“Chief Bear” (Rescue Bears #1) By Author Scarlett Grove

“When I Think of You” (80’s Baby Series) By Author Dee Ellis

“Decidedly With Luck” (Hot Jocks #1) By Author Stina Lindenblatt

“Fiesty” (Do-Over #3) By Author Julia Kent

“Ski Bear” (Rescue Bears #5) By Author Scarlett Grove

3.75 Stars:

“The Cowboy & His Valentine” (Rock Springs Texas #7) By Author Kaci Rose

“Strong, Silent Cowboy” (Moving Violations #2) By Authors Lora Leigh & Veronica Chadwick

3.5 Stars:

“The Cowboy Finds a Family” (Horsethief Mountain #1) By Author Anne McAllister

“Wild Bear” (Rescue Bears #2) By Author Scarlett Grove

“Big Bear” (Rescue Bears #3) By Author Scarlett Grove

“Geek Bear” (Rescue Bears #6) By Author Scarlett Grove

“On the Way to the Cabin” By Author Amabel Daniels

3 Stars:

“Brew Bear” (Recsue Bears #4) By Author Scarlett Grove

*As I continue to finish reviews, I will add the links. Check back if you like.

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