The Shannon Sisters Book Two

By Author C.J. Carmichael

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Genre: #Romance #ChristmasRomance #SmallTownRomance

My Rating: 4

Cover: 5

Publication: November 17th 2020

Read: October 29th 2020 *Review copy provided by Tule Publishing Group

POV: Third-person alternating perspectives

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Sheโ€™s the Christmas light in a world that seems so darkโ€ฆ

When Patrol Officer Kelly Shannon answers a suspected DUI call that results in the suspectโ€™s death, she has to deliver the grim news to his young family, including his brotherโ€”her friend and crush, Mick. Kelly convinces herself that sheโ€™s only making amends when Mick begs for help looking out for his niece and nephew as his sister-in-law grieves and neglects her young children. But as Christmas approaches, Kelly admits the truth. Sheโ€™s falling in love.

Journalist Mick Mizzoni spent his life trying to keep his younger brother out of trouble. When he gains temporary guardianship over his niece and nephew, he crosses the professional line he drew years ago and turns to Kelly Shannon for help. As she embraces him and his new family, she gives him hope that this Christmas could be different.

With their happiness hanging by a thread, Kelly hopes for a Christmas miracle, but Mick, whoโ€™s not as jaded as he thought, wants so much more.ย 


A Convenient Christmas Proposal by C.J. Carmichael

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Sweet story but a bit of a nail-bitter.

A Convenient Christmas Proposal by author C.J. Carmichael is book two of The Shannon Sisters series. While this book can be read as a stand-alone, I highly recommend you read book 1, A Cowboy’s Proposal prior, for a more thorough reading experience. I have read many of this author’s works and have enjoyed them all. In particular, I love the Christmas ambiance of the small Montana town of Whitefish.

Mick and Kellyโ€ฆ..
Kelly is a police officer for their hometown. She takes her job seriously and she is standardly a by-the-book officer. One night. while on duty, Kelly is following up on a call about a possible DUI. Before she even has the chance to make her presence known by flashing her lights and turning on her siren, the driver speeds up and looses control of his car and crashes. Danny, who I met in book one was killed instantly. While Danny hasn’t been an upstanding citizen, Kelly is heartbroken. You see, Danny leaves behind an older brother, wife and two adorable small children. I’m going to say that for me, Billy and Mandy, were the story. It was their well-being that kept me fully engaged and nail biting at times.

Mick is heartbroken about losing his brother the way he did. However, because of Danny’s lifestyle and choices, Mick wasn’t surprised. Though he is grieving, his first priority is taking care of Danny’s family; especially his adorable niece and nephew. Unfortunately, Mick’s sister-in-law has her own issues of drug abuse and her first priority is not her children. I won’t go into details as there is a bit of suspense to the story and I wouldn’t want to ruin that aspect for you.

To sum this book up, A Convenient Christmas Proposal is emotional and sad at times. But there is hope and healing. Mick and Kelly get off to a slow start and that is just how it should have been given the circumstances. I enjoyed catching up with characters from book one and there is even a pleasant surprise for the Shannon sisters that I didn’t see coming. I’m looking forward to the next book in the series. I think that one will be the most emotional of the three.

This is my honest and unbiased review and I thank you for taking the time to read it.

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