Title: Dirty Player
A Cocky Hero Club Novel
Author: Gwyn McNamee
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: June 14, 2020

Only one
word can describe Sebastian “Bash” Fury…
He’s dirty
A dirty
And a dirty
On the ice,
he truly earns his nickname.
He bashes
opponents without regard for the rules or safety.
Which is
precisely why I can’t have him on my team.
As the
first female head coach in the NHL, all eyes are on me, waiting for me to fail.
A man like
Bash Fury is a liability who could ruin my career.
Even worse,
he’ll destroy my willpower.
I should
despise that cocky bastard.
something about his swagger and quick smile make him irresistibly charming.
Despite my
best efforts, things are heating up and the ice around my heart is starting to
All because
of this dirty player.


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Author Bio
Gwyn McNamee is an attorney, writer, wife, and mother (to
one human baby and one fur baby). Originally from the Midwest, Gwyn relocated
to her husband’s home town of Las Vegas in 2015 and is enjoying her respite
from the cold and snow.  Gwyn has been writing down her crazy stories and
ideas for years and finally decided to share them with the world.  She
loves to write stories with a bit of suspense and action mingled with romance
and heat.
When she isn’t either writing or voraciously devouring any
books she can get her hands on, Gwyn is busy adding to her tattoo collection,
golfing, and stirring up trouble with her perfect mix of sweetness and sarcasm
(usually while wearing heels). 
Gwyn is the author of The Hawke Family Series, The Slip
Series, The Deadliest Sin Series, The Inland Seas Series, and The Supernatural
Love Stories in the Absurd (as her alter-ego D.P. Payne), along with several
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