Title: On the Rocks

Series: Kingston Brothers #1

Author: Isabel Lucero
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: September 9, 2019


One taste will never
be enough…
You learn a lot about people pouring their drinks and London is what I would
consider a regular.

Like clockwork, she’s been coming into my bar twice a week for the last year.

Besides her name, I’ve learned that she’s witty, beautiful, and
unfortunately… taken.

She’s in a relationship with a guy that I’m pretty sure doesn’t deserve her.

Respecting that is the only thing stopping me from figuring out the things I
really want to know.

Things like, what her body feels like against mine, or how she tastes on my

But one evening, everything changes. London comes in and tells me that they
broke up.

One drink leads to two, and she finally confesses that this attraction isn’t
one sided.

Our slow burn is about to get blazing hot.

I wasn’t just looking for a one-night stand, not with a girl like her.

But next thing you know, the ex is back. He’s in my bar, sitting next to her.

We try to act like there isn’t a connection between us.

Like our bodies weren’t made for each other and we didn’t set each other aflame
with a single kiss.

Every time I look at her, I see the flash in her eyes that tell me she’s
remembering it too.

Re-living every delicious second of our time spent together on top of this very

The problem is now that I know what she tastes like, I want more.

On the rocks. It’s how London prefers her drinks, and the current state of her

And I’m about to shake things up, because I’ll be damned if I let her get away.


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I part my lips, and don’t miss the flash of desire in his
eyes as he watches me. He raises the bottle and pours the liquid into my mouth,
then I press my lips together and drink it down. Royce watches me with
lust-filled eyes and brings his thumb to wipe some of the drink from my chin.
“I’ve never been more jealous of alcohol.”
“What do you mean?” I ask, my voice soft.
“To be in your warm mouth is all I can think
I look up at him with hooded eyes. His presence and words
mixed with the liquor have filled me with warmth and pleasure.
“Mm,” he murmurs.
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Author Bio
Isabel Lucero is a
bestselling author, finding joy in giving readers books for every mood.
Born in a small town in New Mexico, Isabel was lucky enough to escape and
travel the world thanks to her husband’s career in the Air Force. Her and her
husband have three kids and two dogs together, and currently reside in
Delaware. When Isabel isn’t on mommy duty or writing her next book, she can be
found reading, or in the nearest Target buying things she doesn’t need.

Isabel loves connecting with her readers and fans of books in general. You can
find her at the following locations:

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