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May 2020

#ReleaseBlitz ~ “JETT” Series: Savage Saints MC #3, by Author Carmen Jenner, Genre: MC Romance is Available NOW!! #NewRelease #AuthorCarmenJenner @GiveMeBooksPR



Title: JETT

Series: Savage Saints MC #3

Author: Carmen Jenner
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: May 26, 2020




you love a man who had become your ruin?

As the president of the Savage Saints MC, I’ve got a million goddamn problems.
I thought the woman who cleans my clubhouse would be the least of them. But
that’s just what Raine Levick is—a f*cking problem.

My problem.

Not because she’s sweet and likely gonna get herself killed without the club’s
protection, but because I can’t stop thinking about her. I can’t stop wanting

I’ve got a ring on my finger that belongs to someone else, but when the bodies
pile up, staying away from her is a war I can’t win. Even if it breaks us
both—and it will break us.


I fell for Jetthro King the second I laid eyes on him. He took me in and gave
me a job, a family, and the club’s protection, but he broke my heart all in the
same breath.

Love, loss, ruin.

That’s what falling for the MC President gets you.

He’s a married man. I have no right to want him because I’ve been keeping
secrets of my own and once Jett finds out, he may never look at me the same way

Warning: JETT contains graphic violence, loss, and sensitive subject matter
that may cause some readers emotional discomfort. Intended for an 18+ audience

Not intended for pussies.

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fucking Christ. Can’t a man jack it in peace?”
“Sorry.” My
voice is merely a squeak as I consider my options. I could attempt to scurry
away before he opens the door, but this hallway is long and there’s no place to
hide. Instead, I stand my ground and prepare to face the wrath of a very
pissed-off Jett.
Jett yanks
back the door. He’s shirtless. Water beads on his chest and torso. Or perhaps
it’s sweat. Either way, I’d like to lick it from his skin and shove my hand
into those unbuttoned leathers that he’s clearly straining against. His blue
eyes switch from murderous rage to easy and inviting all in the space of a
heartbeat. “I didn’t know it was you.”
“Yep, only
me. Your friendly neighbourhood bar wench.”
Friendly neighbourhood bar wench
? Oh my God. What is wrong with me?
The corners
of his mouth turn up in a smile. One that belongs to another woman, but he
graces me with it all the same. His damp wheat-blond hair brushes the tops of
his shoulders. Would it be silky to the touch, fall into his eyes or brush my
cheek as his body hovered over me? He appears calmer tonight—not at all the
menacing man who started his own biker club. Not at all how he looks in his
cut, with his scruffy beard, his hair slicked back, and a gavel in his hands.
He looks … soft.
looks are misleading
Every inch
of him is hard … at least, that’s how I imagine him. It’s not as though I’ll
ever get the chance to find out. He’s married, and I’m … well, there’s no point
in fantasising about something you can’t have.
heading out for the day.” I’m also blushing right to the roots of my hair. I
can feel it. “Unless, of course, you need me?”
He licks
his lips. His eyes roam over my body. Those devious baby blues say he needs me,
but it’s not to clean his clubhouse.
“I need a
lot of things, darlin’.” A quiet sigh passes his lips and washes over my face.
He smells like whiskey and cigarettes. It’s a heady mix. Or maybe it’s just the
man himself who makes me half-drunk with adoration. “But you go on home. I
reckon you’ve had enough of dirty bikers for one day.”



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Author Bio
Jenner is a USA Today and international bestselling author.
A hardcore red lipstick addict and a romantic at heart, Carmen strives to give
her characters the HEA they deserve, but not before ruining their lives
completely first … because what’s a happily ever after without a little

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#ReleaseBlitz ~ “Declan” Series: Wild Men #8, by Author Melissa Belle, Genre: Steamy Contemporary Romance is Available NOW!! ~ #NewRelease #AuthorMelissaBelle @ authormbelle @GiveMeBooksPR


Title: Declan

Series: Wild Men #8

Author: Melissa Belle
Genre: Steamy Contemporary Romance
Release Date: May 26, 2020
My one night stand is now my fake husband…a marriage of convenience
hockey romance in the best-selling Wild Men series by USA Today Bestselling
author Melissa Belle.
I don’t do professional athletes. And I certainly don’t do one-night
But after my father tells me to marry before he’ll let me take over his
PR firm, which has been my one and only dream since I was a kid, I decide I
need a night out.
And when I meet a hot hockey player at the bar, I decide I want to play.
He takes me to his home on a gorgeous ranch. We steam up the sheets all
night long. 
I’m sure I’ll never see him again.
Until the next day, when my uncle introduces him as my future husband.
Before I retire from playing hockey I’m lining up my next shot—ownership.
But the team’s got a PR problem, and they’ll never approve a bachelor.
I’m not in a relationship. I’m not even dating.
And I can’t remember the last time I was interested in someone. Until I
go to the bar after the game to blow off some steam and figure out my next
That’s when I meet her. Mia. The first woman I can remember who doesn’t
know I’m a big time hockey player.
After we spend an incredible night together, I figure that’s it.
Until my agent calls me into his office. The only other person in the
room? Mia.
My future wife.
We vow to keep our arrangement strictly professional so we both get what
we want. But the more we face off, the more I want to score…


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Author Bio
USA Today Bestselling author Melissa Belle writes about smart, sassy
women and the loyal, protective men who want them.
She spent years in the field of psychology before writing her first novel
taking the train through Europe.
She often works through her story ideas while hiking with her husband or
hanging out with her two kitties.
She loves road trips and songwriting. And cupcakes.


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#ReleaseBlitz ~ “Rough Love” Series: Kindred #3, by Author Lizzie James, Genre: College/Sports Romance is Available NOW!! ~ #NewRelease #AuthorLizzieJames @lizziejames86 @GiveMeBooksPR



Title: Rough Love
Series: Kindred #3
Author: Lizzie James
Genre: College/Sports Romance
Release Date: May 26, 2020




After watching my friends all get coupled up and blissfully
happy, I vowed that it would never be me. Being with one woman – and only one
woman – was enough to make me sick. I’d get bored.
I was a cocky fucker and that’s how I planned on staying…
Playing the field suited me right and I wasn’t going to give
that up for anything. Football and women were all that I knew and that was how
it was going to stay.
Until she came along…
Meghan came into my life and turned it on its axis. She was
feisty, had the right amount of sass and didn’t take any of my cockiness to
heart. Having her in my life shouldn’t have been as much hard work as it was
turning out to be but when I was with her…
It all felt right; even though it should feel wrong.
I had no time for men. They were a waste of time and energy
and were only good for one thing.
The last man that I had let into my life had made me learn
that lesson. After being made a mother, I was taught that I could only rely on
one person. Myself. There was no prince charming; only a prince for the night.
Logan was a player. That was obvious. I had vowed to stay as
far away as I could from players but when I saw him with my baby girl, I wanted
him to be my prince charming. One night was never going to be enough with
Logan West wasn’t a perfect love. He was a rough love that
would leave you torn to pieces when he left.


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Author Bio
Lizzie James was born in Abergavenny, Wales. She also has a
full time for her local government authority in the maintenance department. She
is a born-and-bred welsh valley girl and always has a book on her. It had been
Lizzie’s dream to be a writer but it wasn’t until she was in her late 20’s, did
she finally put pen to paper and start writing her first novel Tangled Web.
Lizzie James is a huge Superman fan and is a little bit
obsessed with all things comic book. She also loves music but can never decide
on one specific genre. You’ll find RnB, pop, rock, acoustic and contemporary
all on her MP3 player. If you ask what her favourite song is, she’ll have a
different answer for you every time. She is a huge book lover but her favourite
genre is romance. Lizzie loves reading and supporting her fellow indie authors.
She is a firm believer that all bestsellers start as indie authors and loves to
help support them however she can.
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#ReleaseBlitz ~ “Wine Hard, Baby Series: OHellNo #6 Author: Mimi Jean Pamfiloff Genre: Romantic Comedy, is Available NOW!! ~ #NewRelease #AuthorMimiJeanPamfiloff @MimiJeanRomance @GiveMeBooksPR


Title: Wine Hard, Baby
Series: OHellNo #6
Author: Mimi Jean Pamfiloff
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Release Date: May 12, 2020


From New
York Times
 Bestseller Mimi Jean Pamfiloff comes an Enemies-to-Lovers,
Romantic Comedy.
CONTAINS HOT COWBOY. Do not mix with wine. Avoid watching him do shirtless
labor on hot days.
EFFECTS MAY INCLUDE: Feeling of extreme temptation, excessive drooling over his
abs, elevated heart rate, and loss of coherent thoughts when in his presence.
My name is
Camila Clark. And that sexy cowboy right there? The one with the devilish
smile, twinkling brown eyes, and tattoos on his muscular arms? He’s Jed, the
guy I turned down flat back in Texas. He just showed up here in Oregon at the
winery where I work.
question is why?
Not that it
really matters. I have my reasons for staying away from all that manly
temptation. Reasons he can’t possibly understand but seems determined to punish
me for.
But the
more I fight him, the more I learn about this mysterious, hot-as-hell cowboy. I
just don’t know how much longer I can keep pretending to hate him.
The problem
is, I’m technically engaged to a guy I’ve never met.


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Author Bio
MIMI JEAN PAMFILOFF is a New York Times bestselling author who’s sold
over one million books around the world. Although she obtained her MBA and
worked for more than fifteen years in the corporate world, she believes that
it’s never too late to come out of the romance closet and follow your dreams.
Mimi lives with her Latin lover hubby, two
pirates-in-training (their boys), and their three spunky dragons (really, just
very tiny dogs with big attitudes) Snowy, Mini, and Mack, in the
vampire-unfriendly state of Arizona.
She hopes to make you laugh when you need it
most and continues to pray daily that leather pants will make a big comeback
for men.


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#ReleaseBlitz ~ “Loving Violet” Series: Rockers’ Legacy #4, by Author Terri Anne Browning, Genre: New Adult/Rocker Romance, #NewRelease #AuthorTerriAnneBrowning @AuthorTERRIANNE @GiveMeBooksPR


Title: Loving Violet
Series: Rockers’ Legacy #4
Author: Terri Anne Browning
Genre: New Adult/Rocker Romance
Release Date: May 26, 2020


“Even before you were born, we belonged to each other, Vi,” I reminded
her, trying to fight the desperation to grab on to her and hold her, because I
could feel her slipping away from me more and more with each beat of my heart.
“You were in your mom’s belly, but I still felt you in my heart. It was as if
there was this invisible cord connecting your heart to mine. I can’t see it,
but I feel it. Every damn day. You are mine.”
“You’re right. I’ve always felt it too. I am yours. And you were supposed to be
mine. We were supposed to be each other’s firsts, Luca. First kiss. First
touch. First everything. We promised we would be each other’s firsts. ‘Firsts
and lasts,’ that’s what you said. I remember it as clear as if it were
yesterday. You swore that you would wait. That I was worth it. But you didn’t
wait, did you, Luca? You gave all your firsts away to someone else.”

“I…” My throat closed up, making it impossible to speak, to tell her everything
I needed to so I could fix this. Fix us and what I broke.

“You stole that from me, Luca.” Angry tears spilled from her eyes, and my heart
shattered even more. “You gave away everything that was supposed to be mine.
And you just expect me to be okay with that? I’ve waited my entire life to give
you my firsts, but you have none to give to me.”

“I’m sorry,” I whispered, my voice choked with emotions I was afraid to lose
control of. If I let the tears free that were burning my eyes, I might flood
the world.

“Sorry? You’re sorry?” Her laugh was hard and final, causing me to flinch.
“Yeah. So am I.”

“What does that mean?” My throat felt like I’d swallowed broken glass, and I
was surprised I didn’t spray blood on her with each exhale.

“It means I’m done. You tossed away your firsts like they meant nothing. So
mine are no longer yours.”


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Author Bio

Terri Anne
Browning is a USA TODAY bestselling author. Being dyslexic, she never thought a
career in writing would be possible, yet she has been on bestselling lists
multiple times since 2013. Reese: A Safe Haven Novella was her first Indie
published book. The Rocker Who Holds Me changed the tables and kicked off The
Rocker… series featuring the sinfully delicious members of Demon’s Wings. The
Rocker… Series is now complete with 12 books and the occasional novella.
Other books by Terri Anne include the Angel’s Halo MC Series, as well as The
Lucy & Harris Novella Series, The Vitucci Mafiosos Series, and The Tainted
Knights Rocker Series.

Terri Anne lives in Virginia with her husband, their three demons—err,
children–and a hyper Frenchie named Grunt.

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#NewRelease ~”Destruction” by AJ Alexander, Series: La Famiglia; Book 3, Genre: Mafia Romance, Available NOW!! ~ #AuthorAJAlexander @rrrpromotion @readreviewrpt

Destruction by AJ Alexander


Series: La Famiglia; Book 3

Genre: Mafia Romance

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1. the action or process of causing so much damage to something that it no longer exists or cannot be repaired.

2. cause of someone’s ruin.

I live my life as a contract killer for La Famiglia by three rules: Get In. Get the Kill. Get Out.

Until one mark, Tatiana Petrov, complicates everything.

She has known nothing but pain her entire life, and when she comes face to face with death; she’s ready — but I’m not.

Before her, my life was only death and destruction, saving her could be my ruin.



Catch up on the series!

Book 1; Desolation – AMAZON | GOODREADS

Book 2; Devastation – AMAZON | GOODREADS



#CoverReveal ~ “Lost in the Darkness” Series: Lost and Found Series #1, by Author: K.L. Jessop, Genre: Contemporary Romance; Enemies to Lovers Release Date: June 24, 2020. @Jessop30K @EJBookPromos

Title: Lost in the Darkness
Series: Lost and Found Series #1
Author: K.L. Jessop
Genre: Contemporary Romance; Enemies to Lovers
Release Date: June 24, 2020
Cover Design: Najla Qamber Designs
Photographer: Lindee Robinson
In a world of wreck and ruin, I was broken beyond repair.
City lights and colour were nothing more than places of hopeless dreams and dark shadows where I fought for survival—for a freedom that didn’t seem to exist.
Guilt and regret were all I knew—all I deserved—and I welcomed them with open arms, taking every hit that brought me to my knees.
I embraced the ghosts that weighed heavy.
I fed my demons with whiskey and aggression.
I was lost in the darkness of my own twisted mind with nothing and no one.
Until her.
She changed me.
She changed everything.
And I’ve never hated anyone more. I loathe her for making me fall.
KLJ lives in South West England just on the edge of Dartmoor where the moorland goes on for days. It’s beautiful, breath-taking and occasionally rather wet. She probably swears way more than she should, her mum makes the best cupcakes in history, and she goes weak at the knees for a man with a five o’clock shadow.



#NewRelease ~ “Love and Whiskey” Series: A Magnolia Distillery Novel, by Author Allie Able, Genre: Romance, AVAILABLE NOW! #ReleaseBlitz @AllieAble1 @EJBookkPromos

Title: Love and Whiskey
Series: A Magnolia Distillery Novel
Author: Allie Able
Genre: Romance
Release Date: May 26, 2020
Cover Design: Amanda Walker PA and Design Services


Lillian Chant is determined to float through life without forming any real attachments. Abandoned and thrust into the world at an early age taught her one valuable lesson–the only person you can really count on is yourself. She’s spent her adult life moving from state to state, recreating herself using her smile and well-crafted lies to get by. The last thing she expects is to meet a man who resists all of her efforts to push him away, but that’s exactly what happens when her world collides with Matthew Breaux.
Matt is fascinated by Lily. For the past ten years, his sole focus has been on building his business, but now he finds himself distracted by her beautiful gray eyes and the secrets she’s trying so hard to keep. 
Will she drop her walls enough to let him in, or will her darkness swallow her whole?

Love and Whiskey carries powerful tones that kept me captivated from beginning and to the end. There is real, raw emotions laced within the carefully crafted words and it has me wanting to see what will come next.Highly recommend if you’re looking for a sexy, enticing story. — Author Brooke May


“You are stalking me!” she shouts, surprising the hell out of me for a minute.
I recover quickly and shake my head as I let out a quiet chuckle. “I assure you that I am not.”
She doesn’t look like she believes me, and she also looks ready to bolt at any second.
“I live right there,” I say, pointing in the direction of my condo. “I was just leaving to go grab a drink when I saw you walking out of the gallery. I’m sorry if I startled you.”
She sighs and waves away my apology. “It’s fine.”
She turns to walk away, and I scramble to think of an excuse to talk to her a little longer. This woman makes me feel irrational. She clearly wants nothing to do with me, yet I still can’t seem to give up.
“Would you like to have a drink with me?” I ask her back as she walks away.
She briefly glances at me over her shoulder. “No.”
There is zero hesitation in her answer, and for some reason, her abrupt tone just makes me laugh. I jog to catch up to her, and she looks over at me with an annoyed expression.
“Why not?” I ask with a smile.
“God, you’re annoying,” she mumbles. She abruptly stops and turns to me. “I don’t date, Matt. I’m sure there are hundreds of single, straight women in this city who would love to go on a date with you. Go find one of them.”
She doesn’t give me a chance to respond before she continues walking.
That’s the first time she’s ever said my name, and I take it as a good sign that she actually remembers it.
“I wasn’t asking you on a date, Lily. I was asking if you would like to have a drink with me.”
“You would drive someone to drink. That’s for sure.”
I chuckle and shake my head. “You don’t mince your words, do you?”
“Why would I? So many people feel the need to sugarcoat their words, and it’s bullshit if you ask me. If you’re firm from the get-go and people know where you stand, it cuts out a lot of useless chatter.”
“You’re beautiful, and I find you extremely fascinating.”
“Why?” she asks.
“Why what?”
She doesn’t immediately respond. We walk a couple more steps before she stops again to face me.
“Why do you find me fascinating?”
I have a feeling the next words out of my mouth are going to make or break me, so I take a second to really think about my response.


Dropping my smile for a minute, I hope she can hear the sincerity in my words. “Because you wear your darkness well. I want to know all about your secrets and the pain you try to hide behind those gorgeous eyes. You’re beautiful and different, and I’ve always liked that sort of thing.”
Allie Able is a romance writer who tries to juggle her time between being a mother and an author. Allie was raised in a small town in Mississippi and now resides in Florida. Reading and writing romance has always been her first love. She decided to pursue her dreams of becoming a writer full-time, when the characters dancing around in her head wouldn’t stop demanding her attention. Now she can be found sitting at her desk, feeding her coffee addiction, as she creates heartbreaking romance with spicy ever afters.
I love getting to know fellow romance authors and readers, so stop by anytime 
for a chat.



#NewRelease ~ “Zhànshì” Series: Sinister Fairytales Collection, by Author: Anna Edwards, Genre: Dark Fairytale Retelling, is AVAILABLE NOW! ~ @AnnaEdwardsWriter @EJBookPromos

Title: Zhànshì
Series: Sinister Fairytales Collection
Author: Anna Edwards
Genre: Dark Fairytale Retelling
Release Date: May 26, 2020


Lia has known she was different since the age of five when her father taught her the skills of her ancestors. His stories of heroic exploits have fueled her fantasies for years. Little did she know that her expertise would be called upon when two cities, two triads, go to war. Will it be a step too far to think she can hide who she really is?
Jaxon has known his career path since he was a little boy when his father promised his only son to the leader of the Yu Shi triad. Jaxon doesn’t mind—it allows him to center his chaotic thoughts and fight his opponents to the death. But when he’s partnered with a mysterious new recruit, he begins to question everything he knows. What is the young boy hiding from him?
Zhanzhi is a modern day retelling of the tale of Mulan for the Sinister Fairytales Collection. Warrior Lia must find her inner strength to defeat a deadly enemy, who’s been left bitter by his quest for absolute power, while at the same time falling in love when she least expects it. Nothing will be as it seems in this dark triad world where a moment’s hesitation can be your downfall.



All I am a British author, from the depths of the rural countryside near London. In a previous life, I was an accountant from the age of twenty-one. I still do that on occasions, but most of my life is now spent intermingling writing while looking after my husband, two children and two cats (probably in the inverse order to the one listed!). When I have some spare time, I can also be found writing poetry, baking cakes (and eating them), or behind a camera snapping like a mad paparazzi.
I’m an avid reader who turned to writing to combat my depression and anxiety. I have a love of travelling and like to bring this to my stories to give them the air of reality.
I like my heroes hot and hunky with a dirty mouth, my heroines demure but with spunk, and my books full of dramatic suspense.


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