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Everything isn’t what it seems at Alder Academy.

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Title: Dance For Me (Alder Academy Book 1)


Erin M Trejo

Genre: Enemies to Lovers




She was a job. Nothing more. Nothing less.

I followed my father’s orders like usual until I was tired of being

Whisper was a casualty of our world. One that I decided I wanted to
keep more than I wanted to ruin.

She was a challenge that I liked. Even though I still wanted to break
her, I wanted more.

Yet I knew the punishment I would face if I chose to keep her around.

Is she worth it?




“Nope. I just learned to move from place to place and not ask questions,” I
tell him.

“That had to be hard. Knowing no one wanted you.” The way he says it… it’s
different. It’s not an I’m sorry type of response and it’s not quite a jab
at me either. Either way, I take a step back when he counters it. His hands
find my hips once more and his fingers dig into my flesh. I gasp as his
eyes meet mine. The music on my phone changes and Callan begins to move
with me. I knew Knox could dance since he’s in my class, but Callan moves
just as perfectly as his brother. The beat starts to hit and we both break
apart. Callan follows my lead, popping and swaying. I watch him in the
mirrors in front of us, entranced by his movements. He reaches over his
shoulder and pulls his shirt off in one move, tossing it to the side as he
keeps going. I gasp, watching the tan muscles as they work. Callan is well
built, looking like a damn god and I assume his brothers aren’t far behind.
Our eyes stay locked as we both dance freely when I hear the door slam. I
jolt and spin around coming face to face with Steele and Knox.

“What is this? A little private lesson?” Steele asks moving toward us.
Callan laughs, reaches down and grabs his shirt, tossing it over his
shoulder as he moves.

“Just having some fun before practice,” Callan says, pushing through the
door and disappearing while the other two come closer. I turn, ready to
grab my stuff when I’m pushed against the mirror. My eyes lock with
Steele’s and the air escapes my lungs. Knox moves in next to him, just as
imposing as his brother.

“Having a little fun?” Steele asks, pressing his cock into my ass. My
breathing is still coming in heaves from my dance.

“Not with you I’m not.” Steele chuckles darkly as Knox smirks.

“We’re a fun group, me and my brothers. We like playing together with our
toys, if you know what I mean.” That came from Knox. I nearly roll my eyes
because I’m almost one hundred percent sure that they were the ones in the
pool house that night, but I can’t say that for sure.

“Well, I guess that’s too bad, I’m not interested.” Knox’s eyes light up
but he doesn’t say anymore. When I drag my gaze back to Steele’s there’s
something darker in them. A challenge of sorts.

“What were you doing with my brother?” he asks pressing into me harder.

“We were dancing.”

“So I see. You think you can just walk in here and get in my brother’s good
graces?” I shake my head before it’s slammed into the glass mirror. I wince
but I don’t let him see how much it hurt me.

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