Beautiful Savage by Lisa Sorbe
Genre: Dark Romance
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The grass is not, as most believe, always greener on the other side. I know this better than anyone.
Rebecca Cabot Crane was in love once. But she gave it up. Gave up love for money, and now she lives a hollow life in a cold house with an even colder husband. As each year passes, she grows more and more lonely, feels more and more lost … becomes more and more desperate.
Until her old flame, Hollis Thatcher, publishes a book, that is. As she reads his words, two things become crystal clear: he’s speaking directly to her, and she’ll do whatever it takes to get him back.
Rebecca is certain that Hollis is the key to her happiness and quickly devises a mad plan that not only tests her limits, but soon has her life spinning wildly out of control. Because Hollis has a family now ties to a wife and daughter that won’t be easy to sever.
And if he won’t cut them, she’ll just have to do it for him.