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Genre: Erotic Romance
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AJ Alexander
Rebecca Gallo
Series: Scandalous Daddies; Book 3
As Hollywood’s perennial bachelor, I have a reputation to protect.
Everything changes the moment Ivy Parrish arrives on set.
Fresh-faced and doe-eyed, her innocence calls to me like a moth to a flame.
I know I should stay away before she becomes tabloid fodder.
But I don’t plan on it when she calls me Daddy.
Series: Scandalous Daddies; Book 4
Many women have graced my casting couch, but none like her.
Andi Douglas is my best friend’s daughter and she’s off limits.
But when we’re snowed in, all bets are off.
I want her.
I crave her.
And I won’t be satisfied until she calls me Daddy.