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January 2020

Cover Reveal: One Eighty by Marie James, Series: Westover Prep; Book 1 Genre: Enemies to Lovers is Available for Pre-Order!

One Eighty by Marie James
Available for Pre-Order!
Series: Westover Prep; Book 1
Genre: Enemies to Lovers
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He loves what he can’t remember — she can’t forget the truth…
Arrogant, controlling, and an absolute jerk.
He’s everything I loathe, and everything I want to forget.
But he doesn’t remember a bit of it.
One accident, one misstep, changed everything.
Changed him.
Now, he’s different and unbelievable sexy.
But I refuse to fall for a bully.
Sexy, smart, feisty, and perfect.
She’s everything I want, and nothing that I remember.
What she says I am, I refuse to believe.
For her, I’ll be anything.
I will do anything.
Even destroy the Bully from before.


New Release: Unreasonable: Forbidden Fantasies; Book 3 by Anne Mercier is Available Now!

Unreasonable by Anne Mercier
Available in Kindle Unlimited
Series: Forbidden Fantasies; Book 3
Forbidden Fantasies; Book 3
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My boss is a jerk.
He’s demanding.
He’s inconsiderate.
He’s unreasonable.
And yet…
A standalone office romance.
** Check out the other books in the series and available in Kindle Unlimited!
 Unzipped; Book 1
Undone; Book 2


New Release: My Hell (A Twist of Fate; Book 1), #ContemporaryRomance by J. Haney is Available Now!

My Hell by J. Haney
Series: A Twist of Fate; Book 1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
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One night. One kiss and my world went to shit. Shane Hellion or Hell, as I’ve come to call him, has been my best friend for three years. It started off as a working relationship, then evolved into a partnership. Now? Christ, what am I gonna do? I have a little girl to think about. I can’t just- do whatever.

Between the ex breathing down my back and my house falling apart, how am I supposed to navigate what he wants? What do I want? I want something that can help me escape, my hell.


Blog Tour: Winning Her Affection by Bailie Hantam, Genre: Second Chance, Sports Romance is Available Now!


Title: Winning Her Affection 
Author: Bailie Hantam 
Genre: Second Chance, Sports Romance
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Anger. Bitterness. Two words that should never destroy a marriage. Especially when love is forever present, strong and passionate. Yet, Dr. Alyssa Combs did exactly that. She ended her marriage to Callum Cooper out of spite, out of hurt.
Nearly two years later and Alyssa is in the exact same place. She still desperately wants Callum back. Except now, she has the job she thought he denied her.
Callum Cooper fought desperately to save his marriage, for his wife. It was all for nothing, however. Alyssa left him anyway and blamed him for the job she lost. Now, injured and under her care and dependent on her hospitality, Callum will do anything to strengthen his resolve and force himself, his heart to get over her. He is determined that the time spent with Alyssa will make him immune to her charms… and her body.
Can they overcome their anger, their hurt and get the fresh start that they deserve?
He unlocked the front door and keyed in the security code. She stepped in and he closed the door, locking it and setting the night time alarm. They were in for the night, and they would not be disturbed.
He dragged his gaze up her body. The heels of those skin colored sandals accentuated her calves perfectly. The hem of her dress ended midway up her thigh, leaving just enough to the imagination. He didn’t need to use his imagination, he knew every glorious inch of her body. The soft fabric skimmed over her hips and dipped in slightly at the waist before framing her breasts. Her bare skin at the top almost glowed and he couldn’t wait to lay his lips on that sensitive spot between her shoulder and her neck. His gaze reached her eyes. Heat flared in them.  He lead her to sit on the couch. “Wait here.”
He walked to the guest bedroom and dug in the overnight bag Adam had packed for him. Right at the bottom he found what he was looking for. He walked back to the living room, placing the box of condoms on the table in front of her. She looked up at him, cocking her brow at him. “Is this show and tell?”
“Now’s not the time, Lys.” He barely recognized the raw-edged voice leaving his mouth. He pulled her off the couch. “We can either turn in for the night. Or you could take that dress off. Either way, we can discuss the things you’re keeping from me in the morning.”
She stepped up to him and turned, her breathing laboured. “I’m going to need you to help me unzip this dress.”


2019 Debut Author, Bailie Hantam, hails from sunny South Africa. She has been writing stories from as early as she can remember. After finally deciding to take it seriously five years ago she finally hit publish in March this year. She writes both Contemporary and Paranormal Romance and will be venturing into the world of Romantic Suspense in 2020. 
She is blessed to have a very supportive family, who have encouraged her every step of the way. She’s a series binger (of both books and screen); a stationary hoarder and an avid reader. When she’s not writing you can usually find her curled up next to her two border collies either reading or writing in her journal.




Blog Tour: Renegade Heart (Renegades #1) by Lissa Lynn Thomas, Genre: Romance, Friends to lovers  is Available Now!

Title: Renegade Heart 
Author: Lissa Lynn Thomas 
Series: Renegades #1 
Genre: Romance, Friends to lovers 
Raif Montgomery, lead singer of Renegades, the area’s most popular band, isn’t like other guys. When he gets left at the altar by a woman most men would kill to have, he finds himself more relieved than heartbroken. Things take another twisted little turn when he gets drunk the night of his non-wedding and makes a pass at his best friend, Chloe. She doesn’t shut him down.

Overall, he has plenty to occupy his troubled mind.

His mom is concerned he’s heading for a self-destruct of epic proportions. But all he can think about is tasting Chloe’s lips again, and getting her to agree to give them a shot as a couple. When a Nashville music producer starts hanging around Renegades’ shows, it seems that things are falling into place for the band.

But does he want success for the band if it means leaving Chloe behind? Can he walk away from the woman he loves? Or will he sacrifice the Renegades dreams to keep his heart intact?


Lissa was first inspired to consider a career in writing when she was in high school. Her English teacher recognized Lissa’s gift for storytelling and encouraged her love of writing. She has six nieces and nephews whom she adores and a beloved cat who is her baby. Lissa loves the color purple and chai tea, and writes poetry under the pen name Bella Sterling. 
Under the name Melissa Simmons, she has written one short story with friend and fellow author, Allana Kephart, for the Dare to Shine Charity Anthology. She wrote another short story under the same name for the Best Thing I Never Had Charity Anthology. As Lissa Lynn Thomas, she has short stories in the This Soldier’s Heart Charity Anthology, the Karma Charity Anthology and the With the Flowers Charity Anthology. Lissa’s debut solo novel, Renegade Heart, released in the winter of 2019. Renegade Heart is the first book in the Renegades series. 
As Lissa Lynn Thomas, with Allana Kephart, she is one half of A.L. Shea. Chasing Sunshine, their romantic suspense novel released on November 5th, 2019.




📝Review📝: ~ 3.75 Stars ~ Sweet Texas Kiss (Sweet Texas Secrets #1) by Monica Tillery ~ Expected Release Date: February 11th 2020


Sweet Texas Kiss
Sweet Texas Secrets Book One

Monica Tillery

Genre:  #ContemporayRomance with light suspense

My Rating:  3.75 Stars

Cover:  4

Publication:  Expected release date is February 11th 2020

Read:  January 16th 2020  *Review copy provided via Tule Publishing

Kindle Edition:  220 pages

POV:  Third-person alternation perspectives

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Small town. Big secrets. Welcome to Sweet Ridge, Texas

When the Cooper brothers hear what their father left them in his will, they’re surprised to find that the things closest to their hearts were given to three random women. Gavin Cooper had his heart set on owning the house the family had grown up in, and when his old high school rival inherits it, he’s devastated. But she can’t sell the house for one year, and that’s plenty of time for him to find a way to get it back.

When Macy Young said goodbye to Sweet Ridge and left to pursue fame and fortune, she never thought she’d return. After losing her best friend, Macy went on a downward spiral of pain and shame. Living in the inherited house where she’d spent many happy hours might just soothe her weary soul.

Macy and Gavin will have to find a way to forgive themselves and each other if they’re ever going to be happy. Can this country star and veterinarian forget their pasts and start a life together?


📝My Review📝:

Sweet Texas Kiss (Sweet Texas Secrets, #1)Sweet Texas Kiss by Monica Tillery

My rating:  3.75 stars.

Sweet Texas Kiss is the first book in a three book series. In this series, the Cooper Brothers will find their happily ever afters. After his death, the patriarch of the family ends up leaving his sons the surprise and shock of their lives. Apparently each brother was promised a specific area of the family holdings and at the reading of the will this was not the case. In fact, it was quite a betrayal for the Cooper sons. Apparently Mr. Cooper left his sons’ inheritances to three random women. What was he thinking? Fortunately, Mr. Cooper had a plan put in motion before he died. You will have to read the series to find out what that was.

This book is Gavin and Macy’s story. This is where I admit that I did not have a connection with either of these two characters. I really did not believe their romance. For the most part, and throughout most of the book, Gavin and Macy were not friends. And this was all due to Gavin and the many grudges he held onto regarding Macy. Thankfully the last several chapters of the book were better able to engage me. And while I came to understand both main characters, I still wasn’t a fan of Gavin. When it came down to it, he was very immature. Thankfully, as the story unfolds, Gavin is finally able to put the past behind him and admit, he was wrong in some aspects of his assumptions where Macy is concerned.

Now, regarding the author’s writing, this book had potential to be a five star read for me if it weren’t for my lack of connection and dislike for Gavin. However, the writing flowed well, and the author did paint the characters and town so that I could imagine what it was like to be in Sweet Ridge, Texas. Each one of the books in this series are written by a different author and I am looking forward to see how the remaining two Cooper brothers find their happily-ever-after.

This was my first book by this author. And while this book wasn’t one of my favorites, I was still able to enjoy it, by the time I turned the last page.

This is my honest and unbiased review. Thank you for taking the time to read it. 🙂


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Blog Tour: Wrong Side of Wright  by Sade Rena, Genre: Romance, Suspense is Available Now!

Title: Wrong Side of Wright 
Author: Sade Rena 
Genre: Romance, Suspense 
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He’s handsome, he’s charming… he’s a liar.

He’d put me through so much—broke me until I barely recognized my reflection in the mirror. Six years he lied about being married. Six years of my life stolen—wasted from my own stupidity. But I healed—or at least I thought I had. 

I got one year… 
Three hundred and sixty something odd days before he showed up at my door… shot in the shoulder… begging me for help… showing me that everything I thought I knew was the farthest from reality I’d ever get.

But then I was given a choice…

Trust him and survive, or fend for myself. 

Has loving him proved to have been the biggest mistake of my life?

**If cheating or the mention of it bothers you, you may not want to read this book.




Sade Rena is the author of sexy, contemporary multi-cultural romances where the heros are sweet on their ladies, dirty in the sheets, but irresistible all the same. 

She’s a lover of all things creative. When she isn’t drumming up new story ideas, she’s busy crafting or playing around in photoshop. She’s also the creator and organizing of All About The Indies– a multi-author, multi-genre book signing.





Available Now! Ryder: A Wings of Diablo MC Novel #5 by Rae B. Lake, #MCRomance


★★ ´*•.¸(*•.¸★¸.•*´)¸.•*´★★

★«´¨`•°..New Release..°•´¨`»★

   ★★ .¸.•*(¸.•*´★`*•.¸)`*•.★★

Ryder: A Wings of Diablo MC Novel #5

Author: Rae B. Lake

Release Date: 01/24/2020

Cover Designer: Charli Childs


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He was broken to the core…

She was strong enough for both of them…



I am the treasurer of the Wings of Diablo MC Club and one of the founding members. This club and my brothers have been my whole life and I couldn’t have asked for a better one.  All I have ever cared about is getting the clubs money, protecting my brothers and riding. Now this accident has taken everything from me. They told me that I’ll never be able to ride again, my position as treasurer has been given to some new blood and I am left as a burden for my family to take care of. It shouldn’t surprise me that Cherry volunteered to care for me but I don’t want her, I don’t want anyone. I’d rather die than be without my club.


Last year I was the head club bunny at the Wings of Diablo Motorcycle Club, I knew my place and I loved it. This year, I have a newborn baby, a few booming stripclubs and have somehow become the mother hen for all the new club bunnies. When Wire asked me to look out for the newly crippled Ryder while they took care of club business of course I agreed. Ryder was a jerk to most anyone but usually I was able to handle him. Usually. This Ryder was pitiful, he was angry, he was spiteful, he was nothing like the man I fell in love with. I was on a mission to bring him back.



Catch Up on the Rest of the Series!

Wings of Diablo MC Series

Author: Rae B. Lake


☠️ Wire book # 1

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🍒Cherry A Wings of Diablo MC Novella

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☠Prez book #4

➾Available Now:

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. • ✰ 𝙎𝙏𝘼𝙔 𝘾𝙊𝙉𝙉𝙀𝘾𝙏𝙀𝘿 ✰ • . 

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. • ✰ Excerpt ✰ • 

Cherry was going to kill me, or at least keep hitting until she passed out herself. She screamed and cursed me, spit flying out of her mouth and her little fists beating down on anything that she could reach. 

‘Charity, stop!” I tried to catch her flailing arms one more time and finally was able to get one pinned to her side.

“No! No!” She screamed and beat on my chest weakly with her remaining arm. Finally, I was able to grab the second one and she collapsed in exhaustion on my chest.

At first, she screamed and cursed me with her face pressed into my body but then the anger turned into grief. Cherry cried hard, not just the lonely tears that I used to see, but a deep soul hurting wail against my chest.

“Yo, what the fuck is happening here?” Clean opened the door and poked his head inside. 

I lifted up to tell him to go away. All the anger and hatred that I was spewing a few moments ago to Cherry was gone. This was our Cherry, every tear that she cried broke my heart a little more. I wanted to tell her that it was the pain that made me do it, that I didn’t mean it, I wanted to tell her anything to make her stop crying. 

Clean’s face dropped when he got a good look at me. “Oh shit…” He let out a sigh and looked at the broken Cherry laying on my chest. “Oh, Cherry, no.” 

“Go away and shut up!” I whisper yelled at him. Clean turned around and walked out of my room, closing the door behind him. Shaking his head on the way out.

I wasn’t hurt, not really, I would have some bruises but I’ve had way worse, but we both knew what this meant for Cherry. She laid a hand on a patched member. She would be blacklisted and never allowed back into the club or be able to dance at our locations. She just threw away everything she had known for the past eight years because I pushed her too far. 

“Oh, god. Oh, god.” Cherry raised her head slowly and looked at my face. “Oh Ryan, I am so sorry, oh god.” She fell back down on my chest. “I’m sorry.” She wailed. 

“Shhhh, babe, it’s ok. This is my fault. I did this. Please don’t cry. Please.” I tried to comfort her. I rubbed her shoulders and tried to lift her. “Cherry come on babe.”

“They are going to kick me out. I’ll be on the street again. Oh, what about Larry? Oh god.” She gripped my shirt and cried harder, hyperventilating and shaking in the process. 

“Cherry, you and that baby boy aren’t going anywhere.” 

She sat up, “How can you say that Ryder, I broke the rules. We all know what’s going to happen when Wire sees your face. I’ll be on my ass with my baby. You were right, I’m nothing but a whore, expendable.”

“No, on my word, I swear to you. I’d never let them do that you. On my word.” I reached up and held her face in my hands. She was defeated. 

“Oh, Ryder. I’m sorry.”

“Me too babe. I’m so fucking sorry, please forgive me.” 

Tears pooled in her eyes and she nodded her head yes before she bent down to give me a sweet kiss on the mouth. I kissed her back.

I couldn’t believe I had fucked up this much. This woman had never ever done anything but be good to me and as much as I hated to admit it, I truly cared for her. More than just a random fuck. 

She tried to pull away but I grabbed the back of her neck and lengthened the kiss. I missed her. I missed the intimacy that we shared. Suddenly, all the despair and pain that I felt radiating from her turned into something else. Sex and lust. 



New Release: Winski and Leeds Boxset by Mignon Mykel (An Enforcers of San Diego Collection), #SportsRomance is Available Now!


Winski and Leeds Boxset by Mignon Mykel
Series: An Enforcers of San Diego Collection
Genre: Sports Romance
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On the ice, they’re two of San Diego’s best NHL players.
Off the ice? They’re both struggling with love.
When Trevor Winski meets Callie he knows his luck with the ladies is about to change. He’ll just have to break some rules first.
Mikey Leeds had luck but lost it. Now superstitious of that fateful day, the last thing he expects is about to get his second chance at love — with the one woman he shouldn’t want.
Follow these two on their journeys to happily ever after in this collection, containing 32: Refuse to Lose and 25: Angels and Assists!

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