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Whisky Moments by @Author Emily Bowie coming this January! #WhyskyMomentsBlurbReveal



What happens when the legend you love, becomes the man you hate?


Do I love Rhett Steele? Absolutely not.
Do I like Rhett Steele? Not even close.
Do I hate Rhett Steele? Yes.
This is the man who destroyed my world, shattering my dreams the very first time I met him. It’s like he purposely pushes buttons I don’t even realize exist. I wouldn’t live with him if he were the last man on earth. Then how did he end up being my newest most hated roommate?
My singing career is tanking, my fans are turning against me, and I’m told I need to clean up my image. I should have done it with America’s sweetheart on my arm. But what’s the fun in that? Instead I turn to the woman who hates me more than anyone. I’ve already hit rock bottom, I can only go up from here, or so I thought.

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