A Texas Christmas Wish
A Wildflower Hill Novel #1

Alissa Callen

Genre:  #Romance #ChristmasRomance #HolidayRomance 

My Rating:  5

Cover:  5

Publication:  October 30th 2019

Read:  October 26th 2019  *ARC provided by Tule Publishing

Kindle Edition:  212 Pages

POV:  Third-person alternating perspectives

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To Aggie Harper, every day is Christmas. Even if that means late nights and a non-existent love life to keep her beloved mother’s knitting store that specializes in ugly Christmas sweaters afloat. She loves her small Texas town life and believes she is living her dream until a big city stranger strides through the front door of her store and has her question what she really wants from life.

Since the death of his mother, corporate lawyer Mason Firth lives to work, especially when tinsel adorns storefronts and he can’t escape the aroma of gingerbread. A mysterious unpaid family loan sends him to Last Stand, but instead of discovering any answers he finds himself risking a sugar coma from Christmas baked goods, making barbed wire Christmas wreaths and losing focus whenever around warm hearted Aggie.

Can a woman determined to spread Christmas joy and a man resistant to emotion and all things mistletoe, create their own Christmas miracle?


📝My Review📝: 🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄

A Texas Christmas Wish (Wildflower Hill, #1)A Texas Christmas Wish by Alissa Callen

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A Texas Christmas Wish by Alissa Callen was such a delightful book. This book has all he feels you look for in a perfect read. All the characters, including secondary, were delightful while complex as well. I heartfully enjoyed every moment of the story. Add a bit of intrigue and mystery as well as a town devoted to Christmas and you couldn’t ask for more. This is not a new author for me. I have read many books by Alissa Callen and enjoyed them all. Her talent for telling a story AND engaging the reader is one of my favorite aspects of her writing. I will definitely keep coming back for more.

Aggie and Mason…..
Aggie was a very relatable character to me. I loved everything about her. Everything! Of the dozens of books I’ve read this year (over 200 actually) she is the first heroine I remember. Not because this is a recent read, but because she reminded me so much of myself, of my aspirations, and love of all things Christmas. Throw in an intriguing, handsome hero and a town that goes above and beyond with Christmas decorating and special events, and I couldn’t be happier.

Aggie is going through a rough time with finances, hoping the holiday shopping season will be a prosperous one. Since her mother passed away, Aggie is only focused on keeping her mother’s dream alive, hence keeping the knitting store open. Hey, if the shop closes, where will everyone in town buy their Ugly Christmas sweaters? 😉

Mason, is determined to solve a mystery. Before his mother died, she loaned money to a company in Last Stand, Texas years ago. Who is this company and why did his mom loan her personal finances out?

Mason is somewhat of a Grinch. Since he lost his mother, his Christmas spirit went along with her. I’ll admit, mason was not an easy nut to crack. For the most part, Mason was a polite grump, lol. Aggie saw something inside of him. Something deep down that convinced her he was hurting. As much as Mason was determined to discover who the mysterious company was, Aggie was just as determined to help Mason believe in the spirit of Christmas. Last Stand, Texas was the perfect place to help her do that.

The interactions between these two were fun to watch. The development of their characters and of their relationship was believable and sincere. All through the book, I wondered about the mystery of the loan and how these two could make a relationship work when they lived states apart.

You’ll just have to read to find out. I truly loved the premise of this book, the characters and how everything tied together for a beautiful ending.

This is my honest and unbiased review. Thank you for taking the time to read it. 🙂


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