Once Upon A Cowboy Christmas

A River Ranch Novel Book Three

Soraya Lane

Genres:  #Romance #ChristmasRomance #CowboyBillionaireRomance #SecondChanceRomance

My Rating:  4

Cover:  4

Publication:  October 29th 2019

POV:  Third-person alternating perspectives

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Billionaires, cowboys, and romance collide during the holidays in this next book in the River Ranch series!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year at the Ford family ranch. Will one cowboy’s homecoming be the greatest gift of all?

He left town and never looked back.
Cody Ford is a Wall Street honcho with humble Texas roots. This holiday season, he’d be content to just stay in New York and not face his family―and dodge their questions about when and with whom he plans to settle down. . .and if he will do so back at home. But his father isn’t getting any younger, and Cody doesn’t want to miss any last chances to see him and the rest of the folks back on the ranch. The last person Cody was expecting to see? His one-time girlfriend, Lexi Murphy, who’s been working as his dad’s new live-in nurse.

She never forgot him. Can she ever forgive him?
Lexi still holds a grudge against Cody. Back then, the college-bound heartthrob believed he was too good for a small-town girl like Lexi. But now Cody can’t help but see her in a whole new light. Could it be that this beautiful single mother with an unbeatable can-do spirit is the one he’s been waiting for all along? That depends on whether Cody can prove to Lexi that, this time, he means business―and if a sudden snowstorm can lend just the right amount of Christmas magic to help move things along.


📝My Review📝: 🌟🌟🌟🌟

Once Upon a Cowboy Christmas (River Ranch, #3)Once Upon a Cowboy Christmas by Soraya M. Lane

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It’s never too early to start reading Christmas Romances, especially when there are so many and the holiday season isn’t long enough to read all the ones I want. When I read the synopsis for Once Upon A Cowboy, I was excited. Two of my favorites things are Christmas and cowboys. That said, this book had the potential to be a five star rating from me. But unfortunately, the hero was a bit too full of himself for me to love. By the end of the book I did like him, however I didn’t love him and that was a bit disappointing.

Cody moved on from the family ranch right after high school and didn’t look back unless you count the few and far between times he came to visit. He believed he had good reasons which I will not divulge to you because you should read that on your own. I will say that while I understood his reasons for staying away, I didn’t feel they were the huge drama he made them out to be. But that is just my own opinion, and one of the reasons I couldn’t fall in love with Cody. Also, I didn’t feel the connection between him and Lexi. Lexi, I loved. And on her behalf, I was frustrated with Cody. Look, I don’t want to downplay his way of thinking too much just because I couldn’t connect with him. But I can say that his situation was one that I know personally; it never would have even occurred to me to leave the way he did or stay away so long.

The synopsis for this book gives you good insight into the premise of this story so I won’t need to summarize it. You must be wondering why I gave this book four stars after reading how I didn’t like Cody. Well the answer to that is easy. The secondary characters and Lexi are who brought me entertainment and kept me turning pages. I especially adored Cody’s dad. He was such a wonderful addition to this story which takes place the week leading up to Christmas.

Cody and Lexi’s story is the third book in the River Ranch series. I have not read the previous books yet. Because I truly liked Cody’s younger brother and sister, I would like to read their books as well. In addition, there is the oldest sibling, Angelica, still to have her great love story told.

While this was my first book by this author, I would like to read more from her. Even though I wasn’t a fan of Cody, I enjoyed the author’s talent for storytelling; she kept me engaged in the story and that is all I need.

This is my honest and unbiased review. Thank you for taking the time to read it. 🙂


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