Emily March

Genre: #ContemporaryRomance
My Rating: 3.75
Cover: 5

Publication: June 25th 2019
Read: June 25th 2019 *ARC provided by publisher via NetGalley
POV: Third-person alternating perspectives
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From New York Times bestselling author Emily March comes Jackson, the newest novel in the critically acclaimed Eternity Springs series. 

Sometimes it takes a new beginning 
Caroline Carruthers thinks she buried her dreams along with the love of her life…until a stranger named Celeste dares her to chase a dream all on her own. Moving to Redemption, Texas, is chapter one in Caroline’s new life story. Opening a bookstore is the next. Finding love is the last thing on her mind as she settles into this new place called home. But when she meets a handsome, soulful man who’s also starting over, all bets are off.

to reach a happily-ever-after 
Jackson McBride came to Redemption looking only to find himself, not someone to love. Ever since his marriage ended, he’s been bitter. Sure, he used to believe in love–he even has the old song lyrics to prove it–but the Jackson of today is all business. That is, until a beautiful young widow who’s moved to town inspires a change of heart. Could it be that the myth of Redemption’s healing magic is true…and Jackson and Caroline can find a second chance at a happy ending after all?

My Review: 3.75 Stars

I wanted to love this book. I enjoyed it but it didn’t have my heart pumping. 
Caroline is currently married at the beginning of the story. I won’t go into specifics on that. I thought she was a lovely character and deserved to be happy. Unfortunately, life happens and well…things become complicated… and very sad.

Jackson has his own demons in the way of cruel ex-wife. She takes something from him he cannot bare to lose. And so because of that, Jackson has sworn off women. When he and his two cousins inherit land, they decide to turn it into a high-end B&B. I enjoyed the way the author described the old buildings on the property. I could really see everything she was trying to write about. This particular aspects of the book were one of my favorites.

Long story short, Caroline and Jackson meet when she comes to town to write a travel piece about the land Jackson now owns. They definitely have a connection, but what that connection was, neither recognized. Many months later, Caroline moves to town and opens a book store. She and Jackson meet again and become good friends. I want to say that their relationship was a slow burn but that just wasn’t the case for me. The pace of the book as well as the development of Jackson and Caroline’s relationship was slow. Very. I admit I was able to put this book down too many times. 

I really don’t want to spoil anything for you in the way of details. I do want you to know that I didn’t hate this book. As I said earlier in my review, I enjoyed it, as an overall read. I think what bothered me the most was that I couldn’t feel a connection between the H/h. As friends, I thought they were believable and genuine. But when the line was crossed to an intimate relationship, I just wasn’t feeling it.

There is definitely a happy ending. So be assured about that. The epilogue was another favorite part of the book for me.

This was my first read by this author. Would I like to read more from her? I would definitely like to do that. Just because I wasn’t in love with this one book doesn’t mean I wouldn’t love another. I am a very openminded reader. I enjoy all tropes of romance and don’t make set-in-stone final opinions on just one, or even two books. So yes, I’ll absolutely give this author another chance to woo me, lol.

This is my honest and unbiased opinion. Thank you for taking the time to read it. 🙂