Title – Love is Strange: A Taboo Anthology
Authors – Yolanda Olson, Elizabeth Cash, Emery LeeAnn, Michelle Brown, Anna Edwards, Addison Kline, Michelle Pace, Chloe Jane, Ally Vance, Murphy Wallace, and Avery Reigns
Genre – Taboo Romance
Release Date – February 12, 2019
Eleven authors band together to show you love in its truest, most forbidden form.
Only whenΒ Burnt EmbersΒ rise fromΒ Cinder & SmokeΒ can you findΒ AbsolutionΒ from theΒ Indiscriminate. WhenΒ Becoming Mrs. RyanΒ is solely possible by crossing into the unknown. Join theΒ Blood BrothersΒ as they bind together whileΒ Keeping SecretsΒ fromΒ The Thief & The Liar. And in theΒ Encore, sweet, somber songs ofΒ MelancholiaΒ can we truly find the meaning ofΒ Caim.
Love is Strange: A Taboo Anthology for the Ocean Conservancy.
**All proceeds from this anthology will be donated to the Ocean Conservancy.Β https://oceanconservancy.org/**