All The Wandering Light

(Even The Darkest Stars #2)


Heather Fawcett

Genre:ย #YA #Fantasy #Adventure

My Rating:ย 5

Cover:ย 5

Publication:ย December 4th 2018

Read: December 6th 2018

POV:ย First-person & third-person dual perspective

Hardcover:ย 448

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Series:ย https://www.goodreads.com/series/204064-even-the-darkest-stars


After the terrifying events on Mount Raksha, the witches have returned, and River has betrayed Kamzin to regain his dark powers. The witchesโ€™ next step: march on the Three Cities and take over the Empireโ€”led by Riverโ€™s brother, Esha.

If Kamzin is to save Azmiri and prevent the fall of the Empire, she must find a star that fell in the Ash Mountains to the north. Fallen stars have immense power, and if Kamzin and Lusha can find the star, they can use its magic to protect the Empire. To get there, Kamzin has allied with Azar-at, the dangerous and deceptive fire demon, who can grant her great powerโ€”in exchange for pieces of her soul. But River wants the star too, and as their paths collide in dangerous and unexpected ways, Kamzin must wrestle with both her guilt and her conflicted feelings for the person who betrayed her.

Facing dark magic, a perilous journey, and a standoff against the witches, can Kamzin, Lusha, and Tem find the star and save their Empire?


๐Ÿ“My Review๐Ÿ“:


God this book was so amazing and better than the first one! All the flaws I found with the first book were corrected in this sequel and I love seeing the growth Heather Fawcett had as an author. The writing was great, the characters were all flushed out, and I have no unanswered questions. River and Kamzin are two of my favorite literary characters and I am so sad to see their journey come to an end…but I do believe that there is room for more if Heather Fawcett should wish it (please). The story in this sequel was so interesting as well, the prospect of hunting down a fallen star in a race against the witches was so thrilling. I really could not put this book down, I flew through it. Devoured it actually.

Kamzin was so determined in this book. After all that happened in the previous one she was not going to lose again no matter who was standing in her way. Her anger and perseverance where strong tools that she used in this novel to keep her going. River was as always wonderful. Not as much of his sarcasm and humor were present in this one (understandably) but he was still River. Despite everything that happened in the last book I could not hate hime and I don’t think I ever will because I understand why he did what he did even if it was a stupid decision.ย Tem and Lusha were so flushed out in this book, I really came to like them both. Lusha is so headstrong and reminds me a lot of myself. Tem is such a good friend and everything he went through in this novel solidifies that. I have come to love these characters a lot and I really do hope to see more of them in the future someday.

Not many people talk about this duology and that saddens me a lot. It is one of the best stories in YA literature that I have read and it is so unique. I recommend this duology to everyone because it is a fun tale of action, romance, adventure, and fantasy. I have never had much interest in leaving my house but these books made me want to leave and explore the world.

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