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For the last decade, I’ve had the same crazy Christmas dream every holiday season.  
It’s lovely, happy, sensual, and it’s total bullsh*t because there is no man like my dream man out there for me.  
Luckily, the sexy dream only happens once a year, because if it happened more than that, it would be depressing, a constant reminder of what I have in reality.  
In real life, I was just dumped by the latest loser in my life, a man who was just using me for my money, and a roof over his head.  
Good riddance, right?  
But things aren’t really all that simple. 
Problem is, I don’t feel like I’m worthy of anything better because I’m a big girl, and I like my food if you know what I mean.  
So I made a bargain with myself to stay away from men and dating completely for at least a year to give myself a break, and to try to find my self-esteem after dating a string of men who just didn’t want…me.  
I thought that promise I made to myself would be easy to keep, and it was…until I met Jackson Gillette in Galveston while I was hiding out in my beach house licking my wounds from so many bad relationships.  
Jackson is a gorgeous, drool-worthy kind of guy. In other words, he was trouble.  
Men like him did not date women like me.  
But when I realized that there’s so much more to Jackson than the eye can see, do I dare take a chance on realizing my Christmas dream?  
After all, he might just be exactly what I want from Santa this year.  

Author Note: If you’re looking for a traditional, sweet Christmas romance, you might want to move on. This is a sexy, panty melting, fantastical Christmas romance that’s heavily rolled in sugar sweet enough to satisfy your craving for Christmas cookies, with a big dose of Christmas magic. If that sounds like a great holiday reading to you, then dig in and enjoy!!


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