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October 2018

RELEASE BLITZ ~Title: Kate, Series: The Dimarco Series #5, Author: Jennifer Hanks, Genre: Contemporary Romance ~ Available Now!


Title: Kate
Series: The Dimarco Series #5
Author: Jennifer Hanks
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: October 26, 2018

Disappointment.  Rejection.
that have been suffocating single mom Kate Miller for years. 
Moving to
New Hope to raise her six-year-old son is supposed to be a fresh start, a way
to put her past in the rearview mirror and focus on the road ahead. She isn’t
looking for friendship or a relationship, especially with one very sexy
detective who won’t stay out of her life or out of her mind.
No matter
how hard she pushes him away.
Dimarco is a man who’s faced his mortality.
After surviving a shooting, in which he was the target of revenge, he
understands life is fleeting.  When Kate
explodes into his world, showing him a glimpse of a future filled with all the
things he craves, he makes the decision to grab a hold and not let go.
Even if it
means sacrificing what he already has.
However, a
darkness still surrounds the small town of New Hope and they will learn the
only way to keep each other safe is to stand together.  Luke will need to show Kate that trust is not
just a word, but given to the right person, a promise.
But is it a
promise he can keep?


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Author Bio
is the author
of The Dimarco Series as well as The Elite Securities Series. Her stories are
contemporary romance and romantic suspense, all with the underlying message of
the power and strength in love. She’s also a sucker for a Happily-Ever-After.
Her love of reading and books in general started at a very young age and has
steadily grown into a love of writing as well. She admits to being addicted to
all things romance and has no plans of quitting her habit. Jennifer lives in
Pennsylvania with her two children. When she’s not reading or writing, she can
be found with her kids at their various activities. Her house is frequently
filled with any combination of her children’s friends, nieces, nephews and a
variety of pets.
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RELEASE BLITZ ~ Title: Genealogy, Author: Mae Wood, Genre: Women’s Fiction ~ Available Now!



Title: Genealogy
Author: Mae Wood
Genre: Women’s Fiction
Release Date: October 25, 2018


Inspired by real, hundred-year-old love letters.My great-grandmother’s name is bold across the cream envelope, now golden at
the seams with age. I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen graceful,
purposeful handwriting with a fountain pen and not the hasty scrawl of

Alice Hirshhorn, Astoria Hotel, Seattle Washington.

“Letters to Great-grandma Alice,” I say with wonder, tracing my fingers over the
faded postmark and foreign stamps.

December 1915. Philippine Islands.

I turn the thick envelope in my palm, slide out the tightly folded pages, and
unfold the thin paper, taking care not to tear the letters that were important
enough to keep for a century.

My dearest Alice

“Great-grandpa was in the Philippines?” I ask.

“Oh no. Not your great-grandfather,” answers Grammie, her eyes twinkling with
her mother’s secrets. “Elliott.”


At thirty-three and with her future unclear, Ali Waller finds her way home
again. A box of long-forgotten love letters written to her great-grandmother
holds the unlikely key to Ali finding her new path.

As she tracks down the letter writer and his descendants, Ali learns the magic
of love, hope, and resilience.

Told by three characters, and across century and an ocean, Genealogy is
an enchanting story about love and loss, taking chances, and embracing the
surprises that life brings.

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Author Bio

Mae Wood is a mommy, bookworm, and lawyer (in that order).

A while ago Mae decided that she needed to give up the fear that she couldn’t write “great literature” and write what she wants to read.

And she wants romance. And laughter.

She wants heroines who are brave. Brave enough to be themselves and brave enough to fall in love.

She wants men who are strong and kind.

Mae lives in the Southeastern United States and sets her books in hot and steamy Memphis, Tennessee.

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COVER REVEAL ~ Title: Have a Heart, Series: Love Happens #4, Author: Jodi Watters, Genre: Contemporary Romance, Release Date: November 9, 2018



Title: Have a Heart
Series: Love Happens #4
Author: Jodi Watters
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Cover Design: Sommer Stein,

Perfect Pear Creative Covers

Release Date: November 9, 2018

If he had one, she’d be the woman he’d give it to.
A runaway
bride, searching for happily ever after.
A Navy
SEAL, who doesn’t believe in such things.
A bar, in
the middle of nowhere, and fate, who’s been awaiting this day. 
When I left
my groom at the altar, I didn’t care where I went, or who I met along the
When I
walked into a roadside bar in Nowhere, California, I wasn’t planning on
When I sat
down beside Jason Reynolds, I had no idea who he really was. 
My world
turned upside down.
Now all I
want to do is save him.
I tried to
ignore her. The beautiful train wreck who’d crashed my pity party.   
I tried to
fight temptation. Her sweet smile and smart mouth threatened my misery.
I tried to
walk away. My blackened soul didn’t deserve her bright, hopeful light.
My team
calls me Tin Man for good reason.
Love has no
place in my life.


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Some things
in life were worth the wait.
The line
for the tallest roller coaster at Six Flags. A Chanel handbag once it went on
sale. The pizza delivery guy.
Reynolds naked.
Tessa was
three for four so far, but if his willingness to follow her into a purple motel
room without a fight was any indication, she’d be averaging perfect come
After his
remarkably personal revelation, she was shocked there wasn’t a cloud of dust in
his wake, his truck speeding down the highway, never to return.
veteran—Special Forces, at that—voicing his concern over integrating back into
society, potential PTSD, and what to do with skills that served him well in the
military world but not so much in the civilian one, was tantamount to laying
down arms.
She’d been
surprised by his uncertainty. It was such a human condition from a guy who
appeared… well, inhuman.
he was an imposing man. Tall, close to six-three, if she guessed, his hair as
dark as his aura. And built, his body a supplement-free masterpiece people paid
a certified trainer top dollar to achieve. Based on appearance and manner, he
could carry the world’s population with one hand, using the other to fend off
scores of enemies.
But beyond
the corded muscle and bad attitude was simply a person, no different than any
other. Not that he was keen to admit it.
Leading him
by the hand, she stopped at her door to fish the key from her purse and he
pressed into her from behind, surrounding her. The Tumbleweed was a ghost town
this time of night, the long balcony lined with doors free of other guests.
Public, yet
her hair aside, he growled against her ear. “This is a bad idea.” Then he
nuzzled the sensitive rim. “Tell me to fuck off.”
He licked
her lobe, a teaser of what was to come, and a full-body shiver raced through
her. He groaned at her little shimmy and rocked his hips into her.
slumming it,” he murmured. “Go back to your almost perfect life.”
A courtesy
warning she didn’t heed.
“There’s no
tomorrow with me.” He bit the nape of her neck, then licked the sting. “I’m
walking away from here.”
stubble scraped her skin, the burn a reminder of his powerful masculinity.
“I’ll go
back to my room and jerk off until I go blind. It’ll be in your best interest.”
Her pulse
spiked at the visual, a whimper escaping. “Don’t you remember my kink? It wasn’t
a joke. I wanna watch.”
 “That would defeat the purpose.”
please?” Turning around, she brushed her lips over his. “I’d let you watch me
He groaned
against her mouth but didn’t kiss her back. “I’m not gonna take it easy on you.
You’ll get it how I wanna give it.”
“Mmm, fine
by me.” Burying her face in his throat, she inhaled him. Musk and delicious
isn’t in my vocabulary.”
flooded her. “If you’re trying to change my mind, it isn’t working.”
“You want
candles and poetry, go find somebody else.”
Jesus, he
wouldn’t give up. “I only want you.”
“And I only
want you,” he breathed, dropping his forehead to her shoulder. “God help me, I
only want you.”
She groaned
at his tortured prayer, but his mouth covered hers, stopping any more she might
say. Stopping any more he might say.
The glide
of his lips stole her breath.
The rasp of
his tongue erased the outside world. 
His kiss
was hot, wet, and methodical. Slow in speed but deep with desire, he pushed her
against the door with more force than necessary given she was a willing
participant. Sparks singed her nerves with every teasing dip and skillful lash
of his tongue, and she craved that same touch lower. Much lower.  
A need to
be taken hard and fast consumed her. A need that was edged in fear.
He might be
Jason, but he was still a stranger.
that fear, he lifted his mouth. “I might be rough, but I’m in control. If you
say stop, I’ll stop. At any time.” 
She nipped
his bottom lip, voice shaky. “I’m not afraid of you.”
“You should
be.” Shadows hid his face when he stepped back, putting physical inches between
them that equaled emotional miles.
“I’m not
and never will be. Get over it.” Fumbling with the key, she opened the door.
“Did I tell you I’m wearing my favorite panties tonight?”
He growled.
It could
have meant yes, could have meant no.
made a wet mess in them,” she scolded. “I need you to come in and clean it up.”
There was a
muffled groan and two seconds later, she was atop the dresser, Jason between
her spread legs and the door ricocheting shut.
So that worked.


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Author Bio
My love for
steamy romance began when I was in junior high. A friend and I noticed a
dumpster of discarded paperbacks behind our local dime store. Covers missing
and each book split down the spine, I scanned the pages for any love or lust
words—and curse words, too. From that point on, I scoured the public library
and the paperback racks at every store, reading anything labeled romance. I said
a tearfully grateful goodbye to Judy Bloom, and Jackie Collins began ruling my
I live with
my high school sweetheart husband in the desert Southwest. Awesome in the
winter, not so much in the summer.
My life
long goals are to think before I speak, smile more and swear less, and actually
weigh what my driver’s license states I do. 
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RELEASE BLITZ ~ Title: Cards of Love: Queen of Wands, Author: Suzanne Halliday, Genre: Romance (novella) ~ Available Now!

Title: Cards of Love: Queen of Wands
Author: Suzanne Halliday
Genre: Romance (novella)
Release Date: October 26, 2018
Life is unpredictable and what the cards read for each of us changes like the weather forecast.
When David Allyn’s daughter asked him to stop at a specialty store for her, he thought it would be a simple errand. Fate had other plans.
Clueless about mysticism, magic, and fantasy; he wasn’t quite sure what to make of a store that carried tarot cards, cupid sprinkles, and mystical looking decor. The Queen of Wands store was only half as fascinating as it’s owner, Micki Davies.
Gold Star widow Micki Davies is the breath of fresh air David didn’t realize he needed. The quirky, free-spirited shop owner fascinates him like no one ever has.
Humor, instant attraction, and the kind of desire that leaves them both weak in the knees join together with destiny to weave a charming tale of love at every age.

Trusting his instinct, he picked up one of the Egyptian looking bottles and peered at the hand-letteredtag dangling from a ribbon tied around the neck.
“Horny Toad,” he murmured softly.
He felt the soft giggle before he heard it.
A mellifluous voice hypnotized his senses. “Horny Toad. Interesting choice. Complicated formula. Has to be brewed on the night of the new moon.”
David moved in slow motion, turning his head toward the voice. The hand that held the bottle froze in midair.
“I’d have figured you for this.” An elegant hand with dark red nails reached into the tower and extracted a squat bottle with a yellow top. “Cupid Crystals. Sprinkle in some coffee and see what happens!”
She was standing so close he could hear her breathing. Their eyes met, and the planet stopped spinning.
The hippie woman from earlier had bright azure blue eyes beneath real eyebrows—not that stuff women drew on.  She was smiling. Laugh lines suggested a woman who appreciated life.
Feeling tongue-tied, he was momentarily overcome by the unfamiliar reaction.
“It’s sugar-free.” She laughed.
He found his voice because the sound of hers was enough to make him agree to walk like an ape-man if it meant she’d keep talking.
“Vegan?” he asked with an arched brow.
She cracked up laughing. Hefelt like Judd Nelson at the end of TheBreakfast Clubwith a triumphant fist in the air.
“May I offer you a hand?” she asked. Her voice held a gentle, soothing softness. “I can take those things up to the register if you’d like.”
He blinked. That was it.
“It’s okay,” she assured him with a chuckle. “This is my store.”
“You’re the Queen of Wands?” he asked.
Her whole face brightened. The eyes regarding himhad sweeping lashes. Azure sparkles shot from her expression.


“Yes! That’s me.” She curtseyed like a lady-in-waiting, and he was charmed beyond belief. “I’m Michele Davies, Head Wand Mistress,” she said with her hand out in welcome. “Micki to my friends.”


USA Today Bestselling Author Suzanne Halliday writes what she loves to read about in her spare time- sexy alpha men!
When not tapping away on her computer, Suzanne can be found with a mug of tea in hand. She’s a lover of travel and also enjoys a good joke.
Suzanne is the proud mother of USA Today Bestselling Author Ella Fox.



COVER REVEAL ~ Title: Welcome Home Hero, Series: Holiday Love Series, Author: Marie Savage, Genre: Romance, Release Date: November 12, 2018

Title: Welcome Home Hero
Series: Holiday Love Series
Author: Marie Savage
Genre: Romance
Release Date: November 12, 2018
Cover Photography: Chantell Reid Photography
Cover Design: T.E. Black Designs





Welcome to the fairy tale …


Olivia Kennedy was living the life she had always dreamed of. She had a lovely home in California that she shared with her adoring and successful husband and their two-year-old son. She couldn’t be happier, until the night fate intervened and crushed her fairy tale. A widow for over three years now, she is finding it hard to stay in the town where she has no husband, no job, no family, and no future. When an opportunity opens up, she realizes she must let go of fairy tales and face her reality. 
Welcome to Clover, Alabama …
Starting over in the town she swore she would never return to, Olivia and her son Mason become Clover’s latest residents. As the new librarian, she hopes she can keep busy to fill the void of losing her husband, while raising her son closer to her supportive family. She is touched by how the town she once detested, now welcomes her into their loving arms and accepts her and Mason as their own. Things are looking up for them, especially when a hero returns home.
Welcome to falling in love …
Olivia can’t deny her attraction to Clover’s hometown hero, Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Sullivan. The Air Force pilot is not only handsome, but his sense of excitement and adventure sparks something in her that she had never felt before. She is also touched by the quick bond that has formed between Tom and Mason. Tom has made it clear to her that she is in his target range and nothing would make him happier than having both of them in his life. Olivia, however, is unsure about taking risks. It is her duty to protect her son, as well as guard her own heart. Does she have the courage to love again and allow the hometown hero to show her that her fairy tale is far from over?

Marie Savage is a self-published author who has a love for family, friendships, patriotic spirit, and hometown pride.
Born and raised in the Florida Panhandle, she has always had a love for reading and writing, with the romance genre being her obvious favorite. Her desire to expand her horizons, led her to join the United States Air Force and proudly serve her country for six years.
While stationed in Atwater California, she met her true love and together they have shared life’s beautiful joys and tragic losses. After spending over half her life in the Central Valley of California, she has moved back home to the Wiregrass area, where her passion for writing first began.



RELEASE BLITZ ~ Title: Waiting For Autumn, Author: J.A. DeRouen, Genre: Contemporary Romance ~ Available Now!

Title: Waiting For Autumn
Author: J.A. DeRouen
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: October 25, 2018 
“Race me for it.” 
Four simple words. Five desolate years.
Sebastian Kelly believes he isn’t worthy of redemption, of a chance to right his wrongs. But an unexpected trip home, the place he dreads most, calls in question everything he’s come to believe. And who knows, he may find exactly what he’s been waiting for. 
One broken promise. Two pink lines.
Autumn Norris knew in an instant her life would never be the same. Years have flown by in a flurry of sparkles and dress up, and Autumn has refused to let the anchor of regret pull her under. 
Until she lays eyes on Sebastian, and the wave of why, where, and how could you flood her every thought.
Old hurt and new betrayal twist first love into a reluctant partnership, and theirs may be a bond even pigtails and butterfly kisses can’t mend. But the past five years have felt like a lifetime, and Seb is willing to wait as long as it takes.
Because the truth is, he’s always been waiting for Autumn.

“This author again floors me. She brings together a Story about love, loss, and a forever that nobody can touch.” – Books and Bandanas


“My Lord, this book was the most uplifting thing I’ve ever read.” – Little Red Reading Hood


“…J.A. DeRouen’s exquisitely beautiful writing to all of that and you have the makings of this 5-Star read…” – Bewitched Reader

J.A. Derouen lives in South Louisiana with her husband, son (aptly nicknamed “The Professor”), and her furry friend, Scout. She has a bachelor’s degrees in psychology and nursing. When she’s not writing or inhaling romance novels by the stack, she works as a women’s health nurse. She’s been an avid reader and daydreamer since childhood, and she’s never stopped turning the page to get to the next happily ever after.




📝REVIEW📝 ~ Brantley’s Way: Running M Ranch #1 ~ by Author KL Donn ~ Genre: #Romance #CowboyRomance ~ Release Date: March 8th 2018 ~ 5 Stars!

Brantley's Way ebook



KL Donn

Genre:  #Romance #CowboyRomance #SomeSuspense #Instlove

My Rating:  5

Cover:  5

Series:  Running M Ranch Book #1

POV:  First-person alternating perspectives

Kindle Edition:  184 pages

Add to Goodreads:

Get them one-click fingers ready because this cowboy is ready to steal your heart!!



Brantley Marbury lived and breathed the life of a rancher.
The Running M Ranch, his stallions, were worth more than gold.
After losing his father he was thrust into the role of sole proprietor sooner than anticipated. He’s not complaining though.
After six generations of Marbury’s running the RMR, he knew where his life was headed.
What he didn’t know was that the girl from feed store was going to consume him deeper than the ranch. He didn’t know he was going to love her more either.

Adilynn James had dreams of getting out of Hixson, Texas from the moment she could talk.
She wanted to grow up, go to school, travel the world. Marriage and children were in the plan. Someday.
Well she grew up, she started school. Travelling didn’t happen.
Marriage and babies?
Brantley Marbury is doing his damnedest to change her mind.

Except… After one too many drinks, a deal gone bad, and a predator on the prowl, they may never make it to the marriage part of their dreams.
Let alone the babies.

IMG_7439 (2)

📝My Review📝:

Brantley's Way (The Running M Ranch #1)Brantley’s Way by K.L. Donn

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 Stars!

This was definitely a book I had a hard time putting down! Too much going on and I was so engrossed in needing my happy ending. Brantley’s Way is not your typical cowboy romance. That just means the main focus in this book was not ranch life. While Brantley himself is a possessive and protective alpha, Adilynn is strong and protective as well. Unfortunately, while Ady takes care of others, there is no one taking care of her. Ady needs caring just as much as the younger brother she adores and protects as well as the horses she cares for. For all her weaknesses, I found Ady to be a remarkably strong, young woman. I admired her spirit and loyal, loving, caring personality. I hated the horrific situations she was forced to endure and I hated her mother a hundred times more. My only disappointment in this book was that I didn’t get to see karma bite Ady’s nasty mother in the a**!

There is a good deal of characters introduced in this book and I can only hope the author will write about them. Another reason I loved this book was because of my love for horses and all things cowboys. Yeah, I admit it, this is my favorite romance trope. One more plus for me is that I found a new author to stalk. While I have seen KL Donn’s name all around the book-loving community, Brantley’s Way was my first read by her. She has over twenty available books to chose from. Actually, I already know what I’ll be reading by KL Donn next. You’ll just have to wait for my next review to find out. 😉

This is my honest and unbiased review. Thank you for taking the time to read it. 🙂


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💜💙FOSTER AN AUTHOR💜💙~ NEW RELEASE ~ Obsessive Addiction by KL Donn ~ Release Date: October19th 2018 ~ Available Now! ~ #FAA4 #FosterAnAuthor2018 ~ Check out the give away below the post! 👇👇

obsessive addiction


41810511 (1)

Obsessive Addiction

By KL Donn

Release Date:  October 19th 2018

Buy the book:  


Have you ever heard the sound of your life ending?

A cell door slamming shut is the best way to describe it.

I killed a man. A bad man.

One who deserved far more than what I gave him.

He looked at her when she was mine.

He touched her when she was mine.

He broke her when she was mine.

I’m getting out on a technicality.

Now, I’ll get to make her mine.

She’ll cry my name each night instead of his.

She’ll feel my pleasure instead of his pain.

I am Crux Malcolm

and it’s my turn to get what’s coming to me…

Farren Hallewell is my addiction and I’m obsessed.


About KL Donn


Krystal is a proud Canadian girl, hailing from Sherwood Park, Alberta. She has a strong dislike for the winter, and a love for spring. Married to her husband Steve, for 14 years, they have 4 beautiful red headed spawns ranging in ages 6-13. She has a strong love of coffee, sarcasm, and wine. (Not necessarily in that order either.)

She has been a published author for over 3 years now. With over 20 books under her belt.

Krystal loves to write about instalove between couples looking for love. She has a passion for contemporary romance and springs into menage as often as she can.

Currently, she is working on a new series about bad boy brothers who don’t know what hits them as they fall for their girls.​

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Author giveaway: 4 signed paperbacks (Until Arsen, Brantley’s Way, Safe, In His Arms & Obsessive Addiction). One each to four winners! Open Internationally.
JLMB giveaway: two $5 Amazon gift cards!
*Giveaway begins October 22nd 2018 and runs through the weeks’ end.

💜💙FOSTER AN AUTHOR💜💙 ~ The Love Letters Series by Author KL Donn ~ All 4 books available now & a box set! ~ #FAA4 #FosterAnAuthor2018 ~ Don’t forget to check out theGiveaway, details below post 👇👇

love letters

💌 Dear Killian 💌

Dear Killian ebook

A love that defies time and distance…

Dear Killian, 

Those two words start something I wasn’t intending – something I wasn’t looking for.

Dear Jersey, 

When every battlefield leaves me feeling alone, only letters from her give me peace.



💌 Dear Gage 💌

Dear Gage ebook

A match made… by an 8 year old?

Dear Paisley,

I wasn’t looking for love. 

I was fine with the life I had. 

Then you wrote me and a whole new world opened up.

Dear Gage,

I’ve been alone so long. 

Lost, scared, raising a son who needed a real man. 

Then you came along. 

Opening our hearts to your loyalty. 



💌 Dear Maverick 💌

Dear Maverick ebook

Whoops!… She butted in!

Dear Maverick,

You weren’t supposed to get my letter.

I only needed to vent.

But, I wouldn’t change a thing.

Dear True,

I thought you were fake.

Then you rambled, and lost your filter.

Sometimes you just need to connect with someone.


💌 Dear Desmond 💌

Dear Desmond ebook

Love by accident…

Dear North,

I don’t know what I expected.
This wasn’t it.
You weren’t it.
And yet, you’re everything.

Dear Desmond,

I was so alone, until your letter.
Your compassion gave me life.
Your love is my everything.



💌 Love Letters Boxset 💌


Welcome to the Love Letters, where each story is insta-love and to the point!
Grab a coffee, some tissues, and a warm blanket to cuddle up with these short stories where falling in love through the written word is more common than a first date!

This collection includes:
Dear Killian
Dear Gage
Dear Maverick
With BONUS never been seen epilogues for each story

An all new, exclusive short story
Dear Lena




Krystal is a proud Canadian girl, hailing from Sherwood Park, Alberta. She has a strong dislike for the winter, and a love for spring. Married to her husband Steve, for 14 years, they have 4 beautiful red headed spawns ranging in ages 6-13. She has a strong love of coffee, sarcasm, and wine. (Not necessarily in that order either.)

She has been a published author for over 3 years now. With over 20 books under her belt.

Krystal loves to write about instalove between couples looking for love. She has a passion for contemporary romance and springs into menage as often as she can.

Currently, she is working on a new series about bad boy brothers who don’t know what hits them as they fall for their girls.​

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Author giveaway: 4 signed paperbacks (Until Arsen, Brantley’s Way, Safe, In His Arms & Obsessive Addiction). One each to four winners! Open Internationally.
JLMB giveaway: two $5 Amazon gift cards!
*Giveaway begins October 22nd 2018 and runs through the weeks’ end.

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