A Junkyard Boys Novel


SH Richardson

Genres:  #Romance #SecondChanceRomance #DarkRomance

My Rating:  4.5

Cover:  5

Publication:  August 30th 2018

Read:  September 29th 2018

POV:  First-person alternate perspectives

Series:  Junkyard Boys:  The Junkyard Boys; The Scrapyard Man; A Junkyard Wedding; Salvaging Max; Recycled Memory

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The Junkyard boys
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The Scrapyard Man
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Refuse: A Junkyard Wedding
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Salvaging Max
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Marcus “Memory” Mecken
I fought for respect, then I fought for my country. Now I’ll fight for her.
I made a choice, one I thought was for her own good. Her future was bigger than our love, or so I thought. Years have passed when I find her working at a rundown diner and realize everything I’ve sacrificed was for nothing. That wasn’t part of the plan, and now I want answers.

Maribel Laine
I fought for love, then I fought for my sanity. Now I’ll fight to keep him away.
He made a choice to give up on us, on love, and it cost me everything . Now he’s back and looking for answers. Too bad. The girl he left behind is dead and buried. He wants answers? Well, good luck trying to find them. I’ll never tell.
He doesn’t deserve to know.

Fight for something or die for nothing.
The Junkyard Boys are forced to team up and set things right in order to help their brother bring home the only girl he has ever loved.
Can two lost lovers, torn apart for years, recycle old feelings from the past and reclaim their future? Will they fight to piece together their broken hearts, or will the past prove too much to overcome?


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My Review:

Recycled Memory (The Junkyard Boys)Recycled Memory by SH Richardson

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

4.5 Stars…
This is my first book by SH Richardson and my first in the Junkyard series. Regretfully I did not read the prior books in the series. Yet. I am definitely going to, though. I felt Recycled Memory was a very tense, emotional read. I was overcome with so many feels. I felt everything from sadness and frustration to anger and fear. The angst in this book is palpable. You can’t help having that sick feeling you get in your stomach when you know something awful is coming. With that said, this book also has suspense and definitely darkness as well as some violence. One thing I cannot say is that this book was sweet and romantic.

I loved nearly every character in this book. However, there were definitely a few I wanted to jump into the pages and choke, lol. But no, I’m serious. While I haven’t read the prior books in the Junkyard series, I did not feel lost. Actually I was very intrigued by these characters and want to read the other stories, which I suspect are just as angsty.

I also want to assure you there is a happy ending.

So where to begin…Marcus and Maribel…..
These two met as twelve and fourteen years olds. Maribel was a prodigy. A young, nerdy, lonely girl. She was exceptionally brilliant and lived to please her father. Maribel had no friends, her choice. Her parents loved her but they had their priorities in the wrong places. Her sister was her worst nightmare. I thought that girl was awful. How she could treat her little sister the way she did was disgusting. There is no redeeming that girl in my opinion.

Maribel and Marcus met one day while he was fighting with a group of boys in the schoolyard. Maribel happened by and got in the middle of the fight to stop it. Did I mention she was a tiny thing? You’ll just have to read the book to learn the circumstances. But from that day forward, they became something beautiful. Even if they didn’t realize it yet. I’ll say that the first half of the book takes us back in time to experience the dynamic between these two complicated characters.

As high school comes to an end, they are torn apart by a bad decision that Marcus thought was right. Of course years later he came to regret what he did. His actions caused a crushing turn of events. Unfortunately, for Marcus, he would soon learn the devastating repercussions that his actions caused. I’ll say it now. Even though, I knew it was coming, my heart wasn’t prepared for that moment of the book. Sadly, after that, my feelings for him took a nosedive. Marcus needed to redeem himself to me as well as Maribel.

This book is very intense. Very passionate. It is not your typical cookie-cutter romance. It’s dark and angsty and I loved it. SH Richardson has a talent for pulling you in and keeping you engaged. I did not want to put this book down until I got my happily ever after. And here is where I recommend you not start this book late in the day because you will not be able to put it down either.

This is my honest and unbiased opinion. Thank you for taking the time to read it. 🙂


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