A Tantalizing Trope Novella


Dee Ellis

Genre:  #Romance #Novella #Instalove/Lust


It Started With a Selfie…. 🧡💗
After coming to New York City for love just to lose it, Ella Foster is trying to find something she loves. Instead, she finds something someone else lost. Someone who loves to take filthy selfies that do a number on Ella and her lady parts. Returning a lost cell phone with some of her own filthy selfies might end up finding Ella just what she was looking for. 💗🧡
Knox Kinkaid is all about the visuals. How his growing hotel empire looks, how he looks in the mirror and yeah, how he looks pleasing the women in his life. Too bad proof of such visuals–his phone filled with selfies and yes, videos–gets lost. Or so, he thinks. After Ella offers to return it, he does not expect to find the visuals she leaves him.
Once he does, Knox knows he has to have Just One Night with Ella. •• **Warning this is a super steamy one-night-stand becoming something-more romance novella. Quick, fast and hard. Panty melting. Kindle igniting. You have been warned!**

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My Review

5 Stars

I loved this book so much! From the blurb you have a good idea what is happening and I loved the premise of this story. It’s one I don’t think I’ve read before. At least I don’t remember if I did. This was a well-written novella with a fast pace. It took me less than two hours to read it. I couldn’t get to the next page fast enough. The main H/h were both lovable. Each had a distinct personality completely different from the other. They were opposites in many ways; Ella’s submissive to Knox’s dominant and possessive persona meshed very well. Additionally there was respect and tenderness between them. They were completely made for each other.

Every moment Knox and Ella were together was intense and sinfully sexy with the added emotion of tenderness. I truly loved this book! I had so many favorite and memorable moments that will stay with me for a while. While there were many sexy and intimate moments between Knox and Ella, the moment that stands out as my favorite was their very first kiss. Hot damn that was hot. I felt that kiss all the down to my toes and back.

Knox is a wealthy hotel mogul while Ella is a dance teacher. They meet because Ella found Knox’s cell phone in a park. From their first text, they were drawn to each other. I felt their chemistry burning hot before they actually met face to face. Their relationship was on the side of unconventional but it worked for them. What they had together was what they both needed and it worked for me as a reader. I felt pulled in to the fictional world with them.

I won’t say much more because this book is pretty short but it definitely does pack a proverbial romantic punch. Totally swoon inducing. I have read all the books available by this author and I admit I have a few favorite heroes. Knox is definitely in the top 5. I loved this book and I believe you will as well! It’s short, intense, and swoon-worthy. ❤

This is my honest and unbiased review. Thank you for taking the time to read it. 🙂

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