It’s time! “Colton”, book 2 in Christopher Harlan’s exciting and well reviewed new series, The Wordsmith Chronicles, is LIVE TOAY. Colton (book 2 in the Wordsmith Chronicles) is available now! —> AND “Knight” (book 1) is available for 99 cents TODAY ONLY —>

The series was inspired by Christopher’s first and so far only signing, and it follows a group of male indie romance authors who fall in love with amazing women, have great sex, and share a friendship forged in trying to make it together. The series so far has been described as steamy, hot, really funny, and different than other things readers have read. Book 1 is on sale TODAY only, and please check out Colton on Amazon, you won’t regret it! Book 3 drops in November!

Colton Blurb:
“I had nothing until I had her. 
Harley. My Muse. 
I used to remind myself to never let my feelings get too intense or serious. Not over a woman. Never. That’s not the man I am. But she changed everything. 
It all started with a single stolen glance at my book signing. My gaze never left her that afternoon, and an innocent meeting ignited a spark inside of me that I still haven’t recovered from. 
The words that filled the pages of my novels, words that had ceased to exist, starting pouring from me when I met her.
But the ghosts of my past have crept back into my life unexpectedly, jeopardizing my ability to be with her, and the future I know we can have together. I want to fight for her—for us—and to be the man I know I can be. 
I’m a Wordsmith. 
Let me tell you our story”

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