Title: Possession 
Author: A. Blackthorne & Thorn Black 
Genre: Dark Romantic Thriller
She comes to me in the night,


Dancing before me as a dream,

A whisper of an angel



Yet her touch alludes me.



I struggle to keep my eyes closed



Knowing that she will vanish



As soon as I open them.



My most fervent desire is to hold her safe in my arms again.



I will find her.



I must find her.



Before they do.


Ashton Blackthorne
Ruthless. Unstoppable. Sexy.
My gorgeous secretary calls me a bad boy in a good suit. I’ve built up quite a reputation over the years women have dubbed me “So so bad” and men have called me the biggest, baddest shark on Wall Street. They say I’ve been everywhere, done everything…
And it’s all true.
I get what I want when I want it.
Now I’m sharing the most intimate details of my sordid life in my books based on actual events.
Broken, a dark alpha male romance is my first novel and Shattered, the sequel is a bad boy romance both based on my life.
I love hot action and even hotter women. And I will share with you ALL of my naughty, sordid exploits in my books.
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