A San Diegan Novel Three


 S.M. Soto

Genre:  #ContemporaryRomance #DarkRomance #Triggers

My Review:  5

Cover:  5

Publication:  August 20th 2018

Read:  August 15th 2018  (ARC)

POV:  First-person perspective form heroine

Series:  San Diegan:  The Darkest Hour; Scoring The Quarterback; Damaged Heart

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Happy ever after’s don’t exist for girls like me.

For the past nine years, Samantha Paisley has been playing a tiresome game of back and forth with her longtime friend with benefits, Alex Clark. Growing up in a toxic environment, Samantha never learned how to love or how to be loved.
So, when Alex tries to get closer to the fiery, foul-mouthed red-head, she cuts herself off from the only man she loves—not wanting to destroy the one stable relationship in her otherwise turbulent, troublesome life. But Alex will stop at nothing to have his woman by his side and in his bed, even if it’s the last thing he does.

Book three in the San Diegan Series, a series of Standalone novels.



My Review:

 Damaged Heart (The San Diegan, #3)Damaged Heart by S.M. Soto

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 Stars…

First I will tell you that this book is not a stereotypical romance. It’s dark. It’s sad. It is not sugar and spice and everything nice. There are triggers related to child abuse. Truthfully, I had my doubts about a happy ending. But fear not because the last chapters were perfect. Damaged Heart was an amazing story written by an amazing storyteller. Author S.M. Soto can grab your attention and keep you engaged all the way to the end.

Most of my friends know how I don’t like reading a book if it is written in a single perspective. For me, there just feels like so much is missing. I don’t feel like I’m understanding both perspectives when only one is told. I like, no I need, to be intimate with each protagonists inner thoughts. I dislike guessing. That said, this book is written in a single perspective, told by Samantha, the heroine. Was I worried when this book came to me? Yup. However, since I read the prior book in this series, I was already familiar with this author’s writing style. So I dove right in. Actually, if I’m being honest, and I am of course, I felt everything. Every emotion. The writing was so perfect that I did not feel like anything was missing. I absolutely adored the hero, Alex. I felt I knew him well enough to understand his feelings. Saying that, you can infer I was not disappointed.

Samantha and Alex…..
I won’t get into specifics here because this book has so much going on. Samantha has been through hell in her past. Because of that, she believes she can never allow herself to accept the love of a man. Sam thinks she is no good. I’ll admit, for a lot of this book I did not like her actions at all. But I did understand them. However, I have never been put in the situations she found herself in at a young age so I won’t criticize her behavior even if I hated it.

Alex is tough and does not allow people too close. It is how she has survived up til now. When she met Alex, years prior, she still didn’t give her heart away. Alex and Sam go back and forth with their relationship throughout the whole book. Sam has many memories of the past that give us glimpses of her traumatic childhood. Alex was an amazing hero. To be honest I don’t know how he put up with her for so long. But even the most patient men have their limits. And you will see that while Alex is perfect for Sam, he does finally reach his limit.

What will Sam do now?

I really did love this book! Every moment, except for the horrible ones. This book is three in The San Diegan series. I have read books two and three. The first book is on my TBR and as soon as I have a chance I want to read it. I want to read how Alex and Sam’s friends found their HEA. I already know that is another tragic story. If you love books that will tug at your heart, tempt your anger and is written by a very talented author, I highly recommend this page turner, Damaged Heart by S.M. Soto.

This is my honest and unbiased review. Thank you for taking the time to read it. 🙂

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