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💕💕Together In Ruins- book 4 in the scars series💕💕

Releases August 23rd!

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I was raised by the devil himself. But the devil must pay for what he has done.
No longer just a boy, I’ve taken over as President… and I want my revenge.
I want to make my father suffer for his sins. Because the only thing that matters is Tara and my unborn child… if the child is mine, that is.


When all of your fears become reality, is love enough to fight back?
I’m torn between the love I have for the new Savage president and the fear that undoubtedly comes with being involved with the club. Nate owns my heart but only time will tell if he has what it takes to keep me safe.
And the baby…

Together in ruins is book 4 in the scars series and finale to In love and ruins.
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