Scripted Duet Book Two


Karen Frances

Genre: ย #Romance #RomanticSuspense #MovieStarRomance #Contemporary

My Rating: ย 5

Cover: ย 5

Publication: ย June 29th 2018

Read: ย June 8th 2018 ย (ARC)

Series/Duet: ย Scripted: ย Scripted Reality; Scripted Love

Book One available now:
Scripted Reality
Book 1 of the Scripted Series: https://amzn.to/2sgHB64


Do happy-ever-afters exist outside of a movie script?

For Scottish actress Ella McGregor, this was a serious question. Left broken-hearted by a betrayal of trust, she is determined to pick up the pieces and move forward with her life. The problem is, her ex, Donovan Bell didnโ€™t get the memo about her plans.

Connor Andrews is a man in love, and he wants the whole world to know. The problem with declarations is that they have consequences that place him right in the spotlight, and a long-held secret threatens to rip his idyllic life apart.

In this stunning conclusion to Ella and Connorโ€™s story, can their love survive the challenges they face? Strap yourself in and find out if life is better when you go off script.

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My Review:

Scripted Love (Scripted,#2)Scripted Love by Karen Frances

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 Stars…..

Loved this book! Loved this duet! Love this author! The first book, Scripted Reality, was great and this book added even more depth and complexity. Before I continue, I will tell you that this is book two in Karen Frances’ Scripted Series and is not a standalone. In fact, the first book ends in a cliffhanger so you will need to read that first in order to enjoy the full reading experience and not feel lost. In addition, if you continue reading this review, there is a chance you will come across a spoiler for Scripted Reality.

Ella and Connor…….
The suspense and intrigue continues. In book one we left off will a cliffhanger. I am trying really hard not to add spoilers in case some of you haven’t read the first book and decided to read this review despite my warning.

First I will say that while I do not like cliffhangers, this one did not wreck me. There are two reasons for that. First, with the suspense and issues going on with Ella, I admit I predicted what was going to happen. Things were going well for Ella and Connor and there were only so many pages left in the book so it was easy to guess. At least for me it was. And Second, not only was I prepared, but I had book two waiting on my Kindle. My wait for the outcome was only a page turn away. Thank God!

This book started off like a horse out the gate and kept me engaged til the very end. Ella and Connor’s relationship went through a few ups and downs. Connor had a big secret he was trying to keep. As a reader, I didn’t know what his secret was until it was actually revealed. I admit, that I would never have guessed what it was. But I will tell you that my heart hurt for Connor and Ella when his worst fears were realized. But I can also tell you that this amazing couple leapt over this emotional hurdle with love and determination. I want to say here, how much I love Karen Frances’ couples. She writes such strong, likable characters. Her heroes and heroines are far from perfect. They make mistakes. But they always learn from them. If you haven’t read this author yet and how passionate she writes, I absolutely recommend her. I would recommend you start with Moving On. This book is a standalone and is a great base to see how talented Karen is.

While Ella and Connor deal with the angst of her Ex, they are determined to continue with their lives, and their new relationship despite the many issues that arise. I loved how the author added a secondary plot with Ella and her desire to help others. I enjoyed reading that and the extra characters that were introduced.

I won’t say too much more so you can enjoy the full experience of Scripted Love on your own. This book has all the feels. The emotions are running high on every page. There is a good amount of angst and suspense to keep your heart pumping.

While Karen Frances is one of my favorite authors to read, this review is my honest and unbiased opinion based solely on writing talent and my enjoyment of the book.

Thank you for taking the time to read it. ๐Ÿ™‚