Renee Harless

Genres:  #ContemporaryRomance  #FriendsToLovers  #Standalone

My Rating:  4

Cover:  5

Publication:  May 23rd 2018

Read:  May 13th 2018  (ARC)

POV:  First-person dual perspectives

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An unspoken rule. A friendship that will be tested.

He was my crush at thirteen and ten years later that feeling never ceased. I thought that time and distance would change us but I never expected the feelings to grow. Now things are complicated. His sister is my best friend. She’s also his twin. And I’m stuck in the middle.

She was always my fantasy come to life and I knew even at sixteen that girls like her were rare. Soft, feminine, sweet to her core – she was my complete opposite. I knew how to keep her away when we were young, but I’m finding it hard to keep her out of reach when everyone is pushing us together. My sister can never know the things I plan to do to her best friend.

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My Review:

Between the LinesBetween the Lines by Renee Harless

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 Stars

This past year Renee Harless has become one of those authors I stalk. I have enjoyed everything I read from her so far and keep an eye out for what’s next. In particular, I am a huge fan of her Coming To Carson series. Knowing how much I love those books, I was looking forward to reading Between The Lines which is unrelated and a standalone of its own. That said while I enjoyed this book, there was just a bit of something missing for me in the connection between Trevor and Quinn. I wasn’t 100% feeling their love. Lust, yes.

Trevor and Quinn met at age thirteen when her family moved to Texas. Quinn became best friends with Trevor’s sister. Then eventually all three became close. That was until Trevor discovered girls. After high school, Quinn leaves town to pursue an acting career in Hollywood. Six years later she returns to Texas to visit with Izzy. While she is there, Quinn hopes she won’t run into Trevor. He may have been one of her best friends, but is was also her unrequited love.

Trevor and Quinn together was hot and heavy. Unfortunately they did a lot of sneaking around, afraid that Izzy would be hurt if she found out. I wasn’t a big fan of Izzy. I felt the whole hiding their feelings issue was unnecessary AND her fault. Despite those few bits I didn’t like, as a whole, I enjoyed this book. And as usual I am looking forwarding to see what comes next from Renee Harless.

I loved the last chapter leading to Trevor and Quinn’s happily ever after. In the end it all worked out and I was happy and satisfied.

This is my honest and unbiased review. Thank you for taking the time to read it. 🙂