The final book in the New York City’s Finest series is LIVE today on Amazon FOR ONLY 99 cents. Make sure to #oneclick here—> The end of an era, Riley can be read as a standalone, but if you’d like to catch up with the boys in blue check out the other books below, all of which are only 99 cents each! 

Calem (book 1)

Jesse (book 2)

Quinn (book 3)

Noah (book 4)

Riley (book 5)


On Staten Island, New York, a series of horrific murders have struck terror into a local, tight knit community. Four victims, all related, and no one willing to say the two words that would shed light on the case —serial killer. When the local police make no headway on the case, Riley, a Bronx homicide detective, is called in to help.

Riley is an experienced, hardened, and brutally honest NYPD detective. Now free from the responsibilities of helping his friends Quinn and Noah track down the Network, Riley is called to duty once more to help seek justice for the victims of the Staten Island murders. At a crossroads in his life, Riley is secure in his work as a detective but struggling with his personal life. A string of short relationships has left him unfulfilled and wanting more, and he has to find a way to balance the gruesome case before him with his own quest for happiness.

Samantha is a breath of fresh air. She’s someone who comes from a similar background, and once she meets Riley over a cup of coffee she’ll change his life forever. Will she stick around as he struggles to solve a horrific and time sensitive case on Staten Island? And will he be able to nurture a new relationship while tracking down a brutal killer? Discover all this and more in Riley, the final book in the New York City’s Finest series.


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