Jacob Chance

Genre: Β #RomanticSuspense

My Rating: Β 5

Cover: Β 5

Publication: Β May 10th 2018

Read: Β May 13th 2018 Β (ARC)

POV: Β First-person dual perspectives


A Romantic Thriller Standalone.

Landing my dream job has me eagerly looking toward the future. But when I see Nash Garrison after six long years, my world is thrown completely off its axis.

He was my only friend and confidant during the worst days of my life, and I fell hopelessly in love with him. No eighteen year old girl could resist his protective nature and charming grin. I was no exception.

Now, together, we’re about to bring down the man responsible for my parents’ deaths. Revenge has been the driving force fueling every decision I’ve ever made – except for Nash.

What is it about him that sends the most rational parts of my brain into a tailspin? And how do I balance on the edge of retribution without tumbling into heartbreak once more?

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My Review:

Β Edge of RetributionEdge of Retribution by Jacob Chance

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 Stars

Ok, where do I start? I absolutely loved this book! My only complaint is that it was over too soon. Zoe and Nash were perfect for each other. Both were strong, fierce and bad*ss. Yeah, I would totally want Zoe covering my back. Any time!

From the very beginning, this book is action packed and intense. With our giving too much away, Zoe has been through hell and my heart broke for her. But it wasn’t long before I knew she was going to be alright. She was a strong character, strong and courageous. When Zoe sets her mind on something, there is absolutely no stopping her. I truly love Jacob Chance’s heroines but Zoe is my favorite.

Nash, was different from what I expected. Not complaining, just making an observation. I assumed he was going to be arrogant and closed off. Most men in his profession have tough skin and even tougher attitudes. But I found Nash to be sweet and caring from the very beginning in addition to being an FBI agent and the stigma that comes with it.

Another aspect I loved was being kept at the edge of my seat. I was anticipating something bad happening because, well, this is a suspense. The angst was perfect and the climax was amazing. And there were definitely unpredictable moments. Gosh, this is hard to review without spoilers, lol. Anyway, I have been a fan of this author for a while. He amazes me with how talented he is writing the different genres of romance, not only sticking with one. As always, I am looking forward to Jacob’s next release. Definitely a #oneclick author for me.

This is my honest and unbiased review. Thank you for taking the time to read it.



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