The Naughty Princess Club Book Two


Tara Sivec

Genre: ย #RomanticComedy ย #ModernDayFairytale

My Rating: ย 4

Cover: ย 4

Publication: ย June 5th 2018

Read: ย May 4th 2018 ย (ARC provided via Netgalley)

POV: ย First-person single perspective ย (Belle)

Series: ย The Naughty Princess Club: ย At the Stroke of Midnight; In Bed with the Beast; Kiss the Girl (coming September 2018)

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A tale as old as time: she needs a place to stay, he’s a grump with a secret and an extra room…can love find a way?

Meet the Naughty Princess Club, a series from USA Today bestselling author Tara Sivec that brings readers to Fairytale Lane and the hilarityโ€”and romanceโ€”that three women fall into once they decide to strut their stuff and bring on their own happily ever after.

Living in her overprotective dadโ€™s basement, shy Belle lives her life through books. Being a part of the Naughty Princess Club is the first adventure sheโ€™s ever had, plus she desperately needs the money to save one of her favorite places – the local library.

But when her new friends and new business gets her kicked out of her dadโ€™s house, Belle is rescued by the surly Vincent โ€œBeastโ€ Adams who invites her to be his house guest until she gets back on her feet. Despite his attitude problem and long list of rules, Belle finds herself warming to the muscled man with a penchant for growling and starts seeing a gentle side to him that wasnโ€™t there before.

Yet thereโ€™s a room that Beast keeps locked and Belle keeps getting hints that Beast is hiding somethingโ€ฆcan a nerdy librarian tame the beast or will their romance be over before it has a chance to blossom?

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My Review:

In Bed with the Beast (The Naughty Princess Club, #2)In Bed with the Beast by Tara Sivec

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 Stars…

Belle wants an adventure outside of the books she loves so much. In In Bed with the Beast she gets that and more. Belle finds love. But she will also go through some trials including sadness with a bit of heartache. She will even learn how to bring out her inner stripper, lol. Belle was such an adorable character. Some of the scenes in this book had me laughing out loud. And while Belle finds the courage to step outside of her norm, she will make some mistakes. Nope, Belle is not perfect.

Vincent (Beast), was not an open book. He was gruff, rude and bossy. Difficult for anyone to like. But that was just how he wanted it. Vincent didn’t need or want friends other than the two he had at work. People stayed away from him due to the “stay away from me or else” vibes that he exuded. However, Belle was not afraid of Vincent. Intimidated maybe but not afraid. He was tall, gorgeous and built like a brick wall. He never smiled or gave any indication he wanted to do more than glare. But almost from the beginning Belle saw through his gruff exterior. Not only that, Vincent helped her to find the courage to stand up for herself and take charge of her life. Belle may have been sweet, kind, loyal and innocent in many ways but I would never call her a pushover. Naive yes, but not gullible.

In addition to watching Belle flourish, Vincent was able find happiness with her. This says a lot because he doesn’t trust people.

This book was well written and I read through it in a few hours . Vincent has a secret which to my delight, I didn’t guess about. That isn’t usually the case. Being loosely based on the fairytale classic Beauty and the Beast, you can make your own predictions. I found this book enjoyable, witty, sexy, and ridiculously funny. Belle and her friends together are a unique dynamic.

I haven’t yet read book one of this series yet, but I’d love to. In addition, they is a book three that will come as well. Looking forward to that.

This is my honest and unbiased review. That you for taking the time to read it. ๐Ÿ™‚