What Would’ve Been

The What If? Series

Book Two


Photography-LJ Photography

Cover Model- Cassia Brightmore

Cover Design- Kari March Designs

Release Date- May 3rd



“I’m not a cocky man, I merely state facts. If that makes me an asshole, oh well.”

I own the most successful marketing agency in the city. Women crawl to me, and I let them suck me off as a reward. I like things my way and crave control, especially in the bedroom. Lately, a certain blonde has entrapped me, and I want nothing more than to bend her over my desk and shatter her.

It would never happen, though, as she is my best employee, and I am not worthy of her.

She would never understand my dark desires anyway.


“He’s an arrogant, condescending manwhore and a jerk face!”

But I also can’t stop pleasuring myself with thoughts of him either. Maybe it’s the kinky porn I’ve become immersed in, or my undersexed body, or a distraction from my reoccurring nightmares, but I swear he feels the same spark I do whenever we’re in the same room together.

Would it just be explosive sex? Would their secrets and pasts ruin any chances they had? Or, would this be their own kinky fairy tale come to life?

She’s an angel. He’s a beast.

What would happen if they finally join together?

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About Cassandra:

You know how we all get those crazy ideas in our heads sometimes? The crazy ideas that “normal” people shove away and laugh at the mere thought of?

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you went through with one of those crazy ideas? An idea that made you sound like a wackjob to all of the people around you?

Well, that’s my story. I have crazy ideas often and one day… it started to not sound so crazy anymore.

What was supposed to be a page outline for an entirely different book-turned to a fifteen page venting letter-turned into short story- turned into another crazy notion in my head where I just said screw it and went forth- two years later, dyed red hair, tattoo lover/addict and 400 or so pages after, here I am.

My debut novel was created as a result. And I couldn’t be happier for my crazy idea.

I currently live in Long Island, NY. Am a student and romance author. Also a proud shenaniganator, bookworm, coffee addict, romance movie hoarder, all-round weirdo and perverted freak 100% of the time!

I’m the girl who sat quietly in class and never said a word. It wasn’t because I didn’t have anything to say, by all means I did, I just wanted to be heard clearly: and now I will be.

Writing saved me and most importantly, it taught me this:

“Be Brave, Be Bold, Be Courageous.”

Well, buckle up everybody because I know we’re all in for a hell of a ride!