Mustang Maverick by Dee Ellis

Release Date: TBD May 2018

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Chevi Lane runs with the big boys. Being CEO of a fast paced, cut-throat boutique auto company, she has to. You might not even tell the difference if not for her hourglass figure, pretty face and wicked tongue. Not only does she run with the big boys, she plays like one; smoking, drinking and bedding men as often as she wants. It takes one man to teach her how to slow down.

Jet Maverick is not just ten years her junior, he’s years behind her everywhere else it seems. Except, Jet knows how to take apart a car and put it back together in a few hours, how to design a genius hybrid engine that could put Mustang on top, and how to fine tune her body like no one else before. Bonus? He talks like Romeo and looks like an underwear model.

Can Chevi trust the young intern with not just her company’s future, but her heart?

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About Dee:

Born and raised in the Midwest, reading and writing have always been Dee’s passion. Short stories became long stories that finally, became books. While playing grownup during the day, meaning working a job, Dee wrote her first book. When not reading or writing, which leaves less time than she’s proud of, Dee loves spending her time with her four furbabies, her husband and lots of movies nights.

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