Twisted Hearts Duet Book Two


Lauren K. McKellar

Genre: ย #Romance #Suspense #Dark

My Rating: ย 5

Cover: ย 5

POV: ย First-person dual perspectives

Series: ย Twisted Hearts Duet: ย Honest Truth; & Bitter Truth

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The gripping finale to the emotional story critics have been raving about.

You can run, you can hide, but the truth will always find you.

Everly Jenkins knows darkness-but that doesn’t stop her living life to the max. Not until she meets Cameron Lewis, the tragic reminder of her past that she just can’t seem to shake.
Being “just friends” with a man who sends her soul flying and her body up in flames is near impossible-until her secrets come out, leaving her alone.
Will the darkness overcome her once again? Or will Everly fight for the man she loves and help him face the bitter truth?

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ย Bitter Truth (Broken Hearts Book 2)Bitter Truth by Lauren K. McKellar

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 Stars…..

I stayed up so late last night to finish this book. Actually, it was well after midnight so I should say early morning. I started reading it after dinner and could not put it down. Each time I decided, “one more chapter, then I’ll stop for now,” I couldn’t do it. Needless to say, I dreamt of this book and woke up with it being the first thing on my mind. Even before coffee, lol! Total book hangover! Lauren K. McKellar has such a talent for creating an intense story with heartbreak, suspense and pure love. I cried often. Even with the happy moments. I couldn’t help it. This author put me right there on the pages with Cameron and Everly allowing me to feel what they were feeling.

Now I need to tell you that Bitter Truth is NOT a standalone. It is part two of a duet that most definitely ends in the most amazing happily-ever-after. That said, if you haven’t already read book one, Honest Truth, then you should know there is a cliffhanger. I nearly threw my Kindle across the room. Fortunately, I only needed to wait a few weeks for book two. This duet is definitely a must read.

I’ll be brief as I don’t want to give anything away. There is a lot going on in this book. However, the author’s tale flows easily and the pace is pretty quick.

Book one gives us Cameron’s perspective. He is a man that has been through a horrific and traumatic tragedy. I wondered how the author would heal him. My heart broke for this man. So. Many. Times. While on a getaway, he meets Everly. He is hesitant to befriend her because of the guilt and regret he lives with which is eating him alive. Everly was an amazing, strong, caring and supportive character. She was always there when Cameron needed her the most. We don’t have much of Everly’s background yet as her POV is nonexistent in book one. However, we can infer through her dialogue that she has secrets. And some of those secrets are revealed with the cliffhanger.

In Bitter Truth everything is revealed fairly quick. Cameron feels justifiably betrayed. But he cares way too much for Everly to not fight for their HEA. This is where I can’t say anything more. This book two unravels all the secrets and brings a new aspect of suspense and heartache. I’ll say right here that I was worried. I feel so much for Everly and Cameron. I adored Piper who was a huge part of this story. And Max was endearing as well. There are a lot of characters to fall in love with and even a few that you will definitely hate. These characters has such strong emotions and huge hearts. They found healing in each other.

That said, Cameron and Everly will have everything they both deserve. I absolutely loved this book, loved the ending and the epilogue was amazing. In addition, this book has both Cameron and Everly’s perspectives which I was so thankful for. It made a huge difference in how much more I loved reading this.

A total recommend from me!

This is my honest and unbiased review. Thank you for taking the time to read it. ๐Ÿ™‚

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