Enemies To Lovers


Michelle Horst (a.k.a. Michelle Heard)

Genres:  #Romance #EnemiesToLovers #SecondChanceRomance

My Rating:  4

Cover:  5

Publication:  March 26th 2018

Read:  March 30th 2018  (ARC)

POV:  First-person dual perspectives

Series:  Enemies To Lovers:  Heartless; Reckless; Careless; Ruthless; & Shameless (coming soon)



I’m good at deceiving people. Too good.
I let people think I’m a bastard.
Then Willow walks into my life, and no matter how hard I try to scare her off, she keeps coming back.
But, everyone has their limit, and I’m afraid Willow has reached hers.
Why is it when you think you don’t want someone they become the most important person in your life…. but am I too late to show her how much I love her?


I tried so hard to fight for us. But some things can’t be saved.
They say if you really love someone you have to set them free. If the person comes back, they’re meant to be yours.
The only problem with that theory is even though he came back, he always left again.
How much heartache can one heart take?
How much rejection can one person take?
The man I love more than life itself has broken me.

Marcus Reed & Willow Brooks ~ Ruthless is Book 4 in the Enemies to Lovers series.

This is book #4 in the Enemies To Lovers Series. Each book in the series is about a different couple. To get the full experience of their friendship I’d recommend that you start with Heartless.

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 Ruthless (Enemies to Lovers, #4)Ruthless by Michelle Horst

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 Stars…..

Ruthless is book four in the Enemies To Lovers series by author Michelle Horst (a.k.a Michelle Heard). Before I read the first book, I’d seen it advertised all over social media. In fact, I also promoted it on my blog. I admit I was intrigued after reading the blurb. However, I had so much already on my overflowing proverbial plate that I had to pass at the time. Though I did add it to my TBR.

After a few months, I finally got the opportunity to read it. I loved it. I loved the characters. All of them. And knowing they would all eventually star in their own stories was exciting to say the least. After catching up with the series, I was anxiously awaiting for Marcus’s book. While the secondary characters had something in their past to define them (usually sad), I knew Marcus’s story would crush me. His past was so incredibly heartbreaking and traumatic. No eight year old should EVER suffer through what Marcus had. Since that defining incident, Marcus has lived his life letting very few get close. There was definitely no room for a relationship. But when he meets Willow, everything changes. Not immediately, albeit slowly.

Willow was one heck of a heroine. From the moment she met the cocky, arrogant Marcus, she was easily able to see behind his false persona and protective walls. Willow was a strong, caring, loving and patient heroine. She was the best possible match for Marcus. Unfortunately, these two don’t have an easy time at making things work. Mostly due to Marcus. I was so happy to have both Marcus and Willow’s perspectives. It helped immensely with understanding what went on inside their heads.

I enjoyed this latest book in the series. I absolutely love the dynamic between all the characters. There is one more couple to have their story told. I am looking forward to reading about Evie and Rhett.

This is my honest and unbiased review. Thank you for taking the time to read it. 🙂


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