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📖 FINN 📖
The Murphy Boys Series
By Holly C Webb

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Professor Finn Murphy had been different his whole life. Born a genius, he always seemed to be on the outside to everyone and everything around him. He is awkward and unsure of himself, so he would often chose the solitude of books, over the company of others. None the less, he was happy with his life. Becoming a college Professor had been all he had ever wanted, it was a role he took very seriously.

The second eldest of the Murphy Boy’s, he knew his brother’s loved him dearly, especially Landen. Still, sometimes he felt like an outsider, even in his own family. His brothers were all confident, strong men, who were never short of female company, something Finn struggled with too.
Finn often thought about settling down and having a family, but in his heart he believed that he was destined to spend the rest of his life alone.

That was until Emmy Warner fell into his life, literally.

Emmy was a sweet, intelligent girl with a bright future, but a dark past. Emmy has known real heartbreak in her life, so it had left her guarded and defensive. But there was something about Emmy that Finn liked. She was broken, but there was a beauty within her that Finn had never seen before, and for the first time, he believed he had found the one person that truly understood him.

The only problem was, Emmy was his student and it was against the rules for them to be together. Finn was determined to keep Emmy at a safe distance, but the more he got to know her, the harder he found it to play by the rules.

Can Finn and Emmy find a way to be together without their worlds falling apart?
Can they survive Shelby, the girl who seems determined to destroy Emmy, no matter what the cost?
Will they find their happy ever after?

If you’re yet to start the Murphy Boys Series, what are you waiting for??
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