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Consequences Book #4


Rachel Van Dyken

Genres:  #Romance, RomanticComedy, #SecondChanceRomance

My Rating:  4.5

Cover:  4

Publication:  March 26th 2018

Read:  March 18th 2018  (ARC)

POV:  First-person dual perspectives

Series:  Consequences:  The Consequence of Loving Colton; The Consequence of Revenge; The Consequence of Seduction; The Consequence of Rejection


You know the universe is trying to tell you something when you get struck by lightning, but only after getting hit on by the elderly, almost getting ran over by a semi, and running into the one who got away.
Why do they say it like that anyway?
Like I accidentally lost her when she was the one that got in the car with my best friend and left me.
The day after I proposed.
We were eighteen.
I wanted forever.
She didn’t.
It’s been ten years.
I tried to move on, tried to get married, had that same wedding crashed by my now best friend who says the only way for me to stop pissing off the universe, is to gain closure with the one woman I can’t forget.
So I do it.
I embark on a journey down memory lane that not only lands me in prison but on the receiving end of a fist fight in front of the entire town, this naturally happens after drunken pool sex, climbing the same girls window, and getting threatened at gunpoint by her father.
To say the universe is trying to tell me something anything, is a giant understatement.
I just hope I survive the message.
And then, I hope I survive her–again.

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 The Consequence of Rejection (Consequence, #4)The Consequence of Rejection by Rachel Van Dyken

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Consequence of Rejection (Consequence #4) by Rachel Van Dyken.

4.5 Stars

I really wished I had read the previous books in this series. Starting with the latest release left me feeling I was missing out. Please don’t misunderstand me because I enjoyed this book very much. In fact, I plan to go back and read the books I missed out on. While this can be read as a standalone, I personally felt that I would have loved this book instead of just liking it had I read the others first. The secondary characters, who all had their stories told in the previous titles, were so much fun. I couldn’t stop laughing. There was a strong camaraderie and dynamic between them which is why I felt a little like the third wheel.

Ok, so in typical RVD style, her romantic comedies are some of my favorites. I have read many of her books; needless to say I am a huge fan. I will always come back for more and I am always excited to see what Rachel releases next. If you haven’t read anything by her yet, start with her romcoms.

Jason and Maddy…….
To say that Jason has had some bad luck in his life is the understatement of a lifetime. This man has been through heartbreak, is highly accident prone and an all around magnet for the worst case scenarios. I cringed at the thought of what could possibly happen next; it seemed like nothing was off limits. That said, he was a very strong and very likable character. Sure, it took him some time to get past his hurts, and there were many, but he tried. Actually, Jason just resolved himself to the belief that good things did not happen to him.

Maddy was his high school girlfriend and the love of his life. He loved her so much that he proposed to her at their HS graduation.

Maddy said, “yes.”

Unfortunately, she didn’t mean it. Maddy did love Jason but she felt they were too young to get married. Instead of talking with him, trusting in him, she left. I thought I would hate Maddy for that. And I admit, I was not her biggest fan, but over the course of the book, she grew on me. Did I approve of her choices? That would be a huge “no.” But I did understand them.

Ten years later, Maddy is back in town. Jason doesn’t trust her, doesn’t want to have anything to do with her. Maddy understands that she probably has no chance of winning Jason back. It takes the crazy antics of some of Jason’s best friends to help Maddy and Jason find their way back to each other. Manipulation at its funniest! I am not going to spoil any of this for you by giving you details. But if you’ve read the previous books, you know you’re in for a fun ride. I enjoyed this book very much and as I said earlier, I plan to back-read this series. I am looking forward to that!

This is my honest and unbiased review. Thank you for taking the time to read it. 🙂


Rachel Van Dyken



Rachel Van Dyken is the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today Bestselling author of regency and contemporary romances.

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