Michelle Heard (Horst)

Genre:  Romance, Second Chance Romance, Ememies To Lovers

My Rating:  4.5

Cover:  5

Publication:  February 28th 2018

Read:  February 22nd 2018

POV:  First-person dual perspectives

Series:  Enemies To Lovers:  Heartless; Reckless; Careless; (Ruthless & Shameless coming soon)

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Irony – when life f@cks you over.


She’s the one girl I can’t forget.
She’s as innocent as a saint, with the mouth of a sinner.
After taking her virginity, it’s taken me four years to get rid of the guilt.
I used her while she was at her lowest and she’s never forgiven me.
Watching my best friend die a little every day, and not being able to do anything about it, kills me.
I should’ve seen it coming. The second I hit rock bottom, she walks back into my life.
The f@cking irony?
She might be the only one who can save Marcus.
The life of the person who means the most to me lies in the palm of the girl I screwed.


Hate is a strong word, but it’s one I’ve really considered when it comes to Jaxson West. But I’ve settled for intensely disliking him. It’s similar to the way I feel about visiting the dentist.
Asking me to forgive Jaxson, is like asking me to willingly sit through a root canal.
He’s heartbreakingly gorgeous, emphasis on heartbreakingly.
He’s an amazing friend, just not to me.
He’s supportive, understanding, caring and loving, just not to me.
No, for me he reserves his dark scowls and low growls.
I’ll do everything I can to save Marcus, but I’m not doing it for Jaxson.

Jaxson West & Leigh Baxter ~ Book 3 in the Enemies To Lovers Series

This is a Stand Alone book in the Enemies To Lovers Series. Each book in the series is about a different couple. To get the full experience of their friendship I’d recommend that you start with Heartless.

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Careless (Enemies to Lovers, #3)Careless by Michelle Heard (Horst)

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4.5 Stars to Careless by Michelle Heard.

Careless is the third book in the Enemies to Lovers series by Michelle heard. I was lucky enough that the opportunity arose that I was able to read books one and two, Heartless and Reckless back to back. That was recently so I did not have to wait very long for Careless. Thank goodness because I was dying for Jax and Leigh’s story. All the men and women thus far featured in this series have dark pasts which paint the picture for a wary future. They hesitate to trust, to give them selves over to someone and become vulnerable. Jax, who is no different than the rest of the “Screw Crew,” doesn’t believe in relationships or commitments. This book begins four years prior, and gives us some insight on how Jax and Leigh knew each other.
That part of the book was heartbreaking. But then there were also some intense and heartbreaking moments throughout the entire book.

Leigh is now a cardiac surgeon. And if you read books one and two, you know that she will play a huge role in one particular man’s life. While Leigh has gone her own way over the past four years, she is not happy to be thrust back into Jax’s life all while trying to save another’s.

Jax made a huge mistake with Leigh four years ago. He is adamant that he will not live with the regret of losing Leigh another day. The love story in Careless is intense. I also found it sweet and endearing. I was engaged from page one and the author kept my interest throughout.

I loved this book and I love this series. While each book can be read as a standalone, I don’t recommend you read them out of order. Although each book does focus on the relationship of a specific H/h, all the characters grow and develop throughout.

Careless was a steadily paced book for me and I devoured it in one sitting. If I had any complaints it would be that I have to wait for the next book to release in order to continue with Marcus and Willow’s story. I have a feeling that Marcus will have his hands full trying to win over Willow. They have had a back-and-forth relationship for years. A woman can only take so much when she is constantly pushed away. I’m curious to see how that will play out.

If you haven’t yet read this series, I recommend it.

This is my honest and unbiased review. Thank you for taking the time to read it. 🙂


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